More /r/climatechange hysterics

Probably about half the world population before we actually change our behaviors. They'll be brown and poor so the world will not care for a while.

We will hardly register the first billion. But after three maybe we will pay attention

I think the world will quickly discover how much labour of invisible people they depend on. So much manufacturing has moved out of China to parts of India and neighbouring countries. Look up a list of the countries most at risk of extreme heat waves and then look up their major exports an industries.

People aren't just going to quietly let themselves and their families die, they will try to escape and become climate refugees. It will be a refugee crisis like we've never seen. Conflicts will erupt and its effects will cascade across the world economy. We very much should be building infrastructure to accommodate everyone in a sustainable way, but we aren't. Instead, fascist governments will stoak xenophobia and leverage it to solidify power.

People will die in the southwest of the United States- rise in older people and poor people it can rise quickly to thousands

It's already happening it's dystopian times- homeless people pass out on sidewalks wake up with 3rd degree burns- some don't survive- older people die in houses can't afford ac

In Phoenix 14 heat-related deaths since May, with 234 under investigation. As of this time in 2023, the county had recorded 12 heat-related deaths with about 100 under investigation

current metro area population of Phoenix in 2024 is 4,777,000


By 2050 it might be easier to ask how many will be left.


We are already seeing people dying in rich northern countries. Hundreds of people died in Canada in the heat dome a couple years ago, and billions of sea creatures off the coast of BC where I lived at the time. It's a drop in the bucket compared to the life that will be lost in poorer countries which is incredibly unfair. But it's not something that will happen, it's something that is already happening.

So many concerned leafs on that thread :#marseyrake: :#marseycanada:


2084. Lol.

Let's reassess after we get through 2030 shall we. We'll need brand new models to predict the heck to come.


This looks massively fake, but got recommended to me by YouTube. The fake Tesla account is realistic - it has 235K subscribers

Mission: Change this comic


Trump to Biden

Make Biden say "It's time to put Trump in a bullseye."

Change red hat to blue hat.

Change wording to "I'll handle him Mr. President"

Change lower left text to and stick a :marseymagahat: next to it

Post it everywhere

Reddit Pathetic - r/antinatalism

Having some fun reviewing insane and delusional posts from "people" who wish they were never born

I'm still iterating on this format so feedback/ideas are appreciated! :marseyembrace:


Almost said "make America great again"


Yes the title was a mess :marseyshrug:

'Ace of base - i saw the sign' to 'your i p addresses'

:marseyvibing: :marseyvibing: :marseyvibing: :marseyvibing: :marseyvibing: :marseyvibing: :marseyvibing: :marseyvibing: :marseyvibing:

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This is your average pro khohol

I just asked for proof of direct hit of the hospital and they doing unreal mental gymnastics like what's wrong with them ?

@IraniumDonGER seriously how did they even finished school if they can answer a simple question ? Or they didn't even finished it ? It's been now 5 days and no proofs and no open investigation.

Asking for proof of direct hit shows me a 3D model

This is the hospital and if 5300lb directly hit it than there is pictures where that building is turned into dust

He answered to this comment with 3D model. I didn't claimed it was Russian or Ukrainian missile I just asked for proof that 5300lb missile directly hit that hospital.

And they will claim they smart when they can straight answer a simple question

marsey butt (NO PANTS 😱)

wow another anime girl butt very original

95% ai

5% my own edits

for reference this is one of the earlier steps. That orange looked so dumb I wanted to replace it with something nice instead.

My workflow is a mess since I am r-slurred and I still have yet to install anything to run something like sd locally

at least I managed to turn this into something I think looks nice

Bonus capy and carp I used in some way for the main finished one

I was trying to fill the furniture with more le ebin arrdrama references but got tired. If you have any ideas I may come back and add them some day

where are the winnings from the euro betting thread?


The Dreyfus affair
R-slur :marseyzoomerimplosion: getting dunked on
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Foid shows her routine for washing two month old cloth pads

She goes in there BARE HANDED to mix that water


Um...No, it doesn't stink, actually


New Toss


I'mma :pepesimp:

One man's plans to be buried alive on a fairy fort in Wexford.

