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NERD SHIT :marseynerd: ADVENT OF CODE 10 M=E=G=A=T=H=R=E=A=D


Okay it isn't even out yet, I'm sure it will be great, and the elves are in trouble, etc. I'm just beating you all to the bunch so I can tell you to explain your answers, we care about ALGORITHMIC COMPLEXITY now. What's the fastest and most efficient way to do it.

heymoon wtf is a big o

This is O(n)

for i in range(x):

This is O(n^2)

for i in range(x):
    for j in range(x)

There's more to it but that's the quick version. Also there are things like O(log(n)) (based), O(a^n) (cringe), and O(n!) (advanced cringe).

Okay, post ur code too but explain why its cool or no one will read it. I'll pin my favorite answers, other mods also do this


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My mother gave my first wife her blessing to kick me out of my own home, 4 months after I lost my job, which happened as a direct result of 11/9/2001 - because I "was too lazy to find work and it will motivate him if you kick him out".

My wife was drinking, smoking weed, taking ecstasy, and fricking some guy she met at a club for the preceding 3 months, while I worked a 3-month nights&weekends contract. I'd been on unemployment for two weeks when she decided to kick me out so she could do drugs and frick her boyfriend in my bed, so she called my mother to "get permission".

I don't know if that's the worst or if it was when my second wife cheated on me and then asked for a divorce, the day after my unemployment benefits ran out in 2010, after being laid off after the economy crashed in 2009.

I just want to not have been betrayed.

literally cucked lmao

@ThatHoeOverThere this is my submission :marseyghostkiss:

Special thanks too ChatGPT. This one goes out too all those fighting for the trans lives matter movement, and too my #1 fan @touque :marseymarseylove:

>Write a sexually-charged and explicit Christmas carol about a talking capybara falling in love with a talking carp and exploring his bussy

Verse 1:
On a cold winter's night,
Underneath the stars so bright,
A talking capybara and a talking carp,
D7                    G
Fell in love at first sight. (ho ho ho)

Oh, what a passionate love,
G                        C
Between a capybara and a carp,
Am                        D7
They explore each other's bodies,
A7                 D7
As they make sweet love tonight.

Verse 2:
The capybara's hands,
Slide down the carp's chest,
Towards his bussy,
D7                    G
So full of desire and lust. (ho ho ho)

Oh, what a sensual love,
G                        C
Between a capybara and a carp,
Am              D7
Their bodies in sync,
A7                           D7
As they explore each other's bussy all night.

They moan and groan,
In the heat of passion,
Their love so intense,
It could never be broken, (ho ho ho)

Oh, what a passionate love,
G                        C
Between a capybara and a carp,
Am              D7
Their bodies united,
A7                        G
In this sensual Christmas night 

:marseyghosthappy: remember too let you're family members know you love them, and too #VoteYe


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REAL :marseyjesus::marseychristmasparty: 2022 Advent Calendar - Day 9 - WHERE THE FRICK IS AUGUST EDITION :marseysaluteisrael::marseychristmasscarf:

Where is @Saint_Augustine? I have no idea. Anyways, congratulations on your amazing submission! :marseyandjesus::marseychristmasbulb:

Can't wait to see what you wonderful weirdos come up with today.

Rules: Submit an image/gif below, people will vote on which submissions they like the most. The comment with the most votes at the end of the day wins a special place on this calendar.

My Christmas Singing Competition Submission :marseyblush::marseyblush::marseyblush:


Marsey the orange cat

was a happy, cute feline

with a stripy tail and a fluffy coat

of Ukrainian design


Marsey the orange cat

is a hate symbol they say

but a cat so cute would never


a bigot like Kanye


There must have been some magic in that capybara guy

for when he made this rainbow site

spergs he unified


Marsey the orange cat

had to hurry on her way

There’s a new gay op

before the jannies mop

come and post with us today


Bardy bard bardfinn bardy bard bardfinn

look at Bardfinn cope


bardy bard Bardfinn bardy bard Bardfinn

Jannies get the rope


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DONT UNPIN OR ILL RAPE U Announcing the Christmas singing contest :marseymiku::marseychristmasparty: (30k MB prize!! + 10k for worst singer)

This contest will be funded by our resident coder and sugar daddy @Jinglevann, so there will be a 30k Marseybucks prize! I've decided to get rid of most of my bonuses, but any Black dramanauts will of course still get a 2x bonus! You have until the 22nd to submit your cute carols and we'll vote the next day :marseychristmaself2:

@Allah has generously offered to give 10k mb to the worst singer!!


