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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Hijacker

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Who the fuck changes their pfp, profile song or banner to fit their shitty internet persona mine are literally just things i found funny


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House Racist Founder


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Hijacker

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Who the fuck changes their pfp, profile song or banner to fit their shitty internet persona mine are literally just things i found funny


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These old fricks got bants not gonna lie

Ahh, boxing. The primal instinct to punch another in the face harder than he punches you. Eloquent. Ingenious. Simple. Perhaps, dare i say too simple to ruin?

And then....mayo's

Seething and coping about the fact there hasn't been a white champion for a hundred years (marciano was italian, fury is a bong and the klitchkos are slavs), whitoids all around the world, instead of following a sport cumskins are actually good at, like swimming or strongman, have decided to fall to internet forums, to discuss the age old question, which black guy is better at clubbing brain cells out of people with his bare hands?

Enter quora. For the unacquainted, think what would happen if the insufferable smug AKCHULLY of redditors was the primary selling point. It is by a wide margin, the most insufferable group of credential faking smugposters on the internet

Speaking of faking credentials, this is in fact a major source of this here drama

Enter John mcglothlin

He takes a certain... issue, with another man, bob garrett and boy will he let you know. Excessively. With plenty of words.

Here is the full link, but don't you worry, he will be more than happy to repost it every. single. time. bob garrett comments on any thread

Bob garrett, however, is not a defenseless victim, and often emoloys the tried and true drama tactic of spamming alts tactic. Such alts are named bobby garrett, john mcglothin, peter griffin and eric cartman

This does not go over well with john, and they have been sniping at each other ever since, and recently, i discovered this and posted it here

Basically, the feud started because bob garett is a big fan of modern boxers while mcglothin likes the classics. Thats literally why these two old crackers are wasting their lives on quora.

Heres where you come in. 5 second, poorly made sock accounts by a retired boomer cause mcglothin to write humungous walls of text, so what would a bit of organized trolling do?

The possibilities are endless

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  • Chapose: Noooo dont spoiler my spiderboy movie noooooooooo😱😭😭😭
  • Broble64: this but unironically. also wtf the report message is fricking lame now

Original post



Here are the major spoilers in question:

Aunt may dies and green goblin kills her

Venom is in the post credits scene

Follow people with names that remind people of this

If they stop that, make subreddits with the spoilers in the name and invite people for it.

If all fails simply dm people spoilers

Any other methods to troll will be greatly appreciated in the comments but those are the main two

Feel free to post this on 4chan, /tv/, maybe they can catch the blame again like they caught it last time.

make sure to use variance on the names so they cant use autofilters

Reported by:

@Aevann pin it pin it PIN IT



(Inorganic drama) trains seethe at my bait


Sorry for shit crop

This whole idea of baiting trcm hit a few speedbumps but ended well.


frickin psychopaths man. Jesus

Oh my god…

fricking vile

The word psychopath fits perfectly. A total lack of empathy.

christ this is terrifying

I wish I hadn't seen this

Imagine being such a vile person you sleep like a baby to thoughts or murder.

"r/HermanCainAward is a sign of leftist hate, because they celebrate death. Anyways, hers a meme about how I hope children die if they tolerate others. PTL!"


Thats the generic seethe

Are murdered? I mean I know you can be sued and put in prison but are they saying you get out in death row?

It’s worse- they’re saying it’s okay that they get killed by their partners

Oh shit I see. Jesus yet you call these people who share this out for being homophobic and transphobic and they’ll deny it


I'm not even gonna do my usual thing for this one. To everyone that is trans and experiences this shit on the daily I just wanna say one thing... Have a nice day. You matter


As a trans woman, I make it VERY clear that I’m trans to potential partners. What do they think we are though? Some sort of STD??

How do homosexuals reproduce?

I wonder how many of these people also like the "futanari" hentai tag?


