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Foids Posting L's :marseyl:

Lots of :marseywords: but its all pure distilled seethe.

[And yes, insert porn-appologist disclaimer here: I realize some women enjoy hard-core porn and (I guess?) don't mind --or even enjoy -- performing painful acts in exchange for money in videos and irl, and I mean no disrespect to intercourse workers or porn actors.]

"Here's my anti-porn trauma manifesto but seriously Im an ally guys INTERCOURSE WORKER LIVES MATTER" :marseylaugh:

My main concern here is the male consumers who seem to think it's their right to view ANY scene/scenario they want, no matter the damage it does to the actor herself or to society as a whole? Is there ever a limit? If so, where is it?


[Deep breath before hitting "Next" and post bc I'm a bit worried about backlash (and vanilla-shaming, even though I used to think of myself as kind of a freak, ie sexually adventurous) and especially from the men's rights lurkers who will no doubt be frothing at the mouth from the brazen persecution and infuriated to the point of foaming at the mouth and red-faced teeth-gnashing].


More in the replies.

I know on some level I am just projecting- there are stable women who like this stuff- but anytime I've seen this type of act in porn I see my younger self in a lot of those young women. I still remember the feeling of seeing it on a porn website and being transported back to images when I had that same look in my eyes.

Weirdly enough, despite being sort of hypersexual in my youth, I realized I was asexual in my older twenties, which I am almost grateful for because I am so tired of the trauma that comes with sex.

Edit: I just got perma suspended for harassment? I am so confused >.< The majority of my comments are just friendly posts on autism, feminist, and hobby subreddits ;-;


My personal experience is that the drift of porn towards more extreme, more violent forms has killed my interest in sex; and I also find that self-proclaimed "kinksters" on dating apps are often quite coercive and unsafe - but no kinkshaming allowed...


Futurologists :marseydoomer: Start to Noooootice Things :marseynoooticer:

My in-laws have moved in with us as they try to sell their house and buy a new one closer to us. My mother-in-law is a retired nurse with two reconstructed knees, my sis-in-law is disabled in various ways and her 20-year old son is nearly paralyzed with depression and anxiety. My wife hasn't been the same since her father got sick and got even worse after he died.

We need to take a moment to appreciate this. "Here's a list of people who are disabled, also my wife is just a woman but you know." :marseylaugh:

I get it for young people. I have a 19 year old. I cannot imagine him being able to feel secure without our help. Having shelter, food, and a safety net in our home at least gives him breathing room while he pursues his plans for adulthood.

2022 and Millennial parents are sweating discussing the margins of "safety nets" and acting like rich kids were thrown to the wolves. :marseysmirk:

My parents had zero dollars to help me with college. They felt bad but had to pay the mortgage. Unfortunately that didn't mean shit to financial aid. Since my parents had a middle class house and jobs, no aid for (poor) me at 18 years old.

Pour one out those poor upper middle class zoomers with r-slurred parents who have to find ways to scam charities to pay for their college. :marseysigh:

I'm 25 and legitimately would probably be dead had my parents not continued to help me as best as they can to this day. Any parent who does the 18 and on your own thing is usually delusional.


This is why my kids are learning to take care of themselves at a younger age, not in a "you're getting kicked out" sort of way, but I or my wife could drop dead at any moment and they need to know how to deal with life. I can't believe the amount of teenagers who can't cook a meal or balance their allowance budget. Parents are failing their children then leaving them to fend for themselves, which leaves society for the worst. Edit: Who the frick downvotes educating your kids?

What a fricking monster :marseygasp:

I wound up pulling into a random apt complex like a mile north of my place, telling him to sit tight while I go park the car on the front side of the bldg, and ditching him with zero explanation or apology.

She…. Abandoned her car with a random dude in it at a random crack den? :marseyconfused:

Seriously what is this foid saying.

The top comment string is talking about DEY CULCHA what fricking year is it.

