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Trans lives matter (not).

So true xueens and xings! Mayocide when?!?!?!

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SRINAGAR, India  --- For five years, Alt News has fought India's rise in disinformation tied to Hindu nationalism, with Twitter as one of the main battlefields.

The fact-checking website's work debunking fake news and calling out hate speech by powerful people against India's ethnic and religious minorities has made it one of the country's leading independent news outlets, earning its founders a mention on an unofficial shortlist for this year's Nobel Peace Prize.

"We are able to make certain topics the center of conversation" on Twitter, said Pratik Sinha, who founded Alt News with a fellow software engineer, Mohammed Zubair.

In addition to using Twitter to defuse tensions both online and offline, the nonprofit Alt News relies on the platform as an important source of crowdfunding.

All that is now in jeopardy amid the chaos at Twitter since its takeover last month by billionaire entrepreneur rocket daddy. With 24 million users, India is Twitter's third-largest market after the U.S. and Japan, as well as one of its greatest challenges. But more than 90% of Twitter's 200-odd employees in India were reportedly among the thousands worldwide who have lost their jobs under Musk's ownership.

As in the U.S., the layoffs in India cut deeply into some of Twitter's most critical teams, including those dealing with government information requests and content moderation.

In an open letter last month, U.N. human rights chief Volker Türk urged Musk to make human rights central to his management, noting the pressure that Twitter and other social media platforms have come under from governments around the world over freedom of expression.

"Like all companies, Twitter needs to understand the harms associated with its platform and take steps to address them," he wrote.

Musk, who calls himself a "free speech absolutist," has argued the platform should be as unrestrained as possible. Since he took the helm, he has reinstated the accounts of people like former President Donald Trump, whose account was suspended last year over posts inciting violence.

But Big Tech like Twitter is used --- and perceived --- differently outside the U.S., where the majority of its users live. From the genocide of ethnic Rohingya in Myanmar to attacks on Muslims in India, social media platforms have been criticized for allocating inadequate resources in the Global South to tackle hate speech, misinformation, the targeting of political dissidents and the real-life violence that often results.

"For the longest time, South Asian countries have been ignored in terms of policy, content moderation strength and language support," Sinha said.

Although Twitter has always been moderated through "the prism of the developed world," he said, the danger now is that "Musk is dictating policies from his own prism: the prism of a U.S. billionaire."

Twitter's U.S. media team did not respond to an emailed request for comment. A WhatsApp message to a Twitter communications employee in India also went unanswered.

'Complex political realities'

While Twitter has fewer users than Facebook, civil society groups and journ*lists say it is a crucial tool for holding the powerful to account. It has been used in multiple countries to organize anti-government protests and rally support for dissidents.

But it is also flooded with misinformation and hate speech, said Melissa Ingle, a former senior data scientist at Twitter who worked there for more than a year writing algorithms to label and flag misinformation about elections, Covid and other issues in countries like India and Brazil. She recalled feeling like she was working at an important place and that her efforts to make Twitter a safer and less toxic platform were important, too.

Ingle, a contract worker based in San Francisco, was among the thousands of Twitter employees who discovered they had been laid off last month when they were unceremoniously locked out of their email and Slack accounts.

In the absence of sufficient staffing and resources, Ingle fears the most for Twitter’s content moderation in countries outside the U.S.

“The workforce has been gutted, and no algorithm can keep up the pace with this,” she said. “It will lead to an increase in misinformation and attacks.”

With his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter, Musk has also inherited a legal case that is considered a deciding moment for the freedom of online speech in India. The company sued the Indian government in July over sweeping regulatory changes that give officials greater power to demand that tech platforms remove content or block accounts that are critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party. Company employees can be held criminally liable if they do not comply.

Even before the new rules came into effect last year, police raided Twitter's offices in Delhi and Gurgaon after the company tagged a BJP spokesperson's tweet as "manipulated media."

Twitter users have also been arrested over their posts, including a state lawmaker who was critical of Modi. Zubair, the Alt News co-founder, was arrested in June over a 2018 tweet that police said hurt religious harmony. His arrest came days after he flagged a video in which a BJP spokesperson made derogatory remarks about the Prophet Muhammad. Both Zubair and the state lawmaker have since been released on bail.