Yet you use TRAN sister to post it


I wish some people a very pleasant…for saying this


No, it's homophobia and toxic masculinity again. They are ashamed of being attracted to us, despite being straight men and it making perfect logical sense, and because of their toxic insecurities think it makes them "gay" to want to... sleep with women. They are usually happy to sleep with trans women, disclosure or no disclosure, it's when there's a possibility of other people finding out that the situation becomes deadly. That's why most of the trans women who are being routinely murdered are intercourse workers. The Johns know the sworker is trans when they hook up with her. It's when there's a possibility of friends or family finding out and people possibly perceiving them as "gay," as stupid as that is, that they have the need to "kill the one that tricked them." Based on porn statistics, straight men are attracted to trans women, and gay men aren't. Which.. duh. They're perfectly happy to nut to t-slur porn, and even have intercourse with us, but it's other people's perception that turns these idiot cowards into murderers

This is them btw https://old.reddit.com/r/transadorable/comments/m4cv15/felt_amazing_in_this_goth_look/

Whoever posted this needs to disclose their disease to people they sleep with. Their kid might otherwise become massive cringe

Dahl fook on suicide watch

All in all, good harvest.

Repinned this because i deserve it



For resident leftoids: he was replying to a post that said "Madagascar has been separate for 88 million years"

>I know that I will be downvoted for this and I don't really want to defend rocket daddy- he is an oligarch and a piece of shit, but if you look at the context of this tweet , I am inclined to believe that this isn't a dog whistle. He was replying to a tweet about the wildlife of Madagascar and crucially "88 million years ago" was mentioned in the context, that for this period of time Madagascar was isolated, hence why it developed a unique eco-system. Just like many of you in the comments, he could have not know about what 88 meant, or he could have simply not being paying attention.

>When was the last time Elon tweeted anything having to with wildlife? He knew what he was doing and you are a fricking idiot for providing an argument in his defense

>I think he knows exactly what he’s saying. Time to deport him.

>Knows what he is doing, 44b tax break for destroying Twitter. But it is time to deport. Monday will probably see the big 2 phone stores have had enough.

>44 is 88 divided by 2

>Every time the whole "88" thing turns up, it makes me want to cry. Watch "Buckaroo Banzai" and pay attention to the patches on Dr. Banzai's driving-suit..."Say it ain't so, Buckaroo...!"

>"the left is full of degenerates" hitlercunny1488 cried

>This is taken out of context. The tweet he replied to mentioned the 88 million duration, so his response makes sense. Conflating normal conversation with hidden messages is irresponsible and against what I thought this sub was about.

"This is taken out of context." The nazis always try to make it look that way

>"Conflating normal conversation with hidden messages is irresponsible and against what I thought this sub was about." Oh my sweet summer child...

>This fricking wack job literally wants to be the next Hitler.

>These super rich people aren't actually racist per se. They hate the masses and are terrified of the masses asserting their rights before they implement their automated terror weapons. They are, as has been done in the past, attempting to redirect populist anger along an authoritarian route using religion and racial identity which will leave them in control.Again, I emphasize this is part of the upper class's playbook going back centuries. We need to make sure they don't get away with it.

The revolution is gonna,happen any day now guize

>This post will be fodder for the right to point and laugh at. Come on guys

>No. We have to call out the right when they try to use plausible deniability like this.

>yeah . that was intentional. He is a fascist.

>Report the app for hate speech. get it removed from the app stores.

Society RETVRNS to public executions


Public hangings are based and were a great public pasttime until the LIBERALS RUINED it. We could go to the local park and watch some heads roll, now we have to get our kicks on watchpeopledie and shit.

Loser seethe:

>This isn’t interesting it’s a frickin nightmare.

>Truly the scum of the earth.

>They used to do this in Iran too when I lived there, but eventually stopped it due to public backlash. I remember walking home from school one day and the streets were closed off so that people were forced to stand and wait for the authorities to reopen it, as a result a large crowd was formed who had no idea what was happening. Suddenly they brought a guy and executed him in front of everyone, afterwards they opened the streets again. I cried for days. Even thought I turned my face away I could hear him begging and asking for his mom. The traumas that dictatorships inflict on their people...

WAAAAAH!!! MOMMY!!! :soycry:

Face the wall infidel :chadjihadi:

>frick the Taliban! fricking scum of the earth!

>frick the Taliban.

>stone aged animals

>Disgusting… all of them.

>The only interesting thing about this is the stands are completely full… disgusting

>Goat frickers


>The ONLY thing I agree with what Trump said. There are definitely shithole countries out there. Mostly the ones that embrace theocracies and autocracies.

The redditors see "trump" and "agree" and arrive upon one single conclusion.

>Nah. I think it's most the ones the United States destoryed.

>Those who live in glass houses...

>Trump's most ardent supporters are christian nationalists who want a "handmaids tale" christian nationalist nazi frick theocracy here so, no don't fricking start with that shit dude.

