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Marsey says trans rights!

I was looking through my rare Marsey folder and remembered I never posted this ^_^

Reported by:

I hecking freaking love space and I'm here to meat other space lovers such as myself, I have a boyfriend he's straight (we're both male) (deal with it 😎), and we fricking love watching Star Trek, but also youtube videos about space, as well as video games about space.

Who knows what's out there man. Space might have new minerals, like some kind of super powered unobtanium, maybe the secret to immortality. Yeah kind of like a Marvel movie. One thing is for sure, if we stay on earth we are stagnated and doomed.

Trust me, I watch 10 minute youtube videos, have watched a LOT of television on the subject, and have even read a book or two. Like Isaac Asimov :marseywords::marseywords::marseywords::marseywords:

:soyjakhipster: If you don't support space you don't really like science are DOOMING the entire species and we --as a species--- NEED to give billions of dollars to anyone filling cans with fuel and blasting them into the sky.



:cryingatcuteness: oh my science... such beauty...

The crushing vacuum of space and unfathomable emptiness? Haha, WELL THEN, just let me explain my favorite 🔬science👨‍🔬 theories on why that doesn't matter and is theoretically solvable, actually. Actually we might can antigravity because of quantum physics and hadron colliders and stuff. Have you ever even considered that we live in a simulation?

Haha, sorry for making this conversation so deep and shit. I guess I don't do small talk very well, haha. As an INTP and a software engineer, it totally grinds my gears that other people are so emotional and don't appreciate the necessity and glory of space! This is controversial... but actually makes me so mad when I see liberals mad about funding space exploration instead of welfare. If you want to REALLY help humanity-- advance science. People are so illogical and driven by emotion, ugh :soyjakanimeglasses:

:soyjakhipster:Ugh, it's actually such a curse being so rational that you can't take comfort in spiritual beliefs, but curses literally don't exist so whatever. Whenever I remember a I'm a tiny speck in the universe on a round ball hurling through space, it makes me happy actually. It's actually very freeing to not have any spiritual beliefs haha [takes anti anxiety meds]


























roman numerals because I wanted a reverse numbered list and idk if rdrama formatting is gonna eat the numbers and make them the "right" order or not :marseyshrug:


It's so stupid :marseylaugh:


The ugliest "dress" I've ever seen, it's literally just a useless apron at this point

:marseyspit: wait, people actually want this? :marseyyikes:


if you made it this far, find cringe on etsy and post it


or else

lowish effort post


the dude in this video is pretty hilarious at 2x speed




blah blah blah datasets steal art


"Once the AI knows all the prompts people want... it wont need you!" :marseyconfused: (I don't get this)

He notes that he doesn't shy away from tools. He uses Photoshop, 3d modeling, and even bought a VR headset and uses youtube! WE'RE BEING REPLACED DON'T LET THEM TELL YOU IT'S A TOOL THEY ONLY TELL ARTISTS THIS LIE TO CALM US DOWN AND SUBDUE US!!!

There's more crazed comments every minute :marseypikachu2:

Edit: lmao I'm at around 26:46, and he says "We already feel a little uncomfortable when our phone shows us an ad for something we mentioned to our friends at dinner, what happens when it shows you a movie it made,just for you, about your breakup-- or a song about that careless word from your mother, or that comic idea you were researching-- but already finished!? You'll start getting notifications saying 'Hey check out 1000 finished versions of your dream'"

what the frick


Surprisingly high quality video about a guy who's obsessed with the Forsworn :marseythumbsup:

:!ragejak: 109 :ragejak:



So I don't actually know what's going on but it looked dramatic. :marseysipping:

I first noticed there was a shit ton of tension in the stable diffusion discord, but I couldn't figure out where from. So I decided to check reddit to see if things were going down there.

This isn't really an effort post or anything just a dump of this: https://old.reddit.com/r/StableDiffusion/comments/y0uvps/automatic1111_removed_from_pinned_guide/

Automatic1111 removed from pinned guide.

I know the mods here are Stability mods/devs and aren't on the best terms with auto but not linking new users to the webui used by the majority of the community just feels a bit petty.

Automatic111 is the most popular webUI on github for using stable diffusion. Auto is the one that takes random suggestions and fixes from /g/, and also updates multiple times a day.


Some comments:

I thought the mods here were inactive, because they don't do anything the community supports like flairs and filters for information posts vs creations, yet here they blunder in to come down on the wrong side of this.

This won't be the last time something like this comes up, and they've made it clear they aren't on our side.

There may be need for a better place for the community to gather, run by people who actually care about the community.

I really doubt they have the interest of the community in mind when it comes to things like these.