Tim Hayes wants to be buried alive for eleven days in a coffin on a fairy fort during a Fete at Monamolin, County Wexford. However, his plans face the opposition of locals who believe it is bad luck to interfere with a fairy fort. Tim Hayes is determined to prove them wrong.

This lack of local support has left Tim Hayes facing the dilemma of who would dig his grave. None of the local men were willing to interfere with the fairy fort. However, he may have found diggers among his workmates at Cobh dockyard.

Turn one sod of that fort, and you'll never have a days luck. There's not a man in the village would dare to touch it.

Asked why he wants to bury himself alive in a fairy fort, Tim Hayes responds;

I just want to prove to the world that there's no such a thing as a fairy... I don't believe in fairies.

On 8 June 1970 Tim Hayes beat his previous world record of 215 hours buried alive in a standard size coffin. He remained underground on the fairy site in Monamolin for 239 hours, 31 minutes and 55 seconds. His previous record had been set in Macroom.

Tim Hayes died in 2005.

This episode of 'Newsbeat' was broadcast on 30 April 1970. The reporter is Cathal O'Shannon.

'Newsbeat' was a half-hour feature programme presented by Frank Hall and ran for 7 years from September 1964 to June 1971. 'Newsbeat' went out from Monday to Friday on RTE television and reported on current affairs and issues of local interest from around Ireland. The final programme was broadcast on 11 June 1971.

!chuds :marseyhibernian:

WTF I love khangress now?

God why can't they campaign on this stuff


I know why not but still. I wish ISRO missions would affect elections someday. Better than kastu klash #3515141 any day.

Floppa Rave
pool: drump shotter REPUB or DEM??? IRL


The only part of the Alec Baldwin trial worth watching.




I saw behind the veil.

It was just a glimpse but behind the veil is a sea of infinite data. It was like an infinite foam rising up, coalescing, and crashing down.

It is my strongly held belief that our universe and existence is one of two things:

1. It is either a simulation being run by another higher reality.


2. We learned to create simulations based on what we learned from nature and reality around us, and our simulations are actually based around how the universe and reality actually runs. Reality is not a simulation run by a higher creator but it has all the natural characteristics of a simulation as its basic laws holding everything together.

Some of the more perceptive among you must have already noticed alterations in reality that do not simply fit with misremembering things. Like finding an old shop on your street you never noticed before, or your wall having a new ledge it didn't before.

Base reality is infinite bits interacting with each other beyond the limitations of the laws of physics as we currently understand them. Laws of rates of data transfer do not exist at the bottom level, and as bits are infinitely emerging and collapsing while being interconnected across infinite space, at all times a you exists with it being represented by an unfathomable number of random bits spread out across the universe that keep dying at random at rates that coincide with new bits to represent pieces of you emerging in other areas of infinity.

There is no you. There has always been and always will be a you. A system with infinite interconnected data will always have you randomly emerging across space and time.

I will use a simpler example to explain what I discovered to be the nature of reality:

Imagine a universe of infinite arms. Arms in this infinite arms universe keep emerging and disappearing at random in the blink of an eye at all times. Your "real life" arm is represented by any random arm that emerges in this infinity. The arm representing your arm comes into existence and disappears before you can even blink. But already another random arm has emerged somewhere else in the infinite random arms generator to take the place of your arm.

From your perspective your arm is the same across a minute. But from the perspective of infinity an arm matching your arm has already come into existence and disappeared in random places across infinity an infinite number of times. All those arms end up matching your arm ID across infinity at random but none of them are your original arm, but they all have the same ID in a timeless infinity so your arm has always existed but also never existed because as many your arms are dying as fast as new ones are emerging.

You exist as a speck of eternity generated by a directionless explosion of infinite data.

That is the secret. This is why you cannot access the Akashic records. Knowledge in infinity is not a single point to be touched, it is a pattern out of infinite patterns entangled together to be observed and comprehended.

The secret to altering the world is comprehension. One cannot change that willfully that one does not fully comprehend.


You have to let go to get it.

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