Heres a good seethe thread

>frick you for calling Afghanistan a shithole country. Have you been???

>Nope. I don’t go to countries that would kill a gay person or an atheist or a woman who gets raped. frick you for supporting countries that do.

>It’s what country I’m from, frickwad. You don’t know shit about actual Afghans, I’m sure you’ve never even met one in your entire existence or gotten to know one. You’re a piece of xenophobic trash.

>If you are from there you should be angry about the situation, instead of defending it. Do you disagree with my last comment, or do you think it’s ok?

>Did I say I wasn’t angry at the situation?? Show me where I was defending it?? I’m fricking livid. They’re my own people being executed. I fricking hate the Taliban, but they don’t represent Afghans at all. Afghanistan was a beautiful country before it got blown to bits. Not that you’d ever bother to know the history, though. You’re ignorant.

>It is currently a shithole country and if you don’t recognize that you are delusional. Would you recommend tourists to visit? Of course not, because it is currently a shithole country. And frick you for calling me xenophobic. I have been to many different countries over the last few years. I love travel and I love different cultures. And I would support Afghans that want to immigrate to the US. Any Afghan that wants to leave is probably a good person. Any afghan that wants to fight the Taliban is probably a good person. But any Afghan that supports any Islamic theocracy is a fricking idiot. Are you maybe in the latter category?

>Omg you’re such a white hero!!!! Wow!!! Jesus bless you for allowing such disgusting shithole immigrants into your country! You’re not a fricking hero. I don’t support Islam, OR ANY RELIGION. I’m atheist, dipshit. I don’t support calling the fricking country my ancestors are from a shithole. You can still get fricked for that. Literally, have the day you deserve. You’re a terrible person and I’m done with this ignorant fricking pointless conversation. Converse amongst your fellow white heroes.

>How much does a bud light cost at the stadium

>Occupation was too kind. Nuke them.

>The religion of "peace" hard at work.....

>Bomb the stadium?.

>Looks like a perfect place to drop a nuke

I dont want this criminal executed, maybe i should drop a weapon of mass destruction


>Don't feel sorry for them. This is what they want. Vast majority of Afghans support the Taliban regime https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pashtun_nationalism. These dogs WANT public executions.

"We need to defend democracy"


>This will be the cowboys stadium in Texas if yall’queda has its way. Don’t think for a second it can’t happen in ameriKKKa


>Allahuakbar 🙏

>Shut up its swift justice for r*pe corruption stealing.. Nobody will ever dare to think of something illegal

>This comment shows you have such a small smooth brain it could be used in a pinball machine without missing a beat

>I fully expected religion to be gone by the year 2000. Instead, religion flew planes into the WTC in 2001. It's only gotten worse.

Women posting their l's


This is her btw

Give me free shit NOW


Holy frick they want free wifi :marseyxd:

>Literally the bare minimum

>This is good, but I would remove the word “free” as it triggers conservatives and isn’t used consistently. These are human rights, not government freebies. For example, healthcare as a human right is far more powerful a concept than free healthcare.

>I am not going to remove the word free. Free is what it’ll be to the end user. I am done bending my language or ideas to conservatives

Hmmm today i'm not going to compromise with the largest gun owning population base on the planet earth.


>If you straight up can’t work due to disability or whatnot then sure, you shouldn’t suffer as a result. If you choose to not work and be a positive member of society then no, you don’t deserve to have all these things.

>Human rights are human rights, not worker rights.



>Yeah, thank frick he's only a murderer, not a darn gay! /s fricking disgusting family

>Terrorist pieces of shit

>or dead. They'd rather have them dead than gay. Same for neurodivergent, better a dead child than a vaccinated one with autism amirite

>If only they knew of the mental superpowers capable with some forms of autism

>And the physical strength. I get Mayweathered by an neurodivergent kid at least once a week at my job.

>Yeah I’m sure with a dad like that the kid is totally fricking nonbinary /s

>It really shows how some people have no empathy for people that are different then themselves.

>Surely the shooter wasn't indoctrinated. With a parent like that. SURELY. s/

>I just dont understand how they can call themselves Christians. commandment 5. Thou shalt not kill. commandment?????? thou shalt not be gay. bottom line is the restriction on being gay came from leviticus and is NOT among the 10 most important rules. But not murdering is on the list of 10 most important rules. And for MTG adultery is also on that lost of 10 most important things.