From July to December 2021, India made more requests than any other country for the removal of tweets by journ*lists and news outlets, according to a Twitter report. The country also ranked second after the U.S. for the highest number of government information requests.

"Law of land is supreme, Twitter must follow rules," India's electronics and information technology minister, Ashwini Vaishnaw, said last year. "Whoever is a citizen of India and those who stay in India will have to abide by the laws of the country."

The layoffs Musk has carried out at Twitter will have a deeper impact in India, said Prateek Waghre, a policy director at the Internet Freedom Foundation, a New Delhi-based group that promotes digital rights and freedoms.

"There isn't a full consideration of how complex it is to run a social media platform. The complex political realities have not been accounted for here," he said, referring to India.

Back at Alt News' office in Kolkata, the team continues to call out hate speech. In one recent incident, it flagged an Islamophobic tweet by a Hindu extremist with almost 600,000 followers that featured a screenshot of an invitation to an upcoming wedding reception for an interfaith couple. The tweet remains on the platform, while the couple called off their wedding out of concern for their safety.

"Who is going to explain this context to rocket daddy?" Sinha asked. Musk "has done nothing to address the concerns of South Asian countries that are far more volatile."

While Sinha said he hopes that Twitter doesn't self-destruct under Musk's leadership, he feels disheartened by the recent changes on the platform.

"It is difficult to say what Twitter will have in store because the policies do not have any logic," he said. "This is not how you do policy; it is entirely arbitrary. You just don't know what he is thinking. And it is scary."


India in 2070
#heartattack trending on Indian twitter :marseynoooticer:


25 Nov 2022 : A 23-year-old girl (Josna Cotha) fainted and died suddenly (Heart Attack 💉) at a wedding reception : Tragedy happened while dancing!


#Cardiacarrest #heartattack #MedTwitter There are many reasons behind increasing sudden cardiac arrest. We all are experiencing it commonly post Covid . Without proper research & investigations we can’t comment directly on Covid Vaccines . Covid Vaccines might be a reason (1/2) But we can’t stop thinking or neglecting other risk factors like Alcohol & drinking , lifestyle & diet modifications, Environmental changes , dependency on Junk food , Stress , Lack of Sleep and Social media ( main reason of sleep problems & stress ) these days etc.



Four friends went out for a walk in Meerut. A 25 yr man sneezed and died on the spot. #heartattack

I can't sneeze.



News from India. Yesterday or day before. Omnibus driver had a #heartattack on a busy road. See the consequence.


A middle-aged man died of a heart attack while dancing in Varanasi.

Kek we're going to get more vaxx deaths than covid deaths at this rate. :marseytunaktunak:

What do you guys think of these videos? Do you find them entertaining or do you think they're exploiting your people for our amusement?

Insha'Allah, Pakistan superpower 2030 :marseyflagpakistan:

@Derailmentjihadi Thoughts?

She fixed him :marseywholesome:

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Indian police have said rats ate about 600kg of cannabis after a court demanded that the confiscated drugs be produced as evidence during a trial for people facing smuggling charges.

Police in the northern city of Mathura wrote to magistrates to say 581kg of the drugs had gone missing from two storerooms after being seized from traffickers more than five years ago.

Public prosecutor Ranveer Singh said the drugs were eaten by rodents and could not be produced.

"There is no place in the police station where the stored goods can be saved from the rats. The remaining [cannabis] from the huge consignment was destroyed by officers," prosecutors told the court.

Police arrested six people on suspicion of smuggling on a motorway and seized the drugs in two consignments in 2018 and 2019.

The alleged smugglers are now on trial for drug trafficking and other narcotics charges.

Police delivered samples of the drugs to the court at the beginning of the trial but were mandated to produce the actual cache to bolster their case and obtain a conviction.

The court asked senior police officers to ensure the safety of the evidence, which was meant to be presented on Saturday.

The prosecution told the court that nearly 700kg of cannabis stored across several police stations in the district were under threat from rats.

