Old grooming accusations against Sam Hyde resurface and his fans decide to defend him by siding with grooming

Grooming children is now red-blooded American and MAGA

Based is when a 29 year old grooms a 16 year old.


Im pretty sure the next person is a dramatard and they just straight up admit to finding 15 year olds attractive

"It's cool because the AoC is 16, commies"

Lol keep yourself safe

This one isn't surprising because everyone knows groypers are pedos


It just goes on and on

!nonchuds this is who calls you a groomer online

Trump is officially the gayest president.

!fellas remember to blow your bros.....a kiss.

At least Biden is still a stagdog.

Also Madison Cawthorn.


My work didn't get hit by the clownstrike shit so that's all the effort I'm putting in, but the whole thread is pretty funny.

Stupidest shit your sibling has ever said or done, a thread :marseystitch:

I'll go first;

My husband and I were sleeping :marseysoren: over at my mom's house :marseykiwivampire: a few months ago because we needed to watch :marseysalitsnowhere: my youngest siblings for a few days while she was in another state :marseyusa: saying her goodbyes her her dying :marseycutwrist: brother :marsey1984:

We didn't mind and opted to sleep :marseyhatman: on the couch :marseywatchingtv: because there :marseycheerup: was enough :marseyitsallsotiresome: room for us both to sleep :marseyhatman: together.

I was barely awake when my sister :marseygirl: came home, she's a college :marseymcwagie: dropout and a stoner.

She sat in the dining room across from the living :marseyjumpscare: room and said:

"Hey LilMarsey are you awake?"

"Trying not to be, why?"

"Could you get my weed and pipe so I can smoke? It's in my car and I forgot it"

".... Why?" At this point :marseyhesright: I'm sitting :marseyteapot: up just staring :marseystare: at her like:

"Because I just sat down."

"Well I'm trying to go to sleep, besides I'm not gonna :marseyvenn6: touch :marseygrass: it."

I laid back down and rolled over and she huffs and asks

"do you not touch :marseygrass: the spoons in your house, just because there's the chance someone used them to do drugs?"

I rolled back over and just looked at her:

And she said with a huff


I just rolled back over and heard :marseyjacksparrow: her sigh before :marseyskellington: getting up WALKING :marseydogwalker: OUT THE DOOR and getting her weed.


:popcorn: your turn!

Weekly "what are you reading" Thread #58 :marseyreading:

To discuss your weekly readings of books, textbooks and papers.

I'm reading "Fire & Blood" :marseygeorgerrmartin: and "La Guerre de Cent Ans" :marseyvampirecrusader:.

So far (Fire & Blood) I think Aenys I was a weakling and a naive idiot and that Maegor and Visenya had a point.

!bookworms !classics


And suddenly Julian Jihad gives good example why it's to early for f16:

I mean it's a good point, A week ago when Blinken told f16 comes by summer, those problems that Jihad Julian listed didn't existed so it was ok for Julian Jihad to hype blinken but so much changed in 1 week :marseyagreesuperspeed:

Also at what Jihad ask you could use mustang fighter jets

But don't worry here some cope.

I assume one day Poland will close its highways to let f-16 drive by ?

But I personally start thinking they now just don't want to give Ukraine f16 and decided promise of f16 has more value as promise than reality. "The friend we made on our ways is the true goal of our journey"

Because f16 will get destroyed and that will hurt its reputation


@MAGAshill Why not just goomble in devrama at this point :marseydisagree:

Crowdstrike problem cause poll :marseychartbar:

Self harm scars are normal according to redditards
:itsjoever2:It has never been more Joever :itsjoever:
Legitimate reasons
Moan post

Feeling sad today after a few weeks of feeling on top of the world.

Not even sure what's happened since there's no major event I can pinpoint that's made my mood pivot so completely.

Last week I was dealing with crisis after crisis in work, getting credited by the CTO for managing to get a bunch of DBAs, developers and architects on a call from different companies to resolve a severe issue despite different timezones etc. (I knew them all from various contracting jobs so was able to cut out organisational bullshit). And it literally saved the company from losing a week's work of data.

This week has been the hangover. Just totally deflated.

And one of my peers, another senior manager, comes in on Monday having been invisible the week before saying "We need to have a debrief and lessons learned on the issue. I think comms could use some improvements."

You fricking b-word I was busy saving the day, why didn't you handle comms last week during the crisis?

Anyway that really pissed me off because I did a fricking great job and he did nothing.

And that's when I start pulling at the gender thread ...

FFS. Rationally I am sure that he would have behaved in the exact same way had I been a cis moid, a woman or whatever but I can't help dwelling on what I'm dwelling on.

Anyway. It's the evening. Time to drink a lot and black out and feel better because ITS THE WEEKEND!

Jan 6 Trumpppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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