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Who the fuck changes their pfp, profile song or banner to fit their shitty internet persona mine are literally just things i found funny


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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Hijacker

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Who the fuck changes their pfp, profile song or banner to fit their shitty internet persona mine are literally just things i found funny


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Foid who dedicates her identity to not doing the one thing moids like about women gets dumped. Cryposts.



If you can't love me at my me, you aren't worth my time.

Exactly. Can't love me as an asexual? Then stop loving me.


less cuddles and garlic bread for him

Garlic bread unironically tastes like shit.

Weirdly, I waited like two years to tell him. Seeing the lightbulb light up in his brain and hearing him say, “That explains so much!” made me laugh a little too hard. With that being said, you are dodging a bullet with that one. They do not deserve you!

Sure. Hes out a relationship whete he wouldn't get physical affection ever, but you're the real bullet dodger

To everyone who was in this situation: You are valid, there's nothing wrong with you, you deserve to be happy and I love yall.

If theres one thing i always knew even when i was literally just getting into online shit its that aces are unironically mentally ill. Reproduction is the main goal of all lifeforms, and feeling no desire to it is a catastrophic failure of biology at best

This probably won't make you feel better but when my ex came out to me as ace she broke up with me right away. She was moving away and when I talked about going with her she told me she was just going to make the move by herself. And that was that.

I like to think that deep down, she knew that I wouldn't be happy going forward, and that even though I promised up and down I didn't need intercourse to be happy with her, she just didn't believe it. If I was the man I thought I was I wouldn't have been so hurt, because she allowed us both a future where we meet someone who checks all the boxes, not most of them.

Ok, trollers remorse for a sec, this is really fricking sad.

Unless he was a peepee about it he was just being honest with you, not allot of people can be in a romantic relationship without skinship and that's ok. If he was a peepee about it tho he wasn't worth it anyway

he was a peepee about lmao. If he had been honest and respectful, the situation would've been a lot less soul crushing.

Edit: Oh boy is taking the moderate stance and opinion that at least a friendship can be salvaged here is gonna frick up my karma but here we go

Yikes, Im not usually an active participant in this community or the LGBTQ in general, but I know a few aces, and I've heard a few breakup stories.

It might sound peepeeish or victim blaming here, but really knowing the way you explained it to him would help gauge how inappropriate his reaction was, basically wether he was acting like terrible person or just acting like a person that received terrible news. Unless he did something unforgiveable it might help waiting for everything to calm down and talking to him once you've both had time to think about it, coming out is bad enough without losing someone that major in your life over it, but make it clear where you stand with him if you go though with it, and if he acts like he has an in or that he can / should try to "fix" you bounce immediatly.

It's entirely possible you made the mistake I did telling my gf I actually like dudes too, and were too frank, brief, or blunt about it and made them blame themselves or feel lied too, like the person they loved was never real. In my case though I just didn't communicate I still liked women very well and was too relaxed about the whole thing.

Again I'm going to repeat, if it turns out he wasn't just lashing out at the world and you happened to be nearby thing to project it onto, and is actually a cunt drop his butt like a bag of bricks.

Edit 2: I would give this exact advice in reverse, I'm not siding with him, I'm just sharing my perspective and hoping that something of the relationship you once had can be salvaged and add to the pile of "people that understand and don't think this shit is fake". I'm twitching on these edits before anyone even reads this because I know it can come off as me defending the abuser but I promise you that is not my intention.

Thats a lot of words to say you don't frick

Well, he didn't deserve you if he couldn't handle your sexuality


Can someone help me, a person entirely ignorant of this personality trait / community / sexuality / lack of sexuality (I don’t even know what to call it without potentially accidentally offending) — all the comments in here about how “he doesn’t deserve you / your sexuality”? If the overwhelmingly prevailing desires of people looking for love inextricably include a healthy sexual life as part of that relationship, and an ace person enters into that relationship — and/or lets it persist without telling the sexual person, why is the sexual person who leaves that situation when the other person comes out as ace “bad” and “undeserving”? Do you see anything wrong an ace person not being honest with their partner going into a relationship and/or hiding that for a long time?

