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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Hijacker

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Who the fuck changes their pfp, profile song or banner to fit their shitty internet persona mine are literally just things i found funny


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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Hijacker

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Who the fuck changes their pfp, profile song or banner to fit their shitty internet persona mine are literally just things i found funny


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I just woke from a nap

What I miss

I will be back in two months

bottom text.

Rdrama original meme thread

Post em.

Reminder you can post anything you want on trcm and get free hoesmadx24 in the comments


Op is totally one of us. They post nothing but unironic rightoid content on trcm with one word titles lmao. And it literally always works


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Fatoids coping en masse


This is absolutely bullshit. As a skinny fit dude who is engaged to a large lady, I hate this kinda garbage, people just get this idea in their head about me or us. It's not as bad as some other folks get it (like gender non-conforming relationships or same-sex/trans folks), but there's all kinds of judgements made about us by fools who don't understand. Honestly, it gets me heated that this is how people imagine relationships with larger gals. I'm not settling for a darn thing, I'm not resigning myself to what I can get, I've not dropped my expectations or my standards. I'm gonna marry the most caring, kind, supportive and beautiful woman on this planet, and I'm lucky as heck that she's willing to spend her life with me. She's perfect exactly as she is. Some people just don't give a frick about what people think "conventional beauty" (another bit of shaming bullshit) is and their first choice is someone fat or short or whatever. Love is love is love! The idea that a woman only deserves to be loved after all other options have failed, or when someone has resigned themselves to not being able to "dO aNy BeTtEr" is gross as hell. frick. This. Trash. Meme.

Good god you're sensitive.

Nah, just someone who hates seeing shaming bullshit that tells women they are lesser deserving of love for shallow reasons Any further opinions you have on the matter can be written on paper, crumpled up, and inserted straight into your ass.


If you donโ€™t wanna be fat shamed, try taking the fricking cake out of your mouth.

or you could try taking the eight foot stick out of your ass. just a thought ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

You can do better than that, fatty.


But you gotta admit youโ€™d want an in shape girl instead of a fat one

That's a preference, some men prefear chubby woman (especially super skinny guys in my exprience )

Why has single mother shaming become a thing? It's so fricking weird.

Because its absolutely common for single mothers to be dependent on everybody around them and generally dont bring anything to the table besides someone elses kid. I dont think ive seen more than 10% of single moms ive met to be decent humans.

Future or possibly current dramanaut declares war on japan
Holy fricking shit lmfao


Uh oh, a white (adjacent) woman has made a demand. R/gaming Drops everything


"yo mama makes biscuits and gravy with skim milk!" Is one of my go to insults lol


Foid shows basic assertiveness. Demands attention for it


The redditors are gonna stop the global corporate conglomerate guys


Manchildren circlejerk themselves to completion


I'd wear that

I bet you get laid a lot.


I agree with your friend tbh

That's alright, when you get past your teenage years / early twenties you'll stop limiting the things you can allow yourself to enjoy out of the need to be perceived by others as an 'adult'. It's very liberating.


I'd would have said back: "C'mon, you're an adult. And adults don't pass petty judgements about aspects of people's lives that harm nobody and have no effect on them whatsoever."

Epic Reddit comeback destruction 100 ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ


If I saw anyone over the age of 12 wearing this, I'd think that they had learning difficulties or mental issues

This was not considered wholesome 100

Okay but why be so judgmental of others in the first place, seems pointlessly hateful.

Judging by that comment, I think you have issues if youโ€™re that judgemental of a silly backpack. Itโ€™s 2022, the fact that we still judge people over shit like this is mind boggling


Once I was walking home from the grocery store and some kid just called me "fricking childish" for having a mario kart keychain attached to my backpack

How rude!

Rude AF! I have a yellow Yoshi keychain on my purse. If anyone has a problem with it, I donโ€™t care.

My keychain says "I speak parseltongue."

Sam hyde on normiereddit


Sky News: Boris Johnson survives confidence vote and will continue as PM : unitedkingdom
frick you wuz it was getting bites


@Aevann i lost 2.5k marseybux pinning it for wuz to remove it. Pls compensate

1 year of shitposting holy frick
Did one of you post this cuz lol



yea, I have had that argument and gotten downvoted to hell. They really don't want to hear that there is nothing you can own that is worth more than a human life.

Just curious- what is the argument? Iโ€™ll be honest, I never really disagreed with this viewpoint. Donโ€™t want to get shot? Donโ€™t steal. And what are you supposed to do? Let them rob youโ€ฆ? Iโ€™m just curious what the counter argument is.

You let them rob you as long as they pose no threat to you, the live of the thief is worth more than the money and other stuff you have in your home. If the guy becomes a threat you can light him up all you want but that's unlikely.

Least cute twinky redditor

happy capitalist noises (This is satire, the concept of property/profits>life is revolting)

Stop w your liberal point of view or weโ€™ll be forced to shoot you and your children /s

God i cant wait

Heโ€™s attracted to men, but donโ€™t you dare label him gay! : SelfAwarewolves
Why do so many people believe that you canโ€™t be racist to white folks ? : TooAfraidToAsk

On /r/all lollll

How is this upvoted in the economy subreddit? This is a trivially terrible idea

Itโ€™s tweeted by a guy who has 200k in student debt and an art PhD lol. Cancelling student debt is the only chance he has

Itโ€™s his RIGHT for you to pay him hundreds of thousands of dollars to waste 10 years making water paintings!!! Now!


Free doesn't mean free somebody has to pay for it. You took out a loan... pay it back. Welcome to adulthood. From: a person in there 20s who hates how lazy and selfish my generation is.

The interest rates are predatory. If you take out 20,000 you shouldn't have to pay back 60,000 and still owe the original 20,000. From: a person in their* 20s who hates people complaining about an entire generation just to sound mature. Piss off.

Cope harder. Meanwhile I'll be over here making more money without a degree than you with one... and yes I do want fries with that


You took the debt You pay the debt There is no money. USA National Debt over $30 Trillion. Stop the madnessโ€ฆ..

Do you understand how scientific progress works?

Ita def not by paying for every dumb college kids schooling.

Does it involve you getting a psych degree to work at Starbucks?

If you could increase your erect peepee size by 1 inch but decrease your flaccid size to 0.5 inches would you?


-you have a bigger peepee


-awkward peeing

-literally no bulge

-if you get walked in while showering unless your erect people are gonna think your a peepeelet

So would you? Nobody will believe your nub will grow that much unless you physically show them BTW.

For foids: idk something about no perfume and dresses in exchange for bigger tits or something idc about gussy nonsense

Diagram is cuz text posts get no b-wordes

EDIT: since there is a little confusion, your flaccid size shrinks TO 0.5 inches, not BY 0.5 inches

When flaccid you literally have


What's going on? We used to pounce on "tragedies" like this in hours. Don't tell me you actually feel sorry for those heckin childerinos do you?

And before you accuse me of doing the exact same thing I made a fake td post and gotย @Absintheย to post it on therightcantmeme


It didn't do very well, partially due to absinthe (bless his rslurred heart) posting the imgur link instead if the actual image, but at least I tried.

Get to work.

(Oh and feel free to repost my fake post I made, if you want. It's not like I'm seething about the fact spent a literal hour making it look realistic on my shitty butt phone and no professional editing equipment just for someone to fumble at the last step or anything, why would you think that?)

Pic unrelated, but text posts get zero interaction