:marseywall: Seethe




Reddit is Told They WILL Eat the Bugs

Sorted by controversial for maximum :sciencejak:

TwoX Nooootices Things About E-Stripper :marseynoooticer:

She did everything right. She got proof of him abusing her live in the moment.

She has apparently kept this a secret for six years without bursting, so clearly she tried her best

:#marseyclueless: :#marseynoooticer:

she was even the one making all the money. She did everything he said, to the point that she apparently clocked so many hours that she's spent more time streaming than a lot of other top twitch creators combined.


If she didn't have proof of it happening, then she'd be lying b-word. But now she has proof and she's a conniving b-word for outing him without his knowledge.

Yeah isnt that convenient she just happened to suddenly catch him spouting off like a Marvel villain LIVE ON TWITCH :marseynoooticer:

FeMaLe aBuSe vICtImS hAvE iT sOoOOOo eASy wiTH tHe pUbLIc


this. lawyer up asap. many of us watch enough crime shows to know what can happen next, I seriously hope and wish she is ok.


Exactly! Amouranth reportedly makes $1.5 million dollars per month across all her platforms (of course not all of that is profit, but a substantial amount of it must be) and she's apparently been enduring this abuse for years. If a person with unfathomable financial resources, numerous supporters, and a live-in armed guard doesn't feel capable of safely escaping her situation, imagine the astronomical challenges an average person faces in comparison!


Either a dude that acts like a teen movie evil dad has been somehow secretly in control of an extremely rich woman, or a woman who sold her farts in a jar is lying for clout. :marseyhmm:

/fit/ Tier Cosmic R-Slur Baits /r/Pics

Posts a /fit/ level deathtrap and spawns almost 1000 confused and motivational comments trying to figure out what the frick. :marseyxd:


Edit 2: To the people asking why I put it at the top of the stairs. It's because I'm a writer and my desk is down there, and like the main characters I write, I'm not very smart.


2Extra Starts Nooooticing :marseynoooticer:

Also, I feel that saying "even though the character is 16, it's okay because the actor is 22" is the same thing as weebs drawing literal CP cand saying "even though the character looks 12, she's actually 18" but reversed.

Is she saying Hollywood is making lolis? That’s awfully anti-semitic.


The people rallying against SOPA are now defending KYC to stop people calling you a :marseytrain: on Cawdooty. :marseylaugh:

Foids Posting L's

By “mess up,” I mean that everything is undercooked on the first try (usually I can nail it, but everyone has off nights) but after another 45 minutes, I fix it.

:marseylaugh: If it takes you 45 minutes to make dinner you're a fricking moron, let alone fixing it after undercooking it.

He accidentally sets the coffee maker incorrectly so the coffee comes out watered down. I tell him this. Now, it’s “no big deal, I kind of like the coffee this way.”


Yet I know deep down, if I had made that mistake, I would have gotten the same, stupid baked potato and steak treatment

Yeah because it takes you 45 fricking minutes to fix it r-slur. Jesus how long would it take this foid to make a fresh pot of coffee. :marseyretard:

For context, WOTC sells cardboard lottery tickets at hilarious prices on the condition that the cards are legal for play somewhere, and have value based on some nebulous axis of availability and desirability. There’s a vein of ancient cards that are worth a ton on something called the Reserved List, which basically can’t be printed again (because they need a break glass in emergency fund and they’re making enough money without them.)

Today they announced a reprint of the original Magic set, as a limited run box of 4 random boosters full of non legal cards. For $999 US per box.

So for the cost of or a chunk of the cost of some of the priciest collectibles in that original set (or a rent check), you can buy 4 packs that might contain a proxy printing of one of those cards.

$999 for 4 booster packs.

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  • YourMom: OP is r-slur, literally google random sampling
Foids Attempt To Use Math To Justify Cucking

In the UK 20% of men are unknowingly raising children that are not biologically theirs . It’s not an insult to paternity test in the face of these type of statistics. It may be hurtful but it’s definitely necessary imo.


