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Autism can and should be cured

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Autism can and should be cured

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You can troll without being a bully! Remeber to always be nice! :marseyhearts:



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Grinch Bug Chaser Unironically Retarded Duterte's Most Wanted (TEMPORAL FLUX EDITION) Homoween 2021 Survivor 1st Birthgay Bash Survivor BADASS OUTLAW Christmas 21 Verified Email Beta User Punching Down Thin 1 Year Old 🥰 Little Big Spender Fart-Free God Save The Kween George Rehab Award White Hat Lil Goombler A Minor Setback VAXXMAXXED Homoween 2022 Survivor
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[Effort] How one autist embarrassed an entire team of Microsoft programmers

Some background

When they're not busy designing pride flags the folx at Microsoft spend their time coding shitty software. Among these is the new Windows Terminal.

Casey Muratori is a programmer who, despite never releasing anything, clearly considers himself to be some kind of genius.

With that out of the way, here's the drama:


Frustrated with the slowness of Windows Terminal when printing colors, Casey submits a github issue. He even develops a benchmark application to accurately measure the speed.

After a bit of back and forth Casey starts to becomes frustrated:

Am I missing something? Why is all this stuff with "runs of characters" happening at all? Why would you ever need to separate the background from the foreground for performance reasons? It really seems like most of the code in the parser/renderer part of the terminal is unnecessary and just slows things down. What this code needs to do is extremely simple and it seems like it has been massively overcomplicated.

He receives this legendary response:

I believe what you’re doing is describing something that might be considered an entire doctoral research project in performant terminal emulation as “extremely simple” somewhat combatively. I am not aware of the body of work around performant GPU terminal emulation

Casey gets angry:

When we're at the stage when something that can be implemented in a weekend is described as "a doctoral research project", and then I am accused of "impugning the reader" for describing something as simple that is extremely simple, we're done. Consider the bug report closed.

After which a different Microsoft employee goes in on him:

You were overly confident in your opinion, but I hope [what I linked] helps you understand that it's actually really darn hard.

Basically the whole team agrees that what is being asked of them is extremely difficult. While Casey is insistent that it's trivially simple.

So who is right? A team of senior engineers in a trillion dollar company or a reclusive game dev?


Casey tweets the following:

I take back literally everything I said about Microsoft taking an interest in fixing their terminal.https://t.co/K9ojvy1liX

— Casey Muratori (@cmuratori) June 17, 2021

And, over the following weekend, he implements from scratch a terminal that works in the way he proposed. It's ~100x faster than Windows Terminal:

(video timestamped to the part with the pretty colors, although the rest is fun too)

Twitter thread with some juicy questions from the audiance

Then this happens:

Afterward, the same dev [lhecker] also used a fake name to hang out on our discord and talk about Windows Terminal without telling anyone who he was. I figured it out and confronted them, and they failed to see anything wrong with that behavior. It's a really special team they have there.

— Casey Muratori (@cmuratori) May 6, 2022


Over the following months, there is an embarrassed silence from the Microsoft team. Eventually they release a blogpost basically admitting they were wrong, but don't mention Casey by name. Note that the person making the post is the one who snuck into Casey's discord.

Casey tweets:

When I tell the Windows Terminal team something is simple, I am "misguided", being "somewhat combative" and am "impugning the reader". But a year later when they call the exact same thing "trivial", that is just, you know, them writing a blog post:https://t.co/AXrgZjvUPT pic.twitter.com/UTDrD9s0o6

— Casey Muratori (@cmuratori) May 6, 2022

And finally one of them makes a post on Hacker News seething about the whole thing. Quotes:

We get it, Microsoft sucks, we should all be fired, rah rah rah.
Casey, I'm sorry. We made a mistake. I made a mistake! We didn't know what we didn't know, and thought we were clever enough to pass for it.
I just don't know what else he's asking for here. Credit? Us to die screaming? The blog post is matter-of-fact, and Casey is right: however, he said himself that it was trivial to do this. Is it not acceptable that we use the same language?

Truly a new low for Microsoft.

Want more nerd drama? See the previous post in this series.

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Lolcows are finally trickling in to r/theElon

I guess I was just being impatient with the post earlier today.

