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2 scoops :marseyicecream::marseyicecream: 2 genders :chudsey: 2 dimensions :marseycatgirl5:

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Hindustani muttification project proceeding on schedule mitron :marseypajeet:

Trans lives matter


Can we please get some recognition for our trans racial nipplestani dalitx kween? :marseyyass:


:marseyturkroach: gets turned into a good roach :marseywholesome:

Trans lives matter a lot more than jihadi's


:marseyimam: Redditors have found a new cause too :marseysneed: at us :marseytwerking:

Maybe it's time to stop using Indian call centers and engineers. No more H1B visas for Indians.

Dude, you're a 69 yo who can't get his wife to leave the couch so he can jack off. You are in no position to deny anyone any visas.

Least pathetic redditor. Some hits from xis page

I once had a girl tell me I was too short. I told her I could reach all the good stuff.


She's 65 and still the most beautiful woman I know. I tell her this frequently. No, she doesn't look like she did 40 years ago, but who does. The problem is she says menopause killed her intercourse drive. I'm old, but far from dead. I don't want to cheat, but i don't want to live my life out with no sex. Divorce isn't an option. We live very well retired, but divorced would make thinks more difficult (trust me, at my age that is a consideration). I am writing this at 2:30 am because I am awake, frustrated and a tad depressed. Suggestions?


India really not picking the best friends on the international stage lately. At least they're consistent: I don't expect either Russian or Iranian regime to last through 2023. I guess they just have to suck up to Orban for completeness; unfortunately, that fricker might stay a bit longer.


Keep ameriKKKa out of India’s failed domestic & international policies. You can’t blame ameriKKKa for everything, we’ve been around for less than 250 years. ameriKKKa has nothing to do with your wars with China & Pakistan. India has been at war with some country or another for hundreds of years, way before ameriKKKa was around.

Most historically literate mutt @Redactor0 where do you're countrymen get these beautiful :marseyhappytears: histories where we've been killing pakis and chinx for hundreds of years. @Sasanka_of_Gauda want those books :marseymommymilkers:


At least they didn't oppose anti Nazi resolution.

Guess who opposed ;)

You just happened to leave out that they voted no due to concerns that Russia was going to use it to attack neighbors. Which they literally did this year. So you and OP are officially Russian trolls in my book.


China voted against - nobody bats an eye. Continues buying and making stuff there.

The difference is that India is a democracy, China is a totalitarian dictatorship. You have higher expectations from countries that aren't dictatorships.

But we're a brown peepeepoopoo democracy yt boi just be happy we haven't voted too genocide some minorities(yet :marseypsycho:)

Power and money, and obviously human decency is not really on the Indian government’s radar. Has not been for a while now.

Just be a decent government chud


India, the next China.


As a country that jails you for holding hands with your gf, this is not surprising.

:marseyhope: :marseyhope:

Put the riajuu in their place :marseybegging:

:!marseytransflag2: TRANS LIVES MATTER :marseytransflag2:


Pizza diet appreciation post

@Sasanka_of_Gauda spent a bit more than a year eating the same bland food daily(it was part of a journey def not cause @Sasanka_of_Gauda was living in poorstrag dorms) and what @Sasanka_of_Gauda will say is after two weeks cravings start too go away. @Sasanka_of_Gauda simply lost my desire for tasty stuff, like @Sasanka_of_Gauda spent two months without eating meat once @Sasanka_of_Gauda think. Since reintegrating into soyciety and becoming a consoomer again @Sasanka_of_Gauda miss how disattached @Sasanka_of_Gauda was in those days. :marseydepressed:

