and ruin my mood? What a rollercoaster I've ended up in. It's guaranteed that she'll get pimples with a burning sensation. That's a given, but besides that, it's a question mark what has invaded my body. I don't know. God says to take meth and go hard, but I know better that it's the voice of Satan.

Remembering 9/11 and the aftermath of lies - :marseytrans2:

!ranchers !chuds !besties KINO :marseykino:

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just a few final things before i log off again and a fetch animal

1. shoutout to @nothanks for this snake pic

2. yes i banged sirpings. yes it was consensual but i was highly manic and would not normally do that

3. any rdrama s*x encounters were during manic episodes and not normally something i would do, and i regret getting myself in this situation deeply. i take full responsibility

4. sirpings is actually super normal passing irl. ill give him kudos for being mostly respectful. i only learned he was a full psycho quite recently, and that is when i decided to stop talking with him. if i knew he was p-do-adjacent i would have NEVER slept with him and i feel super disgusted with myself being an abuse survivor

5. all these shenanigans happened MONTHS ago. im much more stable and have been touching grass and doing better in general. i really dont get why this is all being brought back up but i just want to move on

6. i have learned my lesson!!!! and am working on improving. im in my Metamorphosis and lots of good things have happened to improve my life

ok thats all! i hope you guys enjoyed this crazy drama and i apologize for those that have worried about me. i also apologize to @CARPMASflorist and @JollyMoon for wasting ur time, same to the other mods. i love u all!!

and bc i have to post abt animals, look at this little guy! he was thought extinct and rediscovered! i love him!


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No more foid moid meta straggotry, new Marsey porn just dropped :marseybutt3boy: :marseybutt2:

Made for this keyed epic king coomer @KeyedEpicKing who's been gooning it to the orange marsey.

Anyone have an alt seeing eye?

It's now some r-slurred three-way balkan-tier shitfest.

Somehow it's both existential crisis for every country east of Berlin, but Russian gas passes through Ukraine border better then their closest allies trucks. Covid-tier psyop shit.

[EXCLUSIVE] TED_SIMP returns to share DMs from thirsty dramoids



I heard the IB department has hired over a dozen strippers :marseytrad:

Why are Asian women scientifically the most beautiful women? :marseygeisha:

We all know that Asian women are the cutest and most beautiful women but how does science actually mansplain this?

Frick Xmas. It's the season for JIHAD.


Yes, I think this deserves a separate post. I was actually thinking E-mailing Andrea about this website but decided check if he knows this site already and surprise, surprise he does.

Still, maybe someone should ask him to make a more detailed post? :marseythinkorino:

What do you guys think?


Cornel West is broke

Wasted :marseyhungover: millions of dollars :marseymoney: on big booty :marseytwerking: bitches, apartments, cars, and didn't pay his taxes

I hope Greta is safe

since when did "should we ban lolcows?" become acceptable discourse? :smh:

as I've said b4 metadrama is my favourite (anyone who disagrees should die. if an interaction is funny elsewhere on the interwebz, it's also funny here. and if it's not funny then it's not bc it's metadrama, it's just not funny) especially interpersonal metadrama j just :catmunch:

but besides that why is there any discussion about banning spal? he hasn't posted anything illegal, and everything surrounding him and his persona is funny. would I want him around any girl/woman I care about? no, but that applies to everyone else too :bruh:

this isn't so someone plz mansplain why you hate drama and want to banish it so that we only post reddit links (while claiming not to be redditors) and snicker about how much better we are (we're not)

Frick man I still have a few months till I'm 25. Don't take me.


Spooky + Politics = :marseyhelp:
There's some kind of predator that lives underground


A great AmeriKKKan hero is unjustly prosecuted by an ungrateful society

he is literally not me

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