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6702 coins 2740 marseybux 70 followers follows 24 users joined 22 May 2021




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User ID: 542

Coins spent: 103420

True score: 93113

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47 / 937 hats owned (5.0%)

Those are the ones I use. Simply download them and make high quality Marseys.

Jover bros? Irs so fricking jover... :marseyitsover:

I'm stuck at the train :marseytrain2: station. There is brown people everywhere (tbf I'm brown too but whatever kill BIPOCs btw) anyway imma die. 9% charge. If this is my last message then...

Kill mayos

Kill Chinks

Kill BIPOCs but only if you Kill mayos and chunks first

Spare papuyan bros (papayas bros will know)

Idk reinstate Hyperborea? :marseyunpettable:

Idk a foid offered to let me sleep at her place but she has a BF so I'd rather die cause I got honor. Death to someone btw.

Redditor calls out OP for linking the heckin Chuds on /r/architecturerevival talking about tradition n shit. OP runs back to the Reichstag to post his epic pwning, they don't take it well and start calling each other fascists. Bla bla bla

OP owns a fricking Wehrmacht uniform :marseyxd:

These guys are just nerds jerking each other off to old buildings. But that doesn't stop the slapfight.

Enter Express_opposite

  • A fricking FTM

  • A fricking Finnish FTM

  • A fricking Finnish FTM posting on /r/menslib

:marseyfoidretard: vs :!chudsey:

The snow golem calls out neurodivergent r-slur OP on holding fascist opinions like NY being a shithole and unrestricted mass migration being le... bad!

But honestly who gives a shit let's laugh about the train wreck instead

"Is trans healthcare compatible with a public healthcare system?"

"Lately I have understood that as an educated professional, it would have been far better for me to move out of my Nordic country and take a job in the US.

Now, this is a big shocker for me. But the last years, even as a fully grown adult ”patient”, the clinics here have been traumatizing."

Nordic utopia socialist system heckin genociding the trans folx? :marseytransgenocide::marseytransgenocide::marseytransgenocide:

Also yeah I don't think I need to mention this but xhe is also neurodivergent lmao

Another Nordic tomboy ruined. It's over. :marseyitsover:

Comissar fattard ate the entire Gulag
Volcel if you don't grindset your mindset
/h/proana queen takes down obese womanbeast
Fatanon sharts in the bean chair
Dramatard spotted at Marseycon
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Anon and the waitress :marseytrain: trainee
/k/opemando witnesses demon deer :marseyspookysmile:
Remember guys, gaslight, manipulate, win. :marseygigachad:

Trans lives matter and all



trans lives matter fat lives dont


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Le scary face :psychojak:
THE FATTIE FINALLY FALLS :marseysatisfied:

Link to Video

He has some sort of blood cancer that creates too many red blood-cells. Its over for cell-cells.


So apparently this is a side effect from testosterone supplements which he probably needs to take because he is so fricking disgustingly fat lmao. So yes it was his obesity that did him in. God laughs every time a fat Amerishart dies before they hit 50.

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Bing Chilling-cels are excluded from Bussy Blasting :marseyjewoftheorient::!marseyno:
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God fricking darnit
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Anon embraces the Jews
The story of German sexpest :marseytrain: "Penelope Frank"

Rejoice children! :#marseypop2:

Its saturday night and im stuck at home and with a slow day of drama I have decided to bless you with part 2 of three of the absolute disaster that is Extinction rebellion and Penelope Frank.

Link to part 1

Part 2 of 3? You heard correct. :taysmart: After this post focusing entirely on Penelope I will do another one on the hilarious misadventures of extinction rebellion. But for now lets dig down into the neo hole of this autoerotic mess. :marseypuke:

For the research of this post I mostly used this video, Patricks Instagram account "All about trans girl Penelope" as well as his blog with the same name "All about Penelope"

I encourage you to do everything in your power to make this person aware we and this post exist, solely because I think its funny. I would like to thank the :marseytrain:s at google for making "Google translator" which provided (for free) a way (for me) to dump all this bullshit (for you) in the language of the eternal Albion and his perfidious children the Mutt :marseymutt2:, the leaf :marseycanadian:, the shitposter :marseyaustralian: and the notorious Kiwi :marseykiwi: aswell as the libertarians at catbox who host my crimes against humanity on their with anime children plastered website. I would also like to thank the Egyptian Government and their representative @Aevann for having me and this affront against humanity. Death to Israel and may you find the mercy to free us of the fish. Anyway.


