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Yes I have five holes. Don't forget the updoot. Tanks a million, buddy boy.

Are crock pots exploding?


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Cocoa; or, God, Health, and the Amazons

Alright folks, have you ever wondered why there's so many unsatisfying product offerings in this world? No cocoa powder. Have you ever wondered why there's so many obese people in ameriKKKa? No cocoa powder. Now let me go back in time so that you know the truth and then you can be more convinced about everything that I'm gonna rattle off. Before Christopher Columbus showed up, cocoa was currency in the ameriKKKas. Cocoa was the most consumed item of the people in the ameriKKKas. I'm talking the New World, I'm talking what is now Mexico, what is now the USA, what is now even as far as Canada, and all down to South ameriKKKa. Cocoa was money. Cocoa was the most consumed thing there is. and the people were happier, healthier, sexier, longer lived, friendlier, more joyful, got married younger, had more kids, better kids, were supermodels, had better looking skin, and everything else that earned them the title in history, the Amazons, which is to say the sexiest people that ever lived, the happiest people that ever lived, and the most gratified people that ever lived. They had one thing that they consumed and desired all the time. Cocoa. It was supplemented with other natural, God-ordained foods that naturally the human brain craves as a result of the cocoa-centric diet. citrus fruits and all the things that grow near the equator, the natural fruits of the earth just like Adam and Eve enjoyed in Eden. Things like apples, bananas, oranges, mangoes, you name it. It all fits perfectly into the cococentric diet craving chain. Okay, for maximum pleasure, maximum gratification, maximum dietary bliss and body health 24-7 with no fighting this whole weight loss, weight control, weight balance nonsense. Cocoa was the linchpin. Godfood has always been the linchpin that saves it all and makes it all paradise and easy. Okay, so I've laid the foundation, I've told you the truth about how Cocoa is the key. Cocoa is the king, Godfood.

Okay, so now, fast forward to the year 2023 and allow me to make all the statements that I'm about to make with the foundation that I've laid about Godfood, which is the official name God has ordained for cocoa, so that he can remind people who the king is. Okay, so here we go. Why are there so many miserable, grumpy, depressed, unhappy people in the world today? No cocoa. Why do people join the military and have bitterness and anger and hatred inside of them? No cocoa. Why are people like Donald Trump very grumpy all the time? No cocoa. Are there so many businesses in the modern age that don't satisfy and people go from one to the next to the next to the next to the next to the next to the next to the next to the next to the next to the next to the next always trying something new? No cocoa. They're still searching. They're still searching. They're trying to find something they can't put their finger on. Why do you think people turn to extreme fitness? and modern gymnasiums in the hope of generating some blood flow for happiness on the inside. No cocoa. Why do you think the Olympics exist with people trying to do insane physical feats hoping for happiness while going through insane amounts of pain that doesn't make sense for any human to go through? No cocoa. Why do you think There's massive governments with tons of crime, tons of hatred, unhappy people, miserable people, no cocoa. Why do you think there's massive depression? No cocoa. Why do you think suicide is like crazy? No cocoa. Why do you think militaries worldwide have blossomed? No cocoa. Why do you think presidents and politicians have a lot of dishonesty and are very unhappy? No cocoa. Why do you think people are looking nasty and experiencing premature aging and you've got old frumpy people with double chins? No cocoa. Why do you think people invented organized sports? No cocoa. Have I gotten the message through to you guys yet as to why all of the problems and unhappiness in the modern world exist? Violence, warfare, crime, misery, depression, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, bars and restaurants that don't satisfy, slavish jobs, suicide, miserable, I could name thing after thing and it's all summarized in one sentence. No cocoa. No god food. The secret has been buried. And I'm here to resurrect it for the glory of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Ghost. And anyone who follows me in this God food, cocoa-centric diet that the ancient ameriKKKans delighted in in total paradise will be completely set free, realize that everyone else is lost in a matrix of lies and unsatisfying garbage, and you will blow the horn and shout the good news to everyone for the rest of your life that cocoa is the gratification they've been looking for on the inside. God food wins. So I did the right thing. I told you the truth. I told you the history first. I told you the God-blessed history.

