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Eliza Bleu keeps filing complaints and getting people kicked off of Twitter, including the Quartering so he has been going at her. Tim has since blocked him and it has to do with her.

This story is weird, she seems like a huge scam artist liar, but I don't know what her end game is or why anyone would defend her blatant batshittery. Nice drama though

Here is The Quartering commenting about it.

No, I have not watched it :gigachad2:

He missed :marseyitsover:

Just wanted to show yall Im block by Ellen Pao :marseyemojirofl:

And for anyone keeping up with my state of affairs, since my last goonpost i did good for a while not watching any porn, but i had a brief slip up and ended up on xhamster looking at crackwhore porn in my usual fashion of mixing cooming with drama seeking, i saw some other interesting videos but i didnt save them bcuz i wasnt sure if they were worth posting. I escaped a few hours in though when this crackhoe suddenly started talking about bad experiences with mexicans and talking shit about how short and gross they are and saying she thought she could beat up several mexican men. Even crackwhores shit on manlets lmao so i got my reminder to gaymaxx and finnished to some based femboy porn quckly and am back on the porn free monkmaxxing track

Buck breaking KSI
Racist, abelist, and nazi platforming chud, Keffals :marseykeffalsdance: is being canceled by homos and black folx

TLDR :#marseytwerkingfast:

Short summary of events that have occured over the past couple of days:

  • Keffals and two other trains were in a twitter space where they debated transphobic chuds over trans issues. Leftoids sneeded at them for platforming nazis

  • Keffals called out ChaosIsMel (A trans tankie) for being an ethnonationalist neo nazi (Mel denys the ughyr genocide) and called her a fake Korean that was raised by rich mayos.

  • Keffals said the r-slur :marseypearlclutch:

  • Keffals made a joke about doing a gayop where her fans would make "picrew tenderqueer" twitter accounts to troll around in that space by being neurodivergent and pretending to be black to delegitimize black queer folx (During black history month!)

Next section is going to be a more indepth discussion on the situation. If you want more drama skip the next section


Longer Context :#marseylongpost:

Anti Chinx sentiment

A couple days ago a clip from Keffals stream blew up on twitter for criticizing trans Tankie, ChaosIsMel for her ethnonationalist positions (wanting the best for her own people):

The tankies came out the woodworks to acuse Keffals of being racist against asians.

Keffals compares ChaosIsMel to an ethnonationalist for resonating with her place of birth. Absolutely disgusting behaviour

why does keffals hate asian people so much

Black trans folks been told y'all she's a racist but no one wanted to listen

Shit. I’m a white cis het woman and I know that K has been racially “problematic” for ages now. It’s like she thinks she survived the “Jai” situation and has a free pass now.

good job cis het white woman

Keffals finds the tweets and provides vague receipts of Mel comparing herself to Nick Fuentes and claiming the ughyr genocide and holodomor aren't real

mel was a neo-nazi for ten years who believes that china isn't committing genocide because "china isn't killing that many people" and "isn't killing people on holocaust levels". I have absolutely no issue calling her a fascist

this liberal idpol where i cannot criticize someone because they are korean despite literally being a nazi and comparing themselves to nick fuentes is so insufferable. this is why people don't take the left seriously. she denies genocide while acknowledges in private it's real

Picture of the receipts:


A brave French kang drops into the conversation to call out Keffals for leaking DMs:

Putting personal politics aside, it is greasy as frick to get someone to open up to you in confidence as a friend, then put that conversation out in the streets when you fall out. This is a gross breach of trust, especially from someone who says she herself grew as a person

Keffals then posts asks the dude why he doesn't trust jews lmao

very fetch opinion now tell us what you think of jewish people



Ableism :marseydisabled:

On stream she also said she needed a "r-slur break" and that she "can't keep listening to r-slurs":

From what I've gathered, the insult isn't toward anyone in the homo/train community but rather against a transphobic chud (Based)

100% Pure homo beef

Tender queer is a term used by leftoids to talk about other fragile sjw leftoids, it's equivalent to rightoid of "snowflakes". You've probably recognized them by seeing the common profile picture used by anonymous trans account:


Fun Black History Month Fact :marseyblm: - The term "tenderqueer" was popularized by black trans queer folx to be used against racist mayo queers.

Tenderqueers are the quintessential stereotype of leftoids. They use pronouns, tone indicators, and pearl clutch at every micro-aggression. The tenderqueers have been on bad terms with Keffals because it seems no matter what she does she's causing irreparable damage to black trans womxn.

Alongside with the r-slur tape, Keffals also (jokingly) called for a gay op on the tenderqueer community:

Keffals suggest her community make diverse piccrew twitter accounts and infiltrate the picrew twitter community. This in turn would cause word to spread that there were problematic imposters :marseyimposter: among them leading to all of the tenderqueers turning on one another. Unironically a great plan because it would probably work. I suggest we do the something similar :marseytroublemaker:

However, Keffals meant it as a joke (obviously:marseyautism:). But, supposedly some of her followers seemed to actually make accounts to do some vile trolling. An example of their chuddery:



Collateral Drama :marseytrain2:

The tenderqueers have also sneeded at ErinInTheMorn for being closely associated with Keffals and refusing to call out the heckin racism Keffals has been involved in

P.S. I know you're buddies with Keffals and have obviously defended her in the past. People aren't going to forget that and just let this slide.

