Modern Hollywood and Medieval costume dullness :marseycrusader:

!historychads !kino the Kenneth Branagh post today reminded me of something, every modern slop set in the Middle Ages has the same dull brown/black costumes and leather clothing/armor. I chose Chalamet's Henry V as an example.

This is Henry V from the 1944 Laurence Olivier's adaptation. This armor is historically accurate, it has the colors of the Plantagenet sigil (the lion and the Fleur de lys) and is a plate armor which was the type Henry V used. Branagh's adaptation got the colors right but the armor wrong as he wears a mail cloth with leather making it look like a sweater.

Then there are shows like vikings.

Again with the dull brown/gray colors and leather, not to mention those silly haircuts.

The Northman got the viking king armor and attire right.

Finally, and I know it's fantasy, but the later seasons of Game of Thrones had awful costumes, while on early seasons there were colors, by season 7 everybody was wearing black and leather. Jon Snow doesn't even wears a plate armor. Sansa and Cersei were given Darth Vaderesque gowns

Sansa looks like some dominatrix with those ring things.


Here are some early 15th century scenes from a french Illuminated Manuscript to give an idea of what people wore back then.

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reminiscent of

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Hogan RNC speech, He did it in character

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Unironic s*x question for rDrama's smooth lovers

I'm seeing a lady who enjoys getting spanked, but she would enjoy it more if it came with some role-play, some kind of reason for why she is getting spanked. I'm also into spanking and role-play, but my problem is that she is such a nice person and so sweet that it's hard for me to concoct any sort of role-play reason for why she should be spanked that isn't too silly for me to act out believably, she isn't bratty at all. So I'd have to successfully play-act a completely 100% fictional scenario, and I'm not sure my acting skills are good enough for that, especially while I have a hard-on. I guess I just have to git gud?

Chads? Stacies? What advice do you have?

sexo machine


technically I thought this came out pretty well, I made the logo on the machine by converting text to a 3d object and turning it


!coomers real



I've been playing around a bunch with music generation and tbh, the results are pretty impressive (to me)

Here's a National Anthem for those who like their gals with a 'lil something extra 'tween their thighs :#marseyprincess: Enjoy! :#marseyvibing:

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apparently banks are affected too??? !chuds is it happening???

Big day for N word users :n:
Melon haul

Punch a Nerd
Thats enough internet for me today (part 1 of 269)
Election model :marseychartscatter: whiz and Goomble God :marseygambling:, :marseynatesilver: Nate Silver :marseybadgejew:, fires the first salvo at 538's :marseynatesilverfoxgenocide: shitty model. Neolibs :marseysoylentgrin:discuss.

!neolibs our boy is back to stir the pot.

Nate is bald. Nate is a compulsive gambling addict. Nate is gay. Nate is a libertarian. Nate is a furry (unconfirmed).

There is nobody I trust more when it comes to modelling elections.

GEM is a pretender wearing 538's carcass.

Nate is literally /ourguy/ someone with a xitter account and or a paid subscription to his substack invite him here. I will give him 50k DC so he can indulge his goomblemaxxing addiction.


( is essentially a porn site that primarily caters to furries, but isn't limited to them)

Main post in question

Some users are confused at the seeming hypocrisy of the ban:

Why banned explicit posts with young humans and humanoid creatures but still allowed explicit posts with cubs? (cubs referring to very young furry characters)

I always found that amusing with furries. Cub, Loli or Shota is too far. But literally disemboweling someone or having s*x with a corpse is perfectly fine? Bestiality? Incest? Hard R? Like, Furries almost behave like closet psychopaths..... and a lot usually are.

Others think it's time to jump ship:

This sucks, we need a new loli page

And other such miscellaneous grieving:

User sad that lots of Nintendo characters were hit by the ban

Well, mostly:

Oh no cp got banned oh nooooo


In today's creative writing exercise, some Democrat Party intern / AI input (possibly both) pretend to have not only been a republican, but also in the military. I'm gonna be honest, I just skimmed this incoherent tirade, but it's full of the usual Trump and 2025 fear-mongering. Funny enough, this was posted in the Idaho subreddit, but if it weren't for one line, this may as well have been posted on /r/politics. The real meat is in the comments, however:

I've been a registered independent for as long as I can remember. I'm a retired combat veteran. Your post spoke to my soul, buddy. Thanks from next door in Washington.

Another redditard larping as both an independent and former military. Oh and look, he's not even from the state! Imagine my shock! :!marseypikachu2:

Ironically, he stepped out of a bullets path and ordinary American citizens took bullets for him.

What a genuinely shitty thing to say. People are literally trying to slander him for checks notes not getting shot

This is genuinely the most delusional take about the shooting I've seen yet. What the actual frick is wrong with redditors? :!marseyimpossibru:

Former army 68w here, it fricking disgusts me and defies reason, that people could support Mr. Fricking Bone Spurs. You and I both know people that didn't come back, or came back missing parts of themselves. I know what taking a bullet for your country looks like and that's not what just happened to that treasonous orange frickstain.

There are signs in NC that say "devil dogs for trump". It's just crazy. I know jarheads are idiots, but cmon guys!!

Don't those r-slurred marines realize that Drumpf said bad things about the military?


Holy shit, take your Trump prescribed blood pressure meds. The hate is real.

Trump tried to roll back and limit everything the VA tries to do for my brothers and sisters. My disability rating was determined under Obama.

My P&T was under Trump. Your reasoning is very flawed.

