What does post menopausal kitty taste like?

Glycogen production in the vagina ceases after menopause, resulting in the disappearence of lactobacillus acidophilus that eats it and maintains an acidic pH. So what does old cooch taste like then?

I'm close to losing my job but can't get myself to work

I'm burnt-out like crazy and sick as a dog, I haven't done any real work in months. I've just been placating my bosses.

I'm at the end of a 5 years project that will see me transferred to our main research division and I'm going to lose it all but I can't get myself to do the work I need to do. I feel like I'm self-sabotaging but I can't seem to stop.

What should I do? Besides my work.

Why are so many trans girls on 4chan? /r/trans :marseysmug3::marseychudegg::marseylaugh:

Be sure to say Hi to @Holly_Jolly_Kong in the comments

Hi everyone, Where can I find trans and femboys here in Houston? Thank you :)

He horny. Strange looking peepee though


Gays still want it of course :marseyshrug:

Christmas Cursor :kitty: :marseycatgirlandmarsey: :marseypainter: :marseycrayoneater:

@Merryvann @CARPMASflorist Sorry for the wait here you go. Tried to make the hat oversized on marsey :marseytiny4:

my hamster exploded

ive been crying in my room for 2 hours now. I was making some salad dressing in the kitchen with my pet hamster manny (I let him roam around). My sister and her friends were also in there doing something. I spilled a bottle of vinegar, so I left to get a towel and when i came back manny was drinking it. I didnt think anything of it so I let him help me clean it up. all of the sudden manny starts acting really weird. hes normally very full of energy but he was just sitting still. Everyone gathered around him to try to figure out what was wrong. suddenly we hear a fizzling noise coming from inside manny and he started expanding. he let out a final squeak and bursted. bubbles and blood went everywhere. my sister and her friends started screaming and crying. I ran and got my dad and he cleaned it up. we looked in the pantry and apparently manny got into the baking soda and ate abunch of it. I think im traumatized now

Schizocel gets reinstated on X
You're French? Frick you.

Yeah I said it. You might be offended. You've probably heard this a thousand times before, but believe me you will hear it again. Because it's deserved. You're French. A parasite. A slug. A leech. A failure. But, of course, you may think I don't have evidence to justify this. But you are wrong, as always, your failures stand out like a shining pile of manure among your pristine neighbors. So let me begin. First off, your cuisine. Dogshit. What have you got? Spoiled milk that smells like shit. Okay what else? Alcohol because you need to drown yourself in wine to escape your life. Sounds right. Frog legs? Snails? Yeah, that seems about right for you. But cusine doesn't matter compared to your successes or lack thereof. What is you history? A long, long list of failures and losses. So let's start off. The Gauls getting invaded and conquered by the Romans before getting conquered by the Germanic tribes. Getting invaded by the Vikings and forced to give up Normandy to them. You might say you conquered England, but no, those were the Normans who were Viking descendants and actually fricking useful. The Hundred Years' War. Which you lost. You even needed God to send you a warrior to try to save your sorry butt. Then what? Following the Spanish and Portuguese discovered to the New World and being kicked out of all the good land to an icy tundra. Server you right. Brutally enslaving people in Haiti? No surprise. And then proceeding to demand reputations for their revolt, which you failed to stop, until the mid 20th century, which was what kept your country barley afloat. Then your rulers were so incompetent they were all killed and you had a revolt. Then Napoleon, who wasn't even born in modern French territory, cause you lost it, and then proceeded to lose. And then you were appointed a monarch by Britain. You even had to sell most of your territory in AmeriKKKa, which you couldn't develop or protect, to the U.S. Then WW1 were with the help of all the allied nations you barley managed to stop the Germans from getting to Paris. Then you built the Maginot line because you knew you couldn't stop them normally but you built it where they didn't even attack last time and didn't finish it. Then they attacked around it, surprised, and you were turned into a puppet nation of the Nazi surrendering almost immediately. Heck, French guards were some of Hitlers last men. It took the combined forces of all of the Allies to actually help you and kick the Nazis out for you. You've had so, so may revolutions since then because of your incompetence. You want to talk about shootings in the U.S? Well how about your history of bloodshed violence and failure. Unrest? Look at all your riots. Heck, at one point your naval flag was a white flag. TF2? Yeah you play spy cause you can't even fight correctly. What are you known for? Failure. Justly, you are losers, and always will be. Go frick yourselves and become a decent country like your neighbors. But that's not all. Speaking of your neighbors, let's look at their successes. Spain and Portugal actually have good food and managed to colonize almost the entirety of South and Central AmeriKKKa, conquering Empires and making a name. Britain, controlling almost a 1/4 of the land on Earth and kicking your butt almost every time. Germany, the heart of the E.U, able to fight against the entirety of Europe twice in a row, the Holy Roman Empire, fighting and controlling the Pope? Inventing Lutheranism and the printing press? Oh how about Poland, the winged Hussars, all of them coming together to fend off the Ottomans and Mongols. Italy, with some of the best cuisine in the world, the Roman Empire, which kicked your butt, the Pope, the Church, Florence, Rome, incredibly important. All of them so, so much better than you. Of course, you might say the past is no indication of the future. And you have a bit of a point. But really, what have you done? There is a short, short list of deeds in which you have not failed. You have an unstable, failing government. You have a weaker military than UK, U.S, China, etc, etc. You are by far the weakest member on the UN Security Council, an unfunny joke, a gag. Your economy is weaker than any of these good nations. Your “luxury” products suck and and overpriced shit shows. Culturally, you have jack shit. You seem to have missed out on the Renaissance and basically every other period of advancement. Ethically, you hate migrants, in fact you hate everyone. Your national anthem is so fricking baton is listing despite having nothing to be proud of, talking about using countries as fertilizer, yeah bud that's not going to happen. One thing you did good was have nuclear energy, but your government realized its mistake in doing something halfway fricking decent for once and is now removing power plants and nuclear energy. So frick off. You are a failure without anything good to say for yourself. Not one accomplishment. Nobody wants you. They pity you for the whole you've dug yourself in. You will not get my respect or sympathy. So leave, and never come back.

