The terminally online rage at the blissful ignorance of the chronically offline


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:marseytransattentionseeker: people forgetting that these “unaware” people aren't value neutral apoliticals. the average person has internalised white supremacist and patriarchal beliefs. So being clueless about cultural discourse means they essentially agree, and are bystanders to oppression

:marseyconfused: Actually I think you just don't realize that there's a lot of people who don't live their life online and really don't keep up with whatever twitter is meltingdown over. Try logging out for a while, you might like it!

:marseytransattentionseeker: actually i was referring to the consistent discrimination i face for being visibly queer, visibly brown, visibly neurodivergent. Offline.

:marseychud: "visibly queer, visibly brown, visibly neurodivergent". This is why you have no friends. You are so focused on your own identity that you no longer have the tiniest idea of how to connect to humans.

:marseyfoidretard: their definition of apolitical is just everything that has been “normalized”'in the environment they grew up in, which is not always a good thing

:marseytransattentionseeker: which is why a key part of g*mergate was the war against queer/race representation. being apolitical inevitably leads to minorities being banished from public life. scratch a liberal and a fascist bleeds etc etc

:marseyeyeroll: It has been NINE FRICKING YEARS. Let it die holy frick

:marseytransattentionseeker: yes let's just ignore an important cultural event that has had considerable influence on todays online landscape for better or for worse

I've never heard a person mention g*mergate that wasn't terminally online


:blacksoyjak: I'm sorry, but this is not appealing to me.

:marseylaptopangry: Himbo propaganda at its finest. There nothing appealing about someone divorced from social issues because these conversations are not just happening on social media spaces but in news media too. Man is living under the heaviest rock known to man.

:blacksoyjak: Yeah, exactly. Like it's one thing to not catch a reference to an internet joke, but being unaware of a genocide that's dominating news? No, thank you, I'm good on that.

Noooo you have to care about events that are 7000 miles away noooo :soycry:

:marseyshreddedmanletrentfree: only white ppl can do this

:blackwomanspeaking: minority groups are the ones actually affected by most of the discourse. I'd even stretch to say that only white cis men can do this.

:marseygrilling2: just simply not true. you could literally not watch the news and disengage from social media like anyone else, especially if u live in murica.

:blackwomanspeaking: Spoken like someone who hasn't had slurs screamed in their face for no reason. Lmao please sit this one out.

noooo i have to be terminally online because some people still say BIPOC noooo :soycry:

:soyjakhipster: This reeks of privilege. It's one thing to be unaware of the latest meme or other unimportant trends but to be unaware of the literal genocide happening right meow is unforgivable. I can never stand people who live in their own privileged bubble.

:chadblackyes: Bro I don't know from the river to the sea and I actually use Twitter every day and youtube 24/7 and keep up with politics more than the average person...... I'm privileged for that?🤣🤣🤣 this is some stupid butt shit

noooo you cant just go outside and not care about the news noooo :soycry:

:marseyembrace: Chronically online people being surprised by the mass populace is so funny to me.

:marseysoycry: This does not represent the mass populace

:marseydisagree: just because you live online or twitter doesn't mean the mass percentage of people do the same.

:marseysoycry: I did not suffer through 2 months of bud light and pro noun jokes at work just to be told it's something only terminally online people care about

:marseyvaxmaxx: The truth is that the mass populace is chronically online, has been since COVID.

:marseydicklet: Chronically online take

:marseytrad: None of my friends over 25 are online anymore 🤣 just me they are hiking and living and I'm online learning useless stuff that non online people don't care about at all

>I'm online learning useless stuff that non online people don't care about at all


One day i will found someone who appreciates my vast austic knowledge of niche internet drama

:boomermonster: Young people blissfully unaware of the mainstream online culture are usually hard working, happy and a pleasure to be around

:marseyclueless: Only people I have heard that are like this age foreign students coming to the US through scholarships.

This guy doesn't talk to normal people

:marseyschizotwitch: Ironically the idea that the ”perfect person” is the opposite extreme of whatever being chronically online is is in itself a chronically online take. I live in a small rural town full of people like this and let me fricking tell you it is NOT good.

:marseyschizotwitch:No actually, being fully unaware of and uninterested in social and political developments both local and worldwide makes you deathly fricking uninteresting to be around and morally lazy as heck. Not to mention how privileged you need to be for this which of course they all are.

