Shooter was a THEY/THEM hasanmaxxer but honestly could just be a troll :marseygiveup:

But its the only acccount with a new non-public photo of the guy and a lot of the people they follow are randos from the same high school.

Account was created 4 yrs ago (with 10 username changes)

We did it Reddit! Redditors solve a drill rap murder

Lil Scoom is one of several drill rappers who've died over the past few days. The rapture for blacks.

22 dead in July so far

They contemplate moving

Anyways. His mom came out and blamed "someone" on the inside for his death

Then one of the murderers posts a txt of the girl setting up our boy, little Scoom

Redditors notice she types funnyโ€ฆ.

And find her Facebook



Some "fellas" dubiously taking the credit for the murder of the scoomster

Same lmaooo


They organized the recipients in the following groups, "Eligible applicants were randomly assigned to one of three payment groups: A) $1,000 a month for 12 months, for a total of $12,000 in a year; B) $6,500 upon enrollment and $500 a month for the subsequent 11 months, for a total of $12,000 in a year, C) $50 a month for 12 months, for a total of $600 in a year."

This is odd, why don't they have a control group that received $0 per month? Could it be that they knew most of these people would find housing of their own volition regardless of the payment provided, and that by excluding an actual control group, they don't have to compare against the null results???

Maybe by providing $50/month to people that would find housing anyway, they could claim that participants showed these incredible improvements (ignoring the fact that the payments are not the reason why)?!?!? No, that would be disingenuous! Leftists wouldn't do such a thing!!!

Actually, that's exactly what's going on here. If you look at Figure 16 on page 27, it turns out that the $1000/mo payment is statistically no more likely to reduce the probability of a participant being unhoused as compared to the $50/mo payment. Does anyone actually believe that $50/mo is enough to solve homelessness? No, that's silly.

Leftists want to believe that UBI will work SO BADLY that they take taxpayer money, funnel it to a group of homeless people they know do not need it (they deliberately chose participants without disabilities and illness), construct a purposely deceptive "study" based on this scientifically unsound process, and then plaster the "promising results" all over the internet, using leftist propaganda accounts on X to trick people.



I'm on mobile so you get no linked comments :marseyantiwork:

:marseyreich: :marseyhitler: :marseyhitlerhindu: :hitler:


Redditards praise it because they aren't capable of independent thought


One man dares declare the emperor has no clothes


Martin Scorce's white guilt


5/10 (because she's not a landwhale) discusses the film


Scorce fans are just as brainwashed as Marvel zombies


It's good the film is boring


The film will be forgotten as a self-indulgent piece of white guilt flogging

Modern Hollywood and Medieval costume dullness :marseycrusader:

!historychads !kino the Kenneth Branagh post today reminded me of something, every modern slop set in the Middle Ages has the same dull brown/black costumes and leather clothing/armor. I chose Chalamet's Henry V as an example.

This is Henry V from the 1944 Laurence Olivier's adaptation. This armor is historically accurate, it has the colors of the Plantagenet sigil (the lion and the Fleur de lys) and is a plate armor which was the type Henry V used. Branagh's adaptation got the colors right but the armor wrong as he wears a mail cloth with leather making it look like a sweater.

Then there are shows like vikings.

Again with the dull brown/gray colors and leather, not to mention those silly haircuts.

The Northman got the viking king armor and attire right.

Finally, and I know it's fantasy, but the later seasons of Game of Thrones had awful costumes, while on early seasons there were colors, by season 7 everybody was wearing black and leather. Jon Snow doesn't even wears a plate armor. Sansa and Cersei were given Darth Vaderesque gowns

Sansa looks like some dominatrix with those ring things.