:marseyxd:darn, the comments seem to be particularly brutal for Black women.

Nobody wants to get there butt kicked by an angry black woman.

This comment kicked off a hornets nest.

Black women doing something wrong apparently. Somehow got every race to hate them.

Weave/hair hats

Obesity stats

Masculine energy/less feminine

Victim mentally and projection (check lipstick alley social discussions) e.g. seeing a black male go interracial and claim that they will call them n$$er eventually in the relationship, or white women are whores with fetish if they date black men. mock asian men peepee etc

This one is just as brutal.

I'm just going to assume you meant that black women have prejudice against them? And before I say anything further. I find black to be the most attractive of all the races and there is nothing inherently wrong with black women. That's not what I'm trying to say but I sure as heck ain't going to sugar coat it either. So here it goes.

And my response to that I would like to say that is completely untrue. A lot of black women are super loud mouthed and insufferable because society has taught them that that behaviour is acceptable when it isn't and all races of men have realized that and therefore do not respond well to black females with another reason probably being the over excessive make up and fricking claws for nails and those gigantic loop earrings on top of the 300 pounds they walk around with.

Some lighthearted simping.

White men are so hot so it makes sense



He's literally a white guy

:marseyxd::marseyxd::marseyxd:. I'm unironically too lazy to pick out dramatic comments for each but there's plenty going on in there.

Soccer writer Grant Wahl dies at World Cup match in Qatar

Grant Wahl, one of the most well-known soccer writers in the United States, died early Saturday while covering the World Cup match between Argentina and the Netherlands.

U.S. media seated near him said Wahl fell back in his seat in the media tribune at Lusail Iconic Stadium during extra time and reporters adjacent to him called for assistance. Emergency services workers responded very quickly, the reporters said, and the reporters later were told that Wahl had died.

Wahl tweeted on Wednesday that he had celebrated his birthday that day. ameriKKKan reporters who knew Wahl said he was 49.

Wahl was covering his eighth World Cup. He wrote Monday on his website that he had visited a medical clinic while in Qatar.

“My body finally broke down on me. Three weeks of little sleep, high stress and lots of work can do that to you,” Wahl wrote. “What had been a cold over the last 10 days turned into something more severe on the night of the USA-Netherlands game, and I could feel my upper chest take on a new level of pressure and discomfort.”

Wahl wrote that he tested negative for COVID-19 and sought treatment for his symptoms.

“I went into the medical clinic at the main media center today, and they said I probably have bronchitis. They gave me a course of antibiotics and some heavy-duty cough syrup, and I’m already feeling a bit better just a few hours later. But still: No bueno,” he wrote.

During the World Cup, Wahl drew international attention after saying he was briefly stopped from attending the U.S. match against Wales on Nov. 21 over wearing a rainbow-colored T-shirt. Rainbow-colored armbands, shirts and other items have been a focus of attention during the tournament in part over Qatar’s stance on LGBTQ rights. Gay and lesbian intercourse is criminalized in Qatar, a conservative Muslim nation on the Arabian Peninsula. Wahl said FIFA later apologized to him over the incident.

Wahl wrote this week that he had been among 82 journ*lists honored by FIFA and the international sports press association AIPS for attending eight or more World Cups.

A 1996 graduate of Princeton, Wahl worked for Sports Illustrated from 1996 to 2021, known primarily for his coverage of soccer and college basketball. He then launched his own website.

Wahl also worked for Fox Sports from 2012-19.

He is survived by his wife, Dr. Celine Gounder, clinical associate professor of medicine at New York University School of Medicine, attending physician at Bellevue Hospital Center and CBS News medical news contributor.


Previous threads


The Game Awards is a yearly award show where critics vote for best vidya of the year. Surprising no one this year's winner was Elden Ring. However, when the Dev team was getting on stage an unknown kid sneaked behind them. The kid is Matan Evan, a Hong Konger and I think Asian ameriKKKan (and supposedly also a jew coz his name is Hebrew but I couldn't find any solid proof), who gained some popularity in the best by protesting in Hongkong against CCP And appearing in infowars (). When the devs finished talking the kid took the mic and said "I nominate this award to Reformed Orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton". No one knows what this means but it's funny. Shortly after this he was escorted by security and arrestedy

The Drama

The kid has a Twitter acc, on which he posted shortly after this. The thread is currently full of shit libs seething about Muh antisemitism and pathetic manchilds (aka g*mers) crying he DESTROYED this important moment..

