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Decided to add some quick drama links for the lazy:

Heckin Nazi’s had it coming: :chudsey:

Freedom of speech should not be freedom from consequences…..

eh, if someone has racist, homophobic, or nazi shit on their sign someone SHOULD put hands on them. bigots should not be tolerated.

Bongs and their opinions on ameriKKKa’s freezepeach:

.....We don’t stand for any of that bigoted shit here, and I have no fricking idea why you ameriKKKans do. :marseybong:

The idea stems from the question "who decides what is offensive?" In a fascist regime, the powers that be could decide that anti-fascist topics are unacceptable. It does leave the door open for every butthole to spout their bullshit like the man in the video, and it certainly isn't a perfect policy; but that's why it exists.

our “hate speech” charges are a joke and can be easily manipulated by the politically powerful. Id rather deal with a few of these idiots than have a government define for me what i can say and think. But you sheep right along.

Considering we’re the longest surviving democracy in world history and we’ve had the 1st Amendment from the beginning, I’d say it might be working as is.

You really look at the way things are going and say it’s “working out”?

Typical liberal tyrants! :soyjakmaga:

Both sides thinks morality is on their side, the difference is that leftist are all about shutting the mouth of the other side in order to be the only voice heard.

Consematives wants to have majority, woke people wants to be tyrants, this video is one case to demonstrate that.

And lastly some janny appreciation: :marseyjanny2:

That kid in the black t shirt is definitely a reddit mod.

Are you expecting this story from the man’s perspective? Well, you’d be wrong. It’s coming from his foid, she just doesn’t know it yet. Thanks to a @LovecraftsCat post I was introduced to this story through a comment posted on “AITA for not wanting to learn Japanese for my Japanese girlfriend?”

Jesus. YTA. I am horrible at learning languages. My hubby wants to do the jets program and go abroad to Japan to teach. I know there is a slim chance of me going with him but I’m still going to learn the language with him in case I’m able to go. I’m putting the effort in for my partner cause I’m supportive of him. You on the other hand are being rude and whiney. I’ve seen your comments of saying “it’s basically impossible” Jesus with that attitude it is. If you love your partner it’s time to but on your big kid pants and do something for her. God I honestly hope she finds someone better though you don’t seem like a good bf to her.

We all know what’s up, but I decided to check out her post history, and I 100% confirmed this man is trying to escape this woman. Turns out she’s a bipolar mayo foid who suffers from “chronic pain”.

She works at Walmart where apparently her chronic pain slows her down and annoys her manager. She describes her work attitude as:

I’m always irritated and when someone says something it pushes me to the edge and I almost start bawling.

After she dropped a suitcase on her foot and she thinks she broke her toe:

I go in and almost immediately this guy pisses me off. He’s going off saying how I look like every basic white girl coming in and over reacting.


I have a high pain tolerance until it comes to my nerves.

Huh? You have a high pain tolerance except when you feel pain?

I’m really sad as well about an esa. I saved and spent 930$ trying to get an esa and got scammed out of it.

ESA= Emotional support animal. Somehow having dog around will make her very real chronic pain disappear.

Her Trauma:

I really relate to this. My family knows about it (they know what the word is but not what it means) so I try explaining it and how it happens and then I get the “you’ve never had trauma”

Yup. It really sucks cause I know I’ve had trauma. Not as bad as others but still trauma. I can’t remember anything from my high school years except snippets and I’m 18.

So she knows she’s had trauma. She can’t remember it, and her family can’t remember it, but she knows it’s there somewhere.

What this man goes through:

Whenever my mom was mad or disappointed at me (which was all the time) she would always start off a sentence with “oh y/n” it really really stresses me out whenever I hear anyone else use that phrase.

Last night we were joking and he did that and I’m so happy with myself because it didn’t bother me but immediately he realized what he said and apologized to me.

This man has been trained to apologize immediately because he knows what’s coming if he accidentally triggers her with common words.

My poor husband he has clinical depression and isn’t in the mood a lot of the times and I feel bad cause I’m always hyper sexual.

Uhhhhhhh that guy is an butthole. No good man cares what you look like. Sure if you were going to an extremely fancy place maybe some light makeup but other than that what’s the point? My husband has never cared whether I have makeup on or not he thinks I’m beautiful in every way. I kind of feel like this is a bit of s red flag but you are NTA OP

These two things couldn’t possibly be related.