Don't get me wrong, I think everyone deserves to be in a relationship where they're happy and getting what they want out of it. At the same time, he broke up with me because he's a self proclaimed "horny fatherless child" with a porn addiction. So I think that's why the people commenting might seem a little harsh

he's a self proclaimed "horny fatherless child" with a porn addiction

I'm ace and a horny fatherless child who, at times, has has a porn addiction. He broke up with you because he's a horny fatherless child who actually wants to have mutually compatible intercourse with someone he's sexually attracted to in his relationship, and as you said, that's valid. I wish him luck~


He doesn’t deserve someone as incredible as you if he’s gonna ditch you like that.


Honey, he ain't worth shit. If the only reason you stay in a relationship is the potential sexual prospects, it's not a relationship it's just slowly bribing your way into someone's pants

Now we move onto the downvoted comments( all interacted with btw)

What the frick does ace mean? Just another made up term to feel special ?

Men only think of one thing, that is sex. Don't fall for the illusion. While this may seem bad now you'll awaken and realize that it was just holding you down

Who wants to be with someone and never have sex? Make sure you fricking tell someone that you don’t want intercourse before screwing around with their feelings? Holy shit

This is getting out of control, now your sexuality can be a rainbow six siege operator, smh

A great lulz harvest all around

Politically irrelevant losers sneed



Start having them watch some leftist YouTube videos then. PhilosophyTube, ContraPoints, Some More News, John Oliver, HBomberGuy. If they like podcasts, Behind The fatherless childs and Even More News (same people from Some More News and friends with BtB). Every single one of these channels have cited sources, if they need further proof. Good luck

You know what will deradicalise people? A bunch of even more smug and economically illierate millenials, but these ones weren't even important enough to get an actual tv show

Just tell her that ben Shapiro is a fricking loser like listen to that voice

Lmfao the irony

You're a literal NPC if you're unable to counter Ben fricking Shapiro. Lmfao seriously dude you're just pathetic. Better ignore talking about politics with people in the future.

I would chalk it up to the opposite. It’s a great disadvantage that leftists and Marxists have a long tradition of literature and learning. Ben Shapiro can just shit out something absolutely stupid that sounds right to conservative ameriKKKans and get their emotions riled up, whereas the opinions of a socialist require thought and knowledge and time to understand. Once someone is in the defensive state of mind that propagandists like Shapiro put them in, no amount of reasoning will pierce the veil. No doubt you have experienced this yourself.

Active in genzedong and okaybuddyr-slur

That is why Ben Shapiro should be censored.

Lmfao imagine needing censorship to stop fricking ben

I can’t wait for the broken ameriKKKan conception of “muh freeze peach” to go away forever

People on the left have fought for the enforcement of their right to free speech in the US in order to be able to spread socialist ideas. I think it's strange that some people on the left want to limit people's speech when all past experience shows that it will be the left who will bear the brunt of that.

I meant after the revolution. When those currently in power are in control of free speech, we get the kind of censorship that these tech megacorps dole out to leftist ideas while Shapiro and Alex Jones etc. get recommended. But after the revolution hopefully some kind of slightly more intelligent form of free speech protection can be instituted.

That reminds me? When is this revolution anyways? Better work quick chapo, the second the elites figure out how to attach guns to automatic drones it'll become readily apparent that they, in fact, can stop you all. You better move quickly and organize one. Has the working class stopped being overwhelmingly white and conservative yet? No? Well, how are the attempts to bring people over to the working class? looks at post. This is gonna be the worst revolution ever

I would bet money this isn't real

Nah b-word your ideas are just dumb lmao

You (And her) should watch The Alt-Right Playbook

If anyone took alt right playbook seriously after they unironically took the idea of finding different solutions to commonly agreed upon problems as an example of bad politics, they need to be sterilized

You really do need knowledge to parse politics. If you've got absolutely no idea how the world works, then you've got no frame of reference and any argument is as good as any other argument. >saying it wasn’t okay to force employers to pay a certain amount and that a job making $5/hr is better than no job at all. They needed to stop and think about this. And then learn some economics.

Ah yes, you, sir, are the beacon of truth and hope in figuring out this perverted, twisted world.