Yeah God has never, say, ordered the entire clergy of baal to be dragged down to a river and slaughtered like animals, or, just spitballing, killed every non believing egyptian in all of egypt. That would be wrong.

>This is revolting.

>frick that guy.

>Clearly that murderer came from a family of shits. They should all be held accountable.

>Don't forget that this butthole represents a shrinking and whiny minority. Every generation his views become less acceptable and less common.

Yeah okay lmao


>Wow. Throw the whole family away. They’re all pieces of shit.

>The sad part is he probably is gay and hates that part of himself so badly he had to kill other people to try to destroy it.

Surprised how far i had to scroll for the "arachnophobe, huh?" Take tbh

>frick that guy

>He's non-binary Edit: reddit downvotes facts, are you angry that the shooter isn't who you thought it was. You seemed to upvote false accusations the suspect was Conservative and downvote factual information about the shooter being non-binary. https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.sky.com/story/amp/colorado-gay-club-shooting-suspect-identifies-as-non-binary-lawyers-say-12753647


Do you have a source on that?


A source. I need a source.

Sorry, I mean I need a source that explicitly states your argument. This is just tangential to the discussion.

No, you can't make inferences and observations from the sources you've gathered. Any additional comments from you MUST be a subset of the information from the sources you've gathered.

You can't make normative statements from empirical evidence.

Do you have a degree in that field?

A college degree? In that field?

Then your arguments are invalid.

No, it doesn't matter how close those data points are correlated. Correlation does not equal causation.

Correlation does not equal causation.


You still haven't provided me a valid source yet.

Nope, still haven't.

I just looked through all 308 pages of your user history, figures I'm debating a glormpf supporter. A moron.

>… These people walk among us



:soymad: :chadjew:


Impotent seething:

>It’s a trip to hear Israeli Jews basically saying the 14 words but in reference to themselves.

>I literally gasped when some ultrazionist ranted at a black man: "You should all be in camps". Like, dude, make some tea,we have a lot to talk about.

>Lol "go back home"...wtf bruh....all these people need to touch grass...they straight up moved into peoples houses just kicked them out....

>Can ameriKKKa stop giving them money, now, so they can fall off the face of the Earth?

>Time to cut them off, and see how they do without the United States' funding.

Yeah ok buddy good luck with that lmfao

>Anyone shilling for Israel or U.S. and NATO policy for Israel is a shit human being

>Israel is the new Nazi Germany…

>Dumb comment

>Google forced sterilization of Ethiopian Jews. Israel govt got caught with so much red handed evidence they had to just come clean and admit it.

>White supremacy has gone global. That's the sad part.

>The original Jewish people were not white Europeans who spoke Yiddish. They were black. Of course this inconvenient fact begins to call into question what the right of return actually means and to whom it should apply. I'm a retard but an African ameriKKKan begins to practice Buddhism and then claims a right of return to tibet.

>Jews ☕️

>Yet YE was the bad one.

>Jews be like

>YOU SHOULD ALL BE IN CAMP 😳 darn the audacity of these people! Your ancestors are fuming mad in their graves for having you in their bloodlines🔥

>Is there a single positive thing to say about Israel if you don't have pale skin?

>Im from austria i only have positive things to say about israel (by law)


>Jesus christ, it just gets more fricked up.

>Yikes I didn’t know Israel was so racist.

>Psychopaths. What is wrong with these people?

>fricking Israeli scum did the holocaust teach you anything?

>The antisemitism in this video and comment section 🤦‍♀️ The Israelis in this video are right, what if those Sudanese were a hamas general building weapon 200 missiles hamas base? Remember holocaust 6 millions? Stop being antisemitic reddit.

>Stop being racist Israel

>Shut the frick up racist scum.

>Go to heck racist hypocrite.

Some greasy haired octochin redditor recorded every single flap of matt walshes gums for the past 2 days straight to make this post


>Such a manly man wanna be. I bet he’s hiding his gay desires.

>Let’s manifest that Matt Walsh gets throat punched on live TV. Reply with ✨777✨ to manifest it!

>Calling him a piece of shit would be unfair for shit because it actually does serve a purpose

>Don't lump this piece of shit in with furries.

>that is an insult to clowns.



If you've ever said that you need to keep yourself safe

>For the second time that we know of. Very likely he says that and other slurs behind closed doors..

Troll comment makes seethe

>What is a woman?

