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Investmaxx in fatb-word activewear now.



We joked they must work for @MDLZ, the nutritionist actually does! So first libs love Pfizer, now Mondelez? I don’t recognize Dems anymore. So glad i left last year.




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The fake nutritionists of Twitter offer their expertise:

A tablespoon is plenty enough to feed a newborn. 😂😂😂😂

How could any Health Professional facilitate this? Massive safeguarding issues - using a baby as a prop for a fetish - and never mind that the ‘milk’ isn’t nutritious - it sounds more like a toxic brew of synthetic hormones.

All adoptive mothers are also trans:

Make sure you have the EXACT SAME REACTION to adoptive mothers artificially inducing lactation to fake breastfeed a baby that isn't even related to them.

Wet nurses have been around for centuries ..since time began.. we don't need chemicals to induce lactation.. we are also not male kinksters.

Wet nurses were lactating women who had given birth. Adoptive moms are not.

This isn't the science anymore chud, get with the times:

Nipple discharge from a man’s self-induced galactorrhea can in no way be healthy for a child? How is it even possible without the necessary anatomy?


Drugs. Lots and lots of drugs, that are being ingested second hand by the baby.

Now the TERFS are gatekeeping what NSFW means smh:

No real woman would consider a picture of a nursing mother to be "NSFW".

I mean.... That depends. I'm pretty sure many women would prefer not to show their own breasts to their (male) coworkers. That's why women have private spaces to breastfeed. (When they work in an office setting and breastfeed their baby. I've read about it at one point.)

I’ve gone into work on mat leave to show off my baby and breastfed them in front of my colleagues, it’s no different to breastfeeding when out and about

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Active shooter in Memphis broadcasting live while on a spree.

Nitter link.

Never ever stop blaming mayos (cause it's fun and easy)


Imagine willingly encouraging cultural appropriation:

why are all these women wearing bras as shirts, what is happening

1. They are in Arizona 2. They are at ASU

Their fashion should be modeled off the traditional dress of desert peoples!

Only a real king can roll with a queen:

300k isnt absurd at all

The moid copes any way it can:

Well I went to school there, and the reality is they'll date a skater kid that works at a road sign making shop because they'll get lonely, lol

Tbh mayo neighbours should be a tax write off:

The cost is NOT the $1050, the cost is that you are living in Ohio

Lib vs con exchange:


Bustlin is also a way of life:

What is the draw to living in NYC? At these prices you can live somewhere else and visit monthly and get the same effect.

Personally, I live here because I hate driving, I like being able to walk for 10 mins to see Rembrandt paintings whenever I want (often), & my elderly parents, the only old Jews in history who will not move to Florida, are here (+ job, friends, opera, Mysterious Bookstore, etc)

Landchads be profitmaxxing under all circumstances:

Gonna call bullshit. 6 mos prepaid is illegal in NYC since 2019.

I don’t think a landlord can require it in NYC but of course a tenant can offer it. For business tenants I believe you can only take 2 months of prepaid rent as an expense (even if u pay more the rest has to be capitalized- for the biz’s trying to find some end of year expenses)

Can we go one day without talking about transitioning as a solution to a problem:

Isn't like half the commercial real estate in NYC currently unoccupied? Why is no one converting buildings into residential?

It is typically more expensive to renovate commercial to residential than to build new. Requires fully new plumbing and wiring, and the floor plans are difficult in many cases (think abt window layouts and floor sizes)

Catching a bus with the poors is all part of the Deep State agenda:

If you can afford to pay $41,500 prepaid, you can afford to live somewhere else and commute in if you really want to. For far less money. Some people value their time more than money and that's fine. But the market would correct if people would stop paying these insane prices.

This is nothing to do with commuting. It has everything to do with people wanting to live in Soho, which is an experience that can't be replicated anywhere else and whatever tradeoffs re: apt. quality is worth it to them. There isn't going to be a downward market correction.

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  • GlupShitto: Rightoid news posting. 2 rightoidposts on front page and counting
  • _sus: karabogacels seething over fordwichchads

What this guy did to that woman was horrible and he should be arrested and imprisoned for a long time. But you calling him a savage further proves you are a racist. If that was a white man attacking a black woman, you would not have called him a racist.

Vice gets bounty hunted.

Great work dramatards you did it again.

Reddit banned a community that sought to collect "bounties" on people seeking abortions in Texas.

The r/TXBountyHunters community was "dedicated to sharing tips on identifying, reporting, and collecting bounty on those breaking Texas law TX SB8," according to its description, and had 68 members.

On Reddit, snitches called themselves "bounty hunters," and sought out ways to make money off of other people's vulnerability under the law.

Twitter rube who took the bait and is the source for the article.

r/parlerwatch post

Imagine what this person looks like irl:

Yeah they are really really bad at opsec/infosec/grey man practice because they are overly proud, and stupid. Meanwhile all the hardcore leftists I know that are totally prepared to handle shit hide in plain sight because they aren’t stupid.

Who is "we". An all Reddit army?:

We need to declare Proud Boys, Patriot Front, & 3%ers terrorist organizations and take the fight to them before their ranks grow anymore.