So being an edgelord desperate for attention while ruining other people's moments is supposed to be an admirable character trait now? :soycry:

Muh vidya is ruined

I honestly don’t understand why some people are mad at you for this my guy, it’s not like you ran on stage half way through a speech, also it’s an event for g*mers, so a little bit of trolling is expected :marseyconfused:

Some people found out that he was on Info Wars once and automatically think that he is a white supremacist when he was actually doing an interview because he has a YouTube channel that covered the Hong Kong protests. :marseybigbrain:


This wasn’t funny at all child. You take away from their own achievements for a little bit of glory so people will sub to your youtube. :marseyshitforbrains:

I'll add more links and also reddit seethe when I get on pc coz phone formating is abhorrent. In general however reactions to him are mixed. The shit posters and meme subs and communities think it was funny, the leftoids are pearl clutching about how this is LITERALLY second Holocaust because he appeared on infowars when 12 and wore yeezys, and the elden ring community is crying and soying about how he ruined everything

Hopefully you go to jail for this. It was disrespectful, dangerous and helps fuel the antisemitism rising in this country, even if you think you weren't trying to do that. And all just to get attention like a child. You should be ashamed of yourself.

I believe he is Jewish

He's wearing Yeezys... Talking about Bill Clinton being Jewish. No fricking way

next time you do that in another event, i hope you can rot in jail for long time little sh** :marseyrage:

That was fricking disrespectful against Miyazaki and his Team. What a shame ruining this moment just to crave desperate for attention with something stupid like that. :soyjakhipster:

:marseysn#oo: :

Redditor Explaining in detail everything, and also why the kid isnt even antisemitic

Why did his shoutout come across like some garbled dog whistle? I know he's a kid but this really wasn't thought through at all. Not sure how the heck this puts eyes on Kanye when it makes him sound like he's antisemitic or believes in the deep state or something. :marseyleftoidschizo:

I’m going to sound like such a killjoy here, but … who was it funny to? The game designers who spent years of their lives creating something to be upstaged by this kid? All the other artists and nominees and fans who wanted to celebrate, but instead got a “lulz brah, it’s just a joke”? No one got hurt, but it was highly inappropriate. At the very least, he should be made to apologize to those whose moment he ruined. :marseyangrygamer:

/r/eldenring threads. Not even gonna link comments here they all want to kill the kid here:

/r/kanye calling him a heckin nazi chud because he wore Yeezys:

/r/196 :marseypearlclutch: :

Sucks that this guy was a nazi, makes all this a lot less funny :marseymagarentfree:

Cant find anything more. Link interesting threads and ill add them

Edit: Of course, how could i forget about the worst offenders.

Here are threads full of GCJ seethe

This one is even more insufferable

nah he went up there to be a racist little shit. frick him. don't make 1984 memes about this guy

Yeah, the kid was wearing Yeezys too. Absolutely up there to dogwhistle

/uj Anti-Semitic piece of shit fricked around and found out there's consequences for being a piece of shit.

naah frick him he was being anti-semitic pieces of shit he got what he deserved and honestly it was incredibly lucky that it was just a bad attempt at being anti-semitic.

Thread so deranged its making me seethe.

Resetera thread courtesy of @Dramamine

Some :marseybluecheck: talked with him and claims to have confirmed hes jewish in a JewTest (courtesy of @zhorafloydovich )

:marseyblackgenocide: WaPo: Why doesn’t Argentina have more Black players in the World Cup? :marseybipocattentionseeker:

Holy shit :marseyxd::marseyxd::marseyxd:

@FootballShill @Transgender_spez @SouthameriKKKanIncel @CatChad @ThatHoeOverThere @ForgotMyPasswordAgain @SCD @Santaberry @AverageMistletoeEnjoyer @PortuIguana @cyberpeepee

As fans keep up with Argentina's success in this year's World Cup, a familiar question arises: Why doesn't Argentina's team have more Black players? In stark contrast to other South ameriKKKan countries such as Brazil, Argentina's soccer team pales in comparison in terms of its Black representation.