Gotta love a good vague threat

why would you align yourself with someone like Keffals? I was leery of you at first but now I’m 100% sure I and no other POC can trust you. Ridiculous.


I don't think theserfstv or Erin will be willing to cover Keffals’ racism against Asian and black women or her constantly trying to stir up drama


Blk Queer folx Drama

Keffals running a literal 4chan type of psyop where she endorses people pretending to be black using picrews so she can sew distrust into the community on BHM... Hmmm... Maybe your all should have listened to the black people who told you she was anti-black....

Imagine how much further society would be if we listen to black trans womxn instead kf just being chuds

Oh wowww, keffals is actually encouraging digital blackface now. But of course totally never been racist and anyone who says she is works for kf🙄


So now that Keffals has gone fully mask off by repeatedly using an abelist slur and encouraging her followers to engage in digital blackface to sow groomercord and distrust within Black queer spaces are y'all gonna stop supporting her? And apologize to the Black people you dismissed?

I'm guessing probably not

keffals appears to be suggesting to her fans that they behave like kiwifarmers and sow mistrust among "tenderqueers" (a word she uses to describe people who take bigotry seriously). Black trans people told you she was a racist grifter

this is particularly darning since several big trans accounts like erin reed and liz fong-jones ran block chains on Black trans twitter last year defending keffals from accusations of racist harassment, with the excuse being that they thought the Black people were kiwifarmers

she continually engages in racism, body shaming, transmisogyny, and ableism. she thinks using slurs is funny. she collaborates with fascists to make content. she uses her platform to harass trans people. keffals is not a friend or ally to trans people. she only cares about money

I love that everyone in this community is a schizo


A lot of y’all follow ErinInTheMorn despite her running block chains on black trans people to defend Keffals. A lot of y’all follow keffals who is now telling her followers to pretend to be “black butch lesbians” to “infiltrate tenderqueer communities”. These are your faves.

A lot of your white trans faves are racist as frick and I’m going to start unfollowing people who follow these two specifically, as they cause harm by blocking all black trans people and platforming fascists. 👍🏽

Not the unfolllow


Train Drama

Keffals was recently in a trans debate panel where Keffals, ErinInTheMorn, and that train lawyer Alexandria debated transphobic chuds for a couple of hours

:marseychonkerfoid:(someone with absolutely no idea how to combat fascism) here's how we combat fascism

:marseychonkerfoid:You never debate these people. Never. Scorched earth and organizing according to your own values is the only approach.

tbh i think some people debating them is good so long as they look more strongman than the fascists cause then it jus makes the fashies look silly, and honestly thats all the fascists care about. Otherwise I prefer mockery over debate.

:marseychonkerfoid:The problem is that even humiliation is useful to fascists, who thrive on self-victimization

This is who calls you a chud online


Pure neurodivergent drama

If you're wondering how Keffals is responding to the call outs of her racism and call for mass digital blackface on BHM, she has responded by saying she's a POC bc she's Italian, linking a caard that says Mario and Luigi are slurs.


hey keffals i know you follow me (for now) and will see this. just in case you were wondering why i ignored your like 3 attempts at dming me. please change and grow as a person.

This is a good thread to checkout because Keffals and Vaush actually show up in it several times

Non leftists thread about the drama

keffals’ own people are now cancelling her 😹

Well she deserves to be cancelled in light of this new information

She deserves to be in prison for helping minors mutilate themselves.

The trans people getting common W's also chimed in on the drama:

I have a few requests before I'm gone in a few hours. Unfollow Keffals, she be weird with making her followers do digital blackface. This is OPTIONAL but maybe get my personal to like 10k. It always was a big dream of mine. That's it. We can chat for a few hours in replies.

Final Update

Apparently Keffals has lost over 7k followers over this drama. Some of her followers are panicking as well:


[Effortpost] Schizothrowback: TheRealSoren sneeds and feeds the truthmaxxxers the dramapill and the stupidpolpill

>be schizocel

>forget truth social exists


>return to check the needful

True story, happened today


















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Just realized something about FNV vault 11

The experiment went on for 16-17 years before the vault was abandoned (as evidenced by the number of overseer skeletons at the end). Not useful, just interesting

“I’d love to meet up with you guys this weekend, but I’m helping my girlfriend with her Gatsby book report that’s due Monday”

Good joke, maybe women can be funny

Instead of being mad that he's dating a 19 yr old deuxmoi has moved on to speculating that he is gay and his young girlfriends are all beards

My mom thinks virtually all actors and artists are gay.


Entire thread of cumtown bits

And the least unexpected: post wall foid seethe(nsfw)

It was okay. Some of the ideas of fetch to play through but the side characters and side quest design is pretty wack in their bland open world. Much prefer a tightly designed set levels/area rather than a open world ubisoft slop. The main story kinda falls apart later on and it's only saved for me with a select few characters being pretty interesting.