:marseyschizotwitch: I'm as put off by the chronically online as the next person, but I promise you the better alternative is not the opposite. The better alternative IMO is to be aware but to know which battles to choose, to care but not to your own detriment and to take action where it matters.

>I'm as put off by the chronically online as the next person

>but I promise you the better alternative is not the opposite














Why are college students struggling to turn in their homework? The answer WILL not shock you!


Average US college professor in current year



CW: Obese black women tweaking


:marseytrad: Honestly, I know this sounds harsh, but the leniency is what makes people skip it. They're paying for uni, they need to be dedicated to doing it or unenroll. I speak as someone who had to switch when I wasn't feeling up to doing uni level work years ago.

:marseyrage: Just no. The capitalist expectation that people need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and “push through” is extremely harmful in a number of ways. It's not “lenient” to acknowledge that work/studies should not be prioritized over mental/physical well being

:marseytrad: Dear lord. It's a capitalist expectation for you to turn your work in on time for a university education you're paying for? If you need to handle mental health, then not attending uni is the answer and that's okay. But not doing shit and getting no consequences isn't.

:marseytrain2:"if you need mental health then dont attend the only place that can land you a well paying job in a field that you enjoy"

:marseytrad: Some folks can handle mental health concerns while in school. Some can't. I've been in both situations. But that means taking a personal responsibility and doing what's right for you and putting yourself in the right place.

:marseytrain2: Which in turn will put you in an even worse spot.. I dont think you understand how depression can affect someone and how society views those people with depression

The foid is giving good advice but these people just want to be useless r-slurs. Also depression is for gay r-slurs


:soycry: As a current college student, we're definitely not okay. It's hard to care about properly formatting a reference page when you're witnessing a genocide. I feel for all the professors who are doing their best for their students

:marseyboomer: When I was a college student there were genocides going on and I managed to get my work done.

:soyreddit: I wouldn't be bragging about that.

:marseyboomer: It ain't a brag. It's just life. All of these people were managing to make it through the day despite the genocides going on around the world before October 7th. They can find a way to keep going.

:marseycry: Probably because you were largely unaware and unable to see firsthand what was going on. Students these days have direct access to the numerous atrocities occurring around the world. They also can't afford to live

:marseyvaxmaxx: It's also from the brain damage Covid causes

:directlypointingsoyjak: Literally THIS. Why is no one talking about this?

There's definitely some brain damage but it's not from covid


:marseyeyeroll: Oh ffs. People still went tp work when the world wars raged. There's zero excuse for why current day students can't hand in assignments on time.

:marseyflagpalestine: You have clearly never watched your own family die through a screen or shake in fear under the missiles or cry bc of how cold and hungry they are. This is a public platform are u ever aware the stuff you say are viewed by gazans who are directly affected by this?

>Palestine child gets merc'd by some jew

>College student 8000 miles away: :marseysob:

:marseytrans2: just, like, for the record, same about the teachers. and everybody else. we are all deeply traumatized, and a massive percentage of us have literal brain damage from a neurological airborne virus nobody wants to talk about.

:marseyshook: the COVID fall out? that's a realness.

:marseytrans2: also the dissolution of society and the rise of fascism, and the us committing acts of genocide on its own people and uncountable more like that

i too would lose motivation if i knew i was a few semesters away from rotting in a capitalistic hellscape for the rest of my life just for my tax dollars from said job be used to bomb hospitals


i don't know how people keep acting so surprised that young people don't want to partake in this bs society anymore when the future we are giving them sucks 😐

>Society is bad

>Lets all just give up








I stay up for 24 hours at a time. Why am i having mental breakdowns? :marseyclueless:






The kids may be r-slurred but at least they're keyed


If you're looking for the ultimate cynical Netflix movie -- made entirely to suit the whims of an algorithm that no single person on Earth has any control over, or even understands -- forget "Bird Box" or "How My Sister's Boyfriend Fingered Me, Part 3" or whatever, because now they have this.