The observation is not a new one. In 2014, observers hurled jokes about how even Germany's soccer team had at least one Black player, while it appeared that Argentina had none during that year's World Cup Final. In 2010, Argentina's government released a census that noted 149,493 people, which amounts to 1 percent of the country, was Black. For many, that data seemed to confirm that Argentina was indeed a White nation.

But roughly 200,000 African captives disembarked on the shores of the Río de la Plata during Argentina's colonial period, and, by the end of the 18th century, one-third of the population was Black. Indeed, not only is the idea of Argentina as a White nation inaccurate, it clearly speaks to a longer history of Black erasure at the heart of the country's self-definition.

Argentines have several myths that purportedly "explain" the absence of Black Argentines.

Perhaps the first and most popular of those myths has been that Black men were used as "cannon fodder" resulting in a massive death toll during wars throughout the 19th century. Revolutionary armies, for example, conscripted enslaved people to fight in Argentina's wars of independence (1810-1819) against Spanish forces, with the promise of freedom after serving for five years.

But rather than dying on the battlefield, many simply deserted and opted to not return to their place of birth, as the historian George Reid Andrews has argued. Roll calls reveal that in 1829 the Afro-Argentine Fourth Cazadores military unit lost 31 soldiers to death and 802 to desertions. Some of these men relocated as far north as Lima, Peru. While some died and some departed, others returned home. Census data from Buenos Aires, Argentina's most populous city, reveal its African-descended population more than doubled in size from 1778 to 1836.

Another myth argues that because of the high death toll of Black men caused by the 19th-century wars, Black women in Argentina had no choice but to marry, cohabitate with or form relationships with European men --- leading to the "disappearance" of Black people. Miscegenation, or interracial mixing, over several generations is thought to have taken its toll, creating a physically lighter and Whiter population. In this telling, Black women were mere victims of an oppressive regime that dictated every aspect of their lives.

But more recent studies have instead revealed that some Black women in Argentina made concerted decisions to pass as White or Amerindian to obtain the benefits afforded by whiteness for their children and themselves. Taking advantage of various legal policies, some Black women, such as Bernabela Antonia Villamonte, could be born into captivity and die not only free but labeled as a White woman.

Other myths for the lack of Black representation in Argentine culture have focused on the outbreak of disease, especially yellow fever in 1871. Some argued that many Black Argentines were unable to move out of heavily infected areas of Buenos Aires due to their poverty and they succumbed to disease. This, too, has been debunked, as data shows that outbreaks did not kill off the Black population at higher rates than other populations.

These and other myths about Black "disappearance" in Argentina serve to obscure several of the nation's most enduring historical legacies.

In reality, Argentina has been home to many Black people for centuries --- not only the population of enslaved people and their descendants, but immigrants. Cape Verdeans began migrating to Argentina in the 19th century with their Portuguese passports and then entered the nation in larger numbers during the 1930s and 1940s seeking employment as mariners and dock workers.

But White Argentine leaders such as Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, ex-president of Argentina (1868-1874), crafted a different narrative to erase Blackness because they equated modernity with whiteness. Sarmiento wrote "Facundo: Civilization and Barbarism" (1845), which detailed Argentina's "backwardness" and what he and others perceived as the need to become "civilized." He was among those who shared a vision for the nation that associated it more strongly with European, rather than African or Amerindian, heritage.

Argentina abolished slavery in 1853 in most of the country and in 1861 in Buenos Aires. With its history of slavery behind it, Argentina's leaders focused on modernization, looking to Europe as the cradle of civilization and progress. They believed that to join the ranks of Germany, France and England, Argentina had to displace its Black population --- both physically and culturally.

In many ways, this was not unique to Argentina. This whitening process was attempted throughout much of Latin ameriKKKa, in places such as Brazil, Uruguay and Cuba.

What makes Argentina's story unique in this context, however, is that it was successful in its push to build its image as a White country.

For example, in the 1850s, the political philosopher and diplomat Juan Bautista Alberdi, who was perhaps best known for his saying "to govern is to populate," promoted White European immigration to the country. Argentine president Justo José de Urquiza (1854-60) supported Alberdi's ideas and incorporated them in the country's first constitution. Amendment 25 clearly stated: "The federal government shall foster European immigration."