>Someone who avoids your pathetic ass

>what is a self-important little fascist toady

>Come back and ask again when you’ve seen one

>Your mom

Reported by:
r-slurs fall for literally the most low effort bait ever


I got my neighbor @George_Floyd to post my way low effort butt meme on forwardsfromklandma and they fell for it lol


>Imagine being this much of a cunt. These people are fricking evil. Also “fascists” YOU PEOPLE ARE THE FRICKING FASCISTS

>I thought that sub was banned?

(George)>They made a website

>This is an old screenshot of the reddit mobile app. What are you talking about?

>Its a theme for their app. Let's not concern troll.

>Yeah they’re real pieces of shit. Gun control or not, we have to protect ourselves against their violence. Leftists need to arm ourselves.

>I cannot imagine being filled with so much hate and anger that I would be happy that people got murdered for being gay and disagreeing with my politics. Like holy frick, have some basic human decency.

>People that post things like this don't deserve to live in this society, it's a disgrace that they exist along side us, disgusting bigots

>Just another reason i would not be upset if someone did something similar at a republiKKKan rally

You know i considered making a new template from scratch by combining some td posts but i thought "nah they'll buy it anyways" and i was right

Probably wont work twice though, i may just make an actual consumeproduct post next time.

Be sure to go in and accuse people calling it out as fake as concern trolling

post thumbnail
Redditors sneed over best healthcare deal ever


If you unironically support free healthcare you're r-slurred. If we get free healthcare all that will happen is a bunch of r-slurs will start demanding full check ups every time they get a new pimple on their ass.

60$ a year is a great compromise. If you cant afford it you deserve to die.

>Is this something I'm to European to understand? Do you have to pay for firetrucks during a fire and police during a terrorist attack too?

>Dear ameriKKKa, You are broken. Sincerely, Almost the entirety of the rest of the world.

>Meanwhile here in Germany: Ambulance is free 🤷🏻‍♂️

>And my country has universal healthcare, which makes ambulance rides free

>Lol, that fricking country, man.


>lmao, imagine paying for a fricking ambulance...

>fricking kill me now

>Ya'll don't get free health care?

>As an Aussie this is just odd. I wouldn't get charged for calling the police so why an ambulance?

>Aussie here: do ameriKKKans just not know how bad they have it when it comes to healthcare?

Ok im australian and i can say with firsthand certainty, they charge your butt for an ambulance lmao.

>i fricking hate it here

>$60 per year is way cheaper than the amount of extra tax Europeans pay their “free” healthcare. My private healthcare coverage also costs me less than what Europeans pay and it includes ambulance coverage. But if I didn’t have that, then I would sign up for this service! Thanks for sharing OP!

>Single-payer healthcare or socialist revolution. The choice is yours, fatcats. Be grateful that the guillotine isn't on the table just yet.

You cant afford 60$ a year wtf you gonna revolt with?

>God I hate the ameriKKKan healthcare system.

Wagecels seethe at corpochads


>"sorry"??? fricking cowards.

>You are selling a drug that people are dependant on. Don't expect them to not act like addicts.

>Rightoids up in here, unironcally like: "jUsT sToP bUyInG cOfFeE... unless it hurts other working-class people. Then it's a drug, you're addicted, and it's not your fault if you can't stop buying it."

>You're the one paying $8 for a coffee lol

>Only a total butthole crosses a picket line. Ought to have your ameriKKKan citizenship revoked for doing it.

>Yep... Your. Buddies ... Your . Friends... Brothers in arms as part of the revolution... This is why anti work will fail. Who ever determined star bucks was a career 😂

>You're an idiot. Anti work is a subreddit. There's nothing to "fail".

>😒🤔😂 the whole sub is a failure tiny little b-wordes crying 😭

>And you are so pathetic you came here to cry about it.

>Nope just like watching you losers cry . Like I said working at Starbucks is a full time life long gig sucks to be you.. I'll just sit drinking my Starbucks watching the freak show.

>They should just quit. I want my mocha frap.

Chad zoomer

>[What if my issues don't intersect with your issues and I just want coffee?](https://What if my issues don't intersect with your issues and I just want coffee?)

>Then take a moment to examine why the well-being of the folks who make that coffee you 'just want' could be an issue relevant to you. Hell, take two moments.

>fricking right like ‘my issues don’t intersect with yours’ like what the actual frick is this person on?