That man called our brothers and sisters who died in the line of service "losers", lied to avoid service himself, said he didn't want to be seen with disabled veterans, disparaged Gold Star families, refused to visit the WW1 cemetery near Normandy, and the list just goes on and on. If you support Trump at this point, you either aren't actually a vet or you didn't have to see shit when you were in. Either way you didn't learn anything about selfless service or loyalty to your fellow servicemen and women, which are the two most basic possible principles anyone in uniform stands by.

That first poster was right. This neighbor needs to take his TDS pills. He's sperging out all over the thread too.

:marseysoycry: :!marseymeds:

As a veteran and former conservative… words words words, holy shit, so many words just to say, "orange man bad"

Thank you for your service and than you ALL for these posts…* an almost equally wordy response*

Thanking someone for their "service" in a Reddit post has to be one of the most pathetic things I can imagine. :marseypathetic:

Thank you for being one of the Republicans I remember growing up around. Common sense and pragmatic. I didn't agree with them on every issue but I never had any doubt that when it really mattered and affected the people around us I could count on them to do the right thing.

The US is like a teenager right now, nobody can imagine life without it because people are just barely too young to have seen it. This really could be the end of that and the fallout from it would easily outlast every human alive today.

The republicans of the past were good when they used to be just slightly right of the democrats, but now America could literally end if the republicans, who are just slightly right of the democrats get into office! :!marseyaaatremble:

Biden is not a great choice for our next president

He's certainly not my first choice, but the nice thing about Biden is that his administration will be staffed with competent, well-meaning people that can be relied on to do their jobs when needed particularly in times of crisis.

You see, it's not about voting for the candidate, it's about voting for which party gets to install their unelected bureaucrats into positions of power, and that's a good thing! :!marseyyes:

LMAO people will never vote again if they don't vote for Biden. Like the right brought us to the brink of losing our democracy and people still like ahh Biden though, even know he is actively trying to protect to citizens and has shown you this in the past two weeks

THIS. Trump wants to end democracy, which means this may be the last election any of us are voting in. Our system sucks but Trump sucks more

They're really running with the, "vote for this shambling corpse or democracy will literally end angle," huh? Things truly are getting desperate :!marseydarkxd:

Don't forget trumps proven involvement in the very child s*x trafficking you claim to want to put an end to. He r*ped children. That is an unarguable fact of reality.

Can you send me proof of this? Tbh ive never heard of this let alone that something like this was "proven"

Read the Epstein documents. He goes by a specific "John doe" name in the documents but it has been identified that that name is trump. Even if there wasn't solid proof (which there is if you do any semblance of research), he was a very close friend of Epstein and was known to frequent his island. On top of this there have been countless sexual assaults allegations. There was another case with a teenager that was taken to court before I believe it was settled on. (Hard to say definitely on that one since I haven't read the documents in a few years but it is public info if you know where to look. But I believed she was paid off which is a good indicator that he did sexually assault her). There was very public footage (or it may have just been audio) of him admitting to taking advantage of a women that did it's rounds in 2016. I don't know if I even need the "proof". Do the math. If I had a friend who acted like he does and was associated with the people he was then I'd be rethinking my friendship. So it's baffling that even with just the accusations that people pull support him while simultaneously being against the things that he's been known to be involved in. It speaks to a lack of education and voting based off of a hatred towards the left as opposed to the actual well being of the country or just children in general. Which republicans claim to give a shit about.

Trump r*pes kids! Proof? Well, I don't have any, but my own schizophrenic delusions tell me that I'm correct!


There is so much more content in the post that I don't have the time to go through and post. Lots of good arguments and a lot of schizo copypastas about Project 2025. The whole subreddit seems to be heavily brigaded as most posts get a few upvotes and comments while the anti-trump or pro democrat ones get hundreds to thousands. Definitely a good sub to comb for drama in the upcoming months

I started using AI chat. Oh my god I really :marseythinkorino2: do talk like a robot.

I have been having a good conversation with the bot about global culture for a while now but I started getting bored :marseyyawn: of it asking me questions so I said I don't know the answer :marseyconfuseddead: and the bot said thats alright :marseyokay: then went on answering its own question :marseyconfuseddead: to continue the conversation and that's exactly how spergs talk and I was like oh frick I am a robot :marseyoptimusprime: because that shitty AI bot is literally :marseyme: my conversation clone.




:marseyrofl: :marseypizzashill:

!r-slurs !metashit

I hope @pizzashill becomes a millionaire through his r-slurred gambling habits but boy is it funny to watch

:redlight: STRAGGOT POLL RESULTS :redlight:

:bluelight: POLL CLOSED :redlight:

Unfortunately these following users are straggots :marseylaughpoundfist:

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@Lv71_Slime, @Scaraoschi, @MarseySheepdog, @BushWasRight, @Lurker, @r-slur, @Bix_Project2025Enjoyer, @pobrecito, @MarseySexHaver, @TouchFluffyTails, @drama_enthusiast, @FukinSukinCukin, @_sus, @MayflyAlt-98, @poopdick, @Unbroken, @GeorgeFloyd, @AnnoyinTheGoyim, @ShartBath420, @OneLunchMan, @ChristoffWChanderson, @CopeSpringsEternal, @BananaSlugToucher, @Shill, @Landlord_Disciple, @Aevann, @Allende, @ReeTardyOswald, @seal_ion, @TheSubredditPolice, @Raphael-Ambrosius-Costeau, @whyareyou, @Salamander, @Petrel, @Elements


Unlike this terf I am not crying that ya'll ghey

Thank you for participating :marseythumbsup:

!transphobes !poll_voters !coomers

Make this Marsey please

But as an queen crown

It will be good Marsey for dominant modern queen


black lives matter too BIPOC lovers

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