Here are some early 15th century scenes from a french Illuminated Manuscript to give an idea of what people wore back then.

the real drama was inside us all along When you tell rightoids that cancel culture is bad in current year + 9: :chudtantrum: :chudtantrum: :chudtantrum:
The night of the long rake approaches

Of course you didn't knew, because Trump is bad and she is good, economy of US grew under Trump, economy of EU declined under Ursula so she good Trump bad. Around 48% American voted for Trump so he didn't vote popular vote. 0,01% or less EU citizens voted for Ursula so she won popular vote. She bough 12 vaxx 1.0v dose per EU citizens from her husband and then throw away 80%+ away and wasted over 40 billion and stoped any investigation until some burger journ*list started trolling her and she now has again to shut that case down in name of EU civilised democratic garden whose economy is now weaker than 16 years ago. The only country whose eco went also in shit is Japan but they recovered from 2007-2008 but then Tsunami fricked their economy in 2011-2012 and dog eater Korean started being pain in japs bussy.

So I believe in Ursula the woman who honestly got her degree

She also earned her positions without nepotism !

She was in tons of ministerial position and not because of Merkel and she always did fantastic job

And most important EU citizen love her despite barely knowing her

She is now a bit pissed that she didn't became chief of nato, she asked Biden to put her as NATO head and in Biden tradition he says yes to people he don't know or can't memorise

But her request was rejected because of mysegony

Now she ask 5 more years to improve security for EU and EU inter her improved probably crime rate for over 100%

She is a true professional and if she was Trumps security agent, Trump wouldn't need any security agents any more. She will continue lead us to Frau Merkel paradise


Manitobans will no longer need two medical referrals in order to access gender-affirming health-care specialists, Uzoma Asagwara said at a Wednesday news conference.


Biden refers to the Secretary of Defense as "the Black man."



new destiny lore dropped
Indigenous Canadian Art

:marseycovidscare: STAY INDOORS, WASH YOUR HANDS :marseycovidscare: BIDEN HAS COVID :marseyill:


This comes right off the heels of this statement.

>Biden Says He'd Consider Dropping Out if a 'Medical Condition' Emerged




The kiwifarmer Higgs Bonbon was found because he linked himself gloating in random youtube comment sections. This lead to people searching his name, Higgs Bonbon and finding all his other accounts.

This included his steam where people were able to find his old username, which was Pedononymous :marseypedo:

and his 4chan & 8chan /soc/ posts of his groomercord where he tries finding cute little boy bottoms.

He avidly used a site called f-list which is a roleplay site but he wouldn't say what characters he roleplayed :marseyhmm: wonder why

and from pedononymous this post was found

:marseyyikes: This guy was a janny for kiwi

And it makes further sense since he constantly posted in a loli debate thread about why loli was aktually A-ok but he totes wasn't a lolicon

until you look at his poast where he calls himself a devout lolicon

>I may want to frick anime children but I DON'T want to frick those anime children

and his (deleted) baraag . net account , which is a fediverse instance known for being dedicated to loli pornography and is almost universally blocked due to the high amount of child pornography

his github showed he starred forks of mods just renamed into loli-related things, ie lolimc which is an unedited fork of PolyMc made by someone named "Loli Kingdom" whose made things like the Loli License

I'd ping codecels and ask if they'd use this but I already know their answer ( :hansen: )

and before you say "erm, incel" actually no, dumb libtard, kiwichads only get the best of bussy gussy.

bonbon's old girl

believe it or not, that's a woman

and this lead :marseynull: to make a post reminding people that the Kiwifarms is SFW since Higgs ("loligon") Bonbon would post frequent NSFW anime girls, both in specific threads made for such purpose and general threads

all in all,

Reported by:
  • Scaraoschi : Pitiable, sad, and maybe even contemptable but not really soy

Lazily copy-pasting a month-old drama about Gacha because the drama is cold and I have nothing to add, :marseydealwithit:

Comment offering more context:

Here is a gameplay footage:

The game was released recently as a closed beta test for around 10k players, but server crashed on day 1 so the devs had to delete the players data and restart with 2 servers (refunded currency spent and compensated with pulls)

Gacha pulling video, you can see the male and female characters in the game, the video shows them pulling the only male SSR (Leon):

SGA CEO FB apology on the mixed male and female characters for a hentai game heavily marketed for their women units:

TL;DR: Hentai game heavily marketed for towards straight men with sexy women, but the game has a bunch of male characters. Some players not wanting their waifu to get captured and have their defeat CG viewed by others decided to only use the male units.