Okay, of the ancient ameriKKKans, read for yourself. It's documented in the journals of Columbus and his associates. When they literally arrived for the first time in the New World, they were shocked to find a screamingly gorgeous people that when cocoa beans fell from a canoe, they were so aware of how valuable they were and how precious they were that they all dove to the ground to scoop up the cocoa beans as if an eyeball had fallen. That is what is actually documented in the journals of Columbus and his fellow Europeans when they first discovered the peoples of ameriKKKa noticed how screamingly beautiful they were, totally innocent, totally happy, beautiful, gorgeous people, all supermodels, Amazons, and the reason they didn't have nearly as much technology is because they were living in bliss. You don't need to invent weapons of warfare when you don't feel any violence on the inside of you. You have pure happiness on the inside. Why would you fight? Why would you feel anything but love towards your neighbor? And therefore, that's why the peoples of the ancient ameriKKKans on the cocoa-centric diet didn't even didn't have nearly the same warfare inventions that Europe did. I'm telling you the truth, okay? The reason that people fight in war is because they're so unhappy on the inside they don't have cocoa. It's that simple, okay? So read for yourself. In the very annals when Christopher Columbus first showed up on this very ground, the ameriKKKas, okay? Europe hadn't even known cocoa. Okay? They show up in the ameriKKKas where cocoa is king. It is official money for everyone here, and everyone's living in bliss, harmony, love, and paradise, and maximum health, total sexiness. And we still call the Amazons the legend of the Amazons, the sexiest, happiest people of all time. Columbus shows up here with his little European buddies, arms to the teeth, because they're used to all sorts of misery and violence and hatred and vassal constricted people in Europe. They show up here. They discover a gorgeous, happy people. And Columbus and his friends have never seen cacao beans. And the first thing they notice, and it's documented in the journals of Columbus and his friends, is that these people, if these cacao beans would even fall from a canoe as they were walking along, everyone would dive to the ground and pick up every single bean as if an eyeball had fallen. That is how precious cacao beans were to the ancient ameriKKKans. They knew that it was maximum happiness. They knew that it was a gift from God. They knew that it was the best thing that you could shove in here day and night for maximum oxygen, maximum health and happiness, perfect dietary craving to perfectly suit all the gorgeous fruits that grew, okay, in the ameriKKKas, close to the equator and through southern United States, what is now the southern United States, and they were Gorgeous. They were sexy beyond reason. They were gorgeous beyond reason. They lived long lives I'll bet you anything because their history is undocumented to us. I'll bet you anything They lived longer lives than we currently believe is the longest today and I think I've said enough.

Okay, I'm pretty sure I have said enough, and I could talk about the evil greed in Europe. So Columbus and his buddies discover this cocoa thing, they take it back to Europe, very quickly greedy morons in Europe invent something that is completely unhealthy for people, also known as the solid chocolate bar, that actually is way less healthy than pure natural cocoa powder consumption, and turn it into another greedy business racket. And you will not arrive nearly close to the promised land of health and happiness by eating any form of solid chocolate offered to you. Period. Not even close. You will not come even close to the promised land of perfect health and happiness by consuming any form of solid chocolate creation bar. Period. Which was born out of Europe, out of greed. A spirit of greed. Not out of a spirit of love from God. No, no, no. It was a spirit of greed. And I promise you, by God Almighty, whom I serve, you will not ascend to the maximum heights of health and happiness by consuming any form of solid dark chocolate compared to your pure natural cocoa powder consumption in its raw, pure form. OK? So. I have, in this one post, solved as many problems on Earth today as can be solved and should be solved using one simple substance. It's called God Food, also known as cocoa Powder.

Do you want to look and feel like an Amazon for your entire life? Yes? Peg cocoa powder as the center of your diet, Godfood. Do you want your children and grandchildren to look and feel like Amazons for their entire life? Yes? Peg pure natural cocoa powder as the center of their diet. Okay? and then you are 100% free. Your brain has been healed. Your cravings chain will be totally aligned by God who put his name on this stuff. You will naturally, according to your designed brain chemistry, you will naturally now pleasurably crave eaten fruits like citrus fruits. You will notice that you don't need to eat as much because you've been gratified so much by the increase of oxygen that cocoa performs on the inside. You have this amazing awakening that all your body ever starved for your lifetime is more oxygen anyways, and you find yourself eating less while being totally happier. Whoa. Hence, once again, the greed demon is crushed and the life angel is promoted. Namely, his name is God Almighty, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Okay? Do I need to say more? I've said enough. Do you care about yourself? Do you care about yourself and your own maximum health and longevity and happiness for the glory of God? If you do, you'll switch immediately to the cocoa-centric diet and follow its natural cravings for Eden-esque fruits, God-blessed fruits, okay, which naturally follow the cravings chain. Avoid all wheat and gluten like the plague because it is GMO poison that's an actual clinically classified depressant upon your brain. I've said enough there, okay. So I've presented the story, I've told you the truth, I've told, I have now told the entire world the biggest answer to all of its, to most of its problems and it's by far the simplest and it's by far the cheapest and it has God's name on it to turn people's hearts back to God at the same time. Isn't God cool? Isn't God the kingpin?