Take a fricking min and think about HUMANS who make your coffee wow

>It's not like there aren't other coffee options... What the actual frick.

>I couldn’t believe how many ppl were still lined up at my local Starbucks that day. I happily went and supported Biggby up the road. Luckily it was a LOT less busy than usual when I drove by SB but still. The ppl who couldn’t bother to go elsewhere for one day or make it at home was fricking stupid

>I’m thirsty unfortunately

>Caramel macchiato, it’s a callin’.

>I don’t want to support workers 👍

>Calling people rats and laughing at them, instead of making an effort to explain why something shouldn't be done, doesn't help winning any points. No hate towards the strike obviously, but don't make an enemy of people like that. There's enough discord amongst everyone already.

>They shouldn't be rats then. They know what they're doing is wrong. They're even apologizing as they do it. They just think their wants are more important than the needs of others. They're people acting like shits with no sense of comradery and too lazy to take an extra 2 minutes to go somewhere else.

>I am a union employee I fight for my union. The problem is with women and people in general nowadays since the baby boomers they want all the benefits of the union but they are unwilling to suffer to reap the benefits. The reason why the lost generation, and the greatest generation was able to change this country for the better in terms of workers rights was because they went without they suffered. Imagine not having a paycheck for two months or having the military sent after you that’s what happened.


>"The problem is with women" Lol shut up. And are you trying to say millenials/gen Z haven't gone without?

>Millennials/Gen Z couldn’t go without social media for 2 minutes. Lol

>What a unique, clever, and funny observation! Fun fact, the world has changed quite a but in the last few decades. Virtually nobody, especially not those trying to find jobs, housing, or even human connection, can survive without the internet.

>That’s why it’s so funny. People actually think like you do.

>Stop using the internet and see how integral it is to modern life. One, you'll learn an important lesson and possibly some empathy. Two, nobody will have to hear your village idiot takes anymore.

>You’re so silly lol

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Rocket daddy bless



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Have you read George Lincoln Rockwells comic book.


It without a doubt the funniest shit ever.

Actual panel:


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Trcm has a normal one


>“Civilized by the white man” pisses me off the most.

>I’ll “civilize” the white man who made this…

>Ah yes, nothing says “a well thought out, reasoned and intelligent argument” like Comic Sans.

Frothing at the mouth at something someone made with zero effort isn't the own you think it is

>Hold on, did they use fricking TRAYVON MARTIN as the "privledged black" picture?

>The author of this meme is not a clown they are the entire circus

>Can we just kill these frickin people

>Its funny how they use a nazi for the Jewish tab

Libs have successfully shoved their entire head up their ass

>holy shit is that Trayvon Martin

>Native ameriKKKan were probably the most civilised and peaceful people to exist being much more advamced than them doesnt mean you are more civilised

>Ben Shapiro is a Jew?

>OP where do you get these? These kinds of posts are the only kind of posts on your account. I image searched your posts. No results except your own posts. Do YOU make these? If so, is it for karama farming and/or unironically peddling the bullshit in them?

:marseykween: r-slurred foid kills herself and her daughter for TWO THOUSAND pounds debt


You can make 2000 pounds in one night as a ho if you arent an uggo lmfao

Sneeding: (unlinked comments are on same thread)

>Kinda whack how people here are so focused on blaming the system that theyre ignoring the fact she killed a child. Over £2,471. All everyone seems to focus in on is mental health (assuming there was issues) the debt (assuming it was unfair and not her own mismanagement, life choices or fault) or the fact the big bad society pushed her to do this as if to kinda imply its justifiable. Stop assuming things to make a narrative. She killed a kid. You dont know any more than that.

>Their own mismanagement in a system heavily pushing people into debt? A system that has refused reasonable pay rises while exploiting us for their profit. You, you’re a heartless monster, victim blaming someone who felt she had to kill herself and her child to escape. You’re either a troll or you’ve got something wrong with you in your head. Go see a shrink and tell him you don’t know what empathy is!

>So if someone kills someone then we shouldn't punish them, we should say "Look what the system made them do!!!". Is that what you're saying?! Absolute insanity.

>She murdered her own child. Whatever sympathy I had for is pretty muted by that - no matter how bad your own life, is you don't get to murder an innocent.

>If you were suicidal with a dependent, you'd understand.

>This 100%. She’s fricked either way if she takes her daughter with her or not the public would still have their uneducated inexperienced opinion on the matter.