Sean Murray was in LA for the game awards and got the definitive AmeriKKKan city experience

Followup tweet:


The modern gaming experience :marseycoffee:

the modern gaming industry is hellbent on replicating with infuriating accuracy the experience of starting a new job. Eager to start, but you have to jump through forty seven pointless HR hoops first. Sign this, fill this form, attend this meeting. Go to this department to get security clearance, get a card, IT permissions, and that's in an IDEAL world where nothing was developed by Indians or Swedes, so in reality it's all janky as frick, nothing works, epic 2FA bro, I'm sure i'll get that sign-in text any day now :marseysleep:

All to get a connection error five minutes later, or a 234GB update.

It's not even the games I have a problem with, it's the longhouse HR experience you have to endure just to get to them.

BETTING THREAD! Is PlsNope a man?
Courtesy of carp, a brief summary regarding the elaborate @PlsNoCoal catfish saga for those out of the loop:


A few months after being exposed as a fraud, PlsNope resumed posting on rDrama, though arguably with less fervor as when they were pretending to be a cute neurodivergent goth girl. Despite everything, PlsNope still maintains they are a cis woman:


PlsNope was given her second grass award by yours truly after careful analysis of the PlsNope persona which demonstrated the following:

1. PlsNope has male opinions, such as rhetoric akin to slut-shaming of our own poor homegrown slut, Ted_simp. While not definitive, one would expect to see some sisterly kinship or empathy shown towards a fellow cis woman who also experiences PTSD (@pizzashill traumatic stress disorder).

2. PlsNope has male behavior. As evidenced by the neurodivergent OF thot stalking/catfishing saga of course. They were also previously grassed and did not touch grass. Very sus, what are they hiding? Kind of reminds me of someone I know.. but I must have blackfaced it out of my memory..

3. PlsNope writes like a man. While this intuitively appears to be the case to me, a man, I also plugged a random sampling of PlsNope's long or effortposts into gender analysis cowtools for objectivity and the results significantly skew male.

https://i.rdrama.net/images/17022531890435624.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17022531891893477.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17022531893328424.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17022531894703262.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17022531896308713.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17022531897990017.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17022531901272295.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17022531903583908.webp

Now, on to the betting!