Once you get on the God food-centric diet, you will fall in love with God like you never thought you would, because it makes you so happy on the inside, I prophesy people will be saying, I love you God, I love you God, I love you God. I love you God equals triple joy, I love cocoa equals double joy. And the letters in I love cocoa that divide by five equal joy number one, 50, and the rest equal joy number two, 50. Okay? I am prophesying. I am telling you the truth that I've heard from God. I love you God, triple joy. I love cocoa, double joy. I love the sun, triple joy. I love you too God, triple joy. Okay, so I am here to set the entire world free. If the entire world simultaneously switches to the Godfood-centric diet that the ancient Amazons enjoyed for maximum bliss, paradise, and love, An innumerable number of problems in the world will naturally diminish. Crime will absolutely plummet. Why? Because people actually feel at peace and content and gratified on the inside because of the cocoa-centric diet. When people feel at peace and calm and gratified, they can't get violent. It is impossible. You're so content and you're so gratified and you've been so well-nourished on the inside, you're like this love-filled singing lark. It is impossible to perform crime or hatred when you feel so good and gratified. That's what I'm saying. Crime will go down. Policing will disappear. Militaries will disappear. All sorts of unsatisfying activities and products and food offerings will diminish because people will be happier for less on god food. And yes, we will restore the sexiness of this planet that the ancient Amazons had. And yes, we will take it higher because we have the means to do so with stuff that can be used to ship things around more efficiently and share healthy foods just properly using technology for the right reason.

Does anyone out there want to break modern longevity records? God food is your key. I could mention the longest lived person in world history, in modern world history now. I believe with all of my heart that the ancient ameriKKKans, before longevity records were even being maintained, lived way longer than this person documented in history, Jeanne Calment, who was documented on Wikipedia 122 years. How did that happen? Read for yourself, read closely. Her diet was rich in chocolate, dark chocolate. She would eat roughly 2.2 pounds, I believe Wikipedia says, of dark chocolate per week. So she was cashing in on the cat's meow benefits of cocoa, but she was also consuming all the other unnecessary, unholy trash that goes into the average chocolate product, which you don't want at all. Okay, if someone like myself is going drunk crazy on pure natural cocoa powder, I'm well on my way to living 150 years. I'm not even joking. People look at me and they say, "Are you 38 years old?" And I say, yes, I am. They say, "You look like you're 25." And if I hadn't made certain mistakes in my life, and I'd been on the cocoa-centric diet from day zero, I would have looked even more gorgeous than this. At the age of 38. I am 38 years old. People think I'm 25. And if I had started on the cocoa-centric diet at age five, I would look even younger than this. And if I hadn't made certain mistakes, I would have been even younger than this. Okay?

And so, there you go. So yeah, Jeanne Calment, the longest living person on record in Monterey. It was recorded like I believe 122 years because she consumed large amounts of solid solid chocolate per week, but it's very easy for us to take this higher. Okay. And I believe with all my heart, by the Lord God whom I serve, that the ancient Amazons, before Christopher Columbus showed up with the Europeans, and before, you know, lifespan records were actually recorded and maintained in history on this side of the world, I believe with all my heart those people on average lived well over 120 years. Because of the cocoa-centric diet. Okay? And why would they care about documenting stuff? They were so happy and so paradisical, they were just in love 24/7. And that's why they didn't bother inventing half of the crap that the Europeans brought over, like muskets and instruments of violence and warfare. They were as close to Eden as you could imagine. Practically naked. Gorgeous as can be. Supermodels. High on cocoa. High on god food. Day and night. Had the best intercourse lives of all time. Abundant children. Ate like Eden. And were full of love.

Alright, I think I've said enough to the entire world. If you want to be cool, like I have, you can imagine in your mind all the things that will change as a result of this, but I encourage you to simply do it yourself. Do it yourself according to your own dreams of maximum happiness, health and joy on the inside of you for a long blessed life. The same thing for your spouse and your children, if it's God's will that you get married and have them. I sincerely wish you all the best on a lifetime of Godfood-centric eating and cocoa-centric diet. I would love to see you today, see you someday with stars in your eyes and a beaming smile and youthfulness exuding through you as you tell me that you switched to the Godfood-centric diet and you were incredibly happy when, you know, from the day that you did so. I would love to see many people someday that say these things to me. And God willing, I believe it's going to happen, okay, in increasing numbers as people do this, okay, for the glory of God who put His name on Godfood, the Abrahamacocoa. I'm excited. I'm full of hope. I'm believing many people of soft heart and noble mind and good spirit are receiving these words right now and taking this seriously for their own blessing and their own maximum health and happiness from this moment on. Weddings are going to be astronomically joyful. Cocoa will be the official drink of choice and you're allowed to drink as much as you want and get as high as you want. And there are no downers. Um, and um, Honeymoons are going to go through the roof. intercourse lives are going to go through the roof. The number of offspring coming forth from the average blessed couple is going to explode as it should. Love is going to go through the roof and marriages are going to happen young and last a lifetime full of pleasure because of the cocoa-centric diet, which is your key to a tremendous love life.