>Except in the second scenario the child is still fricking alive. That’s a heck of a lot better.

>Fascinating take from the top comments here that it’s “understandable” and not your fault if you murder a child so long as you can sort of vaguely blame the tories for making you do it…

>The ghost of Maggie Thatcher pushed her and Boris Johnson was actually the one driving the train

>Female privilege- you don’t murder your child because you owe 2k A father wouldn’t have this sympathetic article

>Three victims here. Some train drivers are so traumatised that they can never work again due to their PTSD. If you have to keep yourself safe, don't ruin someone else's life doing it

>Don't blame suicidal people being suicidal. Its not their fault.

>I’m sorry, but this woman is a murderer. Not even a debate. She could have left the girl with the dad ffs. Pure evil.

Who gets to tell him?

>It’s not the size of the debt , it’s the constant frustration of being ignored, signposted and having to deal with constant barriers by the bureaucratic system which remains faceless and now voiceless in the uk. You are constantly being told/forced to make phone calls and yet fall constantly into a system that doesn’t deliver answers - situations like this is the outcome of that frustration

"Um hi could you please pay back-"


Politicoids literally just lie to themselves lmao


B- actor defends nfts and it reaches arepopular. Cryptards and poors wordswordswords in the comment section


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My landlord is fweezing me to death guys 😥


For context, this landlord is paying the tenants electricity bill and wants to keep the thermostat at 66 degrees (19 in non burger units) and redditors think he's freezing then to death lmao


>The US is an actual dystopia

>Nope smash it with a hammer, especially if you are in a state with decent tenant law

>AND FRICKING MOVE OUT ASAP !!! Never live some where you don't control the environment.

>Pay for the heating/cooling and you can control it all you want.

>That's not an option in some places.

"Guys making my house a fricking kiln at someone elses expense is literally a human right"

>Over my dead body will somebody else be controlling the temperature where I sleep. frick out of here!

Over your cold dead body lmao

>Alternatively, smash the cover off with a hammer then beat your landlords butt if they have a problem. You're a person and deserve to be comfortable

>Warm up by burning your landlord's corpse!

>TIL that landlords can dictate what temperature is in my own darn place. TIL that Mao was right about landlords.

>What the frick? Is this legal?

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inshallah durka durka mohammed jihad Women are mad, on, get this, the internet


>The mental gymnastic just to make r*pe appear to be morally legal.

>Morally legal? That’s double fricked up, not only raping women, but doing it in an attempt to prevent the women from entering Heaven? Those men are pure evil.

>Can we talk about what kind of god is cool with these people going to heaven but r*pe victims not?

Redditors when God doesn't 100% obey their 21st century post-modern moral values that definitely won't be outdated and barbaric in 100 years(unlike the last 294729362):

>Somebody mangle that man. Don’t kill him. Mangle, rape, repeat. And keep him alive. fricking disgusting waste of space.

>I would fricking volunteer to destroy that man. fricking monster

>This is unforgivable. Absolutely monsterous.

@Dahl_Fook is sure he'll be losing sleep

>Beyond horrific. Words cannot even express.

>I feel like that's not quite enough. There is no curse in Elvish, Entish, or the tongues of Men...for this...

Why are they like this

>[YOU raped them so the sin is on YOU, you lowlife excuse for a peace of shit.

and dont r*pe woman is deplorable @Dahl_Fook cant believe someone actually thought the line of thinking is valid its just disgusting.](https://old.reddit.com/r/religiousfruitcake/comments/yuvx9j/iran_is_mass_executing_15000_protestors_to_send_a/iwblsx5?context=3)

darn bro hope he sees this 🙌

>Yeah, THEY are the ones not getting into heaven lol. Not that it exists.

>I am willing to bet that if they start killing prisoners in big numbers, the reaction will be ferocious and regime-ending. Frankly it’s not “if”. It’s”when” IMO.

Its gonna be like the marvel movies where the good guys beat the bad guys

>frick these scum of the Earth trash humans.

>This is not funny at all, this is straight up femicide. All the Iranian men who are doing this should have their peepee cut off with a rusty knife, and let them bleed out to death. We should not care about the male feminist's "human rights". Since these stop being human after commiting such an act. This is why I'm pro-torturing male feminists.


Trans lives matter


The jew is named on areall. Dramatards IN IN IN


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Grandma dunks on zoomer, zoomers seethe.