Its not your parents of course.

Its not the people who have lived and worked their whole lives in the world you know oh so much about..

Its not the people who were there in the events you sperg about online, the people who have physically watched and experienced and been awestruck by the rapidly changing world swirling back and forth between norms, both on a worldly and domestic scale, shaping the present and future with their prescence and forming the culture you b-word about today.

How could the generation that bridges the gap between the coldwar and the information ages possibly have any insight worth hearing?

No, my young communist friend, you are better than each and all of them. Why? Because i'm your favourite yes man on the internet. And i told you so

  1. Break up with your girlfriend. Dating people who don’t share your core values isn’t going to work out. 2) Accept that your family isn’t going to share your views. Appreciate your relationships with them for what they are and focus on the things you can share and enjoy together. 3) Seek out friends who DO share your values. 4) Don’t worry about “radicalizing” other people. Be honest about your opinions, do what you can to make the world better, and live your own life.

His girlfriend be like "noo please stop don't go."

Log onto her YouTube and search up a bunch of leftist youtubers so you destroy the algorithm and maybe she’ll stumble upon someone she agrees with on the left… it’s difficult when it’s family

Wtf lmao

You could show her all the awful batshit insane things Ben has said. “Arabs blow stuff up and destroy. Jews build and create”

Showing ben shapiro being right, that'll show em

Some people will buy “shit in a can”, if the salesman sounds sincere.

Or maybe ur just wrong about everything

It's not that you are not good, it's that you don't have the manipulative techniques. These people are very good at what they do, and their ideas have been ingrained in people for years. I've had that happend before, but it's been with religion, the brains don't just get washed, they are sanitized, and there is no amount of common sense you can put back in.

You're gonna figure this out on your own one day but you're a bad person

I could never date someone attracted to messages of hate and punching down.

Sure, THATS why you aren't getting any dates

I’ve had 10 years of trying to change my family from being right wing racists. What you’ve written is exactly what I’ve done. I’ve realised it’s pointless saying anything.

At what point do you start to think you might not have anything interesting to say?

It's reaching the points where only a violent silencing of propagandists and their sponsors will work.

The 48 kilo soy based lifeform is getting rather uppity, methinks

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Researchers dab on "principled" autists. Autists sperg out.
Rightoid moment





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  • Ruq: reporting just 'cause
  • ponyblaze: agendaposting-posting
  • Sphereserf3232: hatred of people of security
  • dang: sneed
  • peepeehands: are you the same dang from hacker news
  • BillCosbysPharmacist: I’m not funny, but the comment was clearly tongue-in-cheek you r-slurs
The (((rightoids))) are beginning to feel safe agendaposting. we need another crackdown

80+ comments of raggot seething and unironic td level content

I guess lefty riots don't count

they dont

Reminder that Travis Scott killed more people than January 6th.

neither travis scott fans or jan6 boomers and security guards are people

Is this what they call gaslighting

gaslighting is a memeword. if you can't believe your own mind you deserve it.

Wanna right hook this dude so hard his glasses break and his hat flies off like Bobby Shmurda

nice fanfic

Lmao dems you’re all gonna die

oh frick off

I come here to get away from raggot agendaposting. Do better.

Tucker Carlson may as well have pulled the trigger : WhitePeopleTwitter

I honestly couldn't have made a better title. Lefties cope about the fact that they're never gonna see any change lol

Post ur average upvotes per "interaction"

Its just truescore/(posts+comments)

Mine is 9.6174398121

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fricking casinoposters

The site fricking sucks now. It's full of fricking r-slurs gambling on completely unrelated threads and [INSERT HARSH AND HARD HITTING CRITICISM HERE]

for the reasons above ban casinoposters

Mass shooters of 2021 : Anarcho_Capitalism

On /r/all lol

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Ever since you could buy out of the agendapost flair llm has gone HARD with the rightoid posting

I said this a few months back when they changed it so dramacoin increases wether you upvote or downvote that llm was starting to be more open about his anti-trans views, but now you can buy out an agendaposter theme llm has really upped it with the agressive and rightoid seriousposting (registered democrat my tight bussy)

Some assorted examples:





Now the thing you may notice in common in all these threads is they are wildly unfunny and annoying to look at. I think we need to make a llm specific agendaposter theme that you can't buy out of so he stops pooping up the comment section.

