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Christmas 21 Duterte's Most Wanted (TEMPORAL FLUX EDITION) Certified LOSER 1st Birthgay Bash Survivor Punching Down God Save The Kween Little Big Spender All-Seeing Eye Y'all Seein' Eye VAXXMAXXED Homoween 2022 Survivor 1 Year Old 🥰 A Minor Setback
reddit experiment: 2 similar posts with the genders changed

follow up from this post you should definitely read this one and the reddit comments before continuing

i remade the same post, with a slightly different story and changed the genders :marseytrans2:

my post has 0 upvotes and is 25% upvoted :stoningdownvotes:. the original has 10,000+ upvotes and is 88% upvoted :marseyupvote2:

i have no idea why my post is so heavily downvoted lol but whatever. the top comments are very similar in each post which surprised me. but also mine has significantly less comments so its not a great comparison. this is kind of a boring outcome but i promised to do an update so here it is

all of them gas light OP and tell him theres no way shes cheating. Many of them dont even suggest to ask her, which i think should have been the first thing to do. OP eventually gives an update and says it belongs to his girlfriends brother. i was hoping for a dramatic conclusion :marseysad:

anyways, in a few days i'll do a similar post and switch the genders. I will keep you guys updated but also remind me in case i forget lol. P.S. i did not make this post but i wanna switch the genders for science

>i used to sell thirst traps for google play cards

Still in business?


>Had a whole phase of that bc attention starved

The fact that you're talking about it in the past tense AND you're 15 is tripping me out

why would anybody share this information :marseyglow2:

>We have a group dedicated to sending nudes of each other.


it was a very fun few days and rdrama (well in this case a bait sub) made it on the news again. this is like what, the third time rdrama made headlines? thats pretty cool

>My question is why is the USA sending so much money?

The USA isn't sending money, they're sending military equipment that's worth that much money

is this true or is that guy over dosing on copium. i saw a few people saying this

>Neutral at best but the hypocrisy is what makes me want Russia to win. Also most people didn’t even care about Ukraine, it was always dragged in the media about how poor and corrupt they are but all of a sudden ppl care and Ukraine is the bastion of freedom & democracy. Just goes to show how strong western propaganda is.

Willfully ignornant. Sad.

This big list of atrocities the US government is responsible for should be kept in the back of our heads while reading any news story involving the ameriKKKan government.....

he literally wrote an essay. im not reading any further.

>Not supporting any wars but most of the western world only see one sided news and information, regarding this or any other similar situation.

Western world is such a cop out term. The countries that are aligned are literally every country not under the rule of a dictator/pseudo dictator or Islamic despot.

West simply gets only one perspective of the certain events, same as east yet think they somehow know better and that everybody else is wrong, there is 0 objective looks from your media, all of your media serves a purpose and that purpose is not truthful

blame da joos

shes at the hospital now but no more updates from her so far


no drama yet but "he's ugly" is trending on twitter :marseyxd:

"he looks like the troll face"


srd thread

they call op an idiot and for once i actually agree with the sardines

"To be fair, as an neurodivergent person I have considered getting a Tesla just to make driving easier."

???????????? never mind SRD is r-slurred

heres the update

since most of the comments were jannied, here are the removed comments. thank you so much for all your hard work :marseymoplicker:

SRD cope:marseycope: and seethe :chadseethecapy: thread

>The main problem with the video is just how poorly executed it is, it is people with no comedic timing or acting ability......

this mf wrote an essay just to tell us he didnt laugh


Okay now this is dumb, reassuring comforting and all, but no need to lie. If you are raped you are no longer a virgin, as harsh as it may sound that’s the truth

Virginity is not a scientific fact. It's an idea. intercourse and r*pe are not the same thing. Virginity is lost when having intercourse for the first time. Not when someone attacks and hurts you.

>I get that your heart is in the right place, but the Oxford definition of intercourse is "sexual activity, including specifically sexual intercourse" and you can check any other dictionary, consent has nothing to do with the definition of sex.

And r*pe is not consensual sex. It's the very definition. Virginity is an idea not a scientific fact. You don't get to tell r*pe victims that someone stole their virginity. We define virginity and r*pe is not a place where that is lost.

some people have a r*pe fantasy and its called "consent not consent." theres are subreddits for it. search for cnc and a few subs will show up. if its consensual rape, i wonder if the OPs opinion will change

i feel bad for them and i am sympathetic to their pain, but the logic is real stupid. since when was r*pe exclusively violence and its not the same as sex? this seems like another example of when people change the definition of words to conform to their world view

even after he was told it was trolling, he continues to get angry and respond every time. from briefly reading his comment history, arguing seems to be a hobby of his

robot trolling will be part of the future. do you agree @bbbb?

r/averageredditor banned

im gonna miss making fun of redditors :marseycrying:

transphobic chuds compliment a train

YTA. Your paid to do your job not be a social justice warrior.