>Ugh, that’s gross. Out of curiosity, I wonder what needed to be changed to the original book make this applicable for “teen girls” only. My grandma bought my sister “Ten stupid things women do to ruin their life.” for Xmas when she was 15, but that was decades ago. I’m sorry that grandmas are still pulling this shit.

>If it makes you feel any better, the original is very sexist/racist

>There's layers to the passive aggression there. Your grandma sucks.

>Read the original, it's capitalist propaganda.

>At best maybe she respects your identity but thought the lessons in the book where applicable even if she couldn't get her hands on a gender neutral copy. At worst frick you Grandma.

>Ah. A classic case of I love my idea of you, not you. That frickings sucks. You deserve better

>Why the heck does this need to be gendered? So ridiculous.

>Yikes, aside from the intentional misgendering, I would be so offended if I was gifted this book lmao.

>Just put her in a home


6 days til the one year anniversary of kylie and redditoids still mad


Here have a compilation of heckin cute and valid mad that cissoid :marseysick: looks better than them

It's just slightly annoying that a cis guy makes a hotter girl than me. I really need to up my game.


it's extremely annoying. he makes me wanna die

Basically his full time job is to dress up as a hot girl. If your career was to dress up as hot as could be, I’m sure you’d be doing far better

Forever mad that i don't look like that

I hate this guy out of pure envy.

Same as a trans girl : ( AAAAAAAAAAA

Absolutely seething and coping rn

mans cis and being absolute transition goals snot fair

And I'm here a whole butt trans woman on hrt looking heck of a lot more masculine than he does

Getting gender envy from a cis dude. Fun times.

Tfw a cis guy passes better than I ever will. Why haven’t I jumped of a bridge yet

That's cool but basically all those tweets are the same thing and it's painfully unfunny after the first couple times. Get a new joke jfc.

>Agreed and this is coming from a trans girl

Yeah I mean I also dress like that sometimes, you just don't see me tweeting about it 20 times with lame similar captions.

the dysphoria this gives me is unreal lol

My actually trans butt never being able to look like this :')


Ironically, that confidence makes him one of the most masculine people I’ve seen, as he’s able to dress like that comfortably without missing a beat. He doesn’t need to constantly claim masculinity when he can just live it. And I know the traditional definition of “masculinity” is kinda dumb, but I’m more using this to compare him to those “manly men” who feel the need to tell everyone how manly they think they are every other minute

Nothing less manly than a straight cis man who is homophobic or transphobic. It really gives insecurity. The coolest straight men I know support their gay friends, don’t feel threatened by a man wearing a dress, etc.

Bonus 2: wagie seethe edition

I am deeply resentful of how much people seem to get paid for doing shit like this while I ensure medical devices don't kill people, yet my annual salary is less than what he gets in a month.

Science says that its the economys fault i chose a r-slur degree

Or maybe it says the opposite idk i cant read

>I was raised not to be envious or compare myself to others. That was before I found out someone can make millions of dollars crossing their eyes and sticking out their tongue in a $10 maid costume. Let it all burn.

>I’m sick of being gaslit by economists. Wages haven’t risen with costs of living for sixty years, then the second they start to go up meaningfully, Jerome Powell comes out and says “this is because workers are demanding too much money.” I’m done with this country. The rich get richer and I get homeless. Goodbye world.

>I know I get paid less than I should, its not the economy. Its the greed of the employers. They like to use the economy as a reason to not pay us more.

>How do you how much you should be paid?

>Simple math and research into my field in areas outside of my residence.

>Why would you expect to make what others are making in other places?

>Lot of words to say meritocracy is propaganda, you mugs.

>(Definitely couldn't be their lack of skills and work ethic.)[https://www.reddit.com/r/science/comments/ysnpli/people_who_earn_less_than_they_think_they_should/iw057u0?context=3]

>I wonder where you get the audacity

>A lifetime of watching people make poor choices and then blame the world for their problems.

>Personal experience does not trump empirical evidence

>(Bosses provide nearly zero value.)[https://www.reddit.com/r/science/comments/ysnpli/people_who_earn_less_than_they_think_they_should/iw0jvtv?context=3]

>Citation needed. You probably also think the capital outlays to start an enterprise have zero value.

>Afraid the burden of proof lies on you, buddy.

>You made the claim that bosses provide nearly zero value. The onus is on you to prove your claim.