They are hard at work on deleting posts 🙄


Oh, wow...

Looks like most of those are being removed by Reddit for being spam accounts, not by the mods directly.

Yea, whats up with that? Only like one of 10 is actually spam.

Time to create a new community!

Started /r/sdforall if people want to start growing there. I'm still going to be active here, but if things begin to get deleted, at least there is a open space for it.


Yeah, was going to try to load it up on my old laptop to see if the GPU there could run it, was confused when it suddenly was removed from the pinned post.

That's really shitty of you, mods. Really shitty.


this is awful for the newbies, automatic is the best web UI in features, if this happen with a guy who has been proven innocent, what tell us that this won't happen with others?, we need new uncensored communities, so awful.

After all the talk we had from Emad about open-source this and community that, it's disheartening to see him and his team betraying us like this.

Stable Diffusion Webui is the reason why I am here and I am sure that most use it and will continue to use it, there is no code theft for me and this whole problem is simply by adding Hypernetwork's option, it's like blaming To Torrent Download programs to piracy files


I fricking hate that stability sided with the people that are using their work as a way to exploit people by keeping their stuff closed source so they can sell access to it at a premium. I thought they could be different than open ai, but I guess they're all the same by extension.

frick Stability! When they start charging money, quit!


imagine thinking something is stolen when it’s allegedly sourced from…a public GitHub repo. Github literally exists for the very purpose of sharing source code so that others can use it, ofc someone is going to use it, that’s the point

It wasn't on a public repo from what I understand. (downvoted)

The code that A1111 was accused of stealing was published with a MIT license and has been around for months.

It was not some proprietary thing that NAI came up with.

I don't think this is actually true. People are linking to a different code. There was nothing about hypernetworks out there before the leak. The paper some people have talked about is a completely different concept. (downvoted)

Well, it would certainly help if the mods accusing A1111 of plagiarism were specific about which code he supposedly plagiarized.

I haven't cross-referenced the repos myself, but as I understand it, the only code that matches line for line is that MIT licensed code that has been around for years at this point.

At this point, shouldn't a new sub be made that isn't controlled by the people who actually control the AI? Thats just never a good idea.

the cognitive dissonance boggles the mind.

These COMPANIES will argue that it's not copyright infringement to temporarily download and copy artwork in order to mine it for data. But scream bloody murder when just a few lines of code are copied. Even when that code is almost certainly in the public domain due to it being created by government grants or licenced for public use.

It's like they only respect their medium and not the medium that they see as someone else's.

is there a sub dedicated to auto1111 ? frick those censors, they do it for free ffs\

calm your titsego mods

squeaky clean


113 today :/


i ate breakfast of 1 egg

i ate spinach salad lunch, with sunflower seeds, shredded Parmesan, just a few left over chicken crumbles, and vinigar mixed with olive oil

then i ate burger, fries, water, and ice cream at night because I was with friends

113 next morning

111 :'(

:marseycry: :marseyitsover:

114lbs this morning


I finally weigh 110


/r/StableDiffusion VS artists, Greg, and /r/StableDiffusion :slapfight:

It's going down in /r/StableDiffusion right now, downvoted comments everywhere, random posts have mini fights in the comments

Tbh, I don't even know what these weirdos are arguing about, because my eyes kind of glazed over, but I thought of yall and copy and pasted this shit without even fully reading it :marseywholesome:


SD people going from « Greg is the best artist of the world » to « Greg is a salty artist, a loser and his painting are not that great » because he does not endorse AI robots copying his style.

That's a weird snowman's argument you got right there. It is possible for someone to disagree with someone else's position on an issue without dis-considering his body of work. I am that guy, I think Greg is a great artist with a wrong take on the subject of AI tools.

Not a wrong take just a different opinion.

The largest question for me is, are humans happier with a job or with AI doing their job, or how will a civilisation evolve when there is no need to learn and work. My experience is without effort we will regress. Our body need to move to be healthy, our brain need to find a purpose in life to be happy. If the AI do all the difficult job for us, we will regress slowly but surely.

When Greg agrees to do illustrations for my board game project free of charge maybe I'll consider his position. Until then he'll have to live with his loss of power, hopefully he can console himself in the knowledge that millions of less artistically capable people have been totally empowered.

He just do his job like a plumber or an architect or surgeon. Not everybody needs to do everything. That is why we go to school to learn a speciality.

It sounds like you're proposing that we should stop developing new and better tools so that nobody loses a job.

While we're at it... Backhoes put 20+ people out of ditchdigging work, so we should smash those. Sewing machines? Blow them up and instantly double or triple the employment opportunities in the garment business. Nail gun? Drive nails manually for those sweet employment gains.

