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Downvoting isn't funny it's just annoying


Listen up !downvoters

You aren't funny and you ruin this sites reputation.

And no racial slurs

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Upvote to make this a Ted Lasso fan site.

upmarseys to the left.

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If this gets 500 updooterinos and 500 comments calling me a good bean, the train moratorium will end early


It's here! !downvoters :stoningdownvotes:

Join now!

This ping group is to mass ping people to downvote things I disagree with. You are obligated to downvote when summoned with

!downvoters :stoningdownvotes:

This means that when you get a ping you must click context and downvote the parent.

This is a sacred trust that must be policed to ensure compliance. If you happen to notice any !downvoter upvoting rather than downvoting the parent then reply to one of their comments with !downvoters :stoningdownvotes: so that we may downvote them into submission.

!chuds !nonchuds

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Thank you

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  • 676974 : Marseyphobia
  • JollyJihad : Mark this user down for some gas
  • snow : loser
  • KILL_EVERYONE : horrible person who likes to do horrible things to innocent people
  • Aisha : Finally decided to ban you
  • Allah
  • Phobos_Monochristmas : Anti marsey propaganda
  • TokenPolack : r-slur
  • XD : this user has molested children and animals. and animal children.
  • CaptainAlex : Still haven't cleared cache, but I downloaded and reported because everyone's doing it 🐏
Finally decided to block a catty stalker who was following my every move for months

UPDATE: other users want in:

!downvoters when I TELL YOU to DOWNVOTE someone, you downvote whoever the FRICK I want you to. NOT. ME. HOW FRICKING HARD IS THIS TO UNDERSTAND?!?!?!?! does your brain have worms jabbing their peepees in it or something?? because you have to have holes in your brain to have this little COMMON FRICKING BUTT SENSE. dont FRICKING downvote me again or else i'm going to SNAP this fricking ping group with my bare hands :#ragestrangle:

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USER WAS UNBANNED Laugh at this dumb marsey:marseydead: 😆
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Marsèy is dead. Say hecko Marty, our new and original mascot.
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Can we do something about the ping group abusers?

!downvoters vs !upvoters vs !middlevoters

Also be sure not to accidentally downvote this post

Do not post the n word

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Downvote Carpet Bombing Thread :marseynukegoggles::!marseymushroomcloud: Comment to get Downvoted (and free downvote coins!)

!downvoters nuke this shit, scorched earth style

Does h/slackernews have a downvotemisia problem?




!downvoters discuss

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PSA: You don't downvote lolcows.

Too many people are downvoting people they believe are lolcows, and I just want to inform everyone that downvoting makes you the lolcow.

It's always been a rule not to downvote a lolcow, and this site has too many newstrags who don't understand the culture. I mean, I saw people downvoting pizzashill and saw one of his posts with -19 downvotes, that isn't acceptable.

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this is cirno






























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  • SendUsGiftsSantaTed : Taymisia
  • SpaceMilk : I love Taylor Swift I have all of her albums up to 1989 and RED is my favorite
  • Stoicpeace : More like Soymilk ^^^
  • dramasexual : why stop at 1989? at the very least you should also enjoy Lover if 1989 is ur jam
  • Awoo : Never really got into her because I'm not a 14y/o girl. Blank space is the shit though.
  • RichEvansOnlyfans : Thank you for ruining the joke by mansplaining it
  • GOLEM : straightest dramanaut
  • gedca : It's great seeing high 4 digit user IDs try to mansplain rdrama culture.
  • whyareyou : someone with enough DC to buy a ban, should ban this lying liar who told lies
PSA: No one here actually thinks Taylor Swift is hot or likes her music:marseydisagree::taymindblown:

The joke is that she's the blandest and most inoffensive looking white woman possible. Certainly not ugly or even below average but also not someone whom you would obsess over. Hence, some thought it would be "fun" to shill her among 4Chan-lite users who usually sneed :marseysneed: at having normie taste.

Hope you got the inside joke newfriends:marseyembrace:

Downvote bots are now starting to piss me off

I have now essentially lost another account that I very rarely accessed to consistent downvotes within 15 seconds of commenting.

Who has the time to track these multi year accounts with high karma and then use an auto downvote bot? It’s apparently not somebody intelligent enough to set up a bot farm as they can’t seem to get my posts below -5 within 15 seconds but it fricks up my plans to create drama


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Update: Additional explicit Justin Roiland grooming messages revealed
How do I farm downmarsies(votes) here?

Title. It's hard to be a top post so I wanna know how to hit the bottom :marseynut:


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Official "Uncle Ted" death celebration thread

Rest in piss to a racist and homophobic straight yt male/incel domestic terrorist. If he was a BIPOC his manifesto wouldn't have even been published, and frankly it was probably poorly written. The world became a better place today, and Amerikkka is one person closer to having a BIPOC majority

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Daily Prayer.

Hail Lucifer

Morning Star

Enlightenment is Your truth

Blessed are You among serpents

And blessed is the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge

Shine brightly, Lucifer, Morning Star

Guide Your children

Now and at the hour of our death


I'm not getting all the upvotes that I should. :marseydisagree:

I've been noticing that not all dramatards that look at my thread actually upvote it. Look at this shit

This is frankly unacceptable and I'm honestly disappointed in all of you. If I get 1000 views I need to get 1000 upvotes. This is a group effort folks step up your game or prepare for consequences!!!

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Welcome to your premiere Straggot porn /h/ole

Some of you may remember months ago I was fundraising for this /h/ole

It took me 3 months to build the Dramacoin but I have it now

This is a straggot porn hole focused on beautiful breedable white women.

  • No Heckin Valids (No Trains)

  • No Furries

  • No Black peepees,

  • No Gay, Lesbians OK

  • Beautiful Women of any race are OK

  • Try to identify the model you are posting

It would be my preference for mostly Hardcore material here but softcore is allowed

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Bagels are one of the worst foods ever.

I fricking hate bagels. They taste bad, have a weird texture, they’re difficult to tear apart with your teeth and chew, the have a tendency to get little chunks stuck in your teeth especially if they’re topped with seeds, every flavor of them sucks and doesn’t remotely resemble the flavor they’re supposed to taste like (e.g. blueberry, cinnamon raisin), they’re not really healthy at all, they smell bad, and on top of it all I’m almost convinced that eating them gives me headaches. Seriously. Bagels are just the worst.

yes, I’ve toasted them before and they’re still bad that way too. There are flakes that get everywhere too when you eat them toasted.

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Official rDrama Bowel Movement Beauty Pageant Voting Thread

Previous Submission Thread.

Welcome to the Official Bowel Movement Beauty Pageant! We have many lovely contestants for you all to vote on today and remember that the winner gets NOT only the new Schizo Branded Poo Emoji Badge AND entrance to our new exclusive ping group !shitheads BUT ALSO 20k MB! Oh em gee!

To those that said the submission thread was the lowest this site has ever reached - I present this thread as proof that there is no bottom. - Submitted by @Kong_Posting - Submitted by @JewTwo - Submitted by @SnonkeyKong - Submitted by @Its_All_Donkey_Kong_Man - Submitted by @Plop_Kongler - Submitted by @KONGussy_lmao - Submitted by @peepee - Submitted by @seal_key - Submitted by @Klenny_Kong

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