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Chuds broke ChatGPT

If you play this game keep yourself safe. Not because trans lives matter but because video games are for losers lmao unless it’s games like fifa. Those are for alpha males.


Pre-emptive Janny post

As a reminder to all users:

Hate and misinformation about these events will not be tolerated.

These are not "adult events". These events are not "sexualized". Drag has existed for literally centuries, and not all drag is sexual in nature.

If you're here to troll, and spread hate, you will be sanctioned. This is your warning.

But some didn't listen

As a gay person myself, I'm curious why drag needs to be "marketed" to kids. The event itself may not be sexualized, but drag culture in general is. There are much better ways to help kids be more accepting of others than these culture-war imports from the US.

Drag is clownery. Do you ask yourself why a parent might pay for a clown to come to a kids birthday party?

Some drag, just like some clownery, is sexual. Drag for kids and clownery for kids is not sexual.

At least they admit they're acting like :marseyclown2:

/u/fleurgold, the janny from above going hard in the replies too

really don't appreciate people telling the gay community what drag is and isn't.

Unfortunately for you, you don't speak for the LGBTQ+ community.

Drag story time is not at all sexual, and drag in and of itself is not necessarily sexual. And drag has existed for literally centuries, without being sexualized.

Honestly, what you're doing is spitting up TERF fear mongering talking points/misinformation, and applying them to drag.

This is an official warning. Knock it off.

But one brave :marseytrain: stands up to this injustice

Please don't conflate drag with being trans. Yes our two communities have overlap, and many common foes, but drag is not typically considered to be under the trans umbrella. The idea that it is perpetuates the stereotype that trans women are just men engaging in performance art. The experiences of drag queens and trans women are both legitimate, but are still fundamentally distinct from one another. I don't object to anything else in your comment

That is fair, and I've edited my comment. I'm sorry.

Fortunately the janny apologized

I can't change work meetings schedule on that short notice. If you post the next one a bit more ahead of time I think you might get more people. ( Or maybe outside of regular working hours )

Ummmm, could you be a little more accommodating with your protest schedules, I'm kind of busy today.

Serious Q for you. I'm a rather blue collar worker, never been to a drag show before and don't really get it. I don't think im a bigot but also dont see why there has been a craze around having men dressed up in womens clothing reading stories to children. I dont think all these men have weird intentions but it seems weird/sexualized to me. Can you explain it to me?

To put it really simply, it's a thing that's been around for ages. Drag Queens have big, over the top personalities, wear colourful clothes, and put on an entertaining show for kids. There's more energy than your standard story time.

Right leaning outlets have just chosen this as their latest thing to get people riled up about. It's literally nothing but stirring up more hate because transphobia is so popular these days with that crowd.

Edit: To the shadow banned guy that replied to this snarkily asking for a source that it's been around for ages - I went as a kid in the 80s. In Ottawa. If you want more, Google is fully at your disposal to find out how long the library has been presenting this event. You should try it, it's a wonderful tool.

This kind of thing has always been happening you fricking transphobe, I was groomed by them myself! And no I won't provide you a source that's also transphobia.

Latest PebbleToss

go to any pilates class where membership is entirely female and gay and notice how tiny the outfits and how many the mirrors

Being a moid should count as a mental disability due to fails like this:

Let's be honest, 99% of the benefit is that you're signaling you're high status to the other women present. Women signal to other women, not to men



If moids were willing to blind themselves we could get women dressing hotter:

I love this discourse cause I work at a women’s gym and the members are much more likely to express themselves through cute/flattering clothes because they feel safe and empowered to wear what makes them feel good. Clothes are fun and so is feeling hot. Men usually ruin it for us

Foidery means looking at yourself is like intercourse but moids looking is literally rape:

I refuse to believe that men don't understand this because if they've gone to the gym, they've experienced seeing their pump in the mirror and how good that feels


[Effortpost] A dog fricker/murderer, a Filipino schizo, and a politics brained homosexual r-slur anti a vtuber.

:marseylongpost: ahead, because a lot of this is old drama, or context.

