The man fighting against online hate speech in India :marseyplacenofun:

Over the past month, we have seen between 2–4 hate events on a daily basis, which is almost double of what we saw in the first half of 2023. We reported nearly 20 posts but none were taken down until journ*lists reached out to the respective companies.


When hateful content is posted on platforms in a language other than English, the chances of them taking action reduce significantly. The only way to prevent this is for platforms to have more moderators track and monitor content in different languages.

কার্প একটা নিগ্গআর

We are observing a significant surge in anti-Muslim content, particularly in states where the [ruling] BJP's electoral support is relatively fragile. Patterns are discernible in states like Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, which held elections this year.

Lmao they must've done this interview before elections. Example of fragile support



It was so close

It's physically and emotionally draining, especially for our Muslim team members, who have to listen to all the hate directed at their community on a daily basis. The team worries about the correlation between hate speeches and its real-world impact on our friends and families in India.


Yes because Zelenskyy has some fine shit on Biden like how else would you mansplain Biden is ready to compromise with rethuglicans about ze walldo and immigration politics when that literally will kill his presidency campaign ?

The bill will pass in one or another way but 66billions won't be even enough to pay khohols salaries in 2024 so clearly won't be enough to defeat Russia and next time asking more for Ukraine will be very interesting if now even some democrats are voting against new aid.

:chudmuslim: :punchjak: his :marseyniqab: for voting :marseychudindian:, :marseysnoo: discuss how she deserved it for being an evil chud :marseydisagree:




:marseyblind: :marseyban:


So true


We have secret ballots so :chudmuslim: don't kill their women for vooooting



The poor woman being a low information voter of course



Love watching the :chudmuslim: go masks off and lib:!marseytrain:s go :marseyyikes:


:marseyfoidretard: :marseylaugh:


Its sad and all that you got beaten up but did you realize you were being used by :marseychudindian: for votes?




Godzilla 10/10 go see it now.

Made me an unironic Japanese nationalist, wrong side won.

Came across this unfolding drama. OP went off to college and left his parrot in the care of his parents who proceeded to release it. Redditor suggests reporting parents to the feds.

PunishedRaion, a fat, weeaboo laborer who runs some obscure computer site comes in suggesting that OP not do that. Neighbor gets downvoted into Oblivion and reveals how bloodthirsty and insane bird owners are.

Not that the weeaboo doesn't have skeletons in his closet a quick peruse of his history indicates he switches wildly from left to right positions and fancies himself an intellectual.

UK no be Naija

You still carry your entitlement program go UK? You think all men are SIMPs like most guys who worshipped your smelly obo in Nigeria?

Next time you no go go that kind movement with your purse empty. Olodo.

:marseyno: :pepesimp:

That's civilised society for you.


Why is that most 9ja ladies sees relationship as a means of income?


I like the fact that the waiter asked if the bill should be split. If na here,one mumu waitress go carry the bill come hand am over to the guy like say na only am chop the food. Good radiance.


If it's Nigerian guy just hi bae alone she go don complain she no get transport fare make the guy be a responsible man. 9ja girls are 90% alubaras and 50% beggars

I have no idea what "alubara" means I looked it up and got nothing :confused2:

white people split bills all the time. Even in marriage

they split all d family expenses. that's why when they meet a Nigerian they like, and he pays for the bill they are stuck on for a long time.


The man just didn't like her enough. An oyinbo man will take care of you well if he likes you.

You are still stock in the mentality that relationship is employment, continue.


You see how very few ladies have commented so far?


What the mulato did was wrong. He was the one that requested to take her out. Why would you request to take someone out when you know you cant take care of the bills? He should probably have asked her to take a walk in a garden instead of an eatery.


She thought that her waist beads a.k.a. ileke idi will work on the oyinbo man like it does on the Nigerian men whose destinies have been locked in prisons in the marine kingdom.

In the past, waist beads was common among Northerners, villagers or local girls, and aṣewo. Almost all women of all culture, tribe and status now wear waist beads. It was not so before. Even sophisticated Christian women, Yoruba and Ibo women now wear it.

It has become so rampant nowadays that about 18 out of 20 women have it on their waist.

Men/boys will say "I cannot marry or date or have s*x with a lady that is not wearing waist beads"...

But those who understand the times and seasons will know that this trend they call fashion is not ordinary. It is from the marine kingdom!

To all Nigerian men who have slept with waistbead wearing women, surrender your lives to Jesus Christ and be saved.

:marseyconfused2: :marseyconfused2: :marseyconfused2: :marseyconfused2: :marseyconfused2: :marseyconfused2:

The "Marine kingdom" and their.... "waistbeads"


Don't attach spirituality to everything. Waist beads that I buy from random vendors. The one before the last, I bought it at Yaba. The last set, I bought it at Idumota, which one be marine spirit there? Go and sit down joor!


Fourteenth Doctor Who who is David Tennant is bisexual, this is canon forever chud.

When Neil Patrick Harris shot him with his AIDS gun, the Doctor Bi-Generated into the ugly current mayo doctor and (FINALLY) a Black Doctor.

If you kill an asexual Doctor, he doesn't regenerate at all.

The new Black Doctor is a homo so he will only make 1 Doctor when he dies, which will take a long time because as a homo he will stay far away from foids.

On the third night of Chanukkah my rabbi sent to me:

3 latkes

Two Uzi guns

And a Torah and a Talmud.


Who cares. Reddit is dead to me, and spez murdered it.

Reddit was amazing. I will always enjoy and fondly remember what it was like before Spez fricked up one of the most reputable cultures and brands in internet history. Frick that guy… just… what a fricking shithead to destroy something so wonderful. [:soysnooseethe:]


I just wanna look at memes, marseys, and news and hang out in the comment section without being exposed to ads, is that too much to ask?I hope their IPO sucks and they get shorted i to oblivion while they bleed off users month over month, because thats whats going to happen if they keep pulling this sort of stuff.



I have noticed this too when using a VPN, some of Mullvads servers are blocked.

I know everyone here hates reddit but come on we all go to reddit when we need to find some information because its almost always guaranteed to be there whereas on Lemmy unless it is something tech related or foss related, its pretty much a shot in the dark.


:marseysociety2: :marseytrain2:s Made Their Own Capeshit: And it says something about society :!marseysociety:

Excerpts from the Wikipedia

In a dystopian world monitored by Batman...the unnamed protagonist's mother is disturbed when her child asks, "Was I born in the wrong body?" and immediately books a session with Dr. Crane of Arkham Asylum


To avoid rules that outlaw unapproved humor, they will call their act "anti-comedy"....and are quickly joined by a number of law-breaking comedians with their own deliberately unfunny and uncomfortable acts. One of these is Jason "Mr. J" Todd, who dresses as a Joker of his own and tells Marxist observational humor.


Mr. J reveals that his ex is Batman. The crimefighter adopted orphan Carrie Kelley and trained her to be his sidekick Robin, even assisting with a gender transition to the identity of Jason Todd, but their relationship became toxic and sexual, in spite of their large age difference and the fact that Batman was a father figure to the seventeen year old.


Bonus factoid:

Cricket Arrison plays the Creeper. Film critic/bartender Mike Vanderbilt originally appeared as The Creeper in early versions of the film. However, after allegations of sexual assault came out against Vanderbilt, Drew announced she would be replacing Vanderbilt for future screenings.

If you ever make a movie full of :marseytrain2:s and one wants to play a character called "the Creeper", just be ready.

I'd suggest it for movie night, but it doesn't look like a pay off. WASPs, remember Christian movies being so bad?

Is it me or are most of those in the Red States?


Overlay this with a map of the racial makeup for these cities. You know what we'd see….


I bet the demographics will show you why these places are dangerous.


My bet they have lots of latinx, as they love to be called, and blacks, especially the latter. [-32]


Poor whites commit less crime than rich African AmeriKKKans

Really? Wow, I hadn't heard that. Where did you get that information, I'd like to read it. [-3]


It's you lol. New Jersey, California, Michigan, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington are pretty steady blue. Ohio is typically purple.

What they have in common is they're all cities.

California has three dangerous cities as does Jersey. Texas has one dangerous city. [-8]


I count

11 in blue states

15 in purple states

23 in red states

Of the 9 most violent

7 are in red states

2 are in a purple state

0 are in blue states

Make of that what you will

(For our purposes Blue is Washington California Colorado New Mexico Illinois Maryland Delaware New Jersey. Purple is Minnesota Wisconsin Michigan Ohio Pennsylvania Georgia. Red is Kansas Texas Missouri Arkansas Louisiana Indiana Tennessee Alabama South Carolina)

EDIT: looks facts and data got some Republican panties in a twist [:marseylongpost:]


But Fox News told me it was only cities in liberal states that are dangerous, were they being disingenuous? /s

It's pretty much mostly blue cities in blue states. We looking at the same map? [-27]



How is Chicago not on the list? [-1]


Shocked Chicago isn't listed [-18]


Now overlay map by race/ethnicity 😬 [-1]


Only checked the red or dark red cities (all takes too long) on Wikipedia. They are as dangerous thanks to demographics. Almost all of these cities are minority white.