Fatoids coping en masse


This is absolutely bullshit. As a skinny fit dude who is engaged to a large lady, I hate this kinda garbage, people just get this idea in their head about me or us. It's not as bad as some other folks get it (like gender non-conforming relationships or same-sex/trans folks), but there's all kinds of judgements made about us by fools who don't understand. Honestly, it gets me heated that this is how people imagine relationships with larger gals. I'm not settling for a darn thing, I'm not resigning myself to what I can get, I've not dropped my expectations or my standards. I'm gonna marry the most caring, kind, supportive and beautiful woman on this planet, and I'm lucky as heck that she's willing to spend her life with me. She's perfect exactly as she is. Some people just don't give a frick about what people think "conventional beauty" (another bit of shaming bullshit) is and their first choice is someone fat or short or whatever. Love is love is love! The idea that a woman only deserves to be loved after all other options have failed, or when someone has resigned themselves to not being able to "dO aNy BeTtEr" is gross as hell. frick. This. Trash. Meme.

Good god you're sensitive.

Nah, just someone who hates seeing shaming bullshit that tells women they are lesser deserving of love for shallow reasons Any further opinions you have on the matter can be written on paper, crumpled up, and inserted straight into your ass.


If you don’t wanna be fat shamed, try taking the fricking cake out of your mouth.

or you could try taking the eight foot stick out of your ass. just a thought 🤷🏻‍♀️

You can do better than that, fatty.


But you gotta admit you’d want an in shape girl instead of a fat one

That's a preference, some men prefear chubby woman (especially super skinny guys in my exprience )

Why has single mother shaming become a thing? It's so fricking weird.

Because its absolutely common for single mothers to be dependent on everybody around them and generally dont bring anything to the table besides someone elses kid. I dont think ive seen more than 10% of single moms ive met to be decent humans.

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My landlord is fweezing me to death guys 😥


For context, this landlord is paying the tenants electricity bill and wants to keep the thermostat at 66 degrees (19 in non burger units) and redditors think he's freezing then to death lmao


>The US is an actual dystopia

>Nope smash it with a hammer, especially if you are in a state with decent tenant law

>AND FRICKING MOVE OUT ASAP !!! Never live some where you don't control the environment.

>Pay for the heating/cooling and you can control it all you want.

>That's not an option in some places.

"Guys making my house a fricking kiln at someone elses expense is literally a human right"

>Over my dead body will somebody else be controlling the temperature where I sleep. frick out of here!

Over your cold dead body lmao

>Alternatively, smash the cover off with a hammer then beat your landlords butt if they have a problem. You're a person and deserve to be comfortable

>Warm up by burning your landlord's corpse!

>TIL that landlords can dictate what temperature is in my own darn place. TIL that Mao was right about landlords.

>What the frick? Is this legal?

Society RETVRNS to public executions


Public hangings are based and were a great public pasttime until the LIBERALS RUINED it. We could go to the local park and watch some heads roll, now we have to get our kicks on watchpeopledie and shit.

Loser seethe:

>This isn’t interesting it’s a frickin nightmare.

>Truly the scum of the earth.

>They used to do this in Iran too when I lived there, but eventually stopped it due to public backlash. I remember walking home from school one day and the streets were closed off so that people were forced to stand and wait for the authorities to reopen it, as a result a large crowd was formed who had no idea what was happening. Suddenly they brought a guy and executed him in front of everyone, afterwards they opened the streets again. I cried for days. Even thought I turned my face away I could hear him begging and asking for his mom. The traumas that dictatorships inflict on their people...

WAAAAAH!!! MOMMY!!! :soycry:

Face the wall infidel :chadjihadi:

>frick the Taliban! fricking scum of the earth!

>frick the Taliban.

>stone aged animals

>Disgusting… all of them.

>The only interesting thing about this is the stands are completely full… disgusting

>Goat frickers


>The ONLY thing I agree with what Trump said. There are definitely shithole countries out there. Mostly the ones that embrace theocracies and autocracies.

