Fat Autist eats Taco Bell for 30 straight days

Apparently SHITo HECK did a promo where you pay them $10 upfront and then you get a taco per day for “free.”

Here is the post:

My Taco Pass Journey - 32 tacos

he ordered other shit each day too it wasn't just a taco. Absolute sodium death.

Before this month the most I've spent in a month was $107 With the most visits in a month being 11.

On average I spend $82 with an average of 8.5 trips.

So while I definitely spent a lot more than I do in a regular month I'm a bit surprised it wasn't a lot more, just a little more than 2xs more expensive but 3xs more trips. I used a lot of rewards and some days only got the taco.

I really don't like when people call them "free" tacos as you've already paid for them, I'm happy to have gotten each taco dish to 34 cents, that was so much better than I expected, my goal was 50 cent tacos.

I'm glad I never have to do this again! I'd say Taco Bell came out on top like predicted, but I gave them a real fight.

You didn't have to do this you fricking weirdo

I hereby am starting NOBELL NOVEMBER which means no taco bell for the rest of November - unless you're accompanied by a Nobel Prize recipient.

:#marseysurejan: sure. see you tomorrow fatty.

Man I'm actually sad it's ending. I would do the taco pass every month if I could. TB should make that a thing. For me the taco was enough. Never bought anything else.

:surejan: You're posting on the taco bell subreddit and have their app. :surejan: If that's true then it's a good deal value wise, I guess, but why would you want FRICKo HECK so often :marseydizzy:

This spreadsheet is great! Goals

:#autism: :taco:

:obesedaddysgirl: "I like my men how I like my coffee..." :marseyxd:

idk man

This was considered normal 50 years ago (No Nom November Day 5)

What's your excuse?

It's Starve-Yourself Saturday! :marseyexcited: We are now on Day 4 of No Nom November!! Keep not nomming!


https://i.rdrama.net/images/16990743986596773.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16990743989960437.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/1699074399066068.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/1699074399207173.webp

Ladies, don't be fat. It's ugly and everyone knows it.

Fellas, are you really so weak and pathetic that white women (pictured above) can have better control over their hunger than you? What kind of man are you? Prove it by going ALL SATURDAY without eating. The next thing you eat should be the eucharist tomorrow morning (it's Christ's flesh so it's all protein)

don't forget!
:marseyxd: :marseyxd: :marseyxd:

Palestinian Lives Matter

NNN Day 3 (Look at this Vice video sneeding about Chinese womyn not embracing "fat positivity" also 1000 DC contest!)

Here's the entire video in article form (can they legally do that??)



1000 dc bounty on having a marsey catgirl lora do the belly button challenge


:obesedaddysgirl: "AlL fOoD iS hEaLtHy FoOd" :dramacake2nd: :marseypizzaslice: :marseycandycorn: :marseyjuggalo:

Bonus Dellusional :marseybluecheck: Takes







No Nom November Day 2!!!!

If you haven't started yet (because you are a fat, disgusting pig) you better start soon. 😊

Doing NNN can easily help you lose 10 pounds or more if you actually stick with it.


The hater who said I wouldn't lose 10 kgs by the end of last month was right :marseyhesfluffyyouknow: but...

i managed to shift completely to a fully protein focused diet and now literally every day i am feeling a bit thinner

also like my face is starting to look good

my stomach keeps receding at what feels :marseyfeelsgoodman: like 1-2mm per day

my gut has gone back in but go off i guess

i am 100% sure this month i am going :marseysalmaid: to hit normal :marseychartgaussian: weight

i stand with israel

Reported by:
  • o : Making me see this :marseyeyebleachmad:
  • BWC : Me on the right :chad: :marseychonkerfoidpuke:
  • ritalin : Who saved this post lmao
When your legs are so fat you have foot muffin tops :marseypuke: :marseychonkerfoid:
:marseychonkerfoidpuke: Nytimes today holy moly I'm so upset :soycry:

Maybe I was just trying to upset myself by clicking on a story about bariatric surgery for a 16 year old


Her story was fine, she seemed rational and had good reasons for what she wanted.

But also, omfg the context.


The torture

The horror.

I'm beside myself. I wrote some hysterical comments that won't get approved.

It was really really upsetting.



Archive of the HORRIFYING article

Oh boy, you thought i was talking about that fatass in Darling in the franxx right? Oh yes, im talking about that character.