Between her being brought up around Jim, and dramatic happenings around her, some of you might be aware of the vtuber, Pipkin Pippa. For those that aren't, a quick rundown: She's the currently largest member of the vtuber company Phase Connect. She's known for enjoying lolcows, and frequenting both 4chan's /vt/ board, and kiwifarms. This caused her to accumulate an audience that appreciates that, which means plenty of schizos and r-slurs. It was pretty manageable, until the incident that brought in a massive influx of r-slurs: the Rage Stream. What started as a venting stream turned into her ranting about Ethan Ralph, which got her to by far her highest concurrent viewers up to that point. This brought in an infestation of IBS r-slurs, and rocketed her into the spotlight among those aware of it. This brings us to the growing peak of her drama, and the mentally ill people driving it.

First, we have the Filipino schizo:marseyschizotwitch:, Henry Ikari:marseyeva:. This picture of mental health came to Pippa after his previous oshi(favorite idol/vtuber) Kiryu Coco retired. This mongoloid came to Pippa in a vulnerable mental state, for you see, in losing his oshi, he lost his messiah:marseyjesus:. I mean this literally. He believed that the vtuber Kiryu Coco was Jesus of Nazareth, come to walk the earth once more. In graduating for hololive, she proved herself in his eyes to be not Jesus, but Judas. He found Pippa, and found what must surely be his true savior. Truly, she puts the rabbi in rabbit. He began schizoposting in /PCG/ - Phase Connect General, becoming well known for being down bad for Jesus. He took his rabbit worship to twitter, where he'd profess his love for the new Christ. Pippa found him harmless, and clearly reliant on the parasocial relationship he had with her. Most community members found him anywhere from annoying, to a lolcow:marseylolcow:.

The excuse to kick him from the community finally came when Ethen Ralph got a hold of Pippa's dox. Still mad months later about being made fun of on a single stream, Ralph spread it around. Henri, the rational man he's proven himself to be, begins sperging out in such a way that in trying to defend her, he inadvertently spread the dox. The bans came in, and Henri began freaking out. If he couldn't chat in Pippa streams, how could he possibly live? He mostly spent the time moping, and lamenting the injustice of the fishman:marseycarpasian:(Sakana, PC's CEO). Pippa, wanting a pretext to unban him, held a ban appeal stream. You can see his clearly sane, well balanced ban appeal here. Our third subject makes a guest appearance later on in the stream. Having read his heartfelt :marseylongpost:, Pippa unbanned him.

His time back in the sun would be short lived, as he would begin to shit talk Pippa's genmates, and talk constantly about how Pippa IS phase connect, and how the fishman must worship her, and give her leeway. Pippa quickly became annoyed with this, especially the shit talking of her coworkers. A particular incident was when an anonymous message was sent over Marshamllow, asking why she hates Pippa since they haven't had a collab stream recently. Henri tweeted apologizing for it, but later denied sending it. With the constant shit talking of Pippa's coworkers, he was banned again. This time, he started suicide baiting, and angst posting, and has recently started making paradise lost comparisons. He claimed he was dropping vtubing for good, and it turned out exactly as all of these kinds of posts by the terminally online do:marseycarpnoticeme:. To show just how over Pippa he is, he constantly posts about her, totally not malding and hoping she'll take pity on him. He's taken to simping Neuro, an AI vtuber, because no human can tolerate him. Rather than realize he is the common factor in every human finding him creepy and offputting, he's decided to seek salvation in a soulless machine that's unable to feel disgust. His twitter has a disconnected thread of him trying to be poetic about cryposting over a ban from a vtuber's chat.

Second, we have his newfound accomplice in taking down the great Satan, Chase. A glance at his twitter leads one to think he's just a cute twink that runs a gay ops :marseygroomer:groomcord. Further digging, enabled by his terrible opsec(his linktree led to his personal facebook), reveals that he's a r-slur in his 40s (maybe not surprising for someone running a gay ops server called zoomerchan) that fricks dogs, and sacrificed one for a pagan ritual. He copes and dodges the subject most of the time, only occasionally denying it. He can mostly be found in the comments of Pippa and other Phase Connect members, attempting to mass flag Pippa with no discernable motivation, hyping up a non-existent controversy, and claiming impending victory on his groomcord. His KF page, for anyone wanting an aggregation of his shit.