Creatives jobs like illustrator are jobs people WANT to do instead of ditchdigging. That is why I propose to think before doing. (for once)

People want to create art, like people want to build buildings. Applying pigments to paper is no more "art" than digging a trench for a foundation. The art is the realization of the vision, and the artist doesn't need to manually do everything from scratch - imagine if an architect had to build everything themselves, or the chef had to grow their own vegetables and raise their own animals.

Stable diffusion isn't even letting you do anything people couldn't do before, it just reduced the cost - instead of having to retain apprentices, give them prompts and oversee their work, you just have a decent gpu and SD, give it prompts, and oversee its work.

Of course if you don't like tools or progress there are lots of alternative living communes on the spectrum from amish to hippie that will welcome you if you're down to do 10+ hours of hard labor every day.

blah blah blah backhoes :!marseyretard3: :marseyretard3: Oh yeah? you some kind of anarcho primitivist

The fighting and :marseylongpost2: essay posting has been accelerated by the fact that Greg Rutkowski is tired of being a meme, and has apparently come out and said that he feels threatened by AI art. It's become a meme in AI art generation to add "Greg Rutkowski" to every prompt, but also people insist it makes every prompt better.

The AI community can't decide whether to be heckin wholesome and respectful or to post this meme


That's because they are a combination of reddit, twitter, 4chan, discord, and "I don't usually post on internet :D" people all forced to share a space with each other.

lol, yeah right. i literally care nothing for the opinions of any of these artists. it is simply too late, if they didn't want people to use or see their imagery, they shouldn't have exposed it to the world. art isn't about selfish ownership unless you keep it to yourself.

good artists copy, great artists steal.

just say you don’t give a shit about artists in general and go.

don't whine to me, punk. i care plenty about art and artists, but not the illusion of ownership as regards masterpieces. no one has any qualms about reading the metamorphosis despite kafka's insistence to the contrary, frankly, your sanctimonious shriveled comment inspires only my contempt.

you put your shit out there, don't be surprised that someone uses it. this is a new world and these copyright ethics are a relic of a greedier time.

People here hate artists way too much lol...

I think it's envy.

It’s self entitlement. They got a toy and they don’t want it taken away, or, god forbid, made fair towards the people whose work is explored.

I adjusted :marstolfo: until it fit pleasantly in a pfp circle

I used a scientific process of reuploading it with a circle until I got it really nice


Now not only is he completely in frame of the circle, he can wear lots of cute hats :marseyangel:

Here's the image:


it has OPTIMIZED white space for hat wearing

:marseyshy2: no im not trying to copy house vampire that is switching all their pfps to :marseyvampire: why do u ask

I will never be a flat earther :marseyitsover:

I can't convince myself Antarctica is a psyop and that every picture of the sun there is edited and every single dweeb who went to McMurdo, washed dishes, and harassed women is lying about the sun going around in circles during the summer. I can't. I'm seriously stuck on this one :marseycry:

on the bright side, I can still work towards becoming a geocentrist :marseydisconcerting:


but that's nowhere near as cool

hollow earth doesn't hold my attention :marseyrain:

First, Carp sets the tone by misgendering a trans woman. I don't want to be abelist against Carp but I still she can do better here.

There are many users in this thread referring to the wife beater reddit powerjanny as "he" and "him" when everyone knows that bardfinn identifies as a woman.

This is unacceptable, and proof that we can never let our guard down. :platyeyes:

I would list all the comments with misgendering but it would be too much effort.

I told Stable Diffusion to "Ben Garrison"

![](/images/1662667742806933.webp) ![](/images/16626677724487832.webp)

but... with just "Ben Garrison" as the prompt, it doesn't look much like Ben Garrison lol

On this one I had GFPGAN ticked and I think it corrected a few facial features on these Obamas...



The model understands "grrgraphics" more than it understands "Ben Garrison"!

I think probably the LAION5B dataset has a lot of images related to discourse around Ben Garrison more than Ben himself, whereas grrgraphics is more likely to reference his actual work.

![](/images/1662668122624231.webp) ![](/images/16626681401147645.webp)

lmao it tried to write "Garrison" in the red text

I was about to post that there's no way it'd make anything interesting or funny in Ben's style because it might be far too chaotic for this kind of thing

but I was wrong

who is THIS :marseyxd:




![](/images/166266919331785.webp) ![](/images/1662669214800496.webp) ![](/images/1662669248438102.webp) ![](/images/16626692798222692.webp)

"ben garrison, grrgraphics, qanon in space"

![](/images/16626696454332378.webp) ![](/images/16626696711185696.webp) ![](/images/16626696896026587.webp) ![](/images/16626697035008144.webp)

"ben garrison, grrgraphics, the flat earth"

![](/images/16626699651615932.webp) ![](/images/1662669997831791.webp) ![](/images/16626700160408635.webp) ![](/images/16626700626191552.webp)

"ben garrison, grrgraphics, homeless man on roller skates"

![](/images/16626703103675303.webp) ![](/images/16626703339197793.webp) ![](/images/16626703772872586.webp) ![](/images/16626704112341902.webp)

I want to become a flat earther

It seems impossible for someone like me to become a flat earther.