I don't really understand what happened here. Nothing in the movie makes any sense, and not in a deliberate or stylistic manner. The movie opens with Julia Robert's uncanny valley face speaking a stream of bullshit to her husband Ethan Hawke about how she's booked a last-minute weekend getaway for them and the kids, starting right that moment. She mansplains to her spouse in detail her motivation for doing this, including saying the words "I've been stressed with my job" (as if her husband of thirty years needs to be informed of her character backstory), a monologue that culminate in her bizarrely looking out the window while the camera 70s-zooms into her inexpressive face saying "I hate people". What seems to be the sort of thing you'd dream when you have cholera is also apparently an appropriate jumping off point for the plot.

Nobody involved in any stage of making this movie has directly met a human being, and has only had them vaguely described to them. What results is a fascinating approximation of human life, like an alien's best attempt at a domestic tableau. Dialogue sounds like it's been Google translated from English to French to Mandarin and then back to English. Julia Roberts's character - an advertising executive in New York in 2023 with a progressive professor husband -- is supposedly so racist that she cannot fathom that a black man owns real estate or nice clothes (because if you're going to have black characters in any capacity, the movie has to become a race commentary lest a Vulture writer denounces it).

The movie's about a vague apocalypse in which electronics and mechanical things stop working properly. In one scene, the supposedly human family is laying on the beach. In the distance, they notice a huge tanker ship is facing towards the beach head-on. The scene goes on. Character comment on the fact that the ship is getting closer, but laugh it off. Sometimes we cut back to the ship - it's getting closer, but slowly. Then we cut again to some time later, family still on the beach. Suddenly, the MASSIVE ship is mere metres from the beach and not stopping. It is only then that anyone decides to move out of the way, with seconds to spare, because that's literally the only way to make a huge slow-moving ship on the water have any real threat to people on land.

In the book it's keyed (I assume this was adapted via having someone mumble the book aloud to someone half-asleep, then asking that person to write a script) a point is made to highlight how the characters don't respond appropriately to end-of-the-world events. Someone mysteriously falls ill and their teeth fall out? Better bake a cake to keep everyone calm. That incongruity is deliberate, in the book, to point out how there's no way to appropriately respond to the end times. Here, the same sort of thing happens, but because the character have never said or done anything that remotely resembles realistic human thought processes you're forced to assume this is more of the same.

The director struggles to decide how to shoot each scene, and as a result he uses every possible camera movement (pans, oners, zooms, quick cuts, tracking) during and between sequences, mimicking a child with access to After Effects just using every default transition and wipe that comes free with the software. This is an established director who apparently has fans.

Overall, there is something uncomfortably 'off' about the whole movie. Frame by frame, it looks and seems like a real movie. But it's not. it's a movie held up to a mirror, the creepy doppleganger of a movie (the kind kept locked in the basement like a goblin while the real twin gets to be in the world). I recommend it for that alone.

Reported by:
  • usernaw : snopes: misleading. op wants you to facedoxx and thats why theyre downvoting him :marseyshapiro:


three words, easy bait :!marseytroublemaker:

i present to you a simple bait technique that i used on xitter :marseysrdine: it's not a feast but i will still share

setting the bait

:marseytroublemaker: that's a man

seethe incoming!

a simple google would go a long way for you

:marseytroublemaker: i don't need google to tell me that ur gay

coomers reveal themselves

you can literally look her up and see everything 😭

:marseytroublemaker: anyone can photoshop a kitty on a man

yeah you're a fricking troll at this point, no surprise your daddy left

:marseytroublemaker: why are you so mad? are you ashamed of being gay?

why would i? I'm more like having pity for your pathetic life

the usual line

Oh an incel tweeted

:marseytroublemaker: ur a man who tweets about abortion what's worse

the hot ones are !thin :marseybutt:

bro think every woman is thin as a fricking paper

!dramatards feel free to stir the pot!! people are still taking the bait

Sean Murray was in LA for the game awards and got the definitive AmeriKKKan city experience

Followup tweet:


The modern gaming experience :marseycoffee:

the modern gaming industry is hellbent on replicating with infuriating accuracy the experience of starting a new job. Eager to start, but you have to jump through forty seven pointless HR hoops first. Sign this, fill this form, attend this meeting. Go to this department to get security clearance, get a card, IT permissions, and that's in an IDEAL world where nothing was developed by Indians or Swedes, so in reality it's all janky as frick, nothing works, epic 2FA bro, I'm sure i'll get that sign-in text any day now :marseysleep:

All to get a connection error five minutes later, or a 234GB update.