You should be doing your job and Sarah needs to toughen up. since they have the body of a male, its not too supposing that a group of drunk older women would talk with them like a man. And, you weren't confused for a second when they asked who the handsome man was, you knew exactly who they were talking about.

the original post is from instagram

apparently this isnt the first time that character ignores the black kids while happily performing for the white kids

another example

this is sesame streets response

Also by people just using the term “women” they’re excluding little girls.

What the frick are you on about? Little girls shouldn't be getting pregnant.

Rape or even if it’s consensual intercourse they can get pregnant

yes we are well aware those scenarios exist, but you look like a fricking creep if you say pregnant children.

Me as a non-binary individual RIGHT NOW can get pregnant

You realize that by saying that you are non-binary, it creates a binary system of binary/non-binary people that you willingly participate in, effectively making you binary 🤦🤣😂🤣 What a joke

based. i might start using this

So men have a say in abortion now?

No, non binary and trans people with an uterus have a say in abortion.

the trains are losing the battle with logic and consistency once again. are trans men real men or not?

Or just date a man that respects your boundaries

women cannot take accountability for their actions

Y’all have like 20 different birth controls from shots to pills 💊 how do y’all play victim with so many got darn options 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

scrotes are always the criminal chud

recruit a potential dramanaut today :marseytroublemaker:


a small company of 2 people created a device called "Kytch," to help easily fix the Mcdonalds ice cream machines that are always broken. it can also predict when a malfunction could happen.

every mcdonalds franchise owner loved this new product because of all the money they saved on repairs. many of them reported spending "thousands of dollars per month in service fees" to the Taylor company in order to fix the ice cream machines.

the Taylor company creates the ice cream machines mcdonalds uses. this company is the only one professionally trained to clean their product because it is so complicated for everyone else to learn. the taylor company says "25% of the company revenue was made on repairs and maintenance." that's a huge amount for just the repairs.

(slightly off topic but still relevant). the Taylor company and Kytch creators worked on a previous device together called frobot. the frobot has the same problem as the ice cream machines: they malfuntion too often. "It became clear to us that there's way more money in broken money machines than machines that actually work" says Kytch co founder Jeremy O'Sullivan.

when mcdonalds discovered Kytch, they told the franchisees to stop using it. McDonald's said in the following statement "After we learned that Kytch's unapproved device was being tested by some of our franchisees, we held a call to better understand what it was and subsequently communicated a potential safety concern to franchisees."

this "safety concern" was bullshit because Taylor decided to reverse engineer a kytch, and use it for themselves. to add insult to injury, McDonald's went so far as to warn other companies, including Coca-Cola and Burger King, not to buy Kytch products. the $900 million lawsuit is an estimate of how much kytch would be worth today if mcdonalds didnt sabotage them.

it makes sense for Taylor to fight so hard for the broken machines since they get paid to repair them. but its a mystery why mcdonalds hates kytch and is siding with Taylor. maybe mcdonalds gets a commission for every repair? nobody knows for sure, but that theory makes sense

this video shows you how complicated and time consuming it is to clean a mcdonald ice cream maker.

Reported by:

so basically i reported this post on ahs a few days ago and said something like "this is a false report lol." now im suspended for 3 days.

would be cool if they kept this same energy for subs like r/AverageRedditor


on r/acab, somebody made a post that said

"I’ve been detained for being my complexion"

so i replied with the comment about changing your skin tone (click the imgur link)

after that, the jannies banned me and we sent some messages to each other regarding my unfair ban

lol im surprised they unbanned me but luckily using the race card always works. in conclusion, black lives matter ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾


its obviously bait if you look at their account.

look at this tweet: Michael Jackson is an innocent king. He is the least pedophilic & least sexually abusive person in the world, anyone who disagrees is racist.

2 days ago, r/blackhumor posted this meme on trains ⬇

AHS reacts to the meme 14 hours ago (no drama in this link. this is used for the proof that they are brigading) ⬇

2 hours after that post on AHS, a brave r/blackhumor user decides enough is enough and creates a pro trains meme. tbh, it also kind of seems like a subtle jab, like they are transformers or something but you can decide that.⬇

our sister sub, r/subredditdrama has some stuff to say ⬇