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[1 year Anniversary :marseyparty:] [30K Prizepool] [SIGN-UP INSIDE] [20/7] [5 PM EDT] Announcing: /h/kappa Monthly Tournament 12th Edition - Garou : Mark of the Wolves - GMOTW

Game : Garou : Mark of the Wolves

PRIZE POOL : 30k MB [1st place 18k; 2nd place 10k; 3rd place 2k]

Date : 20th of July, at 5pm EDT

12 months of fighting game tournaments :marseyhappytears: Not bad if I say so myself. In celebration I'm doing a rerun of our first ever game, Garou - Mark of the Wolves. Which also happens to be getting a sequel next year. Thanks for all the games so far :marseywave2:

Anyway, Garou is the last Fatal Fury game and released in the same timeframe as SF3, so it has that similar vibe of slimmed down. It has Just-Defend instead of parrys and a strength boosting gimmick called TOP :marseyryu: It's a bit combo heavier than 3S. Definitely peak classic SNKino aside from KOF2002 if you ask me.

Sign-up link: https://www.start.gg/rDrama




Fightcade can be downloaded here --> https://fightcade.com

JSON files (Automatic downloads) --> https://lofi.netlify.app/post/fc2-json-pack-auto-download-roms-from-fightcade-2/

We're to back fightcade :marseyhappy2:

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