Um no defund the police:

Law enforcement needs to take off the kid gloves and treat these terrorists like they would Al-Qaeda

Reportmaxx any chuds you see rdrama battalion.

Bitcoin and/or suicide will solve this problem:

Imagine this...having your debit card access restricted/revoked because you didn't do something the Government wanted you to do, or because you said something (esp online) that someone or, some group didn't like...then ask yourself that question again?

While you losers were touching grass, I studied the Icke:

It began decades ago but all laughed at David Icke when he said it. I’ve been working in I.T in banking for over a decade and the infrastructure has been being built for over 20 years. This isn’t new, you’ve just been asleep.

Avg Twittertard's understanding of the law on full display:

You should then ask them are they refusing your legal tender, if they say yes just walk away with your coffees, no more need to be said they have refused the payment what you offered, you havent stolen anything either, you have offered payment.

If you aren't living in the woods you're probably a sheep:

So what begins? You jumping on the "government tracking us and observing our behaviour" bandwagon while tweeting on your mobile phone which is logging, sharing and tranmitting all of your data, current location and preferences? 🤣

This will never happen because internet is a human right you bigot:

A cashless society is fine until there is a power cut or your Internet goes down. Then you can't pay. There is a more sinister future here as well. Electronic virtual money is worthless, it doesn't exist. Cash is universal and tangible. Cashless societies have no privacy.

Using bigotry not to date me is literally nazism:

Another day on twitter, where people shame others for having dating preferences, when it’s none of their business.

Transphobia is not a dating preference I am afraid.

You can say "I dont like tall trans woman" "I don't like blond trans woman"Etc.. and thats totally fine, thats a preference. Not liking every trans woman (like if they are all the same no matter what) its transphobia cs de only reason is that they are trans. No preference at all.

Side effects of transitioning include arrogance and unrealistic beauty standards:

Egg me would be so excited to date current me for exactly those reasons, but I think current me is out of egg me’s league anyway

See te problem is, you're still thinking about things like someone being in someone's league or not. Ain't how it works. You're never out of anyone's league. No one is.

You're only allowed to have the preferences I allow you to have:

people are allowed to have preferences BUT that doesn't take away from the fact that majority of people won't consider a trans person just bc theyre trans, why are yall so offended over the idea of dating trans people-

"people are allowed to have preferences BUT " - nah if there's a "But" you don't think people are allowed to have preferences lol

Sexuality isn't real and you need to take genitals out of the attraction equation:

The amount of superstraights apologists here is sickening People aren't attracted by genitals, they're attracted to other people If you find someone attractive, but get turned down solely because about their genitalia, you're in the wrong +

Look, intercourse and gender are different things. By your wording, you could say straight guys are attracted to transgender guys, cause their intercourse is female. If you're attracted to girls, you surely aren't to all people born with the female sex, but people of the female gender +

Being LGBT counts as being disabled:

The issue is a wider societal pattern, not individuals rejecting individuals. Other examples are race and disability. In aggregate BIPOC, trans, bi, disabled, etc ppl find it harder to get dates than white, cis, abled ppl. That's societal bigotry in action.

Manlet/trans alliance when?:

Everyone in this comment section is the same type of individual that will tell a short guy "Oh well. Women can have their preferences." When he brings up the fact that alot of women (As they often state themselves) won't date a guy under 6ft. Keep that same energy. Fair is fair.

The only valid opinion is that all transwomen are valid:

Seriously. It’s okay to have a preference. And if a Cis man wants to date Cis woman, then that’s his sexual preference. And much like everyone demanding that their sexual preference be recognized, why be so quick to try to deny one?

Because if your preference is “ew trans? That’s gross I don’t want peepee” then it’s not a valid sexual preference There is valid reasons to not want long term relationships with trans people, but 90% of people haven’t done the introspection to find if they actually have those

The founding fathers were also sexist for not calling it the 2nd awomandment:

Why do they think 2A is about overthrowing the government? From a founding father’s perspective it makes no sense. They wanted the country to go on.

And there's the sticky point in your argument. Government does not equal country. The people are more important than a government. If a government became rotten, the Founders were OK with it being overthrown and starting over. That's what they had just done with the Crown.

Ngl watching a platoon of fat rightoids on scooters roll through would be hilarious:

[My son (ex-military) is worried. He’s got his finger on the pulse and he says in uprising is imminent.

The guys are forming militia and they aren’t playin](https://https://twitter.com/LaughlinDebora/status/1534243606923399169?t=SPLZ3QQeYlPbFmVhPixhDA&s=19)

The people plotting and promoting civil war aren’t in financial straits, they see their white, male, Christian power slipping.

Black women girlboss culture is just code for terrorism:

What is it about people and guns ? Are plastics affecting mens testosterone levels that they feel the need to arm up with weapons that were meant for war situations ? I’m so sad about what our country has become.

The largest purchaser of handguns is currently african ameriKKKan women. Fyi

Maybe, but AR type weapons that kill are bought by men.

