r/reclaimtheswastika 卍 is live, who wants to be a mod

Just created a subreddit dedicated to reclaiming the swirly square thingy that the Germans used or something. DM or comment if you wanna be a mod. Post pretty swasties.


Bait idea: r/MAIDProfessionals, Medical Assistance In Death Professionals Network

As western countries age, governments are finding creative ways of cutting back on increasingly expensive long term medical care for old mayos. Canada's solution?

Kill the mayos lmao


This would be a long op, but I think could generate tons of seethe from all corners of the political spectrum. There's some small amount of news brewing in Canada right now, but there will for sure be some big drama in the future. Not just in Canada but in all western countries.

It's inevitable, because the mayo population will literally only ever get older from here on out before reaching a projected equilibrium at around ~150 million mayos worldwide, and medical care for the old will only get more and more expensive.

MAID Professionals Network

We are an organization of verified medical professionals involved in MAID all over the world; and pro-choice medical professionals fighting for the right of patients to choose to die.

Forcing patients to hold on to a life of suffering with no benefit to anyone whatsoever is inhumane and barbaric, often resulting in unconscionable physical and mental anguish for patients and their loved ones. It is a moral imperative to allow patients to choose the circumstances of their own deaths.

In the Hippocratic Oath, we are taught to "first do no harm". This is not in conflict with our beliefs in a patients right to choose death, as prolonging a life of suffering is often the most harmful action one can take.

We believe in Dignity, Social Justice, Anti-Racism and Environmentalism.

Some ideas

  • Verified medical professional flair

  • Verified kill counts flairs

  • A little too enthusiastic to "help" patients

  • Social-Justice-y language aka mayocide :soyjackwow:

  • r-slurred environmental arguments for MAID

r/QatariQlub - A place to discuss the real issues going on in Qatar without the pesky westoids!


I have it set to private at the moment because I want to make it look like it's been active for a bit before I start showing it off in other subreddits. I think with the World Cup going on right now we could make some tards seethe. Just send a pm to join or if you want to mod or whatever.

Sick of your shitty wagie staff? Need somewhere to vent? Come on down to /r/TalesFromTheBossDesk!

Inspired by this

It's just like /r/talesfromtechsupport / /r/talesfromretail, except from the other end! Come vent about how your dirtbag employees won't come to work on Saturday, even though you gave them an hours' notice! Discuss with your fellow middle managers about how to reduce the time people spend in lunch breaks!

Why aren't your employees clocking out to use the bathroom? It could save you loads of money!

Don't forget to use progressive darlings against the workers: build an AI model to track when employees are on their phones, and dock their paychecks accordingly. Make it open source so that everyone's lives can be improved!

These are just some of the wonderful tips and tricks you can find at /r/TalesFromTheBossDesk

DM for mod

Example posts: https://old.reddit.com/r/talesfromthebossdesk/comments/yxuqb2/employee_whining_about_some_rules_i_posted/?


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  • Unbroken: please i'm begging you post something in my bait sub my children are dying it can be low effort I do
CONTEST: Win up to 3k dramacoin by bringing lolcows to /r/theElon

To win dramcoin:

Make a post on a subreddit (Just choose one from here) with a screenshot of a post from /r/theElon.

The /r/theElon name must be visible in the screenshot, this should be easy since most users have flair with the name in them.

example post

You will receive 3 DC per upvote your post receives.

I will reward you handsomely for a successful tweet as well. Consider replying to big accounts

Let me know when you post!


Write as a person with a special interest in something Musk deals with.

  • Maybe you're a Mom who hates traffic and is inspired by his vision of tunnels under LA.

  • Maybe you've always dreamed of being an astronaut and now spaceX has made it a lot more likely.

  • Maybe you're an environmentalist begrudgingly admitting that he has done a lot to reduce emissions.

Emphasize Musk's PERSONAL accomplishments (real or imagined) in management, engineering whatever. One of the main ways haters cope with his success is by attributing all the credit to his employees.

Basically just suck rocket daddy's peepee. But the more your post is based on facts the more it will trigger redditors.

Express incredulity at the hate he's getting, dismiss valid criticism.

optional: blame the hate on ableism (he's neurodivergent)




or comment it here.

if you need reddit accounts I've got them

@Aevann pin pls


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Reminder: there's no point to a bait sub if you don't advertise it in any way (this is why 90% of them go nowhere)

I mean just think about it, how are any potential lolcows going to stumble upon your 100 subscriber subreddit if the only place it's linked to on the web is rdrama? For some reason most people never think about this question and their subs end up with exactly 0 lolcows and become a way for dramatards to bounce their unfunny satire off eachother before being forgotten about two weeks later :marseysal:. If you want to actually attract people to your sub, either

A. Crosspost to other subreddits, either to subs full of r-slurs who might actually agree with you (r/genzedong, /r/conspiracy_commons, /r/monarchism) or using an alt account crosspost to people who'd disagree with you, along with a title about how evil rightoids/leftoids/Jews/etc are


B. Screenshot posts to use as ragebait. Most subreddits dedicated to this kind of content (r/facepalm, /r/therightcantmeme, /r/insanepeoplereddit, /r/forwardsfromklandma, /r/inceltear, /r/cringetopiarm, etc) require you to censor usernames so make sure to do that, but try to keep the subreddit name visible. If they require you to censor the subreddit name, deliberately use a transparent brush so you can still see it (this is done all the time by people on those subs to tacitly endorse brigading)

This is the main thing that seperates bait subs that actually worked (r/txbountyhunters, /r/friendsofbrian, /r/justice4darrel) from the shitty ones. The other thing those subreddits had in common is good moderation, but that's pretty self-explanatory - just remove posts from /u/bardfinnsneeder1488 and you're good to go

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In the wake of the club Q shooting, I was moved to do something to speak out in support of drag performers who perform for children and to face down the hordes of hatemongers who want to stop this beautiful form of expression! Please join my new subreddit and help me start a community dedicated to supporting drag performers who work to expose children to the art of drag!


Volunteer now to be a janny and help keep out fakeposting chuds!

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Backstory: I posted some question to AskReddit titled "people who hate rocket daddy and other neurodivergent people, why"? And a few weeks later I decided to post it to /r/enoughmuskspam

After that some people noticed it was the same account and someone posted it to /r/lefttheburneron.



Imo the key to this is two things:

  1. Sprinkle in information that they've revealed on reddit so that other users can "confirm" from their own sleuthing.

  2. Don't be chuds at all or only be a slight chud to keep it believable. Don't just spam the BIPOCword. I think the association alone should be enough to cause drama.

Also don't all pretend to be bardfinn you rslurs, it'll work best if its something like mod #5 on /r/pics.

I'm too lazy to actually do it (My efforts are going towards /r/brahminbroz rn) but someone try it and lmk if you get funny results. Thanks. As an extra incentive, rewards will be given commensurate to drama caused.

Ai generated bait sub ideas

Someone tried to redditrequest /r/kiwifarms to turn it into a subreddit for "farming kiwis" but their request was turned down.

Someone should get in touch with the only mod on KiwifarmsForever and get added to the sub.

Now is the time to use the fact that we can recognize the Spanish as latinx during world cup

no clