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:marseyblm: :marseycuck: :marseychristmaself: 2022 ADVENT CALENDAR - DAY 6 - BUILT FOR BBC EDITION :marseychristmaself2: :marseycuck:

Congrats @MarseyIsMyWaifu , truly an inspired pic and it shows! This submission has gotten the most votes so far!


Good luck everypony, remember too submit and vote on you're favourites!

The winner is decided by total amount of votes (up/down)

trans lives matter


We are at war with the United States government

Several years ago,:marseystarbucks: did a little oopsy by calling the cops on 2 black men who refused to buy coffee or leave the store. This is completely legal, but it made them look bad, and so corporate did some typical damage control and got ratio'd on :marseybluecheck::

:marseystarbucks: will close its more than 8,000 company-owned U.S. stores on the afternoon of May 29 to provide to its nearly 175,000 U.S. employees “racial-bias education geared toward preventing discrimination.” Both Starbucks founder Howard Schultz and CEO Kevin Johnson have apologized on behalf of the Seattle coffeehouse giant.

In recent days, :marseystarbucks: also officially declared a “Use of the Third Place Policy,” making it clear that anyone is a customer and is welcome to use its store space, including bathrooms, regardless of whether one makes a purchase.

“We are committed to creating a culture of warmth and belonging where everyone is welcome,” the statement said. “We want our stores to be the third place.”

The Third Place Policy whose URL now results in a server error, meant that :marseywagie: would no longer be able to kick out customers who failed to make a purchase. The obvious then happened:

But as I have sat at different :marseystarbucks: locations in New York lately and overheard conversations around me, I witnessed firsthand a new scene that I hadn't quite observed before: At times, stores were mostly occupied by non-paying customers with their own drinks and food while some paying customers looked puzzled and left frustrated without finding a seat. I have also seen customers inside a store being openly solicited for money. :marseystinky::marseyblack::marseysad::!marseystinky::!marseykween: source

The same writer did another followup piece a year and a half later which sources the least surprising study ever:

Monthly visits to :marseystarbucks: dropped 6.8% compared with other nearby coffee shops after the open-bathroom policy was put in place in May 2018

With the free bathroom access, the researchers looked at the proximity of a given :marseystarbucks: store to a homeless shelter and found that customer traffic declined at almost double the rate at stores closest to homeless shelters versus those farthest away.

Customer traffic wasn’t the only thing that was hurt. The average income of Starbucks’ customers has dropped compared with the average income of other nearby coffee shops, thanks to fewer visits from “its wealthier clientele.”

The full report is 43 pages, and everyone involved could have saved a lot of time by submitting the sentence "homeless people are stinky" to peer review instead.

Shortly after, :marseystarbucks: closed its (bathroom) doors

Now, the coffee chain is effectively saying it can’t be ameriKKKa’s public potty any longer.

And, because an rdrama post wouldn't be complete without :marseysnoo:, here's a couple posts from baristas whining about the homeless:

Let me start this off by saying I have nothing against the homeless. I feel for them, I really do. But my store has a homeless couple that comes in every day and stays from open to close. They usually come in, set their 3 or 4 giant trash bags of belongings in a corner and hog the cushioned seats in the corner literally all day. What really bugs me is that they're constantly making out. Like, sloppy, slobbery, making out. We've had several customer complaints about it and I've asked my manager about it and she basically said as long as they're buying coffee they're good. Anything I can do about this?+17

:!marseylaugh::marseywagie: :marseystinky::!marseystinky: CLEAN IT UP

a not so gentle reminder that unhoused people are people too. if they are in the cafe, leave them the frick alone and mind your business. provide them with the same hospitality you give to every other customer. the unhoused are no different. as long as they aren’t doing something inappropriate or being disrespectful to you, other partners, and the customers, they can stay as long as they please until closing. don’t bother them if they are outside sitting down either. don’t be a peepee is what i am trying to say here. this isn’t a store issue, this is a human decency issue. +751

Every single post is bowing and scraping in subservience to the unhousedchads stinking up the place. Good thing for Redditors the stench doesn't travel over computer monitors or it might break their bubble of moral authority.

grande rant: homeless customers

i try to have sympathy for them but at this point its very hard. i feel bad for being bothered by them, but i need to rant for a minute.

they usually order a venti or trenta water but get quite angry if we dont give it to them the second after they ordered it.

they also walk through our drive thru and ask customers for money.

sometimes they just come and stare at us through the windows or do drugs in our parking lot and our male shifts have to go scare them off. :marseygigachad:

not so much now, but earlier in the pandemic they would come up without maks and cough on us. or they would come up with a mask on but take it off just to cough on us before putting it back on. :marseychad:

they used to steal our tip jars :marseygigachad:

The homeless are people. Talk to them and explain the rules you have to enforce. Learn their names. Just like anyone else if they are treated with dignity they may treat you with respect as well.

:marseyworldcup: :!marseyqatarworldcup: World Cup End of Round of 16 Football and Banter Megathread! :marseyqatarworldcup2: :!marseyworldcup:

Okay, it was almost going to be a "nothing ever happens" round, but Spanish managed to choke spectacularly earlier today, so we did have one upset after all.

Anyway, quarterfinals are going to be absolute bangers, I literally cannot wait. Which match are you looking for the most? Who's going to choke the worst? What the frick are we to do for the next two days?..

Who knows!


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MAID Marsey




Invest in MAID (Marsey Assistance in Dying) now as the Day of the Rake seems to be getting closer!


Taftaj is a train that passes pretty well and has made a career off of onlyfans and twitch. She's a conservative train and is having a breakdown right now about how she doesn't pass. This make other trains sneed at her because she passes pretty well in that community.

Follow up tweets:

Being trans is like squeezing through a hallway of jagged blades, and they’re all curved so they cut cleanly as you enter and tear open the wounds if you ever go backwards. Everyone keeps promising there is an exit at the end (you’ll pass eventually!) and there never is.

No, because I have dysphoria, that’s the problem. Transition did not help the dysphoria (much).

It’s basically this. You’re not allowed to ever talk about how you feel if you feel bad, so there’s massive pressure to just pretend everything is okay.

This is in reply to someone else

Some train calls her a girl peepee and Taftaj sneeds about in a subtweet

Most empathetic trans woman


You totally pass though

If the majority of people think you pass, you pass. Passing is entirely about what others see. You shouldn’t look at yourself and ask if you pass. What matters is what most random strangers would think.

The uncanny Valley effect kicks in especially with MtF the bold jaw lines and skull structure will always stick out and alert people that somthing is off even if they can't place their finger on it. It's unfortunate that society has gaslit children into mutilating themselves

if you looked like me youd kiII yourself

Curious if you regret transitioning? These tweets seem to suggest so, I really hope you’re doing okay. I wish the best for you!

Thank you. I go through phases, when I can avoid thinking about myself it’s fine, if I become too self reflective I regret.

Why would I listen to your advice when I look like this

is this satire? i can't tell

annoying mid-20s white passstrags be like

At first, i felt kinda bad for this person because they clearly have a lot of self-hatred, and then i saw that they're agreeing with people calling trans people a cult. Other trans people not hating themselves like you and thinking this is poor messaging does not make a cult.

isn’t this the same girl who said communism is evil lmao?

Not a cult btw

Shut up passoid

Reported by:
  • Tomboy_Respecter: From this angle you look like a serial smoking 50 year old woman
  • Hanukkah_Thomas: can confirm, whatever this is its not good
  • FamilyGuyShill: you look like that b-word that accused kavanaugh of rape
  • Lv100_Elf_King: I don't mean to be rude, but your sweater looks cheap and you should get a new one.
  • conedmas: if it wasn't for your massive hands it'd be impossible to tell if you were male or female :scoot:
  • Jewnukkah: no booba
Sweater mode :marseycarpabusivewife:

Its hard to find clothes that fit me well :marseyemojismilemouthcoldsweat:

In the first couple of seconds you can see the marsey from /r/place

I'm so proud of you all :marseylo#ve:


imagine if a white streamer did this lol.

asian racism is normalized

if we say something, we’re “soft” or “can’t take a joke”

if we say nothing, nothing changes 🤷🏻‍♂️ no comments yet

Reported by:
Updated list of slurs to use against yt people

Post your favorite! Mine is vanilla gorillas!

It's already bad enough when people want to show youtube videos at a party but chosing to show an H3H3 video?


Reported by:

How dare you use maths to assign us a numerical value:

Why are you doing something this offensive to a community that u just became a part of??


The thot civil war will not include a lot of cardio:

Bmi is so wildly inconsistent. I am disgusted by this. You’re pitting SWers against each other by weight and income?

Hole methodolgy usage would probably help them make more money tbh:

I’m no statistician, but the holes in this methodology are truly incredible. Not to mention the use of BMI, which is a hugely stigmatising metric that fat people have asked people to stop using FOREVER. There are better uses of your time than whatever this is.

Foid v foid catty remarks are always so much fun:

dunno if you have the research qualifications for something with such heavy implications; SW solidarity is something I'd be researching too, but that's just my opinion and I could be wrong guessing you are pretty new; also it's <19 not >19 if you wanna get fatphobia correct

You just love being loud and wrong, huh? I’m honestly impressed at the way you manage to make every tweet worse than the last 🙃



This is obviously dangerous science and should be banned immediately before a computer misgenders someone.

the chud camp wastes no time getting to concern trolling :marseysmug:

This won't be abused by transphobes at all Ross.

wont someone think of the heckin trans people :marseybegging:

what that's an ai this isn't scientific at all

Data analysis then

Computer science, even

not true either

erm sweetie everyone knows computer :marseyairquotes: science :marseyairquotes: isnt really science, learn to analyze classical literature through a queer lens instead :marseynails:

From what i can see, The study says sex. Not gender.

thats right chuds gender and intercourse are completely separate and different things :soyjakanimeglasses: john money? i hardly know her

Yeah, I'll believe this when the effect is replicated by a deep learning algorithm freshly trained on a dataset that is 1:1 matched on class, upbringing, and access to medical care as a child, as there's a significant gender gap in, eg, average childhood myopia diagnosis age--

1/6 words tweets from a "queer dyke" btw :marseywords: :marseylongpost:

Most women's have eywiner

:marseybigbrain: :brainletchair:

Magical onions are real and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot


Some guy finds a rotting onion while hiking. Witches tell him to be careful and to not touch it because it's actually a "cursed onion". r-slurs argue if magical onions are thing and what the purpose of the onion actually is.


That's witchcraft if I ever saw it. Don't touch it anymore and leave it alone. I'd also recommend cleansing yourself with rosemary smoke or other incenses known for their cleansing properties just to be safe.

To you. To many others, witchcraft is a part of their spiritual and religious practices. I hope you can respect that.

If someone pins an onion in a genuine belief that it will affect the world in some disjointed way, that's nonsensical. If they're doing it for an aesthetic or as a form of therapy and understand it won't make someone get stabbed, that is different.

Honestly? So what? If it makes someone happy who cares? I read to make myself feel better, does that mean I’m mentally ill? Idk. but if throwing an onion in a river made whoever feel better that’s their business. You sound like a hater. Let people be weird.


i got curious and googled and holy shit

Without knowing anything about it, I immediately assumed magic.

That's what I assume to whenever I see trash on the ground

haha wow. i know this looks bad but it's not what you think. what i did was i filled this onion with blood and hair from my ex best friend and then cut it open and drove safety pins through it to make them experience immense suffering and psychic pain

I hear there's a magic ritual called filling out a job application that causes you to grow out of acting like you're twelve.

there's another ritual called sucking my peepee that will magically get you to stop being condescending for a few minutes

Looks like somebody did a cleans. The onion is to absorb the negativity, what ever is written on that paper, and then they threw it into moving water to get rid of it. I don't think it's a curse, if it was a curse they wouldn't have thrown it in the river.

It’s sound plausible.I know a few people who believe that onions that have been cut absorb illnesses and refuse to eat them if they are not used right away. It’s not too great a leap of faith to believe it could also absorb other negativities.

I wonder if onions can cure autism? :marseyhmm:

Yeah, everybody knows you hang curses from trees. Which is why people get so depressed during the holidays, people make photos into ornaments and then hang them on their Christmas tree, and that sympathetically makes them feel hung up.


Everyone saying it’s clearly a hex must not realize that onions are for protection. This seems like a ward to me

Of course how could we be so stupid


If you hold with that kind of thing, it actually doesn't matter if you touched it or not because it's not directed at you. Just wash your hands and you're good. But sometimes when someone hurts you and you can't change it, you have to deface a vegetable about it.

"The onion is not directed at you"

Practice good hand hygiene and social distancing to minimize the spread of curses!

Quite clearly a hex of some kind. Leave it alone, not your business

Right?? Baby, that’s witch business.

Bonus Drama :#marseyparty:

I found a lolcow that appears to be a king who's into "cute twink witchcraft" (Self described by Xim). Who qoute tweets the original tweet and says:

Normies talking about magic is the funniest thing

I like that everyones trying to defend their worldview. cute. But there’s literally no point with arguing with people or trying to defend magic (or disenchantment). Like this argument is the equivalent of toddlers fighting over a toy. noones changing their worldview in a tweet.

People think this take is r-slurred and they stsrt arguing with him:

magic doesn't exist, hope this helps

Wow thank you. In 29 characters you have completely SHATTERED my worldview- you (YOU) have managed to rip apart the very fibres of my deeply complex experiences and cosmology, which include but are not limited to: culture religion gender and socioeconomic status. I’m reformed

how much acid did you do before deciding this onion was magical

Thinking it all goes back to LSD is literally proving my point but werque 💅🏻

i was trying to be charitable and not just assume you were dropped on your head as a child

Plenty of people dunk on the king in that thread but he later goes on to double down on his original point:

We should never argue with the disenchanted that magic exists (because that’s futile). But I think the disenchanted are some of the stupidest people I’ve ever met: you can’t even recognize deep cultural significance from an anthropological perspective.

Other leftists attempt to undeestand the homos worldview through science :sciencejak::

what epistemology of science do you endorse? under that epistemology, why do you think the evidence for magic outweighs the evidence against?

Because magic is a ubiquitouscultural phenomenon within every culture as far as records go back, until the tiny bubble of white western science in the past 300 years. Peoples experiences re what they are and we have records of it.

what epistemology of science leads you to believe that these lived experiences are sufficient evidence for magic?

The lived experience is the whole point. Its phenomenology not lab testing. Come on man. Dont you guys get it? this whole thread reeks of chauvinism.

We could of all been grand wizards if the stupid mayos didn't ruin it for everyone with their racist "science"


The king continues calling everyone who disagrees with him stupid:

Like you can call me dumb for having a magical worldview whatever. But you’re gonna sound SO ridiculous doing so.

[OLD DRAMA] Keeping track of the pronouns in my teens social group is exhausting. : TrueOffMyChest

To start, let me say that my husband and I do not care about our children’s or their friends gender identities beyond a deep desire to respect the young people in our lives and create a supportive and positive environment for them. We’re both queer, we understand how hard navigating adolescence can be, and we want to make sure our home is accepting and welcoming to everyone who steps foot in our door.

Our daughter’s friends go through frequent pronoun changes. Often each time I see one of these kids, they will be using a different set of pronouns and a new name and I cannot for the life of me keep it all straight. Our relationship with her friends is cordial and that’s about it, which honestly I feel is appropriate. I’m not a teenager, and so beyond exchanging pleasantries, providing snacks, and offering a ride home they are not a big part of my life. I would honestly struggle to remember their names if they WERENT changing regularly.

But…every time I get it wrong, my daughter gets incredibly offended on their behalf. I am trying so hard but it is just exhausting. Questioning who you are at this age is developmentally appropriate and I don’t begrudge them that, but I also can’t wait till her social group settles into more long lasting identities.

For now I’m just apologizing frequently and baking a lot of cookies.

The kids never stood a chance

Remind me how does a "Queer" couple have children? Pretty sure that's biologically impossible, other than adoption or insemination process.


Name tags. Everywhere you go carry name tags and a sharpie and before any conversation may begin name tags with name and pronouns must be worn. If they complain then you can point out that this new system is as frustrating to them as the current one is for you.

What a practical and not r-slurred solution

95% of these replies are very "old man yells at sky". Op seems nice and just needs to use they them for everyone, the problem will likely sort itself out from then onwards.

Those kids have mental health issues.

No, just attention issues.

If they have a peepee you use he/him if the have a girl peepee you use she/her it’s pretty simple

Ew, dude. They're kids.

This isn’t reddit, so unfortunately redditquite doesnt apply here. If you have a reddit account that isn’t banned (mine was banned) can you please harass this guy for me thank you

I can't get rid of my inner transphobia : VaushV :marseytransflag:

A former chud asks for advice on how to do better. There's a lot in this post that some users here could learn from. I just want to highlight this one specific comment.

Watch trans porn. I find porn to be really useful in getting rid of biases. I grew up hearing a lot of racism and bigotry towards poc/minorities in general, so whenever I would see a one of them I would get a yucky feeling about them and was especially found them sexually repulsive. I started watching more diverse porn, and eventually I was able to sexualize every minority group including trans people and that gradually got rid of the yucky feelings I would get with marginalized groups of people when in public and sexually. (I don't fetishize anyone I just respond to them normally now) (I'm also mexican and straight, just so you know)

So much for muh freeze peach, Elmo Muck.


Grand Jury Finds Loudon county school officials guilty of aiding and abetting the nonbinary male feminist, all involved sentenced to 8 years
Rating the Birds at my Birdfeeder

Happy almost winter to my Northern Hemisphere friends! Where I am, all the migratory birds have left for the south, leaving us only with our winter birds that stay through the snow. Today I will be ranking the bird species I see at my feeder!

-Cardinal: (6/10) we have 2 mating pairs living in my yard. one of them brings their baby from time to time. super cute and very pretty. can be aggressive sometimes, especially towards other species

-Blue Jay: (6/10) I LOVE BLUE JAYS! extremely common though. they're also very messy, so they lose a few points there. very cute and smart though, and make silly noises

-White-breasted Nuthatch: (8/10) funny birds. i'm a big nuthatch fan. when they're pissed off, which happens a lot, they do this funny dance (starts at like 1:18). i don't even know how to describe it, but they're trying to make themselves look big and scary, but just look super goofy

-Red-breasted Nuthatch: (10/10) TINY NUTHATCH! they're sooo little and adorable. Red-breasted Nuthatches are less common at my feeder than the White-breasted Nuthatches, so it's a treat to see them. they also say "meep meep meep meep meep"


-House Finch: (6/10) I like finches more than sparrows, but these guys are still very common. the males are very pretty, and I love their red color. the females are Brown.

-Downy Woodpecker: (6/10) cute, tiny woodpecker! not much to say about him, he doesn't do much

-Hairy Woodpecker: (8/10) looks exactly like the Downy Woodpecker, but larger and with a bigger bill-to-head ratio. here's a comparison; hairy is on the left. gets bonus points for being less common than the Downies (hehe)

-Red-bellied Woodpecker: (11/10) BEST WOODPECKER!!!!!!!!!!!! i love these guys SO much; they're big, and have the cutest faces, and they hang upside down with their bellies up, its adorable

-Mourning Dove: (0/10) idiot fat r-slur birds. go away. no brain cells

-Black-capped Chickadee: (3/10) used to be cute but they ruined their reputation from being the worst birds to band EVER

-Tufted Titmouse: (6/10) absolutely adorable but very common. one thing i like about them is that they wait their turn to use the feeder. there's almost NEVER 2 titmice on the feeder at once

-Dark-eyed Junco: (4/10) eh, kind of a boring sparrow. but they have cool coloration, and i like how they pretty much only forage on the ground, which the House Sparrows don't tend to do

-ameriKKKan Tree Sparrow: (8/10) these guys, like the juncos, are only here during the winter, so I like them a bit more. i also like them because of their bicolored bill

-ameriKKKan Goldfinch: (9/10) what a great bird! the males go drab in the winter, so you don't get that bright yellow, but a goldfinch is always a wonderful sign!

That's about all I can remember for right now. Hopefully I didn't miss any!

Reminder; the only anime :marseynull: watched and liked was Watamote


Reported by:
\*blushes* \*fidgets nervously* 'A-Ano ne, goshujin-sama, its time for your lethal injection desu~~' \*looks away shyly*

Thanks for making this marsey @Dramarama :bow: Redditors Simp for her as expected because trans lives matters


every comment suggesting OP is an ungrateful house destroyer has been removed

>Richarlison has 19 goals in 40 games, you do the math that’s a goal a game’

Even without this she's completely terrible anyway, literally nothing going for her as a pundit. Even in the rock bottom standards of the profession she stands out










They accuse her of corruption which is apparently fine if moids do it :marseyeyeroll:

I hate scrotes so much

Someone find good shit at

Some dude just straight up dies posting to reddit

Most Based Comments

Basedness: 🔥🔥🔘🔘🔘

Ring Wing ameriKKKan influence is poisoning Irish men the same as it has in ameriKKKa. In a couple of years they'll be calling for the church to get its power back. (387)

People like you see the right wing boogy man under your bed at night (-42)

Basedness: 🔥🔥🔘🔘🔘

It depends. Like the aontu gobshites saying that protesting abortions outside maternity hospitals is free speech. I'd counter that its completely traumatising being called a murderer when you're going in to remove an ectopic pregnancy. You know the ones that can kill women quite fast. (144)

Yes it is. (-19)

Basedness: 🔥🔘🔘🔘🔘

Harassing people by screaming your “free speech” while they attempting to access a legal medical service (23)

And why should people getting the services have the power to impede on the constitutional rights of the protesters.I can argue how LGBT marches make conservative Catholics feel imtimidated and they would consider those marches harrassment. But i guess the rules are just different (-23)

Angriest Comments

Angriness: 😡😡😡😡😡

I agree. We have hate crimes statutes here in New York State and I don’t like it. Here’s why: the legal system should be about justice. You go out and break a guy’s skull cuz he’s an butthole in a bar. OR…you go out and break a guy’s skull because he’s gay, or Black, or Asian or whatever. The same harm has been done to the victim. The punishment should be the same. Extra jail time tacked on because someone determined it was hate-driven is punishing someone for their thoughts, not their deeds, and thus shouldn’t be allowed. Do not allow the government to legally punish you for your thoughts. (1)

I’m against hate speech laws. I don’t like them. But hard disagree on the discrimination bit. If I go out and actively kill a person for being disabled, that’s worse than killing someone out of anger. It makes me a worse and more evil person. The added portion of hatred in the mens rea is relevant. Killing a group of people is mass murder. Killing a group of people based on their ethnicity, etc is genocide. (1)

Angriness: 😡😡😡😡😡

I highly doubt it will be as simplistic as ‘you say something offensive, you go to jail’. If it gets rid open racism, homophobia, the like, then that’s fine by me. The only people who need to be worried about this are the serial racists, sexists, misogynists, homophobes etc. (45)

But this is why I shouldn't be made illegal. If people are allowed to be openly racist or homophobic I believe that's a good thing because it will be openly challenge and others will realise it is wrong and hurtful to others to be racist or homophobic. It educates people. If it's made illegal just like drugs it won't change anything. Money will be spent fighting it but never tackling the root cause as to why somebody is racist or homophobic. And of course people will still be racist and homophobic online which again won't change anything. Now to go up to somebody on the street and call them various offence names is verbal assault which is a different story altogether and should never be accepted. But to make racist and homophobic terms illegal won't change anything and I believe will make the situation worse. Also you then have the whole other issue of what is and isn't acceptable. Like would every song with the N word in have to be outlawed even when sang by Black people and not in... (1)

Angriness: 😡😡😡😡😡

That's incorrect. The prosecution always to prove intent. (-1)

Prosecution generally has to prove intent to commit an act. In this case, the act would be publicly communicating material that is “likely to incite violence or hatred against a person or group of persons on account of protected characteristics” or possessing such material when it’s reasonable to assume the person would share it. The prosecution would not have to prove that the person intended to incite violence or hatred — only that the person intended to communicate material that a reasonable person would interpret as likely to incite violence or hatred. That is why the law requires that a defense prove that the material itself is a “reasonable and genuine contribution” to public discourse. It is not a defense to merely argue that the accused did not intend to incite hatred or violence. Compare it to speeding. The prosecution does not have to prove knowing intent (that you knew the speed limit and violated it). All that matters is that you were driving the car and the car was over... (3)

Biggest Lolcow: /u/Glass_Entertainer_47

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