As a child, I had a special interest in maps and geography and knew the names of different map projections. I grew up with globes, and sometimes got to look at early versions of google earth on the family computer. One of my hobbies is using SDR radios to receive satellite signals. I've seen satellite imagery my whole life. I know that ships disappear from view and sink under the horizon at a distance of about three miles, explained by curvature of the earth. I know other similar facts. I've seen a lunar and solar eclipse with my own eyes. I've played countless hours of both Kerbal Space Program, and the free planetarium program "Stellarium" in my lifetime.

...the odds are stacked against me becoming a real flat earther, but none of this means I'm going to give up.

The other day, I tried to get started with flat earth material, but I quickly learned what a waste of time that was.

When you look for REAL flat earthers online what you see is... bleak.

  • First of all, you have people with disordered speech (perhaps they have schizophrenia?) who have a fixation on NASA, everything is wrong because the space agency of the United States for reasons, and those reasons is because NASA lies to people because it does. I see tons of really obvious flaws in tons of bullet points these people make.

:marseysmugretard: "if earth moving through space thousands of miles per hour and spin then how come when I poop it doesn't smack the side of bowl with great force"

  • Secondly, you see people who are obviously non-flat earthers pretending to be stupid for the lulz, and playing characters to try and bait the few legit flat earthers who bother hanging out online.

actually that poop bowl guy might have been a troll now that I think about it :marseythonk:

  • Thirdly, you have a massive group of people wanting to dunk on the stupidest people EVER- flat earthers. They just have to prove themselves and their superior intellect on the easiest target. This doesn't bother me or bristle me in any way. I'm not trying to become a flat earther because "I oppose current thing!" at all

This all makes it really hard to find any real flat earthers on the internet, because any easy to find place is completely saturated with NON AUTHENTIC flat earthism. It's like going to a zoo and looking for majestic animals, but the enclosures are full of people in fursuits.

It's obvious to me that if there's anything good to be had, then I am going to have to dig deep, and will likely need to do original research.

Reasons that I have for wanting to become a flat earther:

  • A good friend of mine is a flat earther. I asked why, and he said "I know what they say, but I just know it's true". He's right about weird things a lot and can sense lying so this gave me pause.

I was gonna add more reasons but that reason is good enough and is my initial motivation.

I may follow this post up, I may not.

I don't have enough time to investigate flat earthism right now.

Also, I might not succeed at transitioning to becoming a flat earther. I might get defeated by spherical facts and logic. At least I will have tried.


I feel exploited

I just realized that I have a body of work from my years as a photographer. And that my body of work is online. Therefore, I decided to see if I could be emulated by the AI. So I used myself as the reference artist...

I didn't expect it to work but it did. Not only did it take my actual style, it took my color pallet, my poses, my models looks, everything. Every picture it created was instantly recognizable by me albeit subtly different. In some cases, the images were perfected, in other cases ruined. Either way, I'm shocked, appalled, disturbed and confused as to how 20 years of my development could just be replaced in 61 second generations.

The weirdest thing is that it even signed a few pieces in a signature not mine (I use a logo and stopped using a signed signature years ago). I know understand the copyright concerns. They are beyond real.

:ragejak: 📷

I would be curious to see pic comparisons.

I made a post showing some of the generations. I won't post the originals for the time being because I kinda want to control what I created. (about -30 downvotes)

I think this is the post in question: https://old.reddit.com/r/StableDiffusion/comments/x2ukja/told_it_to_copy_me/

:marseyneat: :chadblack2::!wavyhairblackjack::chadwomanblack:

I'd love to see comparisons, just out of curiosity

We as a species are going to have to figure out how to live with this, because the genie can't be put back into the bottle

Based on OP's other submission, their work is generic portrait shots.

To consider my work generic is a bit of a compliment. I have shot commercial billboard campaigns, magazines, and art books. So you may have seen my work without knowing I shot it.

Is it about money?

So, basically, you’re just making accusations without any proof.

not going to lie,"take my word for it" is kind of a shitty way to handle it. besides you said they where online anyways?

Being downvoted is bullshit. Especially after what you’re dealing with, it’s YOUR art.