They like your post @chiobu


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  • Unbroken: please i'm begging you post something in my bait sub my children are dying it can be low effort I do
CONTEST: Win up to 3k dramacoin by bringing lolcows to /r/theElon

To win dramcoin:

Make a post on a subreddit (Just choose one from here) with a screenshot of a post from /r/theElon.

The /r/theElon name must be visible in the screenshot, this should be easy since most users have flair with the name in them.

example post

You will receive 3 DC per upvote your post receives.

I will reward you handsomely for a successful tweet as well. Consider replying to big accounts

Let me know when you post!


Write as a person with a special interest in something Musk deals with.

  • Maybe you're a Mom who hates traffic and is inspired by his vision of tunnels under LA.

  • Maybe you've always dreamed of being an astronaut and now spaceX has made it a lot more likely.

  • Maybe you're an environmentalist begrudgingly admitting that he has done a lot to reduce emissions.

Emphasize Musk's PERSONAL accomplishments (real or imagined) in management, engineering whatever. One of the main ways haters cope with his success is by attributing all the credit to his employees.

Basically just suck rocket daddy's peepee. But the more your post is based on facts the more it will trigger redditors.

Express incredulity at the hate he's getting, dismiss valid criticism.

optional: blame the hate on ableism (he's neurodivergent)




or comment it here.

if you need reddit accounts I've got them

@Aevann pin pls


cry more fatties :marseyyikes: Dramatard admits to collecting creepshots of obese women. Doesn't see problem.

Proceeds to call everyone replying to him fat.

Best comment goes to:


Also I'm calling out @Joan_Wayne_Gacy and @DEADGIRLINTHEPOOL for sneeding from the shadows and not coming here so I can milk them


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PSA for new users: Doxxing and Misgendering are not allowed on this website. :marseytrans2:

This is a trans inclusive space. If you are looking for a haven for you bigoted views, leave. Violations will result in an IP ban, if you're lucky you'll only get the chud award.

You are not welcome here.

This is not a bit to scare away newfriends. I, as well as the rest of the core community here work hard to make sure everyone feels welcome. Most of the rightoids you see are allowed to stay because they are "lolcows" or draw cute kittens.


You come home with a guy and see this. What do?
Woke TRAIN works at Lockheed Martin :marseyohno:


Ana Mardol is a typical white foid (fat) who is trans in that xer pronouns are xie/xer (edit: Xie also had top surgery). Xie has been active in YA twitter for years complaining about words "causing harm" and generally being a softboi uwu type of scold.

Recently it was brought to the attention of the masses that xie has been working for Lockheed Martin as a legacy hire FOR 15 YEARS. While pretending to be poor and acting like a teenager to grift from r-slurred twitter commies.

Xer friends leapt to xer defense, but where quickly drowned out by people aghast at the absurdity of the situation.

KIWI FARMS THREAD [tw misgendering]:


It's easy to find funny tweets of people tearing into xer:


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Interesting quote about history :marseyreading:
Straightest Russian soldier.
The first r/theElon seething wall of text :marseyhappytears:


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:marseytrollcrazy: I HATE GIT :marseytrollcrazy: I HATE GIT :marseytrollcrazy: [ nerds :marseyakshually: debating me in comments ]
Ana Mardoll (Lockheed Martin train) comes back to beg for money, debunk hate facts about xer life.

If you don't know what this is about click here

btfoing bad faith actors:


Say hi to xer:


[Effort] Gamedevs dunk on webshit startup, founder bussy blasted

"Mighty" is a startup that will sell you a subscription to stream your browser from a supercomputer instead of running it on your own PC. It is as r-slurred as it sounds.

The idea is that instead of making a browser with sane resource usage and forcing webdevs to learn to code they can allow the hellish cycle of Andy and Bill's law to continue for a few more decades while pocketing that sweet sweet subscription revenue. If that last sentence was gibberish to you click here.