PlsNope is a:


  • Male voters will win if PlsNope submits a manhand/ambiguously gendered/questionable/low quality grass hand pic OR if the ban from the grass award times out on Jan 6, 2024.


https://i.rdrama.net/images/16914323646119573.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/1690700725474769.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17022618876511347.webp

  • Female voters will win if PlsNope submits a grass pic clearly showing a females hand, thus proving my conclusion wrong and potentially renewing their base of simps and carps affection/fascination for a notorious femcel foid stalker.


https://i.rdrama.net/images/164313363927.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16801903365877194.webp

Good luck everyone!

!goomblers !biofoids !fellas !whites

:marseyhmm: NMS finds

It's spooky AF inside but I gotta come back with an Atlaspass v3.



Just a bunch of sodium rich plants pretty crazy.



Honestly IDK what that shit even was but I killed it.


Post fetch things that you've found in your travels.


Claire O. Finkelstein is Algernon Biddle professor of law and professor of philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a member of the school's Open Expression Committee and chair of the law school's committee on academic freedom. The views expressed here are the author's own.

The testimony of three university presidents before a House committee last week provoked outrage after they suggested that calls on their campuses for Jewish genocide might not have violated their schools' free speech policies. One of them, Liz Magill, was forced to step down on Saturday as president of the University of Pennsylvania, where I am a faculty member.

But their statements shouldn't have come as a surprise. Congress could have assembled two dozen university presidents and likely would have received the same answer from each of them.

This is because the value of free speech has been elevated to a near-sacred level on university campuses. As a result, universities have had to tolerate hate speech --- even hate speech calling for violence against ethnic or religious minorities. With the dramatic rise in antisemitism, we are discovering that this is a mistake: Antisemitism --- and other forms of hate --- cannot be fought on university campuses without restricting poisonous speech that targets Jews and other minorities.

University presidents are resisting this conclusion. Rather than confront the conflict between the commitment to free speech and the commitment to eliminating the hostile environment facing Jewish students on campus, many simply affirm their commitment to both or buy time by setting up task forces to study the problem. Some have attempted to split the difference by saying they are institutionally committed to free speech but personally offended by antisemitism. Others have said the answer to hate speech is education and more speech.

Countering speech with more speech might just mean adding to the hateful rhetoric on campus and would not solve the problem. And university presidents can set up all the task forces, study groups and educational modules they like, but what kind of educational effort could possibly bring together warring groups that are busy calling for one another's violent demise?

In a video message released the day after her testimony, Magill issued an apology in which she suggested that her statements, while legally correct, were insensitive because she was "not focused on" the fact that a call for genocide is "a call for some of the most terrible violence human beings can perpetrate." While many remained deeply troubled by the insensitivity of her comments, I am most concerned about the legal and policy conclusions Magill endorsed: that speech calling for Jewish genocide does not violate campus policies at the University of Pennsylvania. This is profoundly wrong.

First, Penn, like Harvard and MIT, is a private institution, and as such it is not bound by the First Amendment. In my experience, Penn has never actually followed the First Amendment, even to a close approximation. The same goes for other amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Penn also does not follow the Second Amendment; if it did, our campus would be a war zone, especially given our apparent embrace of hate speech!

Second, even public universities that are bound by the First Amendment are not helpless in the face of hate speech. They do not have to stand idly by and wait for such speech to turn into "conduct." Public institutions can restrict the "time, place and manner" of demonstrations; they can restrict speech that incites violence, that involves threats of violence against specific individuals or that involves the targeted harassment of members of the community.

Universities also have a duty under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act to ensure that their campuses do not descend into "hostile environments" that effectively exclude students of ethnic, religious or racial minorities from receiving the benefit of educational programs and activities on campus. In fact, Penn has already been sued by two Jewish students, alleging that the university has become an "incubation lab for virulent anti-Jewish hatred, harassment and discrimination."

