Dogfricker Released From Jail; Posts Bait

oh boy better rev up those dogfricker memes!

Weekly “What have you been playing?” Thread #new one

Been playing Crying Suns. This game feels like If FTL: Faster Than Light had listened to too much MCR in high school. It’s good, but you can see it’s maybe too inspired by other things, even if it’s fun. Also GDQ has been pretty bad. A few decent runs.

Linus Tech Tips Sisters- Linus may need to fire Lily (formally Anthony) Young. He has been outed as a furry by kiwi furmers

You may recall one of the Linus Tech Tips personalities came out as an MtF less than a week ago. Since then, the few kiwi farmers who can figure out how to open a tor window have been increasingly interested in his now her past (intellectual reasons only, I'm sure). They have laid out a pretty convincing case that links his wife's twitter to a furry twitter to a furry twitter and back to Mrs. Young. I thought it was a good bit of internet sleuthing, and because kf is still down on the clearnet, I have a quick summary of the evidence.

First suspicions came when his wife (male)'s personal twitter was linked to a furry twitter account @appleplz

I'm not copying all the pictures if tor is acting bad, but there's

1.clear face/body type match + glasses

https://i.rdrama.net/images/1685816334878387.webp professional vs furry

2. wearing a shirt with what looks to be her custom fursona on both accounts (see the left of above + below (furry account)


3. Shared what looks to be the exact same commisioned art with her fursona on the shirt on both accounts


4. Have the exact same model of keyboard and keysets


Who is this hacker known as therunefox

So who is in a relationship with @appleplz in 2022? One @therunefox it seems

https://i.rdrama.net/images/16858163368677309.webp We do a little toy domming together

https://i.rdrama.net/images/16858163370338547.webp We try to do a little grooming together

https://i.rdrama.net/images/16858163371790314.webp Our furry is into tech and Anthony's wife???

Wow, a paypal with that same @runefox is also called Anthony Young? That's crazy mane




Direct your eyeholes to the bottom tweet. Whose employer built a petabyte server using Seagate Barracuda drives and made a video about it say 6 years ago around 2017ish?


!furries answer for yourselves

Hey folks!

I have no idea how to go about this. My uncle owns a business, and has always been totally good his whole life! This man taught me the drums, he taught me how to change a tire, and more. All of a sudden out of nowhere, he can’t even look me in the eye. He’s closed off and says that we’re all trying to ruin his life.

I know for a fact me and my family have only ever been nice to him and his kids. He’s even accusing his wife and kids of scheming against him. I feel so awful and I don’t know how to help him. I figured talking to people who feel this way might be able to shed some light.

Thank you so much!


When you are gangstalked, they tell you your family and friends are in on it even when it's not the case. 💓


People in my family sure as heck are.


A lot of this has to do with perceptions, manipulated memories and how that all twist our interpretation of what we perceive and how we react. This is 100 percent frickery. Manipulation. Don't petranize or say anything that can even be recieved in any way as insulting. None. Criticisms out the door and be very careful with suggestions even. Is he hearing voices? I can personally tell you when they do that it really fricking sucks.


So your uncle flipped out and you knew to come to the specific reddit group /gangstalking ?? 🤔


Yes… I googled what I knew about it and the topic of gangstalking came up. Why wouldn’t I? :marseybrainlet:


He’s prob getting threats from people online who act like you tell him to get evidence with a clear head


Try speaking to him and asking him about what's going on and what's truly going on.

Nobody here can give you answers because they don't have an answer for themselves.

That's the truth you're going to find.


It’s a form of community harassment. Someone with some power likely has a vendetta. Might have something to do with his business. I very likely has no idea who it is either.


Depends, where you are actually gangstalking him


Lol what

This is basically the man who raised me


That’s an evasive answer. You should answer with a yes or no.


No. Obviously that’s what my answer means.

You’re being combative for absolutely no reason. Stop.


Tell him to act like he thinks it's you just to see how they play into it and try to compound on it. Only tell him once then you should not bring it up again but do it with no devices around or in the home because you don't know his level of stalking yet. If they play into enough and he acts like you may have a reason to dislike him maybe they will approach you to bring you in on it. Then you can give everyone here in the community reddit the one 2. You would have a chance to alot of people with little info. It's worth a shot if you really just found out the way you have

I just looked back at your comment and did not take into account you have your own family. It might be wiser to not do the previously mentioned the last thing you want is to become targeted yourself and cause misery and suffering to them. These people will try to take everything from you. Give your family priority. I wish I had with my dogs. I shouldn't feel so bad some actually lose people.