It's not even the games I have a problem with, it's the longhouse HR experience you have to endure just to get to them.

Elon Musk coping :marseycopeseethedilate: and seething :marseyoverseether: Bout his tweets getting community noted lol

Reminder that Gonzalo Lira is a "redpill" s*x tourist and not a journ*list :marseyjourno: at all, and went to prison :marseycharlesmanson: for sharing images of beheaded :marseybeheadedkamikaze: Ukrainian :marseyazov2: soldiers :marseyarmy: and celebrating, as well as doxxing :marseydoxingtruck: western :marseycowboy: journos and Ukrainian :marseyazov2: soldiers

I can't confirm or deny that he's been tortured :marseytortured: while in prison, but I reeeeeeeeally really :marseythinkorino2: really :marseythinkorino2: wish it were true

Yo guyz have you lot realized the absolute revulsion :marseyyikes: :marseysmug3: the rest of the internet has towards Reddit :marseydaswhite: lol!

Like the same way many/all dramatards had complete revulsion that I was an unironic 9gag user, whenver I posted a source or meme from 9Strags, the top comments inevitably be recursions of how lame and shallow and uncool 9gag was or whatever, and is the way Idio4TheApes game me my slogan, and I haven't changed it since, because I miss him very much :marseysad2: :marseysad2: :marseysadcat: :marseysadcat: :marseysad: :marseysad: :carpitsover:

That was until fellow dramatards began to realize than 9gag had undergone a very very drastic metamorphosis from the uber uncool 2016 facebook ripoff meme graveyard, into the premier chud central for all 3rd worlders from Safrica, Brazil, Indonesia, India and some eurotrash holdouts.

Well in the same manner in which you guys show disgust, revulsion, so too have I started witnessing how all the sites I visit, 9gag, Facebook, whatsapp and even the Youtub comments have nothing but disdain for their curated, moderated far-left, shitlib culture of modern reddit

YES! Even youtube lol! You know how pre to mid 2010, Youtube was considered the butt end of the internet with flamewars, bullying, slurs, racial infighting and verwant unironic hateful nationalism being out of control in even the most innocuous Yuoutube video, like fricking a musical or something, and down in the comments would be the most bloodthristhy internet slapfight :slapfight: :slapfight: :slapfight: :slapfight: :slapfight: :slapfight: between 10 different factions.

Well even youtube is very different today, and every specific prominent youtuber can cultivate a much more civilized and helpful community of commenters. If someone is a guide for PC Components, you are less likely to find (((())))) posting than a pirated WW2 documentary uploaded in the comments

Yet even then, I've found myself having read Youtube comments in recency, which i usually ignore, as the norm are low-brow low-effort jokes/memes like "first!" or "who still listens to this song only released 2 years ago in 2023"! (fricking everyone you zoomer r-slur) - but I've found that whenever other websites are discussed, nothing elicits disgust and disdain more than modern Reddit lmoa

I bet most regular YOutube commenters are aware that Utube used to have to worst reputation online, because in Facebok, Utube, 9gag and even random sites like GmaeFAQs share likeminded revulsion regarding teh average redditor lol

Facebook who's now famous for being boomer dominated isn't even chud central as you would thing. A lot of the very best FacebookGroups, which acts like subs or marsey-holes, you need to request the right to either enter the Group, to even see it or post on it, and sometimes you even need to go farther and have a friend reccomend you.

And almost universally, these facebook groups have a no politics/religion mega rule, nobody who's a griller, even the facebook boomers, wants to have their meme-sub ruined with moral-busibodies. Which is probably why the steriotypes of assblasted boomers on facebook is such, because all the chill boomers hide away in their Group fortresses away from all the politics. :marseygrilling2: :marseygrilling2: :marseygrilling2: :marseygrilling2: :marseycenter: :marseycenter: :marseycenter: :marseygrilling:

But the REALLLY funny thing about the disdain and revulsion other sites i frequent have against Reddit, is the steriotypes. You know how we think upon ultra soys as a bunch of polyamorous cucks, the facebook guys and youtube comments have the same steriotype! You know how reddit is :marseytrain: filled with bad advice and filled with /r/antiwork peeps,

9gag has that same perception. And fricking ALLLL of them have nothing but the worst slurs for reddit moderators. Like it's so much that I though I had inadvertantly made my mind terminally Dramabrained, in that I was repeatedly seeing the view of reddit shitlibs and moderators as something we Dramanaughts had as we were kicked out of the big club by Bardfin and SRDine smug straggots.