The redditors see "trump" and "agree" and arrive upon one single conclusion.

>Nah. I think it's most the ones the United States destoryed.

>Those who live in glass houses...

>Trump's most ardent supporters are christian nationalists who want a "handmaids tale" christian nationalist nazi frick theocracy here so, no don't fricking start with that shit dude.

Heres a good seethe thread

>frick you for calling Afghanistan a shithole country. Have you been???

>Nope. I don’t go to countries that would kill a gay person or an atheist or a woman who gets raped. frick you for supporting countries that do.

>It’s what country I’m from, frickwad. You don’t know shit about actual Afghans, I’m sure you’ve never even met one in your entire existence or gotten to know one. You’re a piece of xenophobic trash.

>If you are from there you should be angry about the situation, instead of defending it. Do you disagree with my last comment, or do you think it’s ok?

>Did I say I wasn’t angry at the situation?? Show me where I was defending it?? I’m fricking livid. They’re my own people being executed. I fricking hate the Taliban, but they don’t represent Afghans at all. Afghanistan was a beautiful country before it got blown to bits. Not that you’d ever bother to know the history, though. You’re ignorant.

>It is currently a shithole country and if you don’t recognize that you are delusional. Would you recommend tourists to visit? Of course not, because it is currently a shithole country. And frick you for calling me xenophobic. I have been to many different countries over the last few years. I love travel and I love different cultures. And I would support Afghans that want to immigrate to the US. Any Afghan that wants to leave is probably a good person. Any afghan that wants to fight the Taliban is probably a good person. But any Afghan that supports any Islamic theocracy is a fricking idiot. Are you maybe in the latter category?

>Omg you’re such a white hero!!!! Wow!!! Jesus bless you for allowing such disgusting shithole immigrants into your country! You’re not a fricking hero. I don’t support Islam, OR ANY RELIGION. I’m atheist, dipshit. I don’t support calling the fricking country my ancestors are from a shithole. You can still get fricked for that. Literally, have the day you deserve. You’re a terrible person and I’m done with this ignorant fricking pointless conversation. Converse amongst your fellow white heroes.

>How much does a bud light cost at the stadium

>Occupation was too kind. Nuke them.

>The religion of "peace" hard at work.....

>Bomb the stadium?.

>Looks like a perfect place to drop a nuke

I dont want this criminal executed, maybe i should drop a weapon of mass destruction


>Don't feel sorry for them. This is what they want. Vast majority of Afghans support the Taliban regime https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pashtun_nationalism. These dogs WANT public executions.

"We need to defend democracy"


>This will be the cowboys stadium in Texas if yall’queda has its way. Don’t think for a second it can’t happen in ameriKKKa


>Allahuakbar 🙏

>Shut up its swift justice for r*pe corruption stealing.. Nobody will ever dare to think of something illegal

>This comment shows you have such a small smooth brain it could be used in a pinball machine without missing a beat

>I fully expected religion to be gone by the year 2000. Instead, religion flew planes into the WTC in 2001. It's only gotten worse.

Uh oh, a white (adjacent) woman has made a demand. R/gaming Drops everything


"yo mama makes biscuits and gravy with skim milk!" Is one of my go to insults lol


Goyim mad


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Grandma dunks on zoomer, zoomers seethe.


>Ugh, that’s gross. Out of curiosity, I wonder what needed to be changed to the original book make this applicable for “teen girls” only. My grandma bought my sister “Ten stupid things women do to ruin their life.” for Xmas when she was 15, but that was decades ago. I’m sorry that grandmas are still pulling this shit.

>If it makes you feel any better, the original is very sexist/racist

>There's layers to the passive aggression there. Your grandma sucks.

>Read the original, it's capitalist propaganda.

>At best maybe she respects your identity but thought the lessons in the book where applicable even if she couldn't get her hands on a gender neutral copy. At worst frick you Grandma.

>Ah. A classic case of I love my idea of you, not you. That frickings sucks. You deserve better

>Why the heck does this need to be gendered? So ridiculous.

>Yikes, aside from the intentional misgendering, I would be so offended if I was gifted this book lmao.