Patrick "Penelope" Frank



Patrick is an orphan. He spent much of his life moving between cities and foster families. He lives (for now) in Heidelberg, Germany. Lets take a look at how he describes himself.

"About me: I'm Penelope Frank, I'm 31 on paper and I've been living in Heidelberg since March 2020. Before that I lived in the rural region of Hunsrück and for a short time in Bad Kreuznach. Professionally I am a intercourse and creative worker. Also an activist with the Last Generation, Fridays for Future Heidelberg, Extinction Rebellion Heidelberg, Critical Mass Heidelberg, active in many LGBTQI demos and also in the Radentscheid Heidelberg. You can find more about me and all my activities - whether professional or private - on this page.

I've been blogging since 2010 and after my first depression in late 2015, I started doing only what I feel, wish and want, so today I've become an unconventional and open person."

>after my first depression in late 2015 :marseyxd:

Foreshadowing? I do hope so. As you can see this persons job is being annoying to and grifting from the general public. Patrick has been blogging and harassing women online ever since 2010. His stated goal being to find a foid of his own. Something he still hasn't accomplished despite his long life of molesting holes off- and online.



He could use an attraction sign. Worked for the best.

Patrick and the eternal foid

Now lets take a look at his offenses against Arcanoholes offline first :marseygrass:. Two experiences from two different women with Patrick.



As you can see Patrick is a veteran in foid patrol. How the chuds at NaziCoffee and TerfShelter could ever ban him remains a mystery.


And now to his online offenses! :marseytyping:






Yeah im glad this was censored. :marseyyikes: If women are to believed (:marseyemojirofl:) this has happened to multiple different foids online. And yet he keeps getting away with it.

:marseyredcheck:The original screenshots can be found in the linked video. I do not and can not verify their contents but taking a look at his person the content described seems to have likely happened in reality. :marseyredcheck:

Now failing at all his advances Patrick is in absolute despair. He describes on Telegram in detail just how punishing his involuntary celibacy has been. So much suffering despite offering his intercourse services to students for a discount. :marseycry:


Patrick is a tragic man. A tragic man in a tragic world filled with evil Terfs and bigots conspiring to bring him down. :marseyitsover:

On the only relevant rdrama topic: Top or bottem?


As you can see Patrick has the behavior, looks and sexual preferences of a real true 100% biofoid. :marseywholesome: But what does he do all day besides practicing trans theory on and offline? :marseyhmm:

Patrick and the grift

Of course like every good intercourse working LGBT activist, Patrick provides absolutely nothing of value to society and instead decided to live of other peoples taxes while making their day hell. :marseyneet: :marseyanzu:

Patrick is involved in multiple different local initiatives as he already described on his blog. Before joining these Heidelberg initiatives he had to find a place to stay though. So he put up a little advertisement for us.


Foids apply! Penny-type room mate behavior guaranteed! :#marseybardfinn:

After finding some place to live Penelope immediately started the Slacktivist grift. Involving ximself in a variety of different organizations and initiatives.



A club of European federal cute twinks. Globo king incarnate. Popular with neurodivergent western Euroshart leftoid Zoomers, they focus on pushing a United States of Europe! Just you know, more dystopic. :marseyshutitdown:

The last generation. A doomer type "activism" group focused on climate change where he glued himself god knows where and wasted IRL jannies times trying to scrape him off the street.



frick these chuds paying for my welfare trying to live their life! :#marseytransflag2:


And of course the famous gluing yourself to a painting these cute twinks love to do! :marseypainter:


The "Radentscheid Heidelberg" an initiative for better biking in Heidelberg where Penelope is even represented on the front page.


"Sex worker and blogger

As a mountain district resident in Heidelberg, I realize how important a good cycling policy is, which doesn't really exist in one of the richest cities in Germany. And although Heidelberg has declared a climate emergency, too little is happening and as a climate activist I can only go to the barricades! That's why I'm campaigning for a better cycling policy in the future!"

God I wish I had a biking trad wife... :marseycoomer2:


"Aktion gegen Lebensmittelverschwendung" and initiative against wasting food. Not much to say tbh.