Trans lives matter more than fat ones


Most wholesome Ambekarite moment

When Dr Ambedkar made his choice of me, I didn’t have the vaguest idea of the kind of circumstances I would have to confront. I was his wife as well as his doctor, making it absolutely necessary for me to take care of his food, medicines, rest and everything else fastidiously. We got married on 15 April 1948, and discipline and sense arrived in Dr Ambedkar’s daily routine. The handling of his daily schedule sometimes made it inevitable that some leaders and workers were denied the opportunity of meeting him. It was quite possible that some of them got upset, but I really had no choice except to suffer their resentment. It is unfortunate that these people did not carry sharp enough sensibilities. The Constitution of independent India was altogether the creation of Dr Ambedkar. He worked on it for sixteen to eighteen hours every day at a stretch. He would say, ‘I am repaying my debt to the people of this soil.’ When I got married to Dr Ambedkar, I had simply one thing in mind— complete surrender; walk every step with him like his shadow for the sake of the work he had undertaken and give him company in every sense of the word. I feel grateful that till his last moment I stayed with him like his shadow with body, mind and soul.

Lmao he worked hard for the copy paste constitution :marseyxd: Prob spent all that time writing affirmative action bits kek.

Dr Ambedkar was a pure, personified paragon of public life. We had nothing in our life that we could not lose.


After Dr Ambedkar’s passing away, the Dalit leaders of those times did not want any obstructions from the members of the Ambedkar family. Accordingly, they created a rift between Yeshwant and me. They made him the president of the Bauddha Mahasabha and got him busy in touring and proselytization, and systematically spread poison in the Dalit community by conspiring to create suspicions against me related to Dr Ambedkar’s death and keeping these suspicions alive. Their machinations are evidence of how low people can stoop to serve their own ends and to gain political power. This was how some self-seekers systematically performed the ‘great deed’ of creating a rift in the Dalit community and between us, mother and son. This plot was put into place to have me thrown out of the political stream that Dr Ambedkar had intended for me. From the domestic and political perspective, it was a terrible thing to happen because, in my opinion, it brought rack and ruin upon the community. These self-serving Dalit leaders wanted to raise a storm against me so as to separate me from the community. It was for furthering this despicable effort that they raised the demand of getting the cause of Dr Ambedkar’s death probed.

Kek based dalitbros. :marseykneel:

The consequences of the chud award:marseytransflag2:

Trans lives matter more than jannie ones


Beautiful read, this journo really sold xer soul

:marseytrain:s can't handle the BBC :chadblack:

For the 1st time in its 55 year history, @BBCRadio4 ‘s ‘Brain of Britain’ had its first ever all-woman final. @Emmabarnett is joined by the 2022 champion 🏆Sarah Trevarthen, & co-founder of feminist quizzine @quizogyny Becky Howell to discuss the rise of women in quizzing.

"We can clarify that Brain of Britain's list of women finalists included a trans woman, a detail which was not made available to the Woman's Hour team when they covered the story."


Full thread of :marseytrain: seethe

"The BBC has confirmed the following: we can clarify that we were not sufficiently transphobic, but now rectify the situation."


So it’s an all woman final then

Yes, I see absolutely no reason why this ‘clarification’ was necessary


oh so we’re saying the quiet part loud today huh


Completely irrelevant

Still an all-woman final.


There's a non-zero chance they just violated the data protection act.


Oi we avent hit the transphobia quotient methinks!

Bongicide yesterday :marseyyes:

Are they implying that male puberty provides an unfair intellectual advantage? Or something…


This is only relevant if you buy into the idea that men are naturally cleverer than women AND you don't recognise trans people. It's sitting in the middle of a Venn diagram of misogyny.

Yep that's me.


It won’t be long before the BBC tells it’s weather presenters to clarify that rain will be wet.

True a cute and valid winning foid awards is about as common sense as water being wet in mayostans :marseyxd:

Please be better than this

Written by

Boring butt middle class cis-het white guy. He/Him. Cardiff. Woke lefty snowflake type. Yeet the rich.


Whew, glad you clarified this before people started thinking you'd missed an opportunity to be transphobic. Don't worry though, your colleagues in News are holding the fort with their slanted reporting on Scottish gender recognition reform. That moral panic won't fuel itself!

B..based journos?


Foreigners trying to affect our elections :marseyohno:

Why the frick is a mutt doing a PhD from a worthless university in India lmfao?