Oh my god I love that. It reminds me of the poem my husband wrote for a class about suicide. I absolutely love it and you did an amazing job!

That poem is a cry for help. :marseycontemplatesuicide:

About her wedding to this guy:

Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of having a nice wedding. Nothing too fancy or expensive. Just a simple dress, outdoors, and with the people I love. I’m getting married today at 10pm and to say it’s not traditional would be an understatement.

Go on…

We will be doing it in a friends college dorm room. There will be drinks and drugs and the one officiating our marriage will be our crack head friend.


He’ll be officiating it with an empty glock in one hand as it’s a huge running joke amongst our friends.

Empty huh? :marseydoit:

I asked my SO hey how dressed up do you want me? I think I have the perfect dress? The dress in question is just a pretty green dress I have in my closet. He shrugged it off and he said that we aren’t getting dressed up or anything fancy.

I don’t know why I’m letting this get to me but I at least wanted to feel pretty on my wedding day. I tried to act like I was ok with that in front of him and when I felt tears coming on I told him I was tired and needed to lay down for a bit. I am now in my room in the dress I wanted to wear sobbing.

Why can't he read her mind and just know she wants to be pretty during their classy wedding?! :marseysob:

This marriage will only be for 6 months and then we will break it off. We won’t be breaking up but the marriage will be done.


It bothers me a little bit but we both are struggling so bad and we just need him to be considered in state.

This dude is just marrying her so her can get the state resident tuition rate and then he’s getting the heck out of there. I can’t believe she thinks this guy is actually going to stay with her once the 6 months are up. He’s obviously trying to flee to Japan to avoid her psycho butt after the break-up. Poor guy.

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  • collectijism: I already vomited this morning don’t think I can click this


Chuds Deadnaming People:

I always found Ellen cute but Elliot is HOT 🔥

Do not speak of the dead...💀

Huh?! I wrote that I FOUND Ellen cute, back when he was a girl. Should I act like I didn't know that he was a pretty famous actress that I had a crush on?! Do you also recommend that every movie he was in back as Ellen, that his dead name get blacked out?! I call him Elliot, because he IS Elliot now but he was Ellen back in Juno, hard candy, Inception...

So, nobody can ever talk about Bruce Jenner’s athletic achievements?

It's not hard to remember that her name is Caitlyn. Just because she's a garbage person doesn't mean she deserves transphobia. We know what her name and pronouns are and deliberately choosing not to use them is shitty. Be less shitty.


Talk of Passing:


Yes, he does, but it's rude to just blurt it out unless asked for your opinion. Passing isn't the be all and end all of trans-ness. Trans people don't owe cis people cis-passing invisibility.

I'm passing because I don't find this person attractive.

He’s super sexy, but that haircut drives me bonkers

I bet it’s bc he wants a haircut that ‘reads’ as male. A more stylish swoopy thing might look more Ruby Rose-androgynous rather than dude. I have a few trans women friends and I’ve noticed that after transitioning they stick with hairstyles/style that read as female so it’s a lot of pigtails, cat eye glasses and 3/4 sleeve boat necks.


And just general Chuddery:

I see the transphobics are here ;)

Is it transphobic that you don’t see a trans person a lady boner?

A transman is a man and therefore qualifies for this sub. If you don't like him just move on. Down voting everyone who thinks he's attractive is likely being transphobic.

Yeah but you’re not talking about if you don’t like don’t comment, you’re accusing people of being transphobic because they don’t view a transman as “sexy” or “lady boner”, which they fricking have every right to.

So disappointed in /r/ladyboners




Not really much drama, but there’s some good snappy material in there.

If you fill a measuring jug full, put your peepee in it so it overflows and measure how much water displaced you could find the volume of your peepee that way. That’s how archimedes would do it

peepee size should be a volumetric measurement.

Let me explain, Western culture has popularized the outdated unit of inches as the common benchmark for comparing peepee size. However, it’s 2022 now, we are advancing towards being a multi planetary species; a single axis measurement for a 3D object all of us possess is medieval, and simply not fit for current use.

I suggest a new unit; millimeters - however if this becomes commonly adopted I wish to be credited, please state the unit of peepee size as Venus peepee points as I am certain I am the first individual to suggest this. The new methodology of measuring peepee should be as followed;

The peepee is inserted into a measuring cup until it cannot be inserted further.

