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:marseyagree: Proud trans lesbian Métis boomer :marseyagree:

133053 coins 723 marseybux 35 followers follows 54 users joined 25 Jun 2021

:marseyagree: Resident Leaf. Slightly fucked in the head. :marseyagree:



I love everyone here. :marseyblowkiss:

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Four men capture endangered monitor lizard and proceed to... Gang r*pe it.

Guess who did this? If you said the sexy Indian dudes than you win.

@Sasanka_of_Gauda you got some explaining to do. Please tell me that a Hindu would never do this kind of thing.

From the article :

Bengal monitor lizard 'raped' in Maharashtra, 4 held

Four people have been arrested for allegedly raping a bengal monitor lizard in the Sahydari Tiger Reserve near Gothane village in Maharashthra. The accused, identified as hunters, allegedly entered the core zone of Sahydari Tiger Reserve in the Gabha area at Gothane and committed the abhorrent crime.


They have been identified as Sandeep Tukram, Pawar Mangesh, Janardhan Kamtekar and Akshay Sunil. The Maharashtra Forest Department checked the mobile phone of the accused and came to know about the incident. The officials found the recording of the act which showed the accused allegedly gang-raping the monitor lizard.

The forest officials, who are perplexed about the incident, will take up the matter with the Indian Penal Court to discuss the charges against the accused. According to the officials, the accused will be produced in a court and appropriate legal action will be taken against them.

Reddit sexy Indian dudes react :

Lizard was asking for it

Clearly the lizard shouldn't have been out so late wearing such revealing clothes

NO bussy is safe from ultra horny sexy Indian dudes

Is nothing safe? Like who looks at a lizard and goes aww yea imma frick dat.

Wants to fr see the video of the lizard r*pe (I do too tbh....)

where is the post thumbnail pic in the article? really want to see faces of the idiots who did this. hope they get some grusome std.


Time to give that kid up for adoption



Black train derails in public after being called “Sir”.

Young thread good potential to bait or reportmaxx.

It’s ma’am’. 10 seconds later: ’Suck my d*ck!

How BIPOCs are treated in Israel.

Wow the Israeli Jews are not heckin nice at all to Sudanese BIPOCs they call them "infiltrators" and that they should be "put in camps". Others say they're outbreeding natural Israelis and should be gasses. They're "proud to be racist" even.

Why can't we all just get along?


Sandu Ciorba - Pe cimpoi - Romanian Superstar

@Wuzizname have it on good authority that this is @Soren 's favourite pop singer.

@Wuzizname think he picked up those girls in the video at the local high school

Lyrics translated, according too youtube, apparently Romanian b-wordes can't get enough of that bagpipe seesaw :

Hu iu iu iu iu Bade, when you come too us, bring the bagpipe

The girls are dancing on our bagpipes, on our bagpipes

Hu iu iu iu iu yeah, just like this, yeah just like this

On the drum and on the bagpipe, opa dele da da la

The girls are dancing, opa dele da da la

And the boys near them, opa dele da da la

Not too let them alone, opa dele da da la

Yeah, just like this, opa dele da da la

'Cause this is how the girl likes it

A iu ca iu ha iu ca iu

Hu iu iu iu iu Bade, when you come too us, bring the bagpipe

Yeah, the girls are dancing on our bagpipes, yeah, on our bagpipes

U iu iu iu iu yeah, just like this, yeah, just like this

There's no other bagpipe like Badea's

When starts playing it

A iu ca iu a iu ca iu

I've play the seesaw with seven girls, opa dele da da la

When the bagpipe started playing, opa dele da da la

Yeah, @Wuzizname let them seesaw on my bagpipe, like this, like this

'Cause this is how we play

'Cause this is how the girl likes it

A iu ca iu a iu ca iu

Hu iu iu iu iu Bade, when you come too us, don't forget the bagpipe

Yeah, the girls are dancing on our bagpipes, on our bagpipes

Hu iu iu iu iu, yeah, like this, yeah like this

There's no other bagpipe like Badea's

When playing it

A iu ca iu a iu ca iu

Yeah, the elders from the village have sworn, opa dele da da la

This is a real dance, ai dele da da la

The girls in the village dance on the seesaw bagpipe, opa dele da da

'Cause this is how the girl likes it

A iu ca iu a iu ca iu

Trans Lives Matter!


Was he inspired by Darrell Brooks? :brookskiss:

How does this keep happening with trucks and Christmas parades in the USA?

Does the driver even believe trans lives matter?


Reported by:
Petition to require all straggy soccer posts to be sequestered in the Sports hole.

Soccer is objectively the gayest sport ever and I’m getting annoyed that I’m being forced to hear about it.

In Canada soccer is a sport that only children and poors who can’t afford hockey equipment play and we generally laugh about how stupid it is to run around a field only to have the game end with a 0-0 tie.

Add to it all the fake dives they take while pretending to be hurt and you literally have the most boring and pathetic “male sport” ever to exist

I petition the Chadmins to require all homo soccer posts to be banned and sequestered into a Hole (h/sports if those mods will have it) and vehemently punish anyone who disobeys with lengthy bans or grass awards.