Scrotes owned: :marseytiger: style

When Maya, a much-adored tigress in India’s Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, abandoned her equally adored young cubs this June, park officials feared the worst. Soon after, Maya was spotted mating with some roving males, seemingly unconcerned about her one-year-old litter. But now local naturalists think Maya’s behavior is actually evidence of a crafty new strategy to help ensure her cubs’ survival: “false mating.”

Like many mammals—including bears, lions and bottlenose dolphins—male tigers will kill the cubs of their rivals whenever they can, so as to precipitate a new estrus cycle and impregnate the tigress with their own offspring. Tiger moms typically seek to protect their cubs from such a fate for 18 to 24 months, before pushing them out to establish their own territories. (Tiger fathers have no role in raising the young, so no help there.)

But the crowded conditions in Tadoba and other Indian national parks are making that increasingly difficult. The ranges of several roving rivals frequently overlap with the dominant male’s, bringing danger precariously close to vulnerable cubs, says Bilal Habib, a carnivore researcher at the Wildlife Institute of India.

“In high-density areas, where there are more males, the best strategy for a female is to try to leave the cubs early, go with the males, and then go back and look for her litter again,” Habib explains. “If she tries to fight with the males, that may be fatal for her and fatal for the cubs.”


The name “false mating”—which occurs among lions and other species—is a little misleading. It refers to actual sex, just not at the time when a female is able to conceive. (Typically, tigresses go into estrus once every three to nine weeks, and are most likely to conceive during three to six days within that period.) Habib’s theory is that Maya is using intercourse not to conceive, but to placate roving male tigers and perhaps make them think they have successfully impregnated her.

Afterwards, she returns back to her cubs, leaving the appeased male none the wiser.

:marseynut: :marseyretardchad: Job done

:marseytrad: :marseysmug: Sure scrote

Other tiger researchers say Maya’s seemingly strange mating habits are just the tip of the iceberg. Overlapping territories have bred all sorts of unusual tiger behaviors, including more frequent fighting and dominant males apparently tolerating rivals. In some crowded ranges, serial mating with different males suggests the possibility that tiger litters—like those of domestic cats—may even have multiple fathers.


While that shared access might result in greater genetic diversity and prevent rival males from killing strange cubs, it could also prove problematic. High-density areas see more frequent infighting between rival males and territorial females alike, Habib says. And the imperative for mothers like Maya to leave their cubs early could itself have dire implications.

“What we suspect is if tiger cubs in high-density areas are forced to disperse early—at 12, 14 months—that makes their chances for survival very low,” he says. Danger, it seems, comes in many stripes.


Scroticide fricking when?

:#marseyfeminist: :#marseyfeminist:

God I wish that were me

On his way home on Monday, a white car stopped near him on the Kapurthala road in which 4 girls were sitting.

The girl driving the car asked for an address written on a slip which she gave him. As soon as he started looking at the slip, the girl allegedly sprayed something in his eyes, after which he could not see anything and eventually, fainted.

Next, as he gained consciousness, he was sitting with them in the car, blindfolded with hands tied behind his back.

After this the girls took him to an unknown place where they allegedly drugged him.

He alleged that they were drinking alchohol and forced him to drink as well.

After this all four took turns to r*pe him, the man claimed.

Later at around 3 AM, the girls left from there leaving him blindfolded and with hands tied.

The man told reporters that the girls seemed to be from good families. All were talking among themselves mostly in English. However, they talked to him in Punjabi only.

Following the news, the Intelligence Department of Punjab police has initiated a suo moto probe in the matter, reports claimed.


The note, circulated among Union ministries, underlines that the ancient democratic traditions explain the "survival of the Hindu culture and the civilisation in the face of the 2,000 years of invasions by alien ethnicities and cultures".


“There was no aristocracy in India like, say, in Greece. The Hindu state rarely presented that high degree of centralisation associated with the Roman empire… ,” it said.

“(In India) there was no concentration of the prestige of birth, influence of wealth and political office which made social organisations autocratic and aristocratic,” the note said.


“Whether the existence of two kinds of states janapada and rajya or the two assemblies called sabha and samiti forming essential features of the government – all indicate that the ancient form of governance in India was democratic, contrary to the general belief that it was monarchical,” he said.

