Tump running mate tier list!!

Well, Trump won the debates. He had an incredible photo op, and a major sympathy bump. He cannot possibly frick it up now - oh, he picked his running mate? J.D Vance? Well, I'm sure that won't lead to any ads that damage the campaign. Who can forget his great work handling opiods in Ohio? Just check, which was totally not a scam.

Since this website is severely neurodivergent - I'm being sarcastic. J.D Vance is just an awful choice for running mate, for a lot of reasons. But what about Trump's other choices? Who were they? Why would they have been better? Well join me, as I rank Trump's shortlist of running mates in 2016 and 2020.

F Rank

Senator J.D Vance (Ohio) - 2024

J.D. is kissing my butt, he wants my support. - Donald Trump on his Running Mate, 2022.

I mean, god. What an awful. A graveyard in his closest, an uncharismatic speaker and not even good at winning elections. In 2016 and 2020, Trump won Ohio by 8%. Vance won Ohio by 7% - which doesn't sound much worse, but he had $100 million more then his opponent, Tim Ryan. By contrast, Mike DeWine beat his opponent for the governor's seat by 19%.

J.D Vance became famous when he released a shitty book called Hillbilly Elegy, piggybacked off that terrible book to create a "charity" that clearly embezzled money for his Senate campaign and was sponsored by big pharma despite apparently being anti-opoid abuse. He's a populist, but he's one that's a Yale educated corporate lawyer that's terminally online, in twitter group chats with dipshit teenagers like "napleon complex sufferer."

Seriously. Everything unpopular about the right is condensed into J.D Vance. A utterly useless idiotic hack - I'm not a conservative, I'm not an American, but I'm still getting angry thinking about fricking useless this idiot is! Still, he's got to have some upside right?

No! It's not 2012! Ohio isn't a swing state anymore! All this gimp is is Trump, but worse in every regard. Just a total brain fart of a pick. I think Trump will win, Biden is too weak an opponent for the time being, but if he loses, it will be because of arrogant, short sighted thinking like this.

D Tier

Governor Chris Christie (New Jersey) - 2016

You know something may go down tonight, but it ain't gonna be jobs, sweetheart. - Chris Christie when he saw a sign that said "Christie Kills Jobs"

Funny how time flies. Today, Trump is the Republican party. It's whims are his whims, it's money is to pay for his legal funds, it's primaries dominated by whoever Trump deigns to endorse. That wasn't always the case. Back in 2016, Trump was deeply controversial with the die-hards. A three time divorcรฉe that had cheated on his wives constantly while being an butthole - and his policy wasn't that conservative. Since the Reagan revolution, Republicans were pro-immigration, pro-free trade, pro-welfare cuts and pro-family values. Donald Trump waddled onto the scene, pissing on family values and being the most pro-LGBT republican candidate of all time, cracking down on the border, brining the Republican party back to the era of Lincoln by being pro-tariffs and promising not to touch medicare and social security. He was in some ways, running as one of the long dead east coast Rockefeller Republicans.

The big boned governor of New Jersey would have cemented this kind of Trump. The New Jersey moderate had managed to score a victory in the blue state of New Jersey through being a far more moderate republican. The kind that the Republican voter hates, the RINO kind. Christie in 2016 is similar to Vance - he adds nothing to the ticket, since a pair of shit talking East Coast moderates don't really bring out each other's unique elements. As Governor, he doesn't do much to offset concerns about Trump's inexperience either - not like he's a foreign policy expert or a whiz at dealing with Congress. Worse still, his 2016 run for the Presidency was ended by Bridgegate - a scandal where Christie caused dangerous traffic jams to spite a Democratic mayor that had annoyed him. While a minor scandal, it's still a headache that Trump's scandal ridden campaign doesn't need. Christie himself would say the main reason he wasn't chosen was because of Bridgegate.

So, what makes the man with with just more to love better than that r-slur Vance? Well firstly, Christie is fat, not r-slurred, and that's already a step-up. Secondly, elections are won from the Centre - the public didn't like moderate Trump, but he was the one that actually won the election. The right wing could have been kept in line by screaming "Hillary Clinton! Hillary Clinton!" The only state that Trump won in 2016 that he would have lost in 2016 is Georgia, while expanding his razor thin victories in Pennsylvania and Michigan - he still wins without Georgia anyway!