But know, this bad experience and disdain for the Soy :soycry: :soyjackwow: :soysnoo: :marseysoyrope: :soyjakyell: :soyjakfat: :soyjak: :soyjakhipster: :soyreddit: :marseyfunko: :directlypointingsoyjak: :soysnoo3: steriotype was universal, even some boomers would discuss how much they hated the woke commie moderators of Reddit

What's yooour take dramatards? Let me know in the comments! :marseypoint2:

it's over lol Ol Musky is being interviewed by the gay frog man

edit: apparently this has been going on for two hours and is almost over

Hbomberguy has a subject for his next plagiarism video: the president of Harvard
Schizocel gets reinstated on X

Not even 4chan can escape the wrath of the chud seriousposter, as the website that used to endlessly mock Jack Thompson 15 years ago now rallies around him. Are the chuds right? Should GTA 6 be banned before it ushers in a new era of zoomer degeneracy? Discuss!

Rdrama :marseyoverseether: user (not me) attempts to recruit a twitter :marseyetika: :marseytrain: :marseyvalentine: with 20k follows, gets turned down for being a glowing :marseynooticeglow: chud


New Dance routine to Free Palestine






>Location United States



R/detrans is a cult : trans

You can look at there rules and kind of see the emphasis on my point. They explicitly discourage any type of encouragement regarding retransitioning, even if someone were to theoretically go on there page and say that detransitioning is killing them, they will constantly reaffirm and motivate them despite this. I haven't left any comments, but I have been eyeing these sort of patterns for a while.

On trans subreddits, if someone came forward and announced they were detransitioning, and that it truly was the right course of action, I know for a fact we would affirm them and encourage it if it were what was deemed necessary. This is why detrans is culture, because it funnels into group mindsets, and a shared emotion, when in actuality are transitions are vastly unique, and the solution for all is different.

I remember three years ago I detransitioned due to societal pressure, and I had time to process that I didn't want too and that it was suffocating me. Retransitinioning was simply the best course or action for me, but for others it isnt! One thing is for certain though, im glad I didn't fall into a cult trying to affirm that I was doing the right thing for myself at the time.

Also I just finished finals so there will be load of typos, my essay brain isn't working.

:#marseysmug3: Upmarseys to the left please because I am broke thanks.

Clothing chain comes out with a new ad campaign. How could this be dramatic?

https://i.rdrama.net/images/1702221715880785.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17022217153143458.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17022217155492814.webp

#BoycottZara currently has 100k+ tweets. Mission successful!

The dude

High quality journ*lism covering his ban


One user by the name of Limp-D*ck_Calvin pushed his passion for energy drinks to the extreme on a subreddit dedicated to those whose love for energy drinks runs a bit beyond what most would normally feel.

He claims to have turned Monster into a popsicle to find a new form for his favorite energy drink, and was compelled to shove said popsicle up his butt to attain “maximum torque” and was banned a short time after telling his tale.

Calvin's journey has been an enlightening one. The process of simply drinking an energy drink wasn't enough for him, and he felt the need to innovate. Now, this isn't exactly a new trend on the energy drinks subreddit, but Calvin's act of turning Monster into a popsicle certainly caught some eyes.

Calvin posed the question of whether or not freezing Monster would “lower the efficacy” of the caffiene, claiming that he needed “maximum torque” and wanted to condense his energy drink into a raw popsicle form.

This post stayed up for a while, with Calvin himself editing the post to claim that he'd post a video of the act. However, his account was banned a short time after exchanges where he promised proof.

“I realize some of you might this is satirical, this is a completely serious post btw. I actually did this. Let me know if you guys want me to post an update with pictures for proof.” Calvin claimed.

“Yeah, I filmed it and sent it to my group chat. I can just take some screenshots and blur out my face and a**hole and post it.” he continued. Someone was curious as to why he felt the need to blur his butt, with Calvin replying, “I don't want anyone to figure out my identity.”