San Bernardino, California: Only 24.2% non-latinx white, 12.6% black, 68% latinx

Alexandria, Lousiana (dark red): Only 36.53% non-latinx white, 54.65% black

Monroe, Louisana (dark red): Only 30.18% non-latinx white, 63.24% black

Pine Bluff, Arkansas (dark red): Only 18.30% non-latinx white, 76.90% black

Little Rock, Arkansas (dark red): 42.15% non-latinx white, 40.15% black, 10.10% latinx

Springield, Misouri: 79.4% non-latinx white I'll give you that, an anomaly to other cities, Only 5% black, Only 6% latinx

Saint Louis, Misouri: 42.9% non-latinx white, 43% black

Danville, Illinois: 56.26% non-latinx white, 32.50% black, 7.07% latinx

Rockford, Illinois: 48.73% white, 22.51% black, 19.90% latinx

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Only 36.1% white, 38.6% black, 20.1% latinx

Kalamazoo, Michigan: 68.1% white, 22.2% black, 6.4% latinx

Lansing, Michigan: 51.4% non-latinx white, 22.5% black, 13.7% latinx

Saginaw, Michigan (dark red): Only 34.45% non-latinx white, 43.38% black, 15.81% latinx

Detroit, Michigan (dark red): 54.0% non-latinx white, 43.7% black

Cleveland, Ohio: Only 32.1% non-latinx white, 47.5% black, 13.1% latinx

Memphis, Tennessee (dark red): Only 24.0% non-latinx white, 61.2% black, 9.8% latinx

Birmingham, Alabama (dark red): Only 22.91% non-latinx white, 68.12% black

Bessemer, Alabama (most dangerous city): Only 18.74% non-latinx white, 69.59% black, 8.86% latinx

Albany, Georgia: Only 19.71% non-latinx white, 74.59% black

Spartanburg, South Carolina: 44.09% non-latinx white, 43.75% black, 5.89% latinx

Baltimore, Maryland: Only 27.6% non-latinx white, 62.4% black, 6.0% latinx

Wilmington, Delaware: Only 26.65% non-latinx white, 54.48% black, 13.29% latinx

This data is available on Wikipedia. I might've made some mistakes on copying the percentages, but it gives a clear picture. [:marseynoooticer: :marseylongpost:]


Mostly republican “tough on crime” states lol

Imagine saying this unironically when all these cities are run by democrats.


Mostly Rust Belt and Deep South cities.


You realize the vast majority of these cities is populated and run by Dems right? They're literally mostly black cities with huge dem voting blocks. [-4]


Chicago is not even on the map. Why does Fox News keep harping on Chicago being dangerous?


1 murder in Bessemer is equivalent to 109 murders in Chicago. There's significantly more crimes committed in Chicago [-10]


Tacoma is a big outlier


People from Arkansas are unironically scared of going to new york

The cities in Arkansas listed are the poorer, urban areas of Arkansas, where crime is much more likely to occur than the rural areas where most Arkansans live [-37]



Pure Michigan.


Interesting how few of the most populous cities appear. Largest cities by population shown here are Houston (#4), Memphis (#28) and Detroit (#29).

Consistently surprised to not see DC on these things. We've got kids carjacking people every day and sometimes killing the drivers. Plus all the other DC stuff like the constant shootings, stabbings, mugging, and stealing people's Canada Goose jackets right off their body.

God bless AmeriKKKa.

Edit: tell me where the lie is? [-18]



I can't believe Chicago is not on this map. Last time I went to Chicago I heard multiple gun shots ring out close to my hotel at night. One of the locals said it was normal to hear gunfire at night. [-8]


@Senpai may have gotten @Senpai's GF preggo and @Senpai is panicking.

No. @Senpai don't like bussy. @Senpai got the rainbow flags cause @Senpai was exposed as being straight. @Senpai's GF just told @Senpai she was late and it's sort of bumming @Senpai out. @Senpai think @Senpai can handle it but darn.

She was on birth control so @Senpai felt comfortable blasting her with nuts but maybe she's trying too lock @Senpai down? Doubt that cause @Senpai is a fricking rdramatard and @Senpai is 34.

@Senpai think @Senpai is gunna suck it up and pull through with the baby and see what's what. I'll find out more Wednesday when we do the official test.

@Senpai wish @Senpai was gay.


lol at that title

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  • JohnnyBOO : So sick of ghost larps. You'll all be exposed one day
I am probably the only elected official on rdrama.

I will not be mansplaining jack shit, I will not be answering any questions. Please feel free to impersonate me and answer questions that people ask anyway.

While I don't abuse my position for dramatic purposes, I have continuously considered doing so.

:marseymagahat: :marseyridin:

rDrama Advent of Code Day 10: Pipe ( | ) edition

Summary for those just joining us:

Advent of Code is an annual Christmas themed coding challenge that runs from December 1st until christmas. Each day the coding problems get progressively harder. We have a leaderboard and pretty good turnout, so feel free to hop in at any time and show your stuff!

Whether you have a single line monstrosity or a beautiful phone book sized stack of OOP code, you can export it in a nice little image for sharing at https://carbon.vercel.app

What did you think about today's problem?


Our Code is 2416137-393b284c (No need to share your profile, you have the option to join anonymously if you don't want us to see your github)

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It's raining turtles

Not even 4chan can escape the wrath of the chud seriousposter, as the website that used to endlessly mock Jack Thompson 15 years ago now rallies around him. Are the chuds right? Should GTA 6 be banned before it ushers in a new era of zoomer degeneracy? Discuss!

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