Janapadas were republiKKKan against the explicitly monarchical rajyas(republiKKKan aristocracy), sabha and samiti were prior to state formation. :platytired:

The Bongicide hastens :marseywholesome:
/pol/ack with a very hot take

Jemma Whiteside, 40, had been drinking heavily when she grabbed the man's genitals and twerked against his shoulder shortly before kick-off - saying: 'I am going to f*** him later, and I don't even know his name.'

The mother-of-six was convicted of sexual assault at Sefton Magistrates' Court today after her trial.

Whiteside was bailed for sentencing next month. The offence has a maximum ten years imprisonment and she could also be barred from all stadiums in the UK under a Football Banning order.

The court heard the officer had recorded in his statement that Whiteside had been heard saying that she 'liked Scouse men'.

Later, when Whiteside was asked about the incident, she retorted: 'No offence to Liverpool but a Scouse man is not something that I would want or need.'

'He has taken offence at me, he does not like me. I am a respectable mother and a respectable City fan. I would not behave in a way that would make me be less able to see Man City.'

She also continued to deny saying she was going to 'f** him later' and added: 'I have never said anything like that in my life. I am a mother of six children. When I am not looking after my children football is the only thing I do.'

I got the sixth when you had five children. Just saying. :platyeyes:

:marseytrain: has been derailed :marseytrain: :!marseyno:


So much shirk

I unironically can't wait for their state elections.

@August you had you courtroom debut already sweaty? :marseyclapping:

The lawyer, anonymous, said 'it's so strange how easily you can be hacked these days.'


I like this dude, joking about it already

One barrister attending said: 'It was definitely porn. Everybody in court heard it. 'It was loud and obvious. 'The judge tried to tell the person making the sounds to mute their microphone.  'When it continued the judge got upset and abruptly ended the hearing for a week and said future hearings could not be done on CVP.'

:marseyjudge: Now stop I say stop listening to this :!marseycoomer: Oooh yeah bounce that butt baby schlock schlock schlock

:marseysigh: AT LEAST MUTE YOURSELF :!marseycoomer: Ooh ooh CUMMING YEAAAAH AGGGH

Least treachorous bruhmeme

Addressing a gathering, Thakor, in the viral clip is heard saying, "We gave the votes (to BJP) to do something new but they pushed the entire country to depth, and if anyone can save the country then it is the Muslim community, and if anyone can save the congress, only Muslims can do that."


How will Thakorcels ever recover?


The accused confessed to the police that she was 'forced' to wed her husband at the age of 15 before realizing he had 'no interest in her

According to The Sun, the woman told investigators that she was "tired of his behavior," and he routinely assaulted her and their five-year-old daughter. She said, "He was not interested in me and had relationships with other women. He used to beat me and my five-year-old daughter and betrayed me several times". She went on to add, "I was tired of this behavior and that's why I killed him. I saw my husband and his lover at home, and we had an argument after that woman left. My husband brought the knife."

Later she claimed, "I told him if he was cheating on me, he should kill me so he could get rid of me. He handed the knife to me. I held the knife to my stomach and asked, 'How would you kill me if you wanted to kill me?' 'I would stab you in the stomach,' he said. So, I took the knife and stabbed him and said, 'That's how I'll kill you.' I couldn't understand how I did it all of a sudden. He fell to the ground and remained motionless."

:#marseykween: shit scrote absolutely OWNED

Idk why that requires he be turned into a stew too but I know not to question women. :marseykneel:

How to gut carp


fricking gayrabs man

“With the philosophy (Indian) Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government works, we have attempted to use the word ‘she’ and ‘her’ in the entire Bill instead of ‘him’ and ‘his’,” said the union minister. He added that this “innovative” move has been attempted in the bill while speaking to the press.

Chudbros we literally can't lose


A section of the proposed legislation reads, “In this Act, the pronouns “her” and “she” have been used for an individual, irrespective of gender.” Meanwhile, an explanatory note of the draft also noted that this was in line with the government’s philosophy of empowering women.