Look, nobody likes a nice guy, nobody likes than someone is expecting a reward because he is a "good person", Futoshi is annoyinh as frick, he is a MEGA SIMP, and obviously his "promise" and his obsession of being together with Kokoro is not good.

And obviously, i will never say than Kokoro should have been with Futoshi only because he is always there for her, Futoshi never deserved Kokoro, he was a child.

But, my god, can you do SOMETHING with Futoshi after that?

The whole point of Futoshi, was only, being a simp, who is fat, and he likes to eat, and his entire point on his existence in the fricking show, is only that, he later knows about how Kokoro rejects his simp butt, and he gets angry... And then he just returns to be the same.

In the first episodes and in the last episodes, he is still the same character, and the most annoying one, and the one who gets less screentime aswell, but i mean, obvious, right? because, who wants to see a fat person being IMPORTANT in a story where everyone has a perfect condition and is pretty, am i right?

It doesn't help than the cliche of "nice guys" mostly are fat, so you have a character who is "ugly" and on top of that, has a toxic personality, and nobody will miss his sorry butt if he dies.

There are stories where fat people are good characters, OBVIOUSLY, i would never say otherwise, but i mean... Bro, give this guys a rest. If you don't wanna put a fat character in your story, perfect, but if you do, can you try to make his personality more than eat?

I couldn't cringe enough when in FFVII, the fat character in every fricking scene, talks about eating, or eats, because he is fat, what elses he is gonna think about?


Fiscally Left :cheers: Socially Right

:unicorn: Nonfiction = Fiction :mummy: Fiction = Nonfiction :!unicorn:

No Nom November Day 1

It's that time of year again! :marseyjam: It's time for rDrama's third annual No Nom November!

The rules are simple:

1. Never eat more than one meal a day. Make sure it's low carb :taysmart:

2. Do a full day water fast at least once a week (you can drink water or coffee/tea without calories added but don't eat ANYTHING all day) :marseyskinny:

3. Poast thinspo

4. Weigh yourself at the beginning of the month and post how much you've lost every week. People who lose weight get prizes! :marseychristmasgift:

Good luck, have fun and don't be a fat pig :marseyxd:

Edit: No Nom November 2023 may be over but it's always a good time to work towards getting to a healthy weight. Keto, thinspo and prayer are all the best solutions I've found to being able to consistently lose weight. DM me if you would like support :)

:marseychonker2: wideopensocks.com :!marseychonkerfoid:

trans lives matter

The funniest thread I've seen in a while on r/nothowgirlswork

On Famine and Food

One of the least discussed facets of our sci-fi dystopia is the revolutionary improvement in agricultural techniques in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. A deeper understanding of the chemistry of soil allowed farmers to increase their crop and livestock yields beyond anything previously imaginable. In the 20th century, the world population increased from 1.6 billion to 7.7 billion. Six billion people were added to the world, and this was possible because, as a species, we solved the problem of food scarcity.

At all times in the past, the availability of food was a limiting factor in every aspect of human life. Obesity was exceedingly rare, and mostly limited to the rich. Almost everyone, regardless of their wealth, was periodically at risk of dying of famine. A few bad harvests could precipitate a state of food emergency that left everyone vulnerable to the possibility of starvation. This is hard for us to imagine today, when one of our biggest problems is learning to stop eating to excess.

Now, we have food in such superabundance that the poor are more likely to be obese than malnourished, although both of these things can coincide. Starvation is a terrible thing. But the possibility of starvation and the difficulty our ancestors faced when acquiring food protected them from some of our modern problems. We sometimes hear about a utopian future world of "post scarcity" – sometimes called "fully automated luxury space communism" – in which technological advances will do to labor what they have done to food. But if we take an honest look at post-scarcity and its consequences, we can just as easily view these agricultural advances as a vertical slice of dystopia.

The majority of AmeriKKKans are fat. In AmeriKKKa today, 42 percent of people are obese, and another 35 percent are overweight. And you don't really need a scientific study to tell you this, because you can see it with your own eyes. Three quarters of us are fat due to bad and excessive eating. Although idiosyncrasies of metabolism and lifestyle can mitigate this, we are dishonest if we try to deny the obvious main cause. Nuances of our food environment, such as the ubiquity of pesticides in our food supply are ultimately only accessories to this core truth. It is only possible to grow fat if you have the calories available to do so. This truth is right in front of you, and it would be pig-headed to deny it. I must say this because so many people are, indeed, in denial.