What's the point of having guns if you aren't flexing 24/7:

Yep. Had a brief discussion with new neighbor. “Have to hold on to our AR-15s in case we need to overthrow the govt., children be darned.” They prominently display gun paraphernalia in their garage window.

To watch 3 months of unmanned drone domination & satellite-guided precision munitions bulls-eying OTH bunkers, but then not see the outdated pointlessness of a long riffle in a 2nd civil war. Think Sherman’s March from coast to coast w/ predator drones, NSA data, cell pings, AI .

Being white in NYC is a worse crime than anything Wall St has done:

I’m surprised that no ameriKKKan would help that woman… I thought ameriKKKans were all courageous and a very proud country…

You’d immediately be charged w hate crime if you were white and tried to help.

Children should be taught in continuously moving subways to avoid shooters:

If this happened where I live, there would have been 4 men there in five seconds, and two of them would have had guns drawn. But I live in a Constitutional carry state, and we don't need subways.

Really? Where were you all in open carry state Texas when the school shooting happened yesterday? Didn’t the shooter get past an armed security guard and two cops? 🤔

The men of NY finally understand the consequences of toxic masculinity:

No one did anything. Speaks volumes of how much we care for each other. As she mumbles "please help me". What an embarrassing world we live in.

What would you have done? Sock her in the face? And then what? Spend the day with the police? Go viral in a bad way and get fired from your job? Hate to say it but I think anyone's threshold for stepping in has to be much higher these days.

Women need to step up and be violent to negate the hate crime:

Then stop recording and help her?!!

... and get charged with a hate crime for attacking a trans person. That's how blue state ameriKKKa works.

Real neighbors be wholesome af:

......kindly enjoy the ride....!!!....sorry,for those who dont enjoy...!!!

Doesn't count unless you describe your clothing.

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Just stunning says Yahoo article.




OP comment:

Triage should prioritize children and the vaccinated. I don’t believe medical resources should be wasted on people who have made a commitment to ignore science, but rely on science, reject medicine but imbibe chemicals. It is beyond foolish and is now truly dangerous.


I feel the same way about the obese, chronic drinkers and smokers as well. They did it to themselves.

Nooo not like that:

There’s a distinction to be made about being addicted to addictive substances and being unwilling to take easy actions to prevent yourself from getting ill.

Often obese, alcoholics, and smokers get addicted when they’re children (before 18) and it carries on through adulthood.

There’s also the fact that obese, smokers, and alcoholics aren’t advocating that others join them as their lifestyle is actually the healthier one.

Ya'll know what to do.

The United employee is getting roasted in the comments:


The passenger is Larren Wong, a singer songwriter, says in the video the employee started the fight, adding, "I finish shit, I don't start shit." He jumped on social media, saying "security had me bent glad someone caught this on film." He then just got flip about the whole thing, saying, "While y'all here check out my latest EP 'It'll make sense soon' before I beat y'all ass!!"

TMZ article


Twitter link

Imagine admitting to getting grifted by someone you think is a r-slur:

Not an achievement considering we had to pay BILLIONS of our taxpayers money to fund his weekly vacations

Compared to billions to Ukraine for…?

Do these people not understand how hard it is to get a hole in one:

This is one of the many reasons why he was the best president😂

He did get in more golf time than any prez b4 him 🤣🤣🤣. Sad thing is that this is likely the proudest moment of his life 😂😂😂

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Article link.

Jus to clarify, you misread the first one. Nguyen, the Asian firearms instructor, laments that the gun community is intimidatingly white and coservative, dissuading more Asians from getting into guns. Not that Asians are buying guns becuase they are afraid of white people.

No idea if this is true but it's funny to see.


Thread starts here.

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  • dont_log_me_out: Bipolar is just when your personality splits from knowing too much
"Jewish media is a redundant term" - Kanye.

New interview with Lex on Youtube.

Kim strikes back:


Thread of 5 small clips.


If the link doesn't work click this to get to the clips.


These people won't be happy until everyone is literally homeless:

But Bob doesn't have employees, he's a worker who owns his means of production

then he's not a worker, he's petit-bourgeoisie. people who own small amounts of capital and selling their own commodities made by their own labor power aren't proletarian. proletarians are explicitly described as those who rely on wage labor to survive, do not own the means of

Internet commies are so afraid of not being working class they'll intentionally be broke losers:

The working class has no capital, all it has is it’s labour power to sell. As soon as you start to make money from profits of a business or pay yourself wages from the profits of your own business you are leaving the working class

Ah, makes sense. Nope. Owning a business does not mean you have capital. You have rent, long lease terms, debt tied up in inventory and work 7 days a week, 14 hours a day. Try it someday. Have a small business with no employees. See what work really is.

Cartoon slavery is alive and thriving:

No one is alienating Bob from his labor and he owns the means of production, so he is bourgeois - technically petit bourgeois. He may be exploiting his family, depending on whether they get a wage or shares in the profits and ownership.

Not even satire anymore:

Working Class is when you never try to improve your standing in life and never aim for anything better than a paycheck to paycheck living. The poorer you are the more working class points you get.

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