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Bacon Roses Bouquet

I'm sorry if the meat looks weird, but I cannot figure out how to make cooked pork look appealing under fluorescent lighting :marseyspecial:

Hand-smoked Longhorn Colby cheese included.


Nailed it :marseyseethe:

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  • OP : You could shoot up a gay bar. Kill 'em all.
  • NO : Blocked hole appears when ping group summoned
  • X : san fransicko
  • snallygaster : *Nob Hill *Asian cuisine *tent village safari *leave for central CA instead
  • ES : Why? My recommendation would be to visit anywhere else
I'm at the airport. Going to San Francisco for a week. :marseylgbtflag4:

See ya later !dixie.:marseywave2:

Any recommendations for things to do would be appreciated. :marseyhomofascist:

Though this unfortunately means more grass-touching and less rdrama-ing. :marseygiveup: Sorry I haven't been around much. :marseyfemboy:

Love ya all :marseyblush:

Ukraine learned to manipulate weather

In late November, heavy rains will likely transform the battlefield into impassable mud, substantially complicating the military operation. The Ukrainian forces therefore have less than two months to make as much progress as possible.

They had like 2 weeks ago only 4-5 weeks left and now they have till late November :marseythumbsup:

On September 10

Ukraine has little more than 30 days left of fighting before the weather hinders its counter-offensive, the top-ranking US military officer says.

But since we are getting closer to deadlines it's time to move the date :marseythumbsup: because accepting that it was failure is unacceptable and it's understandable that west won't be able to prepare another such epic counteroffensive. West goal now is to get peace talk, give Russia Crimea and Donbas, call it a day, say we saved Ukraine we are fetch. West also 100% had a deal with Zelenskyy that says we give you, the wunderwaffels you asked if you fail do the peace talk.

But that's not what Zelenskyy want, he knows without that event he is fricked up. Yesterday he was the most corrupt leader of Europe, today he is world freedom fighter but what will he be tomorrow ? Will US just forget all the times Zelenskyy fricked them over or will he become the next Osama Hussein Gadaffi ?

So if last year in early October their was snow and media called this weather terrible then this year they will say it's perfect weather for counter offensive and and write that Ukraine has time till “December > January > February > March > April > when will spring counteroffensive 2 be launched ?”

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Send me your Hitler meme collection
Pipe smokers against pipe smoking. :marseypipe::hump:

Potential long post:

Smoking :marseypuke: is apparently fetch among a certain strain nerd. So of course, there is drama.

Stamper Tamper is a pipe loving, pro gay, hard fighting veteran of the USA army. He loves wrapping his lips around a good, hard stim, and has a Youtube channel with about 200 subs to prove the fact.

The Cottage Pipe (21K subs) has recently converted Catholicism and had an interview on a predominant Catholic podcast.

He also has a history degree and expound Lost Cause Theory (i.e. slavery was keyed). He has a ridiculously forced, and entertaining, accent. He boils down to the south should have won, technology is evil, women are whores, and pipes are sweet.



:marseypipe: :marseylgbtflag3::marseydarkpizzashill::marseyraging:

Women and men are treated equally in the justice system :marseyclueless:
The Onion discusses Ukraine
Google Maps led to a man driving off of a bridge

He started his career in 2012 when he was 23 by selling Synthetic cannabinoids, calling those spice and selling it as food spice and bath salt he was very successful and had over 300 people working for his semi legal business but greed won and he went to beef with Russian glowies in 2016 and was forced to leave Russia and go to Ukraine and man with talent like him instantly got Ukrainian green card (citizenship) and new name. He improved his business and started using like all fetch freelancer “bitcoins” :marseyxd: and now had 1000's people working for him. His new business was that there is a currier that hides the drugs in some random place after the client pays with bitcoins to Egor and then currier sends the location and picture where the drug is using dark net and all other fetch shit. Because Egor is multi dimensional personality he also opened a new business “phone scamming” and couple of offices in Ukraine but in 2019 greed again won so he had to run to Mexico.

But with the war Ukraine needed a man of his talents back so he started doing his business now on overdrive mode he just needs to give Zelenskyy people some change. He got so powerful he started a campaign against other drugs lords

The video says if you give name of someone that sells drugs we'll give you 1000 buxx.

They even released a fricking song

Comments are good :marseychefkiss:

Website and in “Хто меценат і автор акції?” “who are we”you can find his name: Наш головний меценат – бізнесмен Єгор Левченко.