All sorts of problems are caused by fatness; sleep apnea, diabetes, heart disease, and stress to the joints and organs are among them. None of these problems are worse than starving to death, of course, but they are bad, and they are common. And beyond the question of these ailments, there is another, underappreciated effect of ubiquitous obesity.

Fat people are ugly. This should not be a controversial statement, but it is, because no one wants to think of themselves as ugly, and most people are fat. To say anything negative about fat people is seen as needlessly cruel; everyone instinctively knows that fat people are ugly, and to point it out feels like a callous a twist of the knife. Criticizing ugly people or fat people is ungracious, but even worse, it is viewed as hurtful to women, whose social worth is closely tied to their appearance.

This is seen as harmful, doubly rotten, because we are deeply and instinctively biased in favor of women, against men, so much so that the most popular conspiracy theory in the world is to believe that all of history has been built by men to disprivilege women. In any case, when we look at pictures or videos from as recently as fifty years ago, we see something that is unrecognizable, and almost unbelievable. Most of the women are hot, and most of the men are lean. To even behold this strains credibility, when we compare it to what we see out our window today, but we know it is true, because we can see it. Moreover, men today are so accustomed to being surrounded by fat women that—their attraction mechanics being somewhat plastic—many now desire fat women. Stockholm syndrome is fake, it's just a way to pretend that women don't like being kidnapped, but it does accurately capture the relation that men have to fat women today.

In 1957, the average woman's waist was 27 inches, and now it is 34. For reference, the average porn star's waist is 24. I sometimes wonder if future generations, after seeing the proliferation of deepfakes and computer-generated imagery, will doubt the veracity of old video footage, and assume that everyone was always fat. But for now, we can admit this is a relatively recent change to our environment, and it makes both men and women feel unhappy, and makes it harder for people to fall in love and have children.

At the same time we see obesity rising, we observe that younger generations are partnered up at lower and lower rates. In developed nations, where obesity is common and rising, fertility is falling. Feeling lonely and unable to find a sexually attractive partner is a kind of slow-motion psychological torture, and it is partly caused by our conditions of post-scarcity regarding food.

I suspect a lot of men, perhaps even most men, find porn and video games to be more compelling than marrying a fatty. And some women, when they hear this, have the idea that they can shame and scold men into preferring fat women, but they can't, no more than men can shame them into liking meek, submissive losers. There are other important factors that contribute to these sexual problems, but the point is to show how a single technological horizon, which solves one of our key existential struggles, also creates dystopic conditions.

To return to our earlier thread, the obesity "epidemic" as we call it, as if it were imposed on us from without, is the perfect example of these two competing tendencies. The principle reason that AmeriKKKans are fat is not only our impossible surplus of food, but our modal and instinctive reaction to it. Equipped as we are with our scientific understanding, we think of this as an "evolutionary mismatch" to our new environment. We know we have been optimized, by cold nature, to eat as much as we can at every opportunity, as a hedge against future scarcity, but as long as technological society endures, the famine will never come.

If we follow the logic of the evolutionary analysis, we risk falling into either despair, if we decide our instincts cannot be overcome, or to grandiosity, if we try to fix the problem with genetic engineering or eugenic breeding programs. But neither of these things are practical. Despite this, the evo psych analysis is not useless if we use it to evaluate the more pragmatic options that are available to us at civilizational scale.

The solution to our food dystopia, if one exists, will be found in the realm of either social or legal engineering, because these are relatively easier things to change than genetics. The superabundance of food that we now enjoy is an extremely novel situation, so traditional wisdom cannot guide us here, because no society in history developed their tradition in a post-food-scarcity world. At an individual level, any one person can overcome the perverse societal forces that enable us into being fat and sick. Bodily health is multidimensional, but if we restrict the domain of solution to what is achievable to avoiding obesity, then the only thing that works is finding a way to eat less.

Fat leaf posting Ls

Does anyone have high blood pressure and it not be directly related to their weight?

A few weeks ago I took my blood pressure using one of the machines at the gym and it was HIGH. Like...really high. Well, it got me freaked so I started testing it every day using a machine at the pharmacy, and it's been really high. Average of 159/93 over the last week or so.