Prob just give it some time idk if letting him know u can trust him will work or not it took me awhile to understand just be careful I didn’t realize growing up that u couldn’t let just anyone in to your life


My best advice is to speak with him. Tell him you have been investigating gang stalking in order to help him. mansplain to him how much he means to you and that you believe him and want to help. Tell him you understand how difficult trusting you will be but that you are sticking beside him because you love him.


You’re a perp. That means I also suspect you and your fabricated story. You’re simply here to mock and promote self-doubt in those whose lives have been mercilessly turned upside down. Shame on you.


You’re very rude and smug for someone who knows absolutely nothing about me.

Shame on you for accusing me of these things. Awful behavior. You’re mocking what’s going on in my life by accusing me of lying.


Yeah there's likely to be plenty of that shit here. None stop infiltration. That all they do


Why are. you gangstalking your uncle?


I’m not.. I came here for help but clearly this is not the subreddit for this lol

"Guys don’t bring a gun to pride parades" REEEEEEEEE :marseyrage:


Apparently the chuds are planning to riot at pride parades. Can someone resend my invitation. I think it got lost in the mail :marseybrasileirosad:


“Bring a charged phone” fed post lmbo

A general public pride event and a socialist protest are not the same thing -- and the risks involved are very different. At pride events, you're less worried about being surveilled by the FBI and more worried about needing to contact EMS. It's that simple.

Pride is a protest. Always has been.

jfc you're stupid as shit




Every time I've done a first aid class I've been told to NEVER apply a tourniquet.

They exist for a reason.

Yeah cause they stop bleeding really quickly. However they can also cause more complications and should only really be used with very serious bleeds like losing a part of a limb not just for cut or puncture wounds.

i mean the hypothetical injury we’re talking about here is a gunshot wound, possibly from an AR-15 or similar.


Shut the frick up. People out there are getting killed left and right, i think we got a right to defend ourselves organized or not. If you're capable of doing so, arm yourselves. Also "bring a charged phone" yeah uh huh right you frickin fed. Get the frick out of here.

I'm going to be honest I don't get the bring a charged phone part

I'm assuming to call for help or something like that

it's literally just a way for cops to track you. no thanks!

Do not listen to SDL. Bring your gun. He’s a rich neoliberal who can hide in his gated community while we have to deal with violence. First aid is good, but it does nothing to stop someone who is actively causing physical harm. The cops won’t stop them either.


Please, for the love of God, do not listen to this guy. Fascist groups are infiltrating pride events. People are at a genuine risk. Defend yourself by any means necessary.

Is it really that hard to just... read the thread?If you want to defend, get organized. If you're not organized, you're just adding to the chaos.

shut the frick up loser, go bad to your groomercord and talk about :marseytrain: girl peepee while the rest of us go shooting then actually get some :marseytrain: girl peepee


Xe's referring to these comments made by SDl


Reported by:
Trans = beautiful :marseytransflag2:

Be sure to support his tiktok: https://tiktok.com/@mx.gialu

Unfortunately, a far-right twitter account broadcasted his situation to their followers so he's currently experiencing a lot of chuddery. This is NOT okay.








Guys, just give up… : OnlineDating

Guys, just give up…

I suffer from what a lot of guys say about OLD… when I do get dates I’m usually told that they (women) have been in a bunch in a row and I was their best/favorite. Last night had a date with someone who said they had been on 12 dates this month and I was 13. We had a lot in common and texted a lot prior to the date and she was very into me. I was not into her physically or esthetically and it got me to thinking that what everyone says is true. If this person who was very frumpy could get 12 dates in a month (and claimed she could set up a date a night if she wanted) then it’s over. Those kind of numbers are only going to inflate the egos of people who in reality are not really considered to be that desirable normally.

Meanwhile, I worked for a client who I would have considered to be the epitome of what most women would want: handsome, tall, fit, accent, classy, great job, great apartment in Manhattan, mature taste in decor… the works. He told me before moving from San Francisco to NYC he had a terrible time dating for a long time. I was dumbfounded. If a guy like that felt like he had a hard time then the rest of us schlubs are screwed.

In 1973, China Offered 10 million Chinese women to U.S to boost population

The US state department has released documents from 1973, shedding light on relations with China – and on then leader Mao Zedong’s attitudes to women.

MAO Zedong proposed sending 10 million Chinese women to the United States, in talks with top envoy Henry Kissinger in 1973, according to documents released by the US State Department.

The Chinese dictator said he believed such emigration could kick-start bilateral trade but could also “harm” the US with a population explosion similar to China’s, according to documents covering US-China ties between 1973 and 1976.

In a long conversation that stretched past midnight at Mao’s residence on February 17, 1973, a cigar-smoking Mao referred to the dismal trade between the two countries, saying China was a “very poor country” and “what we have in excess is women”.