Businessman Egor Levchinko :marseyshapiro:

And best part on 2 September couple of website told that the author of this anti drug campaign is on wanted list of khohols glowies and now those links are 404 :marseyxd:

Here screen of google

And again because he is man of such many talents he opened new services where he offering speaking fists :marseyxd:

Interesting part of that neighbor business is that they use yakuza code laws where they cut fingers of members for mistakes. What's impressive about this guy is that he is 34, already dollar billionaire and already one of biggest drug lord around :marseyyes:

Also I giving Spanish Wikipedia page link because Russian and Khohol one was deleted


"How do I convince my friend that Boston isnt racist?" 0 upvotes, 230 comments

Non-threatening redditor wants to show his black friend that Boston is inclusive and non-threatening. Black chad aint falling for it:

>My BIPOC friend from Chicago absolutely refuses to come visit me because he heard Boston is racist and would feel unsafe visiting. How do I convince him otherwise?

ITT We have...

... Rightoids smugposting :marseyyawn: :

>He's refusing to accept a group of people he has never met and looks down on them keyed on their geographic origin? Oddly enough sounds like he's the racist.... :marseysurejan:

... Self-hating mayos and their enabling BIPOCS:

>You don't. Amerikkka is a racist country, and major cities are a concentration of that. You tell your friend the truth that, just as in most places, racism is there and may be unavoidable, but that, in Boston, at least, it is not usually there in a way that is violent or makes most of the city unsafe. If your friend were to move here, he may encounter an underlying current of his being made to feel unwelcome or unwanted, or simply “other,” but that on a vacation, he's probably not going to encounter much of anything overt. :marseysoyhype:

>this 👆🏾 Im also very blown by people in this thread saying boston isn't racist. I'm a Black fourth generation Bostonian. Y'all have to know the history of this area. We have some excellent libraries here. :smugblackjak:

... A woe-is-me BIPOC:

>Are you a POC? Because as a black person living here yes Boston is racist and classist and it's pretty apparent. However I don't think Boston is exceptionally more racist than other cities, but if your friend doesn't want to come here I don't necessarily blame them :blacksoyjak:

>genuinely curious what you have experienced that makes you think Boston is intrinsically racist. :marseyconfused:

>Born and raised here 25 years :blacksoyjak:

>That didn't answer their question. A POC being born and raised here isn't an act of racism. :marseyunamused:

>The fact that I am being questioned on my lived experiences is one example of said racism :blacksoyjak:

... An asian making sure people remember they exist :marseychingchongattentionseek:

>I'm Asian. Is that still considered POC this week?

>Asian is more white than white now :marseychingchongitsover:

... And for the finale, an aware redditor bringing OP the sad truth:

>It's not racist. Maybe he just doesn't want to see you. :marseyshrug:

Anyway, I think Mayor Wu probably increased the fluoride amount in the water because Bostonians are acting unusually r-slurred these past few days.

On a side note, what the frick happened to the Watermelon/pearl-clutching black Marsey? That emote was kino! :marseypearlclutch2:

So basically there's this player named Karl malone who was a p-dophile and knocked up a 12 year old girl who's now getting a statue because he was a good basketball player.

Also Kobe Bryant r*ped a teenager on a trip to Colorado once.

Anywhere here's some drama

>calling a guy who fricked a 12 year old girl a p-dophile is “racist”

>apparently Kobe was a symbol of women's empowerment even tho he r*ped one

A lot of problematic slut shaming here sweetie

Least unhinged lakers fan mansplains that the r*pe victim was asking for it

Taylor swift fans are honestly a very good comparison to Kobe peepeeriders

R*Pe is ok if you apologize apparently

A lot more drama here, I just posted the more egregious stuff.

Go Celtics!

Euros do a bit of trolling : PoliticalCompassMemes - Euros cuck burger wagies :marseywagie::marseyflageu:
Question for Christcels - Do you think the medieval Crusaders were good people or did they all go to heck? :marseycrusader:

And if you think they were truly holy, would any of their more brutal actions still warrant divine judgement or do they get unlimited good boy points?

Holy shit! Tucker the cocker is producing a NEW TV SHOW in RUSSIA in RUSSIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! starts raping/type/op

also like seriously what differentiates woke shit from literally all the other nothingburgers rightoids have complained about for decades???


>you WILL eat the pellets!! :marseypoint:

>red pandas: :marseypandagenocide:

lmao the foids have NO CLUE who he is

Velvet worm-chan

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Strong men :marseybeanpensive:

Warasubo: Japanese Xenomorph Seafood (REAL) :ayydance: :marseyscream!:


!animalposters look at this fish

:marseybong: kkkops vs. :marseybong: kkkrackers

Some guy got hit with a tire lmao


Required watching to understand Killer Bean Forever

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