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A post depicting a domestic house dog of Tanner Canine stage 5 was posted and pinned to the front page by bad faith actor rDrama's administrator @geese_suck. The post is still pinned and hangs at well over 140 upvotes.

This is post is literally violence against the rDrama's Muslim community as it goes against their believes and the teachings of the Prophet ﷺ.

My esteemed colleague @DrTransmisia tried to educate the rDrama's folx but was welcomed by indifference and even banned by bad faith actor @byo exploiting a bad faith feature know as 1 day award.

How long rDrama's administration will allow this violence against the Muslim community to continue? How long islamophobia will be tolerated on the platform?

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You are clearly not familiar with the rules of this subreddit. Please familiarize yourself with them before trying to participate.

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this post has the official support of the Muslim community now. mashallah


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Seriously. If pornhub is suggesting cuck porn for you, it's because their algorithm has determined, scientifically, that you're a cuck. That's all.


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I am a woman.

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When you set you're gender as female on porn sites it probably shows you even more extreme content than if you set it as male because the algorithm recognizes that the majority of "female" users are just autogynephilic men. None of this changes the fact that trans lives matter (and, yes, given the insane amount of transmisic legislation going around right now they do matter more than cis lives, at the moment at least).

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Allahu ackbar eat the infidel dog!

Or don't eat it if that's the rule.

Is Ackbar Chinese or Filipino?

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Punish THEM.

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