Done. I think I've preached like a good preacher. Preacher equals double cocoa. It's excellent for preaching, by the way. Cocoa is excellent for preaching, prophesying, praying, and articulation. It's excellent for every form of life that you find yourself in. Self-control, fine motor skills, diligence, sharpness of mind, alertness, memory, quickness of learning, briskness in your walk, and you'll sleep like a baby as you have a blessed cocoa day. I think I've said enough. I sincerely hope that this post does not get censored by anyone. I sincerely hope that this post gets treasured by the recipients and I sincerely hope that this post gets shared and talked about worldwide for everyone's health and happiness and for the glory of God. This is MarseyIsMyWaifu signing off. God bless you. Amen.

“The time has come to take back what’s ours,”

Counteroffensive bakhmut flanks 100% in 2 weeks.

But this video seems like recruiting video

Madeleine McCann search analysis 'will take several weeks' : MadeleineMccann
bladee be nice 2 me indian cover
Tiny Elvis - Saturday Night Live - YouTube
frick linux frick open source :marseyindignant:

I spent like a half hour on Krita :marseypainter: trying to make a banner centered around gynecomastia :marseycarpboobs: but this piece of crap fricking software doesn't work!! Gimme subscriptions. :marseybootlicker2: Proprietary, closed-source, NSA backdoor :marseyglow: whatever just make it work. You know I'm right. :marseynails:


A religious organization and local residents signed an agreement on the location of a cemetery for Muslims in Hiji, Oita Prefecture, but there’s been a series of objections and ‘hate speech’ about immigrants from the townsfolk that was notable enough to make the news.

More Muslims are living in Japan than ever, with roughly 230,000 as of the end of 2020, but due to there only being a few cemeteries in Japan and only seven cemeteries that accept burials of Muslims, it’s been an issue for the immigrants. The Kyushu region has none, but the efforts of the Beppu Muslim Association in Oita led to the agreement for plans to build a cemetery in the town of Hiji.

However, since the agreement was signed on May 9th, there’s been over 430 emails and phone calls from residents who oppose the plans to build the cemetery, which included plenty of slanderous messages, saying, “the number of immigrants will increase, and the town will be taken over.”

Masuo Yasutoshi, chairman of the prefectural bar association’s Human Rights Protection Committee, remarked that objecting based on people being foreign or followers of Islam could be considered ‘hate speech,’ which could be considered illegal.

Two petitions opposing the construction of the Muslim cemetery came from outside Oita Prefecture, but since they contained topics that may be considered religious discrimination or misinformation, congress decided not to look into the matter.

A news report on the ‘hate speech’ surrounding the Muslim cemetery in Oita:

!anime vs !islam

Happy 100th birthday, Kissinger!


!neolibs I dont have enough coins to ping chuds or commies

ameriKKKan trans lives matter

Blood Cultures - No Favors


Kino youtube
Is this a baitsub or serious ?

Stumbled across that sub randomly on my front page, they make librandu look sane lol

Ohnononono Muzzie bros not like this

>Libs win

>Press hypes up how hindu chuds have been harassing interfaith couples(:marseyxdoubt:)

>Lib CM declares crackdown on moral policing


The Congress leaders criticised the ‘saffronisation’ of the state police during the BJP’s regime, and asserted that it will no longer be tolerated. “There will be no moral policing anymore. We will put an end to this,” Siddaramaiah told the media after the meeting. He stated that the police must not look at criminal activity through the prism of religion, and that all must be viewed alike and given equal protection.

>Two incidents since

>Both are muzzies chimping out at their foids for preferring Big Hindu peepee

:marseyxd: :marseyxd:

The incident took place in the limits of Banakal police station limits in Mudigere taluk. The group attacked Ajith, when he was going with the young woman. He was dragged over the road and assaulted, police said.

The woman filed a complaint against the accused persons. Ajith is being treated at the government hospital in Mudigere. The police have taken up further investigation.


Bajrang Dal is a super chud organization by the way, they were the ones accused of harassing interfaith couples in popular wisdom. In fact another libshit campaign promise was banning the organization.


The arrested have been identified as Wayid and Saddam, both aged 20, and police are searching for a third person. All of them work in a mutton shop. The three reportedly threatened a Muslim girl who had come to an eatery with a Hindu youth on Thursday

Police Sub-Inspector Chethan said the three youths and the girl do not know each other. "They picked a quarrel after seeing a burka-clad girl with a Hindu youth at the chats centre," Chethan said. "Later, the accused went to the girl's home, put pressure on her and got a video recorded by her in which she was seen tendering an apology. We arrested the accused as soon as the matter was brought to our notice," he said.


!bharatiya I'm legit shocked tbh. Did bhajpa actually manage to turn muslimahs into feminists? :marseyshook:

PSA to all r:marseydiversity: biofoids aged 35 and over :marseynotes:
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