The 20-30% positive-ratio comes from the studies that analyze the results of paternity tests, not the paternity results of all married men.

:marseyspecial: :marseyhmm:

Don't do it, statistically speaking, men are NOT unknowingly raising children that are not theirs. That is a fake-news talking point that feeds misogynistic believes. If he is guided by this popular belief or you think he doesn't has good intentions, it is your right to confront him.


Even the comments cant math right.

f you only x-ray people with really sore legs, and you find that 50 percent have a broken bone, you can't extrapolate that to say that 59 per cent of people have a broken leg. This is called selection bias. Basically, the reason that they ask for a test is very important in interpreting the actual population statistic based on the sample.

Yeah I wonder what the selection group of people taking paternity tests is :marseyclueless:

Even if you have reason to ask for a paternity test, it’s still 70-80% likely the kid is yours. If you wanted another way to look at the data.


The real statistic is right here in the comments. 3/4 of men so who want a paternity test are just paranoid. Male jealousy is, scientifically speaking, bullshit and/or projecting an alarmingly high amount of the time.


R*dditors Sneed Hard About Motorcycles

Unless they make laws about that kind of thing like they do pretty much everywhere that isn't rural nowhere. This reply does sound like an arrogant selfish child wrote it though so you probably don't care about laws.


Probably like the jacked up truck guys ... to overcompensate for a micro peepee.

Loud pipes are kinda like jacked up trucks. Definitely compensating for the lack of something. I've owned 5 bikes 3 Hondas and 2 kawasaki and i like my bikes as quiet as I can, loud enough to be heard but quiet enough not to be a nuisance

Kawasakis are the loudest bikes in existence.

It's to stroke their egos..... Personally those bikes are dumb as heck Same as when people buy those ridiculous big cars ... Same concept

>I’m a 16 year old girl

>Trapped in a 37 year old body perpetually justifying douchery.


2.) “loud pipes, saves lives” the louder a motorcycle is, the higher the chances are that people will hear it and look around for it. Being more aware of the motorcycle and less chance of it being impacted. There’s differing studies on if this works or not however but that’s the thought behind it.


I have to admit I always roll my eyes a little bit at "look twice for motorcycles" stickers. Like, you're always supposed to be aware of what's around you. It's a bit strange, it implies that folks ignore motorcycles? Sure, some people should absolutely give them more clearance than they do, but still.


Your decision to ride a bike and take whatever risk. Doesn’t justify disturbing the whole world around you with your small peepee noisemaker.


Exactly. Nobody makes anyone ride a motorcycle. And I've seen plenty of them pull their share of illegal maneuvers on the road. Lucky for them I pay attention. And loud pipes don't do a darn thing to alert you of them coming. That's not how sound works. You hear them when they are beside you and in front of you. Not behind you.


Well, as long as they’re happy I don’t need to sleep


Glad you understand.


Foids Posting L's

I am a stay at home/disabled mom of 2 boys and been married for 10 years.


I have lost my entire identity to being a wife and mom. I gave up my career health and friends being the default parent to a son who's behavior is so poor he can't last a week in a daycare/after school program.


Foids Posting L’s

You shouldn't have to show a person your nudes in order to be friends with them.


OP, you are only legally an adult


Foids Posting L's

The point is, due to that and being able to hang out with them (at work, at school, wherever they were) all day every day, he was very very close to this friend group and every single person in it. When he died, they helped me with a lot of things, especially arranging his memorial. Time passed, people moved on and to different cities, and then Covid struck. I began to notice that the friends would hang out with each other, and never invite me. I'd still get invited IF there was going to be a group gathering, but no one ever tried to hang out with me one on one, or invited me along if a few hanged out unless the entire group was expected to be present.


"You know what, you're actually very nice! People (meaning other members of the group) are like "oh no it's [me], wonder what drama she's stirring today", but you're not really like that at all".