They also spoke of the inability to deal with the rodents, which they said were overwhelming the most secure places inside police stations.

"Being small in size, the rats have no fear of police, nor can the police officers be considered experts in solving the problem," prosecutors said.

Trials in India can take years, if not decades, and many accused often escape punishment over poor police investigations or evidence management.

Prosecutors in eastern Jharkhand state told a court in 2017 that rats consumed nearly 45kg of marijuana that was stored in a trafficking case involving 150kg of drugs.

Police in neighbouring Bihar state that year said rats drank about one million litres of alcohol kept in storerooms in one of the country's few dry states.


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:marseytrans: gets xis :marseytrad: killed barking at :marseytunaktunak:

After his arrest on Friday, 38-year-old Rajwinder told Delhi police that he went to Queensland's Wangetti Beach after a fight with his wife. During the investigation, he told Delhi police that he was carrying some fruits and a kitchen knife.

As always the devious foid's hand guides the moid to his downfall. :marseydisagree:

Cordingley, a pharmacy worker, was walking her dog at the beach. When Cordingley's dog started barking at Rajwinder, the two argued. This resulted in the Indian attacking and allegedly killing Cordingley, police said.

He then buried the body in the sand and tied the dog to a tree.

Rajwinder Singh fled Australia two days later, leaving behind his job, wife and three children.

Rajwinder Singh belongs to Buttar Kalan, Punjab, absconding ever since the day of the killing in 2018 was arrested by Delhi Police on Friday.

So the simp squad finally caught up with him :marseytabletired2:

Yes, I know this isn't India.

I don't care.

Edit: also, that music's pretty rad.

heenduism vindicated once again
Average Argentinian 2022, argentina es blanca


Puppy pregnancy syndrome (PPS) is a psychosomatic illness in humans brought on by mass hysteria. People suffering from PPS believe that shortly after being bitten by a dog, puppies are conceived within their abdomen. This is said to be especially likely if the dog is sexually excited at the time of the attack. Victims are said to bark like dogs and have reported being able to see the puppies inside them when looking at water or hear them growling in their abdomen. It is believed that the victims will eventually die – especially men, who will give birth to their puppies through the peepee. Witch doctors offer oral cures, which they claim will dissolve the puppies, allowing them to pass through the digestive system and be excreted "without the knowledge of the patient".

The syndrome is thought to be localized in villages in several states of India, including Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha, and West Bengal, and has been reported by tens of thousands of individuals. It is far more prevalent in areas with little access to education. Some psychiatrists believe that PPS meets the criteria for a culture-bound disorder.

Doctors in India have tried to educate the public that this condition is impossible and a superstition. Believing the condition may be dangerous, as a person may have become infected with rabies after a bite, and seeking witch doctor treatment can delay medical treatment. Most sufferers are referred to psychiatric services, but in some instances patients fail to take anti-rabies medication before symptom onset, thinking that they are pregnant with a puppy and that folk medicine will cure them. This misbelief is further compounded by witch doctors who state that their medicine will fail if sufferers seek standard treatment.

:chudsey: try to prevent ascendance of :marseyhomofascist: judge

Saurabh, an openly gay advocate, is the son of former Chief Justice of India B.N. Kirpal. Sources in both the government and Supreme Court told ThePrint that the Centre’s main objection has been his 50-year-old partner, who is a Swiss national. According to the sources, a report by the Intelligence Bureau has stated that his European partner can become a security risk.

Isn't it amazing how meritoriously all these judge's children become judges too? I love meritocracy.


Prior to that, the collegium, headed by then CJI SA Bobde, had in March 2021 wrote to the Centre, seeking more inputs on Saurabh. In a letter, CJI Bobde gave four weeks to clear the air on whether the government’s objection, mentioned in the Intelligence Bureau inputs, was because Saurabh is a gay man.

During an earlier interview with ThePrint, Kirpal had said that his sexual orientation was probably the reason why his name was not being cleared. He had expressed similar views in an interview to NDTV too.


:marseyturkroach: gets turned into a good roach :marseywholesome:

Trans lives matter a lot more than jihadi's


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