>Just put her in a home



peepee envy

Bottom text


That guys sounds like a total butthole. Indeed time to switch programs.


That entire paragraph sounded insecure to me. I think his feelings were hurt by the idea that someone didn't agree with him.


Wow! What a terrible way to respond to a customer, let alone a human being.


This is terrible. The assumption that women wouldn’t respect men that lift less is the most disgusting for myself. I do powerlifting and last weekend I brought my boyfriend to the gym to teach him some moves and he can’t lift the weight I do but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect him or see him like less of a man.

Foids of rdrama, do you respect weaklings? Correct answers only

He ends it with maybe you like weak men

I like men who are strong enough to handle constructive criticism about their microaggressions.

I can't squat 420 pounds or whatever, but strength doesn't require you to be an butthole. He'd probably call me a girl peepee for being a stay at home dad or for cycling instead of squatting for max power. But then I'd just respond that pussies are great and thank him for the compliment. I can guarantee my wife would drop me way faster if I fired off an email like that than if she could lift an arbitrary weight that I couldn't.


100% and everyone is strong. There many different types of strength. - "My girlfriend has internalized misogyny and really wants me to see her as 'one of the guys' so that I will respect her and see her as an actual human being..." Disappointed, deleting the app :(

- A Woman straight up lies

I'm 5 feet tall and was only 95 lbs in high school when I hit my personal best of 370. Just saying. This was after months of weightlifting class and gaining 12 pounds of muscle, because I weighed 83 lbs when I started the class.

That’s a 370 lb squat at 95 lbs? Or 370 total?

370 in weights and bar.

You are either low-key one of the greatest raw squatters of all time or mistaken about the weight you squatted, as the highest recorded squat in powerlifting for any -44 kg lifter, regardless of gender, drug testing, and wraps, is 160 kg, or 352 lbs. Only a handful of people at that weight have squatted 370+ and that was in multiply or equipped lifting. See these rankings on open powerlifting for more information. Many very strong people do not compete, but given this data I would be very interested in hearing more about what you did to achieve a 370 lb squat at that body weight, which is an incredible accomplishment.

A woman lies AGAIN

I started powerlifting with my coach in 2015. He's had me lift with men who can bench 800lbs. They are well over 300lbs. Never once has one ever said anything negative to me as a female lifter. Even on bench day when we have to remove all plates to get back down to my working set of like 150lbs. Never even an eye roll. They have been the absolute pinnacle of inclusion.

790 is the current bench press wr btw

I just threw up in my mouth a little. All that answer is missing is some "well, achkually..." I mean sure, he's not technically wrong, but wow does he manage to sound like a jerk. 0/10 customer service too.


I wonder if humanity will ever move beyond the idea that being factually correct justifies any and all means of delivering the message. He's not wrong that on average the men are stronger than the women with equal training. Apparently the current consensus is that this is almost fully explained by differences in absolute lean tissue, rather than hormones, the magic Y chromosome or what have you. Dudes have more muscle at the same weight, muscle makes human strong. But he's being an entire peepeehole about it and justifying his tone by bringing the opinion of a girlfriend into it - remember, women are a monolith - is simply bad rhethoric. By that logic, wait until he finds out that his opinion is invalid because I have plenty of manly male men friends who think toxic masculinity is real and should end because it harms society. Thank you actually for replying the way you did, we need to call out shit like that. The righteousness boner some people get from Being Right is appalling.

Wow. I may be wrong about everything. But at least i'm not RUDE

That's a lot of words for "I think women are inferior and I can't take any criticism whatsoever." 🤔 - yow, that's offensive. I'm tempted to suggest calling him out on twitter.


"If I liked weak dudes I'd be into you but here we are"

Foids posting shit they wouldn't dare say irl again i see


Every single sentence he wrote was an embarrassment to humanity. It never got better.