In fact, ex-president Sarmiento remarked toward the end of the 19th century: "Twenty years hence, it will be necessary to travel to Brazil to see Blacks." He knew that Black Argentines existed but suggested that the country would not recognize them for long. Argentina's landscape was soon transformed, as 4 million European immigrants answered the government's call to migrate between 1860 and 1914. That clause remains in Argentina's constitution today.

As for the nation's Black and Amerindian populations who were in Argentina before this mass European immigration, many began to strategically identify as White if they could "pass" or to settle into more ambiguous racial and ethnic categories.

These categories included criollo (pre-immigrant background often affiliated with Spanish or Amerindian ancestry)*, morocho *(tan-colored), *pardo *(brown-colored) and trigueño (wheat-colored). While these labels ultimately cast them as "Others," they also helped dissociate them from blackness at a time when that was a state imperative.

Despite a history and its remnants that have sought to erase Blackness from the nation, Argentina's Black population remains, and more people of African descent have been migrating there.

Today, Cape Verdean immigrants and their descendants number 12,000 to 15,000 and primarily live in the Buenos Aires area. In the 1990s and 2000s, West Africans began migrating to Argentina in larger numbers, as Europe tightened its immigration laws. While the census revealed that Argentina housed nearly 1,900 African-born nationals in 2001, that number had nearly doubled by 2010. Over the past 10 years, African descendants from other Latin ameriKKKan countries such as Brazil, Cuba and Uruguay have also increasingly entered Argentina seeking economic opportunities.

This history makes clear that while Argentina's soccer team may not include people of African descent, or perhaps people that most would view as Black, it is not a "White" team either.

While Argentina has collapsed racial categories in its quest to be seen as a modern, White nation, the presence of people described as *morocho *nods to this history of Black and Indigenous erasure. Morocho, an inoffensive label, continues to be used in Argentina today. This term, which references those who are "tan-colored," has been used as a way of distinguishing non-White people.

Perhaps the most famous morocho in Argentina is soccer legend Diego Maradona, who came to prominence in the 1980s and 90s. The country had three days of national mourning when he passed away in November 2020. This non-White legend became the face of Argentine soccer and, ironically, a "White nation."

Various players on the team today are likely to be described as morocho in Argentina. Understanding this history reveals an Argentina that is far more diverse than many people often associate it with. It also points to the concerted efforts to erase and minimize Blackness in attempts to create what many of the nation's leaders perceived as a modern nation.

seems like Allah got to him.


🤯 REAL 🤯 This place is a bad influence on zoomers

A lot of zoomers here aren't experienced enough to be this neck deep in irony posting.

Most r drama zoomers think everything us drama boomers say is totally serious.

This website is brain melting as many as 17 zoomers.

They come here to laugh at a few lolcows and end up trapped forever.

BOO IS A RACIST CHUD :chudsey: boo's nasheed (WIP) :marseyisis: :marseyjanny2:

Thoughts? @Grand_Imam_Talichad @jollyjihad

What i've discovered is that this genre of music does not lend itself too someone who doesn't know how too edit music :marseycrying:

Trans lives matter not too Allah :praiseallah:


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pls upsoren effortposts to encourage ppl to post more of them


Leftoids sneed about swedish bideo game man in current year


HOLY SHIT. You're still mad at f*cking PewDiePie??? (for a really old dead controversy). I thought you were an accidental moron, but now you definitely just proved that you're actually a straight-up moron. gosh...

i forgot we have to let go of anything bad someone did after a certian time.

There's no point in moving on and living your life. You must sneed about things that happened years ago forever. You simply must. It is the virtuous thing to do.

Your account is literally called The Left Can't Meme. Hypocritical in that comment AND in your own username.

POV: You're about to read the shortest leftoid meme


He made two edgy jokes in the year where it was the popular thing to do, and he listened and acknowledged everything wrong that he did and changed - while always being sorry he did it. He grew up. Hes also now retired and just doing his best life, not the hill to die on buddy

"where it was the popular thing to do" maybe get better friends

I mean popular thing of the internet jesus lmao, 2015-16 was edgy times where all kinds of creators made bad shit. Its not an excuse its just an environment that thought jokes couldnt be harmful. Goofy

Er, no. Y'all were just trash. We're not going to pretend this shit was mainstream among anyone other than White supremacists. If it's something you used to do maybe own that for what it is and examine it.

Well first two "Anti Semitic" things were jokes, edgy yet jokes, ofcourse he ain't a anti semite. And about E;R, he said he didn't know that he was a racist. But he sure is racist towards Indians.