That underscores the point: With or without the First Amendment, calls for genocide against Jews --- or even proxies for such sentiments, such as calling for intifada against Jews or the elimination of Israel by chanting "from the river to the sea" --- are, in the present context, calls for violence against a discrete ethnic or religious group. Such speech arguably incites violence, frequently inspires harassment of Jewish students and, without question, creates a hostile environment that can impair the equal educational opportunities of Jewish students.

Though open expression and academic freedom are critically important values in higher education, there are other values that universities must promote as well. For example: encouraging civil dialogue across differences, cultivating critical listening skills, developing the skills to build community relationships, promoting the ability to engage in moral reflection and building resilience in the face of challenge. These normative skills cannot be taught effectively in an environment where students and faculty are hurling calls at one another for the elimination of ethnic, religious or racial subgroups.

Universities must also consider their obligations to the broader society as they prepare young people to assume responsibilities in public life. What values do university presidents think are most important to prepare leaders in a democracy? The ability to shout intemperate slogans or the ability to engage in reasoned dialogue with people who have moral and political differences? Is it any surprise that students educated in an environment of antisemitism would behave as antisemites in their adult lives?

Like all skills, students will become expert at that which they practice most. Privileging free speech on campus relative to other values emphasizes skills that pose the greatest challenge to our democracy and fails to cultivate the skills democratic societies most need.

The crisis of antisemitism in our universities mirrors the crisis in our democracy. Isn't it time for university presidents to rethink the role that open expression and academic freedom play in the educational mission of their institutions?

Do we think Wonka will be Kino

I don't remember this in the Dune series

Reported by:
:marseyracist: :bluelight: :marseyracist: :bluelight: Is it dangerous to do this? :!marseyracist: :!bluelight: :!marseyracist: :!bluelight:

Was trying to record my speedometer but turning video mode on canceled my music so I got pissed which is why I was soyjacking in the background haha. It really wasn't as good without this song playing.

"Nooooooooooooooooooo why isn't my music plaing haha."


haha that was me guys I had a soy moment.


this is what I was trying to get to play. I was trying to time the best part of the vocals to get me peaking right as I hit 100 but then it cut out ruining the vibe. Will have to keep trying. I need to be peaking to climb over 100. if you arent peaking at 120 that's an instant crash

Rdrama :marseyoverseether: user (not me) attempts to recruit a twitter :marseyetika: :marseytrain: :marseyvalentine: with 20k follows, gets turned down for being a glowing :marseynooticeglow: chud


Hbomberguy has a subject for his next plagiarism video: the president of Harvard
I didn't know that ugly women :marseysuffragette: under :marseyhandsup: 30 existed until I got to college :marseycomet:

I got suckered into two dates with fat chicks :marseykiwimom: before :marseyskellington: I realized that they were a real thing and not just a joke from the movies.

Who is @Sphereserf3232?

This strag has been around for 2 years and clicks on every popular thread to ask r-slurred questions. You'd think after 2 years of browsing this many threads he might learn something but that's his gimmick I guess.

Who is he? Below I will chronicle random information I know about this frickwit:

  • He never upmarseys anyone except himself.

  • His gimmick is asking r-slurred questions as noted by famed rdrama expert @NotoriousNIG

  • He is obviously a chud despite his constant stating of there being no rightoids on drama.

  • He uses the :marseygasp: and :marseyexcited: and :marseyshook: marseys a lot. (Extremely important info I know)

Is he someone's alt being used to farm dc? Is he really as r-slurred as he seems? These are all questions which make up the mystery of this user.

So I ask you my fellow dramatard who is @Sphereserf3232? Post any information you have about this cute twink below 👇.

mf when i put carp in the title in hopes of getting upvotes


it's over lol Ol Musky is being interviewed by the gay frog man

edit: apparently this has been going on for two hours and is almost over

Reported by:
The turtle is hungry what should we feed him
Weekly "What are you watching?" Thread

What have you plebs been watching? How was it? Tell us!