"All powerlifting men's records are higher than those of women" That's not even true, though. Marianna Gasparyan holds that all-time total record in the 123lb/56kg class, regardless of sex: https://openpowerlifting.org/rankings/56/by-total

Jesus chould you imagine a 56 kilo man?

just came here to say this is gross


I already thought his program kinda sucks but ew ew ew throw the whole man away. Thank you for posting this, and I'm sorry you had to experience that bullshit.


lmao, he should challenge women who do BJJ or Judo and see what happens

I would pay to see this but she HAS to crush him or he'll only become more insufferable

Foids and delusions. Name a better combo

Heres the "transphobic" part:

I don’t get how it’s transphobic. Also, isn’t Stronglifts for free so if you do it then you aren’t really supporting him are you?

The whole thing of saying a man is less of a man if he's not stronger than (a strong, well-trained, able bodied) woman. What does that imply about trans men? That they're inferior men because they have female anatomy. That they're "abnormal and embarassing" if they can't lift like an able-bodied cis man. Also note how he switches from talking about genders (men, women) to sexes as if they were synonymous. Transphobic.As a general rule of thumb, the "men and women aren't the same, there's differences between the sexes" is a dogwhistle for transphobia.


Reported by:
r-slurs fall for literally the most low effort bait ever


I got my neighbor @George_Floyd to post my way low effort butt meme on forwardsfromklandma and they fell for it lol


>Imagine being this much of a cunt. These people are fricking evil. Also “fascists” YOU PEOPLE ARE THE FRICKING FASCISTS

>I thought that sub was banned?

(George)>They made a website

>This is an old screenshot of the reddit mobile app. What are you talking about?

>Its a theme for their app. Let's not concern troll.

>Yeah they’re real pieces of shit. Gun control or not, we have to protect ourselves against their violence. Leftists need to arm ourselves.

>I cannot imagine being filled with so much hate and anger that I would be happy that people got murdered for being gay and disagreeing with my politics. Like holy frick, have some basic human decency.

>People that post things like this don't deserve to live in this society, it's a disgrace that they exist along side us, disgusting bigots

>Just another reason i would not be upset if someone did something similar at a republiKKKan rally

You know i considered making a new template from scratch by combining some td posts but i thought "nah they'll buy it anyways" and i was right

Probably wont work twice though, i may just make an actual consumeproduct post next time.

Be sure to go in and accuse people calling it out as fake as concern trolling

6 days til the one year anniversary of kylie and redditoids still mad


Redditors seethe and cope over actual justice being dealt on theives
New year confession thread! I'll start:

I may or may not have staged the drama with consumeproduct by dming then on .win

r-slurred loser cannot get over high school, extrapolates that this a big enough market to shill for


Oh nooo i got picked on waah

Highlights (only a few today)

That shit stays with you for life, too. I'm fricked up socially as an adult because of how much I got bullied as a child.

Thats a you problem nerd

I’m someone who’s “on the spectrum”, and my younger brother stood up for me when other kids teased me in public elementary school. I think it still might’ve given me self-esteem issues as I grew up.

Imagine needing your younger brother to stick up for you lmao these had to have been the weakest bullies ever

Kids aren’t evil, they just haven’t unlocked empathy in their skill tree yet

Anyone wanna guess why this guy got bullied?

Redditors discuss the best alternative to the actual solution to the problem

Dramatic comments

Every study ever done on the topic has shown that spanking is detrimental, not beneficial, to child behavioral development. Your feelings on the topic are irrelevant.

How has the human race come so far? Spanking has been around for eons. It didn't just turn up over the last few decades.

Humans have also been raping, murdering, and enslaving each other for eons. Humans have been shit for a long time, why is being shit at raising kids too so hard to believe? Having the resources and technology to focus on studying childhood psychology just allowed the flaws of parenting to be shown empirically as opposed to everyone just talking about how they feel it works of making anecdotes.

Rape is when i got whipped for being a little shit

I was spanked as a child and I turned out OK.


Spanking isn't abuse FFS.

It is! and is criminalized in most of the world. Enjoy prison fricking child abuser.


All these “spanking isn’t abuse” motherlovers wanna come fight me and tell me beating on their butt isn’t abuse? fricking idiots

Spanking is not abuse. If you wanna beat my butt for saying that, that isn't abuse. That's assault.