The amount of war table missions you get is really tiresome. These missions are side content you send out your advisors or party members on to get some reward after a few hours of real time.

eg. Send your Diplomat to a noble gathering in a foreign city to negotiate a trade. Get some gold and a unique item after its finished.

This is all done from a menu and you never actually do these missions in game yourself. Huge waste.

Some of those missions had a fetch premise and described locations you've never seen in the series. Having these missions being actual quests you can play out in a set up area instead of a bland open world would have been nice to see instead of all this passive play where the game plays itself for you. frick MMO design bs in single player games :marseyraging:

Today I have some updates for you :marseyblack:


"Dear Zelensky, many people are asking you to withdraw troops from Bakhmut." Do not do it. Artemovsk is the main event of this war. We must fight on. You will show cowardice. You will cease to be respected.

Meanwhile khohol soldiers:

“frick this shit”

Also Russian now have physical presence in all 4 main routes and only one is left that they can easily shot at.

I also can’t believe Germany is serious about giving leo1 to Ukraine a tank that was made to fight t55 and with such small pipi that it won’t be able to hurt even t62 it’s like giving fancy 352 graves to Ukraine. With beautiful with supremacy symbolism like khohols love 1488 :marseykneel:


Also after trying to capture Kreminna for 4,5 months Ukrainian now have to go backwards since Soledar was so unimportant :marseyxd: that it now will crush even Seversk.

Also hire some NATO volunteers that were pwnd

And hire your tax money as cash by khohol oligarh with a simple tittle Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine* former but the new one is even better at it. :marseykneel: (you can sheck sharia he makes tons of video about new defense minister: auto translation to English works)

Peace :taypeace:

The abuse and misogynoir playbook

i will (probably not) give out marseybux if someone can give me a niche place to find sneed; a post i was sitting on got sniped while i was sleeping :marseycry:

our lovely friends over at /r/Politics once again show how utterly :marseybrainletclapping: they are. ap news released a fact-check verifying whether or not Florida's governor required extensive menstrual cycle information in order to let women play in sports. Which, according to the article itself, is false; although the topic is being debated:

The Florida High School Athletic Association is weighing the recommendation from an advisory committee, but no final decision has been made.
and this take literally seconds to verify! all any r-slur would have to do is actually click on the link provided.

this was naturally then posted to the board for "discussion" (see: :marseytransattentionseeker:). Even looking at the post itself you can tell these things are not set in stone; as the post is titled Florida weighs mandating menstrual cycle details for female athletes. sadly sorting comments by controversial doesn't give that sweet dopamine hit of drama as usual.

sorting by top, however, we can see how many redditors can actually read words. they can't

I would start mailing my used tampons and pads etc to this frickass.
Please do so. Keep these fascist nuts away from trying to control women’s bodies.

:marseyyikes: if i was a white politician i would double down because of you r-slurs

and how is this controlling women's bodies? if you're a legacy foid and genuinely believe this is them policing you then you aren't a legacy foid :marseyeggirl:

also mandatory:

You win Reddit.

please consider an alternative to posting; i.e. :marseyropeyourself:

Oh look, fear of trans athletes is morphing into more control over women for their protection, who could have guessed.

All for entertainment.

honestly let's put you in a 1v1 boxing match against another "woman" who has both a superior muscle structure/bone structure in comparison. :marseyextinction:

That’s what I’m thinking. Soon out-of-state travel will be banned for teens pregnant or suspected of pregnancy. Wouldn’t want them going to a blue state for medical procedures. People should be worried. Collecting data on our menstrual cycles is handmaiden-level scary. Anyone not taking this seriously should start.

:marseylaughpoundfist: also can someone inform me what handmaiden's tale is ? i've seen it mentioned a couple times but i'm too lazy to actually look it up :marseychonker2:

republiKKKans are degenerate perverts.

but libs are just as hyperfocused on children's bodies, if not more so.... :marseypedo: vs :marseypedo:

Can we have just one day where republiKKKans don't discuss other people's genitals?

like seriously i don't understand how they can't tell they're just looking in a mirror :marseycontemplatesuicide:

Hi ameriKKKa, how are you enjoying being the best, freest country on earth?

i'm a amab white freak so pretty well :marseylaughpoundfist:

I will vote straight D all the way from now on, thanks to these losers

congrats! the D's are now going to molest your kids just as hard :marseyclueless:

Desantis has shown us time and time again that he's willing to justify flagrant government overreach, censorship, suppression, discriminatory and ambiguously framed legislation, among other things of course, as long it preserves the culture war.

desantis comes up 13 times when you ctrl+f for just his last name. and the best part of the AP article? the part that makes this sneed even funnier?

But the proposed mandate hasn’t had final approval, and wasn’t developed by DeSantis’ office.


sorry about the smaller post in comparison! i had a funny vegan sneed thread but it got sniped by someone else :marseyraging: so enjoy this in the meantime <3

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