And I'm just... broken hearted. Like my heart is shattered. I never burden them. Never. I keep my life SECRET to not be a burden, I learned very early on in my life that no one cares about what you go through, they just want you to make them feel good about themselves. I'm neurodivergent, it's a lesson I seem to have to keep learning and learning and learning the hard way, because when I HAD to inform them of stuff that affected them too, I somehow got classified as "drama stirring".


Reddit STILL Sneeding Over Desantis

This guy needs an atomic wedgie in the worst way


Aren't conservatives all about Jesus or something. I got to say this is a very non-Jesus thing to do


More Reddit Sneed About Desantis

There should be charges brought. If I did this to one person I would be charged with multiple crimes and wouldn't see the outside world for multiple decades. Multiply it by 50 and thats where we are. Just because you are the Governor of a glorified swamp doesn't mean you can use taxpayer funds to relocate human beings from one state(not the state you are Governor of) to another state(also not the Governor of) out of spite and lack of compassion. If he went through legal channels that would be different but basically what he did was write FREE CANDY on the side of a van and lured people in. Not just adults, minors which is illegal in its own right.


Good. I am absolutely fricking LIVID about this. These people are fricking MONSTERS. They did this shit with Black folks in the 60s.


Foids Posting L’s

I asked my friend Kelly to fill in a column on the spreadsheet for herself, and her total for the year was over $5,000.

W*man discovers math. Is shocked. :marseylaugh:

Of course, we all have our indulgences and hobbies, but for women who are struggling to make ends meet or want to save more for their future, I would highly suggest paying close attention to your beauty spending.

If you’re poor don’t buy expensive shit. :marseyclueless:

I don’t know any men who have spent $700 on a hair straightener.

I have spent $900 in the past year buying my foid various appliances. Hoping (foolishly) that them being expensive would convince her to take care of them.

Foids Posting L’s


Reported by:
Foids Posting L’s
Euros Posting L's

And remember folks when it comes to heating - heat the person, not the room. Layer up! There are too many people that I know that walk around the house in summer clothes during winter.


in my country (Slovenia) in apartment buildings, if you use less than some percentage of the average heat of all the apartments you get fined (that was to prevent people not heating and making inner walls cold, so other people had to heat more and than the guy got heating for free) so we are all heating cuz no one knows how much you need to spend.


Shared a room with a ukrainian in the Czech Republic for a short while in college around 15 years ago. In winter while there were 20 cm of snow outside they were cranking up the heat to max so they could walk around in their underwear inside.

That was wild to me. Public transportation and buildings in general felt way too hot in winter for me too. Had to wear t-shirts year-round and just add a thick coat for outdoors in winter.

Wasteful imo, no reason not to wear thicker clothes and lower heating instead.


There are guides to keeping warm via hot water bottle


It's inefficient to heat a few million people by one degree, when we could solve this by heating one Putin by a few million degrees.


Not only did he unify the EU, excluding Hungary, with a common Enemy... no he went on an ensured the Energy independence of Germany and much of Europe as a whole... and as if that was not enough this international hero is single handedly responsible for pushing Germany´s and EU´s plan´s of net 0 Carbon Emissions backlward. So we will reach that state sooner.


Foids Can’t Even Reportmaxx Right

I had a man reply to me that men deserve to be allowed to beat their girlfriends which reddit mods have no issues with because violence against women is only an issue if you think somehow that women are people.

Reddit admins are notoriously chuds :marseyagree:

Just because they walk on their back legs does not mean that they are human.


Foids Posting L’s

He decided this instead of aborting the child to save her life, as he needs a male heir.

:marseylaugh: TFW no mid birth abortion rights thanks for overturning Roe chuds.

Finally, the pointlessness of the violence. What I like here is that the show very specifically does not focus exclusively on the fact that the infant passes away (off-screen, no violence or graphic details shown) as showing the exercise was pointless. Women are lauded all the time for sacrificing their lives to prop up the lives of others. In this, the king realizes that he already had a competent heir: his daughter. His wife speaks of multiple miscarriages, painful pregnancies, early infant death, all in pursuit of the male heir.