Game developers, having one of the few jobs that require writing performant code, have always been jealous of webdevs for getting all the clout and money while churning out unusable garbage. Predictably, they start frothing with rage making tweets such as:

Very hard to describe how embarrassing this is for everyone involved in the Web and, sort of, software more generally.https://t.co/eR4G9Sg8iK

— Jonathan Blow (@Jonathan_Blow) April 27, 2021

Running a browser to connect to the cloud to run a browser to connect to the cloud to retrieve the contents of a single 2D page to recompress and send back to the original browser is now "the future of computing". https://t.co/3DPs9tkQjF

— Casey Muratori (@cmuratori) April 27, 2021

a truly terrifying thing to read in a recruitment pitch pic.twitter.com/KHsLOjnC8k

— Gabe K (@gabe_k) February 9, 2021

This caused the startup founder, as well as investors, to get defensive. Culminating with the founder writing a poem about the haters:

Writing a song with someone for all the haters this past month. Sneak peek:

you always got something to say
I think you like the attention
helps you to not feel small
you’re watching, you sit and wait
every time that I get a mention
you wanna see me fall

— Suhail (@Suhail) May 19, 2021

More dunking:

For the record, efficient 2D page display doesn't "appear simple" to me. It actually is simple, at least compared to other things we do. It only appears complicated to the web industry because it's the hardest graphics problem they've tried - and repeatedly failed - to solve. https://t.co/MrBfdV0Tie

— Casey Muratori (@cmuratori) April 27, 2021

… but this is the most compact explanation I have seen.https://t.co/rlF0rrUGTl

— Jonathan Blow (@Jonathan_Blow) September 2, 2022

The founder is still mad, passive aggressively replying with single emojis:


— Suhail (@Suhail) September 2, 2022


— Suhail (@Suhail) September 2, 2022

If you actually care about this nerd stuff. Here's a talk:

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We need to talk about r/collapse

Some of you guys know this already but r/collapse is recommended to all new users when they join.

r/collapse and r/collapsesupport are full of depressed and otherwise mentally ill people who have convinced themselves that the world is ending to rationalize the way they feel. One of my friends IRL is like this and it's truly sad. I don't know why the frick reddit recommends these subs and I really think it does actual harm to people.

I've been in the situation where my mental problems were exacerbated by online interaction when I had body image issues and browsed /fit/, 4chan's fitness board. It's nearly impossible to get better unless you stop interacting with people who have the exact same issues and rationalizations as you.

Do you think emailing reddit chadmins would get them to stop recommending these subs? Am I a strag for caring about the wellbeing of r*dditors? Let me know what you think. :marseydepressed:

QuadNarca appreciation thread
Putin declares mobilization, my cousins may get drafted :trolldespair: 2 weeks haha :trolldespair:

Also nuclear threats but let's not talk about that haha

This could get /r/theElon on the front page! Please upvote :marseybegging:

also this please https://old.reddit.com/r/Whatcouldgowrong/comments/z16mkr/elon_is_begging_the_people_who_left_to_never_come/

edit (jannies mad):


/r/theElon progress report: we aren't being r-slurred enough

I've ran the numbers: the sub isn't attracting lolcows because the market is already flooded with dumb Elon fanboys.

There is only one way to stand out: act even more r-slurred.

So yea try to come up with even more outlandish and r-slurred shit. Do NOT try to be subtle.

My attempt:


On the 27th we are all going to go #BlueForElon (pretend to buy twitter blue to support Free Speech and rocket daddy).

Have your reddit account ready

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We need to nerf the Deflector award.

The deflector award is fun when baiting people but it sucks when rich users stack them to avoid ever getting bad awards.

The fix is easy: make the Deflector award break after deflecting ~10 times.

Alternatively, make them not stack.

OR add a small chance for it to fail

Down with the fish.

@Aevann @TwoLargeSnakesMating carp has seen the light and has approved this change

New b8

The Ukraine angle works really well (thanks @Joe_Manchin for your hard work).

I figured it's a good time to start cracking down on dangerous misinformation on the sub as well.

@August @Enrico_Motassa @Cdace @Platy @o_o @chiobu @MarseyIsMyWaifu @NoUntakenNames01 discuss

In case you missed it:




These Elon peepeeriders are something else....
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POV: You're Jewish

thanks @Arran <3

Imagine being poorcel AND a goy. I'd kill myself tbh

:marseycrying: :marseycrying: :marseycrying: :marseycrying:

why live

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Cis women can't compete