So of course now I'm concerned. I eat quite healthy, no processed foods, really low salt in general, I don't drink, I don't smoke. I'm 245lbs at 5ft8in. I've been hitting the gym decently hard for the last 2 months, averaging 4 mornings a week. So working on it, but mostly gaining muscle and building endurance. I don't have a family doctor, so I went to the pharmacist, and she put me on a low-dose blood pressure medication. She said that one of my anti-anxiety meds can cause an increase in BP so I'm working on weaning off of it, but that will take 4 months to be fully weaned, if not longer.

So, any success stories of having your blood pressure managed without just being told to lose weight? I have no doctor so I'm relying on the pharmacist, who thankfully is lovely. My Dad has really high blood pressure, so it could be genetic. But I'm only 35, this feels too young to deal with this!

I don't have a doctor and getting one isn't an option in my province. My only option is the pharmacist. The waitlist is approx 10 years. I don't really snore according to my husband, sometimes but rarely.

10 year waitlist for a doctor? This is the healthcare Redditors want

For Halloween, Reddit has begun sending me nightmare fuel push notifs :marseydepressed:

Link I suppose


Incestuous Rancher gets angry when his tootlet gf says that his prized pig daughter needs to lose weight

AITA for telling my girlfriend to stay out of a family issue?

My(39M) girlfriend(37F) and I have dated 2 years. She's great and most importantly, my daughter(16F) likes her too, so, thank God.

On Thursday night, my girlfriend was over at our place, having dinner. My daughter mentioned how much she hated gym class and how much it sucked and how much she wished she didn't have to take it.

Now, I'm not an idiot, I know that my daughter struggles in gym class because, technically she's in the threshold of obese( 5'6, probably 190-195lb), so, I've put 2 and 2 together.

Dinner ends, my daughter goes to my room and my girlfriend tells me she wants to talk about what Madelyn( my daughter) said at dinner. She mentioned that we need to buckle down and get serious about her weight. I told her I was not in the mood for this.

She gets in close to me and whispers that Madelyn basically admitted to becoming too fat for gym and out of shape and asked me why I was okay with it. I told her again I wasn't in the mood for this talk. She asked if I'll be in the mood when Madelyn's 250 pounds as a senior and can't fit in the desk. I said that won't happen. She said I can't guarantee that. I told her to just stay out of this as it was a family issue. She got upset and went home.



:chadwomannordic: YTA at 5'6” I weigh 125 pounds. Think of the extra stress she's putting on her joints and lungs and overall grow up and and act like you give a shit about your kid and your gf. You suck

:marseysoyjak: Thanks for including your weight, it really added a lot of value to your comment


As someone who was 5'5 and 195 pounds in high school but then lost it in young adulthood, all of these commenters about the daughter's weight are making me sick.

Being in high school absolutely sucks. It's a heck of a lot easier to deal with any mental issues that could be contributing to weight once you start being able to live your life on your own terms.

Also note that there is a very big difference between "being too fat for gym class" and gym class being completely terrifying because you don't want to work out with the other kids because of debilitating anxiety over how you look. And the fact that neither parent is interested in which one is concerning to me. For that, OP sucks too.

There are definitely ways that OP can encourage his daughter to earn self confidence and live a healthier lifestyle. But do you know what the last thing the daughter needs?

Being told she's going to be too fat to sit behind a desk! Girlfriend was being needlessly abrasive and shouldn't be surprised when OP snapped. She's a girlfriend of two years. She's not his wife and she's not her mother figure. Leaving and throwing a tantrum when she was speaking out of line in a rude way is definitely a red flag.

WORDS WORDS fat cope. [+93] btw

Thank you for this! I scrolled for way too long to get to a comment that had any compassion for this girl.

Diets don't work, and the fact that OP's girlfriend said "they need to get serious" about her daughter's weight is a red flag for me as well. The last thing this girl needs is for her parents to start harping on her about her weight. She needs love, support and acceptance.

As a former chubby kid, nothing makes you feel more horrible about yourself then family members commenting on your appearance and weight. It makes you feel like your family's love is conditional.

wanting to help your child be healthy is abuse

Just say you're overweight and don't have discipline enough to stay at a healthy weight [-2]


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