He first suggested sending “thousands” of women but as an afterthought proposed “10 million”, drawing laughter at the meeting, also attended by Chinese prime minister Zhou Enlai.

Dr Kissinger, who was president Richard Nixon’s national security adviser at that time, told Mao that the US had no quotas or tariffs for Chinese women, drawing more laughter.

He then tried to highlight the threat posed by the Soviet Union and other global concerns as he moved to lay the groundwork for restoring diplomatic ties a year after Nixon’s historic visit to China.

But Mao dragged the talks back to Chinese women.

“Let them go to your place. They will create disasters. That way you can lessen our burdens,” Mao said.

“Do you want our Chinese women? We can give you 10 million.”

Dr Kissinger noted that Mao was “improving his offer”.

Mao continued: “By doing so we can let them flood your country with disaster and therefore impair your interests. In our country we have too many women, and they have a way of doing things.

“They give birth to children and our children are too many.”

Dr Kissinger replied: “It is such a novel proposition, we will have to study it.”

The leaders then spoke briefly about the threat posed by the Soviet Union, with Mao saying he hoped Moscow would attack China and be defeated.

But Mao said: “We have so many women in our country that don’t know how to fight.”

The assistant Chinese foreign minister, Wang Haijung, then cautioned Mao that if the minutes of the conversation were made public “it would incur the public wrath”.

Dr Kissinger agreed with Mao that the minutes be scrapped.

But when Dr Kissinger joked he would raise the issue at his next press conference, Mao said he was “not afraid of anything”.

“Anyway, God has sent me an invitation,” said the Chinese leader, who coughed badly during the talks.

Mao died in September 1976. US-China diplomatic relations were restored in 1979.

good drama [🔥🔥🔘🔘🔘] Guys in India are solid mid and need to do better (hehe)

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hehe (-238)

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What is the men vs women going around here. Life is meaningless and we're all going to die anyways. Goodnight 😘 (55)

preach (-41)

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Bruh. Bunch of petty idiots in both subreddits lol. Job dhoondho, paisa kamao and bakchodi kam karo reddit par 🤡 (62)

got all of em. Don’t worry about it (-22)

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As a woman who used to be on dating apps for 5 years (yes I took the word dedication, a bit too seriously) I resonate with this post in absolutely every way!!! I love how men constantly whine about women online as if women are meant to put up with their internalised misogyny & obnoxious, Ill-mannered selves, just b/c… THEY EXIST. LIKE NO THANK YOU. Stop asking women where they live within a minute of an online conversation!!! Serial killer at worst, creepy at the least, vibes! Stop judging women only off their pics, fricking READ THE PROFILE. If you shame women for wanting tall men, we’ll-off men especially when the woman in question is herself that way; reflect on what YOU bring to the table & how to improve it, instead of shaming the woman & calling her “pricey/gold-digger” bla bla bla. Don’t constantly shame women & hate on them when you get rejected. It makes them want to reject you even more. (-4)

Angriness: 😡😡😡😡😡

I'm not gonna bash all women but so far dating apps have been pretty weird. I have had 3 weird interactions with women so far on dating apps -I was invited on a date by a girl, who brought her friend with her, then spent thousands (24k to be specific) on food, alcohol & smoking (I don't smoke or drink alcohol). When they were done, she said "I don't have my credit card, can you pay?" And me being new to the whole dating thing & obviously being r-slurred, I did. We parted ways and then when we were chatting again later, she asked me to recharge her mobile number. I figured out (obviously a bit late cause I'm obviously r-slurred) that she was only in it for the money. Didn't even try to contact her after that. She tried a few times and asked me if I wanted to meet again. I am not interested in being someone's wallet so I just ignored her.Matched with someone again & it was mostly normal conversation until one day when she got mad that I didn't offer to order food for her. I didn't even ... (1)

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I hate misogyny and sexism and I have lost a lot of friends over misogynistic comments, body shaming, objectification, etc. And I understand your frustration with such behaviour. And I haven't seen the post that was made that you claim to be satirizing. But what exactly is funny about this:Matlab, kya Karu iska. Gynacomastia hain toh hain. I work out every other day just to keep my body fat at a manageable level, no matter how much fat I shed my chest will always stick out the way it does.What am I to do about it? Katke phek du? You want me to go under the knife because I don't look like everyone else? How exactly is it productive to body shame all masc people, because some butthole somewhere did something dumb? Address it to him. I don't understand why you'd promote such hateful behaviour. I'm close to passing out at the gym on the treadmill, just so I don't get laughed at, groped or assaulted by other men for looking the way I do and now even online I have to be harassed for being ... (1)

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Looks like I have no use for rDrama anymore. Later virgins.
Continuing yesterday’s pizza drama saga, a mystery unfolds

As we all know, pizza is a marketing executive. It’s 7am on a Saturday and he has no car. What’s really going on here?



The donation can be for "The Jeffrey Epstein Chair for the Promotion of Women in Mathematics" :marseyhappy2:

Straggot moment

After getting really mad that I answered her question, she went on a rant about bookstores (that she then deleted) and blocked me lol.

You asked lady!

I wish I had saved the bookstore rant. It was something like "I went to a bookstore and your pride section was a tiny little display in the back corner and the front was conservative literature. I bought the Federalist papers and everyone clapped"

She deleted that totally real story and posted "You were supposed to deny this is the goal." Foids and not understanding jokes smh

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  • FamilyGuyShill : https://soundcloud.com/user-67365806/submissive-and-breedable
Gwen Stacy is Trans :marseytransflag2::marseylgbtflag3::marseylgbtflag5:

Gwen is blatantly a trans woman in this movie, it’s never outright spoken but the implication is unavoidable.

If the “protect trans kids” sign above her door wasn’t enough for you, her entire story as Spiderwoman centers around her dad accepting her identity.

Thought I may have just been seeing things while watching the film. But no, her dad is wearing a trans flag on his police jacket as well.

The sign above Gwen’s door isn’t her just being supportive, she IS trans and her dad is supportive OF her in that regard.

Fun Fact chuds this was even in the comics where Gwen's death mirrors the sad way many trans women hang themselves and snap their necks due to transphobia


fricking foids stupid fricking gender

frick you foids

[🤓🤓🔘🔘🔘] The downvote spam has been insane these past few days…

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There are many tentacles at play, but it just leads to a one big octopus. (-2)

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Yes, it is sad. Yesterday I posted an article, which had 5 upvotes fast, suddenly it only has 2. I'm quite new here, but I upvoted many comments, because I don't understand why they have 0. (-2)

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Yeah, not sure why we still think that if someone else gets moons it will somehow hurt them. Sad that it's gotten so negative. (0)

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Yeah, not sure why we still think that if someone else gets moons it will somehow hurt them. Sad that it's gotten so negative. (0)

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this morning i was seeing -2 as the highest vote levels, its ridiculous is it greedy moonfarmers? is it buttcoin invaders trying to ruin the sub? (-1)

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Haters gonna hate (-1)

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rDrama author gets review bombed

Dropped by publisher

The GoodReads page

Theory: lesbians are super welcoming of transbians because they finally have an excuse to take peepee

Think about it. We all know about them lesbian dead bedrooms and their obsessions with strap ons. I don’t think even a huge percentage of straight women and gay men depend on dildo shaped toys to get off.

I’ve always found it so weird that gay men quickly and firmly rejected transmen but lesbians were super welcoming.

What percentage of these lesbians are even hardcore girl peepee fans in comparison to gay men who are hardcore peepee fans? I don’t think gay men are using girl peepee shaped toys to get off either.

Come on, it’s all kinda sus.

Cardshit kangz out another King of Middle Earth :marseyking::afroblackjak::marseythegrey:

cardchuds discuss


the main sub has "laugh at commies over the berlin wall" levels of not noticing


We must increase the Rohan ESG score to borrow more from the Elvish Bank


friendly girlboss reminder that this is who says "foid moment' to you on rdrama

Here is a HVM chiseled by Zeus himself.


@Budgerigar got carp too mention @Budgerigar during one of his spergouts

There HAS too be a medal for that, right?

Trans lives matter

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  • box : animal abuse
  • Maximus : fre*ch "person" 😫
Bag o’ slugs

Doing some weeding in the front yard to my chagrin. Anyways I found like 10 huge leopard slugs so I put them in a bag and gave them to chickens!! My dad was weed wacking in the garden which freaked out mom chicken out so the babies were herded inside the coop and got no slugs. They are all doing fine and growing their tiny tail feathers, still so much peeping from them.

As for the garden most everything is doing fine but we also got a few zucchini including one that’s fricking massive. Plan to roast and eat it tonight.

Back to the front garden I saw a millipede! It was very colorful and fetch and I was very excited since I’ve never seen one in the wild before, especially one with such a pretty color. https://i.rdrama.net/images/16858155651189382.webp

!animalposters how has your Saturday been going?

i didn't read it :marseylongpost: i'm just posting because of the picture


Tales from Forwards from klandma: klandmas girlfriend gets in a DUI(:marseypizzashillblacked:)

I stole the image from someone funnier than me

I hate the British so much it's unreal

For context the shirt is referencing the British version of the Travis Scott concert

:marseystrong: Marsey Motivational Training Montage for Caturday :marseypunching:


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