Thanks. At this point I've come to understand that I'll be down voted for anything self protective on Reddit. I get why people use burner accounts. If you say anything that isn't OMGILI you'll be down voted in most communities.

Furthermore, they are just going to silence me, especially if I could prove it. I'm not actually trying to stop AI, I just kinda feel it's fricked up to steal people's work without asking them or even telling them.

still no proof

You could also see it as proof of your own immortality. You have been so prolific and consistent that your style will outlive you and even your individual images. Think of how many artists wish to be remembered on such a huge level.

Yeah this is beautiful. Your art style has been uploaded to the global consciousness for eternity.

So being paid in "exposure", but at scale?

OP probably is probably reluctant to post proof of a professional artistic career even if he has one, because his post history is full of stuff like "relationships over 45", commenting on "black girl bubble butt" photos, and he also gives tips on how to smash your hand properly in order to get workman's comp but not too much workman's comp and have a gimp hand for two months :marseyyikes:

EDIT: He did not break his hand intentionally, however he suggests breaking fingers and not hand. Got overwhelmed by his post history, sorry :marseytwerking:

OP finally gives in though

The generations you posted are pretty generic modeling shots, poorly generated, not photorealistic, and would never be confused for a real photo. If this was exactly your style then what you create would be vastly better. I have my doubts as you won’t post your own work for us to compare it to. Post actual comparison shots if you want people to take you serious.

There are legal copyright issues as to why I cannot do that. I know from experience that posting images of real people places where I did not have prior written authority to place them equals copyright claims I don't feel like disputing.

So I'm not able like "look at the original", when the original is supposed to be in an advertisement or a book.

I've also had my work stolen and photoshopped into advertisements that weren't supposed to be and don't want that to happen either. So I'm not going to be like " hey here are my originals and show each member of my catalog was exactly replicated.

If I'm worried about my work, and it's usages, further spreading it is an issue. I'd say simply look for it online. My handle is RJhoneycomb. It's written as a signature on one of the pieces I generated.

The insta:



I feel kinda bad for the normal looking family he took a picture of between all the lingerie shots, oiled up black man with shiny balls, and black woman in clown make up showing her booty

I looked it up, it's not some special style as you claim, but very amateur photos. Having one diffused key light isn't style.

The generations also look simply like a generic studio photo.

Not sure what your issue is.

Lol. I don't use one light set ups. . Most shots have four lights, oil, custom built sets, custom built wall reflectors, sourced models, air brushing, make up and color grading.

It's a process and the devil is in the details.

I'm glad you think it's just generic though. People underestimating the process is why I stayed in business. They try to do it themselves and trip when it doesn't turn out as well.

I guess I'm upset because it seems like the AI has picked up some of the secrets. Tiny things that you overlook.


There's lots more comments that are interesting, like this guy trying to explain the LAION-5B dataset


:marseyneat: Any photocels on rdrama with thots and onions about this?

Emperor Peterson
Kamala tribute banner (FOSScel rekt by microsoft)

I barely made a dent into the amount of Kamela stickers there are on giphy :marseysweating:

I could make like eight more Kamala banners using primarily giphy stickers, and they would all be different. Don't worry. I won't, but I'm likely to make a Joe-centric banner at some point tho

Still made in powerpoint instead of :gimp: like I used to do with some weird scripts, and I'm learning how to do even more stuff in powerpoint than before :!marseynotes:

:marseystars: I especially like how I can add shadows to transparent gifs and they follow the transparency instead of making a big rectangle shadow

:#marseyclippy: :#marseykneel:

:marseycry: I'm sorry, GIMP you're just not so good for this!

This is the last banner I made


Does anyone have banner ideas for me? :marseyexcited:

I haven't done straight up George Floyd or (trans inclusive) feminism yet, but there's probably more interesting ideas. :marseythinkorino:

Bait subreddit idea - don't make one and say we did

Send tips to reddit powermods that rdrama is making their nastiest bait subreddit yet, but really planning it out this time

"they've even split themselves into teams so each team doesn't know what the other is doing!"

"They have a rich guy hiring a PR firm this time to populate the subreddit!"

"I just found out about it and it's been going on a month, they keep talking about a "bait date" when they are going to set their plans in motion so be super careful, thanks"

"i think they are sinking actual $$$$ into it at this point"

"never seen them so organized, and I'm out of the loop this time... they have a more advanced trust system or something"

"please be careful"

The idea is to do nothing but make reddit nervous


rdrama is a very serious threat to reddit and a very dangerous internet hate machine

Other ideas:

html edit messages + screenshots to leak vauge plans of something big

The invincible protester