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Timestamps from the description:

00:00 Job and income

01:25 She's a financial idiot (info- she spends money because muh mentals to make herself feel good)

03:10 Maxed out credit card (info- going out to eat, candles, essential oils, vaping, streaming services)

04:48 $3 to her name (info- Mother gave a grand free, owes boyfriend a grand over the past few months)

09:35 You need to WORK

13:30 What are you doing?!?!?

17:18 Clean up this MESS

23:54 Hammer Financial Score

Reported by:

Timestamps from the description

00:00 Job and income

01:17 I just found out I'm going to have a kid in 1 month!!!!

11:25 No savings

11:47 You spend ALL your money!!

14:03 Clean up this MESS!

17:38 You need to be better with money NOW!

24:06 Hammer Financial Score

Sobstory from an ITcuck, there's probably a heart-wrenching story about him being a single father but this one's kinda pathetic not only because he's somehow 100k in the hole but he's probably making ~80k in a relatively low-cost area and likely to bump up a bit with that Master's.

Yazan Alswaeer, 38, of New Castle, Pennsylvania

Total debt: $118,000

Occupation: IT system administrator

Education: Pittsburgh Technical College; Capella University

Prior monthly payment: n/a

Alswaeer expects to receive his master’s degree in information technology in December, some nine years after the Jordanian native arrived in the United States. The proposed $20,000 relief would’ve been a drop in the single father’s debt bucket, but now he’s desperately emailing the White House for help. “I have no plan,” Alswaeer told The Post. “My plan is I am not going to make payments.” Biden’s campaign promise to forgive tuition-related federal student debt was the “only reason” Alswaeer voted for the Democrat.

“With the school debt that I have, there’s no way I will ever think about buying a house or settling down,” he said. “It hurts seeing many ameriKKKans suffering financially while a great country such as ours has the resources it needs to make every ameriKKKan live a decent life.”

Special Ed teacher who at nearly 40 somehow still has fifty-six thousand remaining to pay off

Heather Helton, 39, of Warsaw, Indiana

Total debt: $56,000

Occupation: Special education teacher

Education: Grace College; Indiana Wesleyan University

Prior monthly payment: $137

Helton said her debt servicer, the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority, is expecting a $349 payment in December rather than January – a month earlier than other borrowers. Known as MOHELA, the quasi-government agency became the sole provider for debtors pursuing Public Service Loan Forgiveness nationwide this past summer.

Helton, who has had five different loan providers since graduating in 2006, said she feels duped having to deal with yet another loan company. Helton added that she “absolutely” plans to stop paying down her sizable balance — along with a 6% interest rate.

“This was a federal con artist operation,” she told The Post. “They knew exactly what they were doing and it caused a lot of false hopes.”

Helton previously intended to fully repay her loans, but she’s now mulling alternatives like lobbying local politicians or “blasting social media” for help. “Something needs to give,” she said.

31 year old NEET King who is refusing to pay.

Nicholas Linkey, 31, of Providence, Utah

Total debt: $25,000

Occupation: Unemployed

Education: Utah State University; University of the People

Prior monthly payment: $300

Linkey said he’s “had enough” of the whirlwind debt rigmarole and says Biden could easily cancel the total debt using executive action granted in the Higher Education Act of 1965, but “never really intended” to do so, he said. Linkey also wants to see loans fully dischargeable in all bankruptcy cases rather than in cases where borrowers can prove their payments cause undue hardship.

“Absolutely not,” Linkey said when asked if he’ll buck up and pay. “I’m not gonna feed this monster anymore. I’m done. This loan thing is done.”

Linkey predicts many other borrowers will go on a “mass strike” like himself while sending Washington a clear message.

“People have had enough,” he said, speculating that Biden will be forced to extend the payment moratorium. “We’re done paying into it and done with the burdens of these loans.”

This one's a Business Analyst, allegedly. No idea what she means with her borrower defense discharge but it sounds like a renthog cope the same way the "eviction process" does.

Christina Winton, 47, of Glendale, Arizona

Total debt: $29,000

Occupation: Business analyst

Education: Southern Utah University; University of Phoenix

Prior monthly payment: $200

Winton, a business analyst for a state agency, blasted the student loan lending system as unconstitutional and illegal as her borrower defense loan discharge application remains under review by the Department of Education.

Discharge claims help debtors who believe schools misled them or engaged in other illegal practices get some or all of their federal student loan debt expunged. Applicants may stay in forbearance after the Dec. 31 payment pause ends, according to the Department of Education.

Other paypiggies who publicly decry Game Freak but privately spread their wallets wide

A autist at peace, in his zone:

Not much different than a cult lmao

A little disappointing, I was really hoping this guy would pull out of his nosedive. First interview

Timestamps from description:

00:00 It's worse than ever

03:00 Owing the IRS $15,000!!!!

03:44 Taking out even MORE payday loans!!!

05:34 Having a breakdown

08:20 Major addiction issues

16:06 Please get help

17:26 24% interest car debt........

19:30 NEGATIVE money in his checking account!!!

25:20 DOUBLING rent!!


31:48 I will pay off your collections! Just do this...


44:59 Hammer Financial Score

Just gottta hold on a little longer bros

Just a few more weeks


Part 1:

"You're saying my worth is $17 an hour? My life is worth that to you?"

"Well the market has determined it to be"


:#marseyantiwork: "Your parents should support you. They have so much more money than you! They brought you into this world you're their responsibility until you die"

For anyone not familiar he interviews poors and occasionally riches who have made terrible financial decisions or are contemplating terrible financial decisions, occasionally kings like this guy who are moving up in the world, and this probable webdev who is going absolutely nowhere.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Doomsday for Twitty employees draws near


Rethuglican btfo

No place for hate!

/r/Justice4Darrell bait has been taken


OnlyUseMeBlade got cucked on stream.

Edit: Long clip with context:

Karma for that fan's wife at the wedding. Die in a fire a lil bit.

He survived:

Hunter's Lawyer is almost as based as he is

:marseyrobber: :marseysoycry:

One of the screencaps from the article (without context because it's funnier)


In the August 4 email Clark called a reporter 'a parasite who lives of [sic] other peoples difficulties' adding 'Your parents won't mount [sic] you.'