The volume of liquid displaced should equal peepee volume.

Complete the conversion; 1ml of displaced peepee water = 1 Venus peepee point.

Please, help me abolish this out dated system - it wrongly paints a world of peepee size based on length; perhaps residents of higher than average African nations have gained an unfair advantage over our Asian brothers; we are using a RACIST system based on length not volume to discriminate peepeees worldwide.


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  • uwu: transphobia

It's almost like being trans is, at least very often, not the core issue in and of itself. Rather it's more of a scapegoat for people struggling with anything from autism or depression to sexual abuse or being gay.

Almost as if every psychologist ever was right all along. Oh lawd.


It's very weird that it's not the first time a reddit "celebrity" is trans and a sexual predator. That's because transgenderism is basically a sexual fetish or, at best, a psychosis. The transgender "community" is hugely fetishistic. https://www.dailysignal.com/2019/03/10/i-was-ameriKKKas-first-non-binary-person-it-was-all-a-sham/ It's all bullshit being rammed down our throats by people who, surprise surpise, are people like this.

Your source is... that? Got anything peer reviewed? Got any explanation for why a large portion of trans people are asexual? Got a counter argument to prenatal hormone theory or fraternal birth order effect?? I've known multiple trans people who hadn't even masturbated in their life before transitioning, lol.

Wait, so are raging euphoria boners for mtf not actually valid? :marseyshook:

Fats cope and seethe when it is suggested that they eat less to weigh less.

I don't see anyone defending being obese. The issue is that unhealthy food is far cheaper and more prevalent, especially for people on lower incomes. Not everyone can afford to buy fresh produce every week and not everyone has the time to spend hours preparing healthy food. When people are living paycheck to paycheck there's no alternative.

I wish this guff would stop getting peddled, who exactly are you speaking for here? I live paycheck to paycheck with a 40 hour work week and manage to eat fine. People literally just need to eat and drink less.

You're lucky you only work 40 hours. What about people who need two jobs?

But think of the poors! They are forced to live off of Big Mac meals and shakes. There’s no other options!!!

:marseycrying2: :marseyburger: :marseysoypoint:

And surprise, both fat excusers are fat. Weeb and a capeshit lover.

We spend $100/month on just fresh fruits. It is expensive and time consuming to eat healthy. I can afford it now, but couldn't always. Tell Lord Farquaad to start a farm to provide fruits and veggies to the poor.

Good apples can cost on average around $2 per lb. You’re trying to tell me you buy 50lbs of apples a month? Even if you up it to $3 that’s still at least 30 lbs a month. Bananas and oranges are cheaper, so I wonder what this guy is getting. Seems like it’s just him and his wife, so if he isn’t lying, how much darn fruit are those two eating?


There’s plenty of other ones in there because as we know, reddit is filled with fatties.

This brave soul started out trying to educate, but was slammed with transphobia and biased uterus-centric rhetoric.

Well, trans women actually can have periods! Just none of the bleeding and such.

Edit: Why are people downvoting me? I'm right. This is a quote from https://medicalnewstoday.com/articles/can-trans-women-get-periods#possibility "Therefore, while transgender women will not experience the bleeding part of the menstrual cycle, they can experience other PMDD-like symptoms, such as sore breasts, rapid mood shifts, and irritability."

Edit: these replies reek of subtle transphobia.

And can I say how happy I am that the mods were hard at work removing transphobic information like the comment below? :marseyjanny:

period cramps are cramps of the uterus specifically though, how can you have period cramps if you don't have that organ? otherwise that's basically saying that all stomach cramps are period cramps

What’s sad is that even when the experts decide to bend a little and let uterus-havers think that periods and menstruation aren’t the same thing, people still get upset! :marseyfacepalm:

Trans women can get periods! Just not menstruation.

But period cramps happen to all smooth muscles, which includes the intestines, which is why period poops are a thing, and trans women on HRT absolutely can get these.

Trans women can't get periods. If you're having irregular bowel movements that's just your stuff, it's not evidence of non-existent menstruation.

Your transphobia and ignorance do not change reality.

Hopefully with time these people can be reeducated to see the reality of the situation. Until then, death to TERFS! :trans:

Uh, actually sweaty, you can find girl peepee completely disgusting and still be a heckin valid bisexual woman.