My dude, the antisemitic attack in Christchurch was caused by him enabling those "edgy" jokes. Even if he himself isn't (which is more credit than is warranted) the fact he raised nazis through his channel is problematic. He might not be one, but he made other people into nazis.

The holocaust actually started because someone told hitler an antisemitic joke. Please be careful about what jokes you tell online

It was funny then and it's funny now.

PewDiePie is not gonna have intercourse with you.

Is he still doing Nazi or alt right stuff, I haven’t kept up on him for years and haven’t heard of any recently controversy

He's said he's a fan of Jordan Peterson recently so maybe not completely stopped

is Jordan Peterson a nazi? I thought he was just really pathetic


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Least degenerate redditor


Titty Teacher :marseygigatitty: Update - Parents group (:chudsey:) to take legal action

We all remember gigatitty, and how I was baited into standing outside a high school, and all the moralizing about how parents these days have no respect for ungroomed children, well all that is changing now apparently

According to journos :marseypuke: the school board in question has faced several bomb threats (remember this is the most yt bread suburbanoid mayo town in the world) and now a hate filled group of crotch goblin breeders is trying to trample on trans rights, calling themselves "Students First Ontario" (which is a dumb name since first Ontario is already the name of a (((banking thing))) )

This group is now trying to raise $10k to uh "connect, organize and support like-minded parents in taking every action possible" (totally not a grift)

This was started by a woman named Celina Close, and idk if it's her but look at this fat oakville yoga instructor I found by the same name:

Anyway, there is not much drama yet, but I really hope it goes to court because that will surely be a :marseyclown2: show

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Reported by:

diet culture and fatphobia frickin suck. FDA just approved diabetes med called ozempic FOR WEIGHT LOSS AND THERES LITERALLY A SHORTAGE OF IT NOW CAUSE PEOPLE WANNA LOSE A LITTLE WEIGHT AND DIABETIC PPL ARE SUFFERING AS A DIRECT RESULT OF THIS. My pal hasnt had their meds in weeks

Hold the phone. You're telling me the reason there's an Ozempic shortage is because of some dumb weight loss fad online? Diabetic patients losing control of their sugar because normal people want a quick fix for their weight?

These dumb trends seem increasingly like enemy action…

it's rocket daddy approved

non-lindy but it works

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  • Christmas: I expected better from Pizzashill than to screenpost
  • GovernorOfTheNorthPole: Namestrag without a festive seasonal alt. Pls ban for being a grinch.
Schizo calls to end US constitution because twitter was mean to him
Think I may have outed myself:marseysweating:

I was at a friend's, talking to someone and I asked "oh what does your husband do?"

She says "Oh he works for Reddit."

I laugh and reply "Haha I got banned from there."

My friends all found this really funny, as irl I'm not nearly as bitter and antagonistic as I am here. They badger me "Harpooner how?!"

So I say "Uhh, well I mass reported people then got banned for abusing the reporting function."

The :marseyjanny2:s wife says "haha, I'll have to tell him that. He'll get a kick out of it." Boys will he find out I got SDTA-1040'ed?

Most Based Comments

Basedness: 🔥🔥🔘🔘🔘

Punching down vs punching up (104)

Is Christianity really “up” at this point? In younger generations, there’s definitely less than half the pop that’s Christian. To me, it seems like it’s on a drastic decline.EDIT: the stat shared below proved this wrong. I was just going based off my own experiences, which was clearly not right. (-59)

Basedness: 🔥🔥🔘🔘🔘

Jewish hate is on the rise, thanks Kanye (45)

I would definitely not say that at all. I’d say Kanye hate is on the rise. I’ve literally heard no one say that Kanye is right here.EDIT ON THIS ONE TOO: the way I worded this isn’t what I meant it to be. I’m saying the majority of the population (normal, decent people) just don’t like Kanye as a result of this. Of course there are people that now hate Jews, but they were just waiting for the right opportunity. They were pos well before Kanye went on his bi polar tirade. (-51)

Basedness: 🔥🔥🔘🔘🔘

Many of the first europeans colonists to ameriKKKan travelled there to be ‘free from religious persecution’ which really meant to persecute non-christians as they saw fit (Utah is extremely mormon because they got run out of eastern cities, and congregated in Utah, where they could be the ones to persecute instead of be persecuted).As the major religion of early colonists christianity was used to justify things like slavery and genocide and remains the top religion today. (83)