I think it’s child abuse NOT to smack an ill behaving child. Proper parenting can mildly steer a toddler to proper behavior with discipline. My proof is centuries of successful child raising compared to the chaos of todays schoolyard.

Please tell me you’re a troll

Sorry. What experience do you have actually raising children. All the way to adulthood.

Look at all the schools full of kids that will not sit down, behave, and do their lessons. Society has an obligation to these kids. Teaching them to behave is the foundation of adulthood.

Yup. And science (although I know you don’t believe in science) says that the best way to do that is not to hit your kids. I can’t believe you’re arguing that it’s a good thing to hit kids lmao this is embarrassing for you.


Spanking in not automatically abusive, it depends on how you spank the child.

Don't beat children you frick head.

Grow up if you want to interact with adults

Back where I'm from child absuers who beat kids go to prison.

Theres child abuse and there is spanking. Two different things. Also, every country and state has their own laws.

Beating children is abusing them . Full stop. There is no excuse. Do not beat children . frick you if you do. Yes certain legislations still excuse assault if it's against your own kids, others don't recognize spousal rape. I can still think people who do such behavior are bad from a moral standpoint


Reported by:
inshallah durka durka mohammed jihad Women are mad, on, get this, the internet


>The mental gymnastic just to make r*pe appear to be morally legal.

>Morally legal? That’s double fricked up, not only raping women, but doing it in an attempt to prevent the women from entering Heaven? Those men are pure evil.

>Can we talk about what kind of god is cool with these people going to heaven but r*pe victims not?

Redditors when God doesn't 100% obey their 21st century post-modern moral values that definitely won't be outdated and barbaric in 100 years(unlike the last 294729362):

>Somebody mangle that man. Don’t kill him. Mangle, rape, repeat. And keep him alive. fricking disgusting waste of space.

>I would fricking volunteer to destroy that man. fricking monster

>This is unforgivable. Absolutely monsterous.

@Dahl_Fook is sure he'll be losing sleep

>Beyond horrific. Words cannot even express.

>I feel like that's not quite enough. There is no curse in Elvish, Entish, or the tongues of Men...for this...

Why are they like this

>[YOU raped them so the sin is on YOU, you lowlife excuse for a peace of shit.

and dont r*pe woman is deplorable @Dahl_Fook cant believe someone actually thought the line of thinking is valid its just disgusting.](https://old.reddit.com/r/religiousfruitcake/comments/yuvx9j/iran_is_mass_executing_15000_protestors_to_send_a/iwblsx5?context=3)

darn bro hope he sees this 🙌

>Yeah, THEY are the ones not getting into heaven lol. Not that it exists.

>I am willing to bet that if they start killing prisoners in big numbers, the reaction will be ferocious and regime-ending. Frankly it’s not “if”. It’s”when” IMO.

Its gonna be like the marvel movies where the good guys beat the bad guys

>frick these scum of the Earth trash humans.

>This is not funny at all, this is straight up femicide. All the Iranian men who are doing this should have their peepee cut off with a rusty knife, and let them bleed out to death. We should not care about the male feminist's "human rights". Since these stop being human after commiting such an act. This is why I'm pro-torturing male feminists.


Trans lives matter


How is this upvoted in the economy subreddit? This is a trivially terrible idea

It’s tweeted by a guy who has 200k in student debt and an art PhD lol. Cancelling student debt is the only chance he has

It’s his RIGHT for you to pay him hundreds of thousands of dollars to waste 10 years making water paintings!!! Now!


Free doesn't mean free somebody has to pay for it. You took out a loan... pay it back. Welcome to adulthood. From: a person in there 20s who hates how lazy and selfish my generation is.

The interest rates are predatory. If you take out 20,000 you shouldn't have to pay back 60,000 and still owe the original 20,000. From: a person in their* 20s who hates people complaining about an entire generation just to sound mature. Piss off.

Cope harder. Meanwhile I'll be over here making more money without a degree than you with one... and yes I do want fries with that


You took the debt You pay the debt There is no money. USA National Debt over $30 Trillion. Stop the madness…..

Do you understand how scientific progress works?

Ita def not by paying for every dumb college kids schooling.

Does it involve you getting a psych degree to work at Starbucks?