"Dumb Money" is a flop confirmed

Movie came out 2 years too late, the only remaining people who care about this shit are weirdo cultists who believe their shares are going to one day be worth a million a piece.

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White woman hands typed this tweet.

Oh frick who's gonna tell them


Marsey got arrested at applebee's again :marseysad:

I'm very tired and not feeling so well, but I decided to share this quality drama

You'll never have this incel


/r/politics thread I just found

Rethuglican Official Was Vocal Opponent of #MeToo. Now Police Say He Killed, Dismembered Fiancée

From article: https://people.com/ex-san-francisco-rethuglican-official-accused-murder-fiancee-metoo-8303341

A former San Francisco Rethuglican official charged with the murder and dismemberment of his fiancée was a vocal opponent of the #MeToo movement, according to multiple reports.

Joseph C. Roberts, 42, was elected in 2020 for the San Francisco Rethuglican Central Committee and claimed he was a victim of false accusations related to #MeToo, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

He also became known for defending men who claimed they were wrongfully accused of sexual harassment and praised Betsy DeVos — appointed Education Secretary by former President Donald Trump — when she announced new rules that strengthened the rights of due process for college students facing sexual misconduct allegations, the San Francisco Standard reported.

First black 🚕 driver
The Science finally settles on the most appropriate unit of measurement for heavenly bodies
:marseytariq: is very happy about a divorce :impishchud:






So true






Say it out louder for those in the back

:#marseyclapping2: :#marseyclapping2:

Tactical Peepee Grab

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Vampthot with snek
Metallic Sodium and Water Rocket :marseymindblown:
Darkstalkers infinite combos!

Good news: the infinites in the game are either in old versions or TAS only (unless your name is Sako), so you totally won't get cheesed come the end of the month :marseywink:

It's very ironic, shit on Musk using Musk own personal platform :marseyxd: and demand Musk to like your pov of the world despite it not being mainstream anymore :marseyemojirofl:

Every tweet he likes or comments gets a huge boost in the algorithm & is then shown to tens of millions of people.Some have called his replies a "stamp of approval"

Why Elon musk boost his own twits on his own platform :soycry: soo not fair :marseyraging:

He's promised to make Twitter the "most accurate source of information about the world," but strangely he's flirted with various conspiracy theories throughout the years.

>my kaka objective absolute true, you kaka I don't like is lie and you deserve to get killed for it !

Among other things, he's denied the white supremacist background of a mass shooter, spread COVID-19

My friend told me today that his paps after taking 5th boost this year couldn't walk for one week :marseyxd:

A lot of Elon's views on various topics may actually come from other people. His ex-wife, @TalulahRiley called for unbanning of @TheBabylonBee, his friend @JoeRogan had previously called for a social...

>It should only come from me and other r-slurs I support !

When it comes to war,he seems to mostly listen to @davidsacks, among a few other disinformation peddlers. In Oct 2022, Musk tweeted about "Ukraine-Russia Peace", calling for UN-supervised elections in the annexed areas. He also stated that Crimea would remain part of Russia.

>He should listen to me ! Crimea will be Ukrainian with spring counteroffensive by summer 2023

He's also attended civil discussions on Twitter Spaces with pro-Kremlin propagandists like @KimDotcom and @stillgray. Incidentally, these Spaces rarely offer any real discussion, but are rather back-patting exercises of people who mostly agree with each other.

>He should listen only to me :marseyraging::marseyraging::marseyraging:

Musk has strongly promoted one of the biggest liars and Putin cheerleaders in the US media, Tucker Carlson. In the first episode of his new "show" on Twitter, Carlson implied that the Kakhovka Dam was destroyed by the Ukrainians without offering any solid proof.

>He should listen only to me :marseyrage::marseyrage::marseyrage::marseyrage:

For some, Twitter has become more "free speech". But for others, not so much: On 13 Jun 2023, Musk-led Twitter suspended the Twitter account of Aaron Greenspan, a critic of both Tesla and Musk. His project, PlainSite, that shares court filings for free was also suspended.

>why can I shit on boss of service I using ? :marseypikachu2:

To conclude: Why is Musk pushing, among other things, the peace plan where Ukraine would lose a lot? My theory is that the war is bad for business. His businesses require a lot of raw materials, and both Russia & China are in the top 3 of the biggest raw material producers.

Holy frick this guy is genius so Musk don't need khoholstan because it doesn't generate money to him and Musk despite all is actually a good businessman and that's what a good businessman would do.


Maybe Elon just doesn't want to bite the hand that feeds his companies?I'm sure his lobbying power in the US will keep his businesses going even after his "anti-establishment" hot takes,but we will probably never see him criticizing the likes of Russia, CCP or Saudi Arabia.

Funnies part about this guy is that he is wrote that twitt string like he discovered alpha and omega and balls-sack holds power greater than stars and black hole. As someone who been around the world I can say his mannerism is Sub Saharan African since they use that much pathos when they try to scam white people. He also legit believes he is billions IQ's but would a smart person bet on spring counteroffensive and that khohol would get Crimea back ? :surejan:

I love AI
I love fall/autumn so much bros

It feels nice to finally take out your favorite fluffy blanket :#marseycomfy:


I've been :quote:working:quote: on this literally 4ever but I can't get the stripes on the tail to be equidistant or line up [[[I refuse to measure or do anything to make it easier besides redoing it a million times]]] but now it's October so it's on theme to post it unfinished :marseymerchantsoy: :cope:

Egypt's Sisi: architect of cash-strapped 'New Republic' :capym!ad:

Cairo (Egypt) (AFP) -- Ten years after President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi rose to power in Egypt promising prosperity for all, he embarks on a third run for office as Egyptians buckle under unrelenting economic strain.

In July 2013, then-army chief Sisi, wearing his uniform and trademark dark glasses, went on television asking for "a mandate" to fight "terrorism" after the army toppled democratically elected but divisive Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.

The following month, security forces forcibly dispersed two pro-Morsi protest camps in Cairo in an operation that killed more than 700 people.

Sisi secured a mandate at the ballot box the following year, and was re-elected in 2018.

On Monday, he announced he will "again heed the people's call" and run in December, while thousands of supporters celebrated in ready-built stages across the Arab world's most populous country.

Sahar Abdelkhalek, a teacher who escorted a bus full of her students to a rally in western Cairo, is grateful.

"All around us, countries collapsed and never recovered, but because of our president and our army, we're moving forward," she said.

Sisi won with nearly 97 percent of the vote in his first election, and by a similar margin last time. He is widely expected to emerge victorious again in the historically autocratic country.

But with Egyptians struggling to survive during their nation's worst-ever economic crisis, Sisi's defining ethos might not be as persuasive as it once was, both domestically and amongst the country's allies.

For his supporters, including the state's sizeable media machine, he is still the "hero" who stamped out "terrorism", after massive crowds protested Morsi's rule.

Ruling 'alone'

His backers laud Sisi for restoring Egyptians' sense of safety and prioritising massive development projects, the biggest being a $58 billion New Administrative Capital in the desert east of Cairo.

Experts call it a "vanity" project.

What Sisi describes as his "New Republic" revolves around his image as a visionary maverick, priding himself on personally overseeing state development funds and directing government spending -- including to "eradicate Hepatitis C", once a devastating epidemic in the country.

But the 68-year-old rules "alone, and is blamed alone" for the country's woes, according to veteran human rights activist Hossam Bahgat.

The currency has lost half its value since March 2022, pushing inflation to a record-breaking 39.7 percent in the import-dependent economy.

Born in November, 1954 in Cairo's El-Gamaleya neighbourhood, Sisi graduated from Egypt's military academy in 1977. He later studied in Britain and the United States.

The former military intelligence chief has four children, including Mahmoud, a high-ranking officer in state intelligence.

During his early years in power, Sisi's popularity was so great that supporters put his face on vehicles, products and even baked goods in what they called "Sisimania."

He adopted the image of "the father of the nation", soft-spoken and most often seen seated with a microphone in hand, presiding over public ceremonies.

But Egyptians now sense they are being increasingly reproached.

He has told them to "stop talking nonsense" about an economy they do not understand, to tolerate "hunger and deprivation" for prosperity, and consider "donating blood" to shore up their income.

Patience worn thin

The president has suffered "a cross-class loss of legitimacy," Bahgat said, even among hardline supporters who have become disillusioned after watching their life savings disappear with the weakening currency.

While Egyptians express their frustration online, some of Sisi's once supportive international allies have cooled, experts say.

Most world capitals "have lost confidence" in his economic model, according to Robert Springborg, of the Italian Institute of International Affairs.

At the core of his model is "militarisation" and "profligate borrowing for prestige projects with limited economic benefits" that formerly generous Gulf allies are no longer willing to fund, Springborg said.

Gulf states have begun demanding reform and returns on their investments, "no longer believing there is political will within this leadership to change anything," according to independent analyst Hafsa Halawa.

"There is now genuine frustration, if not outright anger."

According to rights groups, tens of thousands of dissidents have been arrested during his rule, for criticising the government as well as even for complaining online about inflation.

Authorities have jailed one of Sisi's potential challengers in the election, Hisham Kassem, and rights groups say dozens of supporters of another, Ahmed al-Tantawi, have been detained.

On the campaign trail, Tantawi has called Sisi "Egypt's worst leader in 200 years."

This is Mavis. Oh, she's not frightening you, is she duckling?

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