Still, a pretty poor pick in all honesty.

C Tier

Senator Marco Rubio (Florida) - 2024

Let's dispense with this notion that Obama doesn't know what he's doing. He knows exactly what he's doing. - Marco Rubio during the 2016 debates, several times.

It has been nearly 10 years since 2016, and this c*nt has not changed his gimmick at all. The right wing Latinx was cute once, but the Latinx Florida conservative isn't some secret, Cuba produces loads of them. Even Ted Cruz is descended from those twits. Anyway, Rubia was elected senator off of the back of the early populist revolt through the Tea Party, Rubio has settled in as a swamp creature quite nicely. A bland mainstream conservative with no real controversies, his heritage could have been a real boon - 10 fricking years ago. It's not 2016 anymore, the Latinx generally like Drumpf. He's a tremendously dull pick, who adds absolutely nothing to the ticket - but unlike Christie and especially Vance, he really doesn't detract from the ticket. A perfectly adequate choice - with Trump's lead in the polls, not shaking the boat would be the safe bet.

Newt Gingrich (Georgia) - 2016

A mere 40 years ago, beach volleyball was just beginning. No bureaucrat would have invented it, and that's what freedom is all about.

I need to get this of my chest - how did a c*nt famous in the 90s for being a c*nt get a serious run for president in 2012?

Whatever. Newt Gingrich was the Speaker of the House from 1995 to 1999, and a massively unpopular c*nt. Despite this, he would have been a darn fine pick in all things. Remember, this wacky moderate 2016 Trump - Newt's c*ntiness in service of the Republican party would earn Trump some trust with the suspicious Republican base, and his time in Congress would have helped offset Trump's issue with inexperience without compromising his outsider credentials.

He has two major weaknesses. One, the aforementioned c*ntiness - Trump has enough issues with likeability, and being paired with a bigger c*nt won't make him more likeable. The fact he'd be up against Hillary Clinton of all people could make things worse, since Newt's fight against Bill Clinton left Bill the clear winner. Two - the man is a massive manwhore. Constantly cheated on his wives, plural, that was partly why he stepped down. This would undercut Gingrich's ability to appeal to the conservatives that Trump needed to appeal too, when Trump was still distrusted.

Vice-President Mike Pence (Indiana) - 2020

I leave here today confident that God is at work. Even though it may not seem that way God is working. Even when things don't seem like they're going the way we expected, they're going the way God expected.

Well you couldn't fricking fire the guy.

B Tier

Governor Doug Burgum (North Dakota) - 2024

There's an entire industry built around commenting on President Trump, and I'll just leave it to the pundits.

Doug Burgum, man. What a guy. He is such a political talent. He gets it. As Governor, he ran as a social moderate and fiscal conservative, and unlike Meatball Rob, he managed to pick his fights carefully. He says he has no intentions of infringing on gay or trans rights, but when it comes to something the public doesn't care about like CRT, Burgum bans it on the spot. He signs an abortion ban, but says he would oppose a federal ban on abortion. The man gets it. More importantly, he's rich. Forbes places his net worth at $100 million.

Burgum is a moderate that played the culture war just perfectly enough to not offend conservatives or moderates, while being one of the first to endorse Donald Trump in 2024. Could he bring back that ""popular"" moderate Trump that won last time? No. Trump won and governed as a standard Republican, except he didn't try and fail to make welfare cuts. But Trump has been playing moderate, similarly saying that he'll defend medicare and would oppose a national abortion ban - Burgum would be a key step to helping build a bridge with the moderate voters.

Also the Trump campaign is about $10 million behind Brandon and Burgum would really help with that.

A Tier

Governor Mike Pence (Indiana) - 2016

It's said people relate to Garfield because Garfield in many ways is them.

Good old Mike "If you're a fruit, I'll get the juice" Pence. I've discussed it before, but Trump was an extraordinarily controversial when he won the nomination. Mike Pence, the unpopular deeply conservative Governor, was set to lose his governor's seat, and had years in the House of Representatives that helped compliment Trump's outsider sheen. It was a marriage made in heaven, despite being between two men and so sinful. Trump was able to skip past the work of building bridges with the conservatives, with just some token nods to Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions, and adapt to the campaign trail.