Patrick was also featured as the organizer of the first LGBT bike-demo in Heidelberg in the Mannheimer Morgen. Link to the article

"Heidelberg. Penelope Frank, the founder of the "Heidelqueer" initiative, started the first Pride demo on Saturday afternoon on Heidelberg's Uniplatz with around 140 participants, even without bikes."

>Heidelqueer :marseydarkxd::marseydarkxd:

You can't make this shit up...

Of course welfare and intercourse work can't sustain this queen alone. So xueen needs donations! Pls make sure to donate so xhe can focus on ruining more peoples days.


Now you might ask "How is it possible that despite Patrick being a known sexpest none of these initiatives or journos say anything or bar him from their organizations?" Lucky there is a family man!


I live in deep fear knowing I could meet this creature again as I did on that faithful day which led me down this rabbit hole (Videos in post 1). Its incredible that if we just dig a bit we can all find a Chris-Chan living just around the corner. :marseysonichu:

Part 3 soon! I swear! No cap! If I had to add anything else it would be asking anyone (say @Dramamine or @chiobu) to post my footage from Part 1 and maybe this post to the German Trümmertranse thread or rdrama thread on Kiwi. I thank anyone who made it through this post and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I hated typing this out. Goodbye.


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Oh boy rdramafriends I actually stumbled across some irl disaster :marseytrain: and it opened up a massive rabbit hole I will explore with you in this part and the following post. :marseydance::marseyexciteddance::marseypop2:

Yes you heard right! This will be a 2 parter :marseyfedpost::marseyreading:. Starting with my encounter and the footage I made of our German "extinction rebellion" spergs blocking the busiest street in Mannheim city and their subsequent arrests. Part 2 will be entirely focused on our friend sitting in the middle of this parasitic trio. A known sexual harasser, blogger, grifter and autoerotic asphyxiator called Patrick (Penelope) Frank hiding behind the LGBT community. As a little foretaste:



I wonder why that sheet has a hole? :marseycontemplate:

I was just going about my day in Mannheim shitty :marseyturkroach::!marseywalking::!marseyturkroach: when I encountered 3 r-slurs blocking the main street in front of castle/university and the Amtsgericht (City/disctrict court) Mannheim. Now why is that? :platythink:

Well turns out some other members of their sperg ensemble were arrested were arrested for (you guessed it :marseybigbrain:) blocking a different street in the inner city to protest for a "car free city center" and the trial was happening just as I happened to walk by. Now being kicked outside the court these spergs decided the best course of action would be protesting their friends getting persecuted for blocking a street by also blocking a street! :marseysmugautist:

This is where I start filming :marseyjourno:


I just happened to just make it for the start of their little rebellion so I was really fortunate to capture start and end of this little act. :marseyjam:

I crossed the street to ask some people what was going on and continued filming this mess. Enter: The Gestapo. :marseycop::marseycop::marseycop:



As you can see the parasites created quite the traffic jam so the police came to resolve the issue in no time :marseysignaling:

This is when the poor officer in charge started talking to these "people" :marseystinky:

After talking to them they refused to move so the police had to issue their "first warning" (I know how cucked this sounds :marseyzwei::marseylaughpoundfist:) to the activists and redirect the traffic to the other lane

In the following video they at least make space for an ambulance so at least they didn't kill someone like they did in Berlin. Yes. That happened. :marseydeathpose::!ambulance::!marseystinky::!marseystinky::!marseystinky:


The foid in the red car at the front got quite pissed and started screaming obscenities at the rebellious little rascals as she was turning and leaving. :marseyrage:

Right after the police made their second and third warning


And then finally they give up and "surrender" before they would have been violently removed. :marseyitsover:

All of them end up getting charged for interference of public peace. The same crime their compatriots were being persecuted for just in the building to the right of them. :marseyzoomer::!marseyjudge:

The justice system is corrupt and fascist everywhere Brooksisters....


Part 2 focusing on the mentioned intercourse pest will either be posted after im back from the gym or (more likely) tomorrow after im back from all you can eat Schnitzel. And I promise you frienderinos this will be quite the adventure. :#marseygigatitty:

Anon is a brain damaged cking :marseypedosnipe:
Christtards answer for yo crim- :spit:
Feel sad? Watch this and laugh. :marseyhehe:
Anon's dad is a cop