All hockey related posts are still welcome.



Asian women interferes in a Black Xweens business.

It’s a documented FACT that POCs CANNOT be racist. The Asian woman (white adjacent) gets reprimanded exactly as she deserves.


Fatty is 585 and often shits himself because he can't get to the potty in time.

I weigh 585 pounds and it's hard to keep myself clean.

I can barely walk. The fat holds me down. Just walking across the street or down a hallway winds me.

Taking showers are pretty hard. I have to use a scrubbing tool to clean between my fat rolls. Also, I can barely stand up long enough in the shower, so sometimes I sit down. Cleaning between my butt and legs is even harder. I have to jam the scrubber in there and then scrub really hard. Otherwise I won't get very clean.

Using the bathroom is hard to. Most of the time, I am too slow to get there in time, and I go in my pants. I always just leave it in my pants, too, because it's very hard to take off my pants, get it out, and then put them back on. When I do get there, though, it's hard to get my pants down. When I'm finally on the potty, most of the waste doesn't actually go in the potty. It gets stuck in my fat rolls and I have to get it out.

This is a response to where ameriKKKan Redditors are crying about how shitty the USA health care system is compared to other countries glorious "free / socialised healthcare systems."

Socialised health care systems are fully shit, full stop. I still pay for mine and other people's healthcare with the insane amounts of taxes I pay and would rather pay for a decent private plan or at least have the option.

Doctors and nurses lose because they have to beg the government for decent pay. We have doctors and nurses leaving en masse to work in the USA where they'll actually make money, leaving us with hospitals staffed with doctors and nurses trained in India or Africa who barely speak English.

The document also suggests that approximately nine out of 10 Ontario residents seeking hospital treatment in an emergency room waited up to 33.4 hours for an inpatient bed in August 2022, which officials say is a 54 per cent increase compared to August 2021.

Share this with ameriKKKan fats who cry about how terrible their healthcare is.

Deep Purple - Child In Time - Live (1970)


Redditors argue that CRT both doesn’t exist in K-12 but also that “accurate racial history” is being taught and needs to be taught to little kids.

Fat menaces society. Many such cases.

Watch Herschel Walker rally his base for a Senate run off vote by slurring his way through describing some B-movie he watched at 1am on TV about vampires which he somehow equates to having faith in your leaders.

Despite being obviously very r-slurred, Herschel's got my vote as he will definitely be good for drama.

PANDEMIC 2.0 / Covid 2022 in bound just in time for the campaigning for 2024 to begin and Joe to go back to his basement.

MASK UP, keep your hands clean and mostly:


Remember we’re all in this together!


It’s already begun :

Texas middle school teacher outs himself as an “ethnocentric” chud.

I think this teacher was just 99% fatigued and wanted some paid time off and he seems to have done it effectively since he’s on “administrative leave” (eg fully paid vacation of an indeterminate length of time).

Some Redditors argue it was a “thought experiment” and that he’s not techically wrong.

The title misleads. Although not in the most effective way, the teacher is trying to point out that each race believes in its own superiority - that it’s built in to them. That he, as Caucasian, believes that caucasians are superior, that each African, Asian, Latin race believe they are superior. Albeit ineffective, he’s trying g to encourage critical thinking instead of just political rock throwing.

Far left person here. I don’t think anything I heard there is actually offensive or even controversial. He’s literally describing what ethnocentrism is and admitting his own bias. This same language would be used in a college level sociology course leading into how we all have these inherent biases that we have to overcome.

Wokies don’t even believe “race is real”

I’m not sure I understand that last point but I agree race is not real. It is a man-made construct meant to divide us.

And this guy knows this is child abuse :

IANAL but this sounds to me like he is emotionally harming the children; mandated reporters in TX (and most states) have to report this as abuse.

And, in TX, if the administration let’s him work with children again, the administration could be reported for abuse & neglect for allowing him to do this again.

How new Marseys are made.

Buddy has zero situational awareness.


Humans are smoking so much meth that the fish who eat our shit are getting super fricked up and forgetting to eat or mate.

Look at how strung out this poor fatherless child is :


The tears of butt hurt conservatards sustains me.


Direct link to vocaroo clip :

Reported by:
Foid inadvertantly confirms incel theory.

Roastie Stacey confirms women love and seek out "nice guys" but only after they've gone through all the "jerks" (aka Chad's) and ridden the peepee carousel well into their late 20s early 30s.

Inkwells keep posting Ls even when a woman makes a video to try to make them feel better.


Ps : I meant to put this into the foid hole but fricked up and didn't. Can an @jannies do the needful please I don't wanna repost this because I'm busy. Im a very busy and important guy with lots of important busy things to do so much so that I literally don't have time to delete and repost this into the foid hole.

Foids will do literally anything for attention including admitting to murdering people's innocent pets.

Smooth brain Redditor with a "Degree in Criminal Psychology" (associates degree from community college online class of '06) slap fights with people for generalizing medical professionals and women (ONLY white males, cops and Christians are OK to generalize!) She seems like a pure LOLCOW tbh and her edits get quickly become butthurt as she argues with "misogynists" who disagree.