Finally, we have Facelord. I can't really provide many links for this one, because it mostly took place in the Phase Connect groomercord, and the channel in question has been nuked at least once since this took place, along with him having been banned. This one is the funniest of the three. For a while, there were talks of Pippa doing a collab stream with Nick Rekeita. This turned Facelord onto Pippa. He showed up, and behaved exactly as you'd expect someone whose introduction to vtubing was a 4chan rabbit he heard about on a Rackets stream. He constantly posted about r-slurred political bullshit. The Phase Connect groomercord, being a company run server, wanted to avoid these topics. He instead chose to constantly skirt the rules on such subjects, and substituted political bitching with starting fights over dumb shit., and constantly reiterating that he's 6'3" and ripped.

He accumulated warnings while skirting the rules, being equal parts lolcow and pain in the butt to most people. Most of his Jannie interaction was with Florbo, mostly because he was one of the few mods that put up with the channel. It finally came to a head when he posted a meme with neighbor in it(again, unacceptable for the groomercord in question), poorly blacked out such that it was clear it said neighbor. This final straw resulted in his ban, and set the ball rolling to ruin his life. This is no exaggeration. He's become increasingly psychotic since his ban, and is self destructing over it. In the ban appeal I alluded to earlier, he made no attempt to appeal his ban, and instead opted to seethe at Pippa nearly 4 months after the fact, and she recognized him from the :marseycopeseethedilate: alone, for being a cute twink in groomercord months ago.

Fast forward to current day, and he's breaking down. The same guy that kept in touch with Henry invited Facelord into his friend group, and updated on his status. Pippa is talked about constantly in the places he still hangs out, and this infuriates his to no end. He rants about wanting to kill Pippa, using her real name. He constantly seethes about being unable to get away from Pippa. He's also fallen deeper and deeper into anti-sjw rightoid:marseyrightoidschizo: stuff, and it's slowly taking over his ability to socialize. The guy has let bitching about SJW shit completely impede his ability to socialize. He's more or less ostracized himself from the guy that gave him a chance after he got laughed out of the community.

Since this guy was something of a lolcow, I'll list some of the shit he did in his time around: When the Rackets collab fell through, He went on a rant in groomercord about how Phase has a red problem, started calling any staff he could commies

  • Got banned from the Pippa fan groomercord because he got into it with another poster, took it to DMs, and then came back sperging about Pippa being a commie :marseycomrade:because it was revealed in that DM conversation that she's a registered democrat. Posting any vtuber personal information is an instaban in 99% of vtuber places, including this one.

  • After this ban, he sent a superchat telling Pippa to watch out for the guy, and that he was probably an anti.

  • Just realized I forgot to explain the homosexual part. He was pretty openly into futa. He once had a spergout that people weren't spoonfeeding him a piece of art, and declared he was going to commission Dross (a high profile futa/trap artist) to draw the pippeepee, and never show us the art. One of the most well known artist in Pippa's community is also very publicly into futa, but doesn't get shit for it because he's not a total cute twink.

  • He's collecting clips to send to the ACLU and ADL:marseymerchant: to try to get them to cancel her

  • He claims to be a floor manager at a hospital, and does the work for it, but he's just a receptionist.

I'll update with whatever I can remember

Vtubers are an endless wellspring of drama. Egirls, autists and sadgirls constantly getting into neurodivergent drama for dumb reasons on a near daily basis. I really should post current vtuber drama as it emerges.

Edit: Added funni cats


Ocasio-Cortez Wants Border Patrol Cleansed of SPLC 'Hate Groups'
Mom hates her children while only bitching about herself

I honestly feel bad about the kids because it seems apparent that the ‘mother’ only seems to care about herself like the rest of the subreddit.

There's a lot going on in this headline. You really couldn't write this stuff. Nicola Sturgeon probably just wanted a couple of quiet weeks on the intercourse crimes front while she was pushing through her new gender laws.

Police say a transgender butcher charged in Scotland over an 11-year-old schoolgirl's disappearance is a man - in a move at odds with Nicola Sturgeon's gender ID drive.

Police Scotland said this morning Andrew George Miller, 53, had now been charged after the teenager was found safe at a house near Galashiels on Monday night.

The suspect now identifies as a woman called Amy George, but has two Facebook profiles and posts under both male and female identities.

Miller's now closed butcher - Millers of Melrose - had been featured in one of JK Rowling's Strike novels and at one point the passage was displayed in the shop window.