But at the same time, you can pull dark pasts from any religion. There plenty of atrocious history with any sect of people. That doesn’t make it okay to assume they’re all bad now the way I see people do with christianity. (-36)

Angriest Comments

Angriness: 😡😡😡😡😡

Christianity is a dominant and diverse religion in the states, whereas other religions in addition to being minorities also tend to be closely associated with ethnic minorities (which has already been listed here in other comments) making it difficult to criticize or making fun of those religions without being perceived as racist (it's possible but often backfires really badly), as other comments put it taking the piss out of Christianity is "punching up" Another factor, many of the harshest critics of Christianity (whether serious or comical) tend to be people who grew up Christian themselves, or even are still practicing Christians who despise some of the things that were done in the name of Christianity; this also makes such criticisms better informed as opposed to what a non-Muslim might try to say about Islam or a goy about Judaism Lastly, Christian fundamentalism/extremism has dominated the media in the last decade, while their actual numbers may be relatively low, their impac... (1)

Angriness: 😡😡😡😡😡

Well, to start - the only people that have been rude to me (personally) on a basis of their faith have all been some flavor of Christian. I've never met a racist or homophobic person in my life that was Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, etc, to the best of my knowledge. Obviously, that's not true of EVERYONE in any faith (not all Christians are bad, not all Jewish/Muslim/Pagan people are innocent of bigotry) but it is my experience in my own life. Every religious individual that judged, hated, and has spoken cruelly of others while in my presence or when I have been audience to it has been high school literally expelled a teacher's son because they found out he might be gay (was definitely gay but they had literally no proof other than a female friend of his telling the administration). They told his parent "You can work here, but he's no longer allowed to attend our church or school. Send him somewhere else."When it comes to hating Jewish/Muslim people particularly, I find... (1)

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Nahhhh I’ve seen plenty that are just like “WOW LOOK AT THESE MORONS PRAYING ON TV LIKE THEY BELIEVE IN A DIETY THAT LOVES THEM. WHAT IDIOTS”I won’t be disingenuous about the legitimately crazy religious people if you won’t be disingenuous about the crazy anti religious people. (-2)

Because I don't want to work, here is a summary the front page of /religious fruitcake. You're lying.Sex Ed/Religion in schools nonsense"Happy Holidays" nonsenseMarital r*pe is okPastor in SA wants flock to drink poisonMarital RapeSatanic Panic over a sweatshirt"Satan-proof" shoe soleAnti-LGBT group refused service at restaurant, cry about itWierd fox news prayer circle about the "stolen election"Anti-evolution nonsenseA funny tiktok about religious "signs"Christian politician cries about gay marriage bill in congress"Athiests explain THIS" tumblr postEvolution nonsenseGeocentric model of the solar system, lolMisunderstanding separation of church and stateRussian orthodox church says genocide is ok actuallyPointing out that god is portrayed inconsistentlySome odd thing about a trans lesbian muslim superhero? I have no idea about this one actuallyWife is property of husbandFunny argument on a tv showPost about Iranians being executed over religionUsual nonsense about democrats killin... (3)

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Twitter files part III: How Dementia Daddy (R) got banned
Zoomercide inshallah

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Everyone here is going to cheer you on for sleeping around. They'll tell you it's your body, it's your choice, and while that's true you have to understand, every action has consequences. The vast majority of the people cheering you on aren't married, haven't had any real long term relationship, and probably never will.
These people will tell you your BF is a terrible person for having a preference. They'll tell you that your rather pathetic sounding male friends are right.
The question is, do you really want to be like these people?
I mean, let's be real. Your male friends seem like the kinds of people that would give that "it's her body, her choice" line when their gf cheats on them. Either that, or they're so scared of offending you that they'd never be honest.
The reality is that men care about how many men a woman has been with. The kind of men that don't care, most women don't want to begin with so why pay them any attention?
If your relationship works, then why let losers ruin a good thing?

Wow way to say you're an incel


>i used the word incel therefore you're wrong

This is really interesting to me. My perception of the Dutch is that they are far more sexually liberal than ameriKKKans. Has Andrew Tate seeped into the Netherlands too?

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check her (i hope) post history

This is the first rdrama article that has triggered Twitter Safety