BETTING THREAD! Is PlsNope a man?
Courtesy of carp, a brief summary regarding the elaborate @PlsNoCoal catfish saga for those out of the loop:


A few months after being exposed as a fraud, PlsNope resumed posting on rDrama, though arguably with less fervor as when they were pretending to be a cute neurodivergent goth girl. Despite everything, PlsNope still maintains they are a cis woman:


PlsNope was given her second grass award by yours truly after careful analysis of the PlsNope persona which demonstrated the following:

1. PlsNope has male opinions, such as rhetoric akin to slut-shaming of our own poor homegrown slut, Ted_simp. While not definitive, one would expect to see some sisterly kinship or empathy shown towards a fellow cis woman who also experiences PTSD (@pizzashill traumatic stress disorder).

2. PlsNope has male behavior. As evidenced by the neurodivergent OF thot stalking/catfishing saga of course. They were also previously grassed and did not touch grass. Very sus, what are they hiding? Kind of reminds me of someone I know.. but I must have blackfaced it out of my memory..

3. PlsNope writes like a man. While this intuitively appears to be the case to me, a man, I also plugged a random sampling of PlsNope's long or effortposts into gender analysis cowtools for objectivity and the results significantly skew male.

https://i.rdrama.net/images/17022531890435624.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17022531891893477.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17022531893328424.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17022531894703262.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17022531896308713.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17022531897990017.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17022531901272295.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17022531903583908.webp

Now, on to the betting!

PlsNope is a:


  • Male voters will win if PlsNope submits a manhand/ambiguously gendered/questionable/low quality grass hand pic OR if the ban from the grass award times out on Jan 6, 2024.


https://i.rdrama.net/images/16914323646119573.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/1690700725474769.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17022618876511347.webp

  • Female voters will win if PlsNope submits a grass pic clearly showing a females hand, thus proving my conclusion wrong and potentially renewing their base of simps and carps affection/fascination for a notorious femcel foid stalker.


https://i.rdrama.net/images/164313363927.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16801903365877194.webp

Good luck everyone!

!goomblers !biofoids !fellas !whites

These days it's easy for anyone to take a decent picture, even moreso if you're a nerd with expendable income. Therefore you'd expect Stack Overflow's Travel forum's monthly photo contest to be high quality.

You'd be wrong, they're always TERRIBLE. This month's theme is "Festive". The current winning picture is shit:


and third place is currently...


Why would a StackOverflow power user be eating such a sad-looking Christmas dinner alone? It really makes you think.

Past contest entries (in various topics) include:





There's a suitably :marseyautism: list of suggested future themes including:

  • Officials (police, customs officers, diplomats etc)

  • Unusual modes of transportation

  • Construction (any work in progress that's meant to enable / enhance travel)

  • Holiday photos, in which you can recognize people traveling for their (yearly?) break from work

  • Civic buildings

You can find past contests on https://travel.meta.stackexchange.com.

Weekly "What are you playing thread?" #39

What an insanely eventful week!

So we had the gaming awards, gta 6 trailer, some warhammer game releasing, some final fantasy 7 rebirth remake advance reiteration thing and a lot of announcements for new games woah.

As always, the same question remains:

What are you playing currently? !g*mers

Previous Iterations:

I'm aware there are previous weekly or so megathreads and I'll eventually add them ( green = official, red = fake, yellow = misc, blue = losercel)

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Dwarf Fortress Saga

Last week's game: Rimworld

  • Final Score: (108+92+84+41)/15 = 8.93 :marseypoggers:

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Game to Discuss?

To honor its success at the Game Awards for many called the best game not just of 2023 but of all time, Baldur's Gate 3 must now go up against the most final and persistent judges of all - rdrama elitists. There's @PrincessTeegra's review of the game here which also includes a discussion with DLMO, then there's @birdenthusiast's enthuastic posts about the game here, here and here. Then there's @XD claiming BG3 is superior to its predecessors here and @Patriarch rates the game here and finally there's @SantaSix reviewing the game here. Did I miss anything?

This week's entry will be Baldur's Gate 3

An ancient evil has returned to Baldur's Gate, intent on devouring it from the inside out. The fate of Faerun lies in your hands. Alone, you may resist. But together, you can overcome.

Discuss and rate HERE

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