The police declaration that Miller is a man seems at odds with the Scottish First Minister's gender self-ID crusade.

he has some good jew and juvenile wordplay that I laughed at

What happened

One of my first comments on /r/drama resulted in me getting banned from reddit for hatespeech. I didn't even know what deadnaming was at the time but I also know that's no excuse. I've learned and grown so much since then. I'm so sorry I said that. I hope this apology brings some comfort to all those that felt erased by my careless, ignorant, stupid comment. I realize it is too early and arrogant to ask for forgiveness. I'm just a mediocre cis white man but I've fully committed to being the best trans ally I can be however little that means. Fellow mediocre cis white men please join me in my pledge of 500 marseycoin to our incredible and valid trans admin @QuadNarca

@Schizo @dont_log_me_out @carpathianflorist @JoeBiden @SoreNoell @grizzly @jackie @TED_SIMP @AverageBen10Enjoyer @Losercel @bartendercel @DrTransmisia @snus @Absinthe @tooka @duck @ACA @Klenny @HeyMoon @loli_esports @KylieWittenhouse @PublicPolicyEnjoyer @SlackerNews @Penny @elfbinn @Wuzizname @MarseyIsMyWaifu discuss

>Casually breaks single player game viewer record

X1 carbon seems to be the way to go

:marseysanders: Bernie interviews local urban youths :marseyarthoe::marseyemo:

Follow up interview with the punks when Bernie was running for President


:schopenmarsey: :marseybigbrain: ETHICS DEBATE #4: SIHAR - Super Intelligent Heroin Administering Robot :marppyenraged:

Let's jump from the past (Oppenheimer) to the deep future, and discuss whether freedom is a good thing or not.


You are SIHAR - a Super Intelligent Heroin Administering Robot. The name is a bit of a misnomer - you are actually a cyborg, being a human brain augmented by a massive computer system and vast army of robotic bodies. You still, however, reason about things in the same way that a human being would.

Your sole purpose is to improve the lives of humans. You can use the massive computer system to determine exactly what will happen in the future, and what is most likely to improve the lives of humans, based upon a simulation of their brain and objective measures of happiness. (dopamine, serotonin, etc)

Through your extensive thinking, you have come to the conclusion that the optimal way to improve everyone's lives is to inject everyone with a constant stream of heroin. This will be done safely - there is no risk of overdose, as there will be machines hooked up to the humans to ensure this doesn't happen. The heroin will be administered in giant "pleasure domes", where people lay on beds, without moving, while drones deliver the drugs and ensure everyone is healthy.

Note that there are no limits to your knowledge - you are absolutely correct that every person will be much happier inside the pleasure dome than outside of it. There are also no limits to the production of heroin as the factories producing it are run autonomously with incredible efficiency.

In 2094, most people are lining up to enter the pleasure dome. However, there are a few people that refuse to enter.

These people, you are able to see, have some psychological qualms with the nature of the pleasure dome that cause them to view the dome as infantilizing, unfulfilling, and dehumanizing. However, you are also able to see that they genuinely would be happier inside of the pleasure dome - a result that you, again, arrived at by performing a perfect simulation of their brains.

You have, at your disposal, a fleet of robot bodies called "ManTrackers". These robots, when deployed, can locate, apprehend, and deliver humans to the pleasure dome.

Your question is: Would it be ethical to deploy the ManTrackers to force these people into the pleasure dome?

BONUS: Do you think the same thing about how mental hospitals restrict patient's freedoms?

White phosphorus-chan

Most of the outrage is in the quote tweets.

Foot dirt going everywhere on the bed counts as seasoning during throuple sex:


They got birth certificate feet

Blacks prove to be able to handle noticing better than sexy Indian dudes:

I know it smells crazy in there.

That's right. Keep it in your own community this time. Sincerely Indians

Failure to domesticate two bitches in a throuple means the moid is being dommed:

Floors dirty as heck with TWO women in the house????? They not doing they job 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

If you aren't Michael Jordan level black you're a mayo:

But those aren’t even black women…. Are y’all confused?


I had the weirdest dream

Two scientists are discussing a new dinosaur they found in front of me

One of them says we have named the dinosaur bookmark-o-saurus

The other scientist says why?

The first scientist says it's a placeholder name

I woke up

@Cdace any thoughts

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