Doctors and nurses do this shit too. Killers/rapists/abusers always gravitate to where they hold power over another. You see a scary amount of this shit in nursing homes and maternity wards. :soyjakanimeglasses:

Edit: are you people all internet crusaders picking fights for no reason with strangers or did you honestly misread the part where I said: many, not all? :soyjak:

Edit 2 electric butthole glue: this convo is done, anymore jackassery will be met with blocking. I'm not google, i'm not your personal reader, I'm not your punching bag. The law of "frick you, pay me" applies if you want ANY work done for you let alone asking me to to do petty stuff like google things for you and read you a bedtime story. I'm not your babysitter. :soymad:

The crap you just pulled behind the scenes with alt accounts shows you came just to argue, harass and belittle a stranger online. Pretty sure the mods can see what you did with abusing that care report button. Also an easily blockable bot the devs made as a CYA might intimidate a new person on this site but it only serves to show how much of a freakout you are having. You aren't entitled to have people waste time on arguments with you just because you are feeling ornery. :soycry:

You found I agreed with you on "not all doctors", you then switched to personal attacks, then switched to semantics when that failed, then you falsely report me? Your argument was never serious. :soyjaktantrum:

If you feel bad for him don't he's a pure douchebag:

Hon, I got my degree in criminal psychology. Sit your tumblr butt down. If you haven't encountered at least a dozen narcissistic/egotistical/abusive doctors/nurses or at least ones with abusive tendencies you are a minority. I've run into full on psychopaths in the wild. You are out of your element and just want to argue. :soyjakanimeglasses:

Watching Criminal Minds doesn't make you an expert in Criminology :

An online associates degree & binge-watching Criminal Minds hardly makes you a criminal psychologist. Doctors may be narcissists, surgeons more so. That doesn't mean they're running around killing patients because the patient or family is an butthole, which is the analogy you're making to this video

Pointing out her bad sweeping comments makes everyone a misogynist of course :

"Hurr durr woman watch tv and not go to university" for the record I went to school for my degree back in 2006. You post "woke" stuff yet you clearly have a deep seated misogyny that a woman pointing out that this vet isn't an isolated case offends you. You see a case in the news every week. Even if a majority of doctors are fine it doesn't absolve bad doctors of abusing their power and trust to abuse patients.

... If you are serious I think you need to take a step back and realize your reading comprehension is severely lacking if you truly think that conflating what you read vs how you feel about what you read. That type of hypersensitivity is going to give you heart disease from prolonged raised blood pressure. I think you should seek out therapy as you need to get that under control before it affects your health and social life. Being this hypersensitive is not healthy.

She's asked to post peer reviewed proof :

If you got a degree, then surely you can back your claims with peer-reviewed sources that aren't your ass. :sciencejak:

Proceeds to post peer reviewed paper that not only doesn't support her claims but actually de-boonks them because she's "not google": . That's all you are getting since I'm not google and you are just looking to be a contrarian troll. Go get off your butt and look shit up yourself.

You're a fricking moron. Not only are you not a criminal psychologist but you didn't even read your own "proof"

"Elder abuse prevalence in institutional settings is not covered because of the lack of research in this area; no reliable prevalence studies have been conducted of such mistreatment in nursing homes or other long-term care facilities."

I told you I'm not your fricking google, I'm also not your proofreader. Goodbye.

She graduated in 2006? I wonder what she's doing now? Based on her posting history it looks like she's trying to fix PCs for her psycho ex boyfriend and psycho room mates here's a good one :

@schizo praise me pls.

This is the guy who Reddit says is an absolute genius because of the cartoon he voices. Millionaire snob preaching the obvious to room full of college kids.

What's his point though? What aspect(s) of ameriKKKa is he talking about when he says "fascism"?

The republiKKKan party's plan to overthrow the democratic norms of the United States. They want to, essentially, install an army of lower level politicians and state-level positions that would be able to "within the laws" overturn any election they want.

By having "poll watchers" trained to raise heck at EVERY THING, EVERY WHERE. They will use this "evidence" as ammunition for their newly elected Secretaries of State to send "alternate slates of electors" that do not represent the will of the people, under the guise of "preventing fraud" or whatever buzzword that they're going to use.

Then, they can just say that republiKKKan's won everything.

As far as textbook fascism goes, they will use the political power they have gained to ensure that they will never have to give up said power. Additionally, they will pass laws that will strictly benefit the wealthy and corporations. ALL of this, of course, under the watchful eye of Emperor Trump. I can't say 100% for sure what they will do (not a time traveler) but it's definitely going to at least rhyme with what I said.


Most stable Democrat Redditor I thought only right wing Maga ppl had these schizo theories?


The whole thread is full of people innocently asking "what makes someone a Nazi" and then being reminded that if you don't publicly say "I'm not a Nazi" at least once per day then that means you're a Nazi.

Also, as a bonus, here's a video Dan Harmon made and posted of him simulating raping an infant because he thought it was hilarious. Enjoy.