With that key demographic under him, his ability to take over the Republican party was effortless. There was absolutely no resistance, unless you want to call whatever bullshit Mitt Romney is up to "resistance". Trump always had his cult, and Republicans do mostly fall in line, even if Trump had blustered his way to winning in 2016, he wouldn't be able to so bluntly reshape the party in his Tariff heavy "populist" image - the kind that produces morons like JD Vance. Newt as his stooge just doesn't give Trump the same credibility, no one does. Pence was so perfectly situated for that precise moment, and it's no understatement that he is key to history.

Rdrama, do you disagree? Post it in the comment section, unless it's defending JD Vance. If you're defending Vance, keep yourself safe.

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We lost a real hero didn't we?



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It's like people forget a man attempted to assassinate Nancy Pelosi and ended up bludgeoning her husband with a hammer. Not to mention the fricking attempted coup. Please vote blue in November. The future of the US literally depends on it. (671)

Vote RED (-167)

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Remember how thousands died after Trump made covid worse intentionally when it was hitting blue states/cities? (449)

Lol now he made COVID worse? What's next on this train of delusion? He invented diabetes, made dinosaurs go extinct? (-81)

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Then they're all like, "Biden needs to tone down the rhetoric."Okay well, you go first. (132)

And what rhetoric does he need to tone down? I think they hear what their guys are saying and then what they claim the other side is saying and so are just in a fantasy land of what needs to be toned down.ย I've heard quotes from right wingers claiming Biden or the Democrats are calling for extermination of white people, killing Republicans, mass imprisonment of right wingers, etc.And if that's what their people are saying it does make sense that they'd just inherently believe the other side is saying the same things when they're told so.ย But it's just not there.ย Though there are certainly outliers in the populace (though who knows how much of that is agitprop), from actual officials the worst dems and liberals are saying is Trump is a danger to the country, and the violent rhetoric of the right is dangerous.ย But when their side says we need to start killing Democrats and then claims that the left is who needs to tone down their violent rhetoric of course uninformed people are going ... (9)

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Its crazy, i've heard so many comments of how its the Dems that are inciting the violence. It's literally like people live in 2 different worlds; how can you even approach this issue? (31)

Fear is the best motivator of human action. So right wing propagandists strive to blame all violent crime on Democrats. And since there will always be violent crime, it allows infinite opportunities to repeat that lie. And they try to make the descriptions of the violence and visceral and horrifying as possible so that the connection is made to the violence itself and not just violent crime. Once the connection between Dems and violence is embedded into fearful and anxious brains, the jump from the lie of allowing violent crime via policy to the lie of advocating for violence of all kinds is a very short step. That step is happening before our eyes. The intended result is to get neighbors killing neighbors.The intended result of that is for America to pull back from the world and focus only on issues at home, thus allowing those that sowed the US groomercord to fill the resultant power vacuums. (3)

Angriness: ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก

Trump is directly responsible for inciting violence with his rhetoric over the last several years. And Republican leaders are either silent or push forward that rhetoric.I'm sure Republicans were hoping the shooter was a black Democrat. Wait, what you say? It was a white Republican? Dang!Who knows why this young man decided to attempt an assassination, but again it is a reminder of Americans' fascination with gun violence. It appears he was a lone actor, maybe isolated, listening to whatever toxic media is out there, and decided to commit real violence.In the end, it is a reminder of the chaos surrounding Trump and we don't want another four years of chaos. (1024)

Mhmm. Since 2015, everybody in the country has been begging for him to stop promoting violent ideologies and language. We've been warning how his words were rocketing us towards a point of no return. And here we are. One step past the line, and looking over our shoulders, mouths agape in horror. It's not just the right that have become more fearful and violent -- the "enemies" he's targeting see whether or not he seizes power again as a matter of life and death. And it will be. When you push the country to the breaking point with demagoguery, the people you target get more violent too. He might as well have fired that bullet himself.Of course, that attempt on his life, and the picture of his raising his fist in defiance blood pouring down his face, American flag in the background? That virtually guarantees his rise to power again, and ensures that his horrific, violent agenda for the America he hates will come to pass. He's a malignant narcissist who now operates with the knowledge ... (3)

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