All this talk of trains and genders and the Quran has already answered this if only you opened the book and your hearts

Brothers we are at the point the west cannot tell you what a woman is:marseyxd:. How many genders are these kafir up to now surely it is in the multiple dozens :marseylaughpoundfist: How have they let it get to the point to question something a small child has had the answer for. I am almost embarrassed for them brothers, imagine having a book that has the answer to questions your soul seeks for salvation from jahannam and you refuse to read it and instead argue that a man can be a woman

It worked best when we had it brothers
Put down the capeshit and pick up a Quran
Kafir there is another way, a better way

Are you not tired of globohomo nonsense yet. You know it's only going to get the worse, heck it's gotten so bad had the dystopian authors written the things currently going on in the west people would have thought it unbelievable yet here you are, creating man made horrors beyond comprehension on a daily basis.

It doesn't have to be this way, return to sanity, return to God.


Mashallah if true
They'll never learn :marseydisagree:
Brother Andrew Tate calls out the West’s degeneracy. Kafirs seethe in replies

Follow up tweet by tate


They issued an apology and rectified their mistake. That's because of the backlash. That's exactly what should happen, shouldn't it? So, what's your problem? Or are you just too biased to see a difference. Qatar don't make amends, that's the issue.

Oh so you would accept an apology when YOUR kids get abused?

Need more than an apology


You can try your hardest to keep framing LGBT as a western trend that you can keep away from, but ultimately the reality is the same - thousands of Muslims and Qataris are closet homosexual

Based on what? Is that what your pansexual single mom-to-dad trans gay lesbian with zi/was pronouns said?

Good keep it in the closet. We don’t need to know


There's no such thing as gay Muslim.


Qatar is an extremely safe place there many places here in Chicago where I can not wear the watches I wanna wear while in Qatar I was in no danger wearing these same watches so tell me where's the REAL freedom?!

Lmao I wonder who's he talking about

bro no one is forcing you to be gay stop the cap

Not forcing, but injecting it to kids in school, Netflix, football, etc ... Making it normal, when it isn't. Of course a lot of them will be misleaded.

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Truth and Fact
T_D(R) goes so homophobic they start praising Allah

What is going on? Do rightoids not have principles?


The world cup has shown just how corrupted the soul of the average globohomo partaker is

At this point I legit feel bad for them, they cannot go to another country to play a sport without bringing their diseased, disgusting, degenerate culture with them. They scream about tolerance and understanding yet cannot go 5 minutes without trying to subvert a nation they were invited to and given hospitality to play a game. How poisoned are these "people's" minds and souls, i do not think words can describe it and they think it's normal.

Why would the Afghans convert to Islam from Buddhism…

Literal Reddit tier religion

Friendly reminder brothers
Does your average burger realize their government worships al-Shayṭān

After seeing burgers national soccer uniform have the colors of globohomo to insult the Ummah, It is clear that they not only deserved 9/11 but far far worse. Does the average burger realize this, Do they realize those who rule over them worship al-Shayṭān are they all this disgustingly Haram do they not have souls, a sense of mortality.



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  • whyareyou: maybe cool it with the antisemitic postings
Listen to Mario
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Brothers never let the kafir disrespect your culture, that is how it begins.

The next thing you know you're a Christcuck and there is nothing more pathetic than what has happened to our Christian brothers

Man you have to give ‘em, they know how to build beautiful phrases

How to cure your depression and mental health in one easy step

You do not have to be mentally ill, you do not have to be depressed this is not normal. This is the result of living in spiritual filth and degeneracy.


Cristcuck rightoids and degenerates, Islam has the answers you seek