The studio is currently developing NU Carnival (fujoshi) and Project XXL (gay) games, so the CEO said developing these games had made the devs too accepting of men in hentai game that they forgot about their straight men audience.

TrappySaruh on transcommies, 2019

[This is a post by /u/TrappySaruh, a user of /r/drama back in the day :marseyboomer: (but not that far back, I was here first!) who was widely respected. Her explanation of why :!marseytrain:s turn into commies. I recorded this on November 29, 2019 because I feared the reddit superjannies would destroy it :marseyfortuneteller:. It's possible it was written earlier or I copied it from someone else. We're supposed to have archives where you can find it.]

note in particular the lack of older (in yrs of transition) trans people that are involved in the broader transcommunity. in all my years of idling every kind of trans community, 1 constant: most of the people who are past their egg stage leave. theres a lot of reasons but the primary reason is that the transcommubity offers nothing to people who are "done". trans forums are full of mental illness that can easily suck up any happyness you have, especially if you're looked upto. imagine helping someone get over suicidal idealation only to have to deal with it again day after day after day.

because of this, what u get in very large communities (/r/traa) is a culture of people coming in, trying to figure out what to do and who they are, being mentored by people who largely just months prior were asking the same thing. repeat forever.

the final element is the general loss of purpose of life for, what seems like, most people. more people are online-only than ever before and a lot of people are deprived of deep fulfilling social connections.

what happens next has 3 stages:

1 -- conversion -- you have a vulnerable population (in the sense of confused and easily convinced by otherwise spacious arguments). communists come in and tell them that capitalism is the reason why they are suffering. capitalism and the systems embedded within it are the cause of the lose of purpose (living to make others profit isnt a fulfilling purpose). additionally, if it wasn't for profit above human suffering, HRT would be covered. SRS would be covered. everyone (not just trans but everyone) would be happier because they can work, or not work and do whatever they want and because of this hate and discrimination goes down. this means that the egg, whos likely greatest fear is 'looking like a 60 year old crossdressing transsexual', this provides fuel for anger to the egg who can think 'if i dont pass it is capitalisms fault'.

this message is popular, and it is effective. trans people are generally left anyway so being pulled far left is certainly easier than being pulled into some rightoid bs.

2 -- memes -- enough transposters have been converted into communists that it causes a feedback loop. communist eggs start mentoring new eggs, who learn the glory of communism and the evils of capitalism. a critical threshold is hit where there are enough clever posters (most people are bad at posting) that can make decent memes. this causes a tsunami of commie and bash-the-fash memes and all the other memes transpower memes you've seen.

meme subreddits come online at this point. once you know your trans, you dont really need /r/transgender and other misc subreddits anymore. they're more for questions about transitioning, hrt, news etc. so instead you create meme subreddits. meme subreddits are free-money in terms of subscribers, so they explode in size. meme subreddits quickly become THE trans subreddits, with /r/mtf /r/ftm //transgender and others being more specialized.

so back to the egg. imagine you're just starting to feel conflicted about your gender, and you look for information. what is the first subreddit you're going to find? /r/traaa and (lol) /r/egg_irl. what are they full of? communists. communism now becomes an implicit (not explicit) characteristic of being trans.

3 -- cult -- at this point, the commie meme is self sustaining. eggs come in already converted. communism becomes an important of the sense of community and friendship. everyone is friendly to each other, everyone is hugging and sqeueeing and "uwu"ing each other. "you go grrl!!", "frick pigs and their bootlicking fascists", etc etc.

what do you get with a hyper-friendly community that welcomes all but also has an obvious outlet for hate? you get a cult. because communism has become so deeply embedded into the culture of these communities, any friction against communist ideas, even only slight friction, cause a swift and immediate response. this leads into 1 person trying to defend themselves against 10+ people. others who might have similar misgivings but don't want to be ebicly dunked on by their friends keep quiet.

loud people are loud, and transcommies are very loud.

everything is great, and any criticism of it means you must be a traitorous self-hating :marseytrain: who should leave.

i dont have sources for this or anything, its just my interpretation of watching the trans community since the 90s with a few embellishments. i might be wrong, or partly wrong, but its how i see it.

Found and copyapsted for you because I love this community so much

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