For me:

Ya boi's been on a tear this week. We'll run through the movies then finish up with /tv/

True Lies (1994) - My previous knowledge of this movie was only the I M A G I N E meme from /tv/. Genuinely thought this was some tryhard psychosexual drama. NOPE. Turns out its an action comedy movie with one the most kino villain deaths in cinema history. Had a great time with this one, and Jamie Lee Curtis had an amazing torso, shame about the rest of her.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) :marseyskellington: - Technically I had seen this movie before, but it was during a /soc/ meetup with a 4chan whore like 7 years older and me who still lived with her mom I was tryna pipe so I remembered nothing. Actually everything in her room was themed after this move, like Skellington socks, witch curtains, etc. Red flag galore, but I was like 19 and didn't know better (still would repeat tbh). Anyways, sat down and watched it properly for the first time. I can see why so many mentally stunted wh*te kids built their whole identity around it. Story was ok, songs were meh, but the aesthetic and stop motion technique are superb and worth the watch.

May December (2023) - This is a very recent Netflix movie starring (((Natalie Portman))) and some old white b-word (Julianne Moore?). Movie follows Portman, a young actress, who goes down to Savanna, Georgia, to study the subject for a new biopic/reality slop piece she's working on. The movie description just says she's gone to do so on-sight shadowing of a couple involved in a "tabloid affair", but you soon learn the affair was actually a 36 year old woman raping a 7th grade boy and bearing his child in prison and the all the aftermath that followed. It's a weirdly intense movie, would class it as a psycho-drama dark comedy. There are are lot of layers to this one, and the visual tricks and language the director uses are a whole other experience you can dissect for hours. Give it a watch, maybe not with family, unless you're wh*te and you're into that idk. Also apparently this movie is keyed on the real life story of this foid https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Kay_Letourneau

Manodrome (2023) - L M A O. Bros this fricking movie was KINO. So it's about this disaffected down-on-his-luck 8 mile-esque slim shady white boy (played by Jesse Eisenberg, funny to see where he ended up compared to Portman as he had the starring role in The Social Network (2010)). Anyways, this guy is not really shy, just not really talkative, call him taciturn. He was fired from his factory job and attends some basement gym (the inside of the gym lockers has a guide on how to take muscle selfies lmao). He has a pregnant blue haired girlfriend and he's frustrated with his station in life and constantly feels emasculated by the huge black guys in his gym and disrespected by his woman. He ends up joining this like Andrew Tate/Huberman manosphere cult out in some wealthy suburb, called Manodrome where he meets "Dad Dan" (played by Adrien Brody lmao) and shit begins to go down. This might legit be one of my favorite movies of the whole year, maybe decade. This is what normies think an incel is lmao. I'll post spoilers for this one in the comments, but the ending was fricking great. I was fricking howling and stood up clapping. In a way, it's Midsommar (2019) for white guys lmao

As for tv:

Rick & Morty just had it's worst episode of all time

Slow Horses somehow has this restrained hype that only a great spy thriller can execute. There's a scene at the end of the most recent episode where the rich slimy prep kid with greased hair and a Gordan Gecko suit just chews up the scene with his anglo jaw and smugness for like 5 minutes. Straight gigachad shit only bong actors can do. Legit bongistan makes the best actors, and it's not even close.

The Curse great Emma Stone episode this week. She's obviously pretty, but this week I was convinced of her beauty. I think it's because this show's setting is some ghetto suburb outside of Santa Fe, where everyone else is just normal looking, and she's this fricking angelic apparition carousing through their domain. Still my must-watch recommendation of the season

Fargo slaps like always. Actually this latest episode has a home invasion where everyone was wearing masks from The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)...which I had finished watching right before booting up this episode :!marseyschizotwitch: :marseyskellington:

Pantheon about halfway through the second and final season. Give it a watch if you're one of those people who watches everything animated, it's not quite /co/ but not quite /tv/ either.



!nonchuds !ranchers where was that Xitter post titled something like "the absolute state of white nationalism in 2023", showing the epitome ubermensch of the aryan white race that are Kanye, Hard-working American Fuentes, and that :marseytunaktunak: who loved Hitler and did a mass shooting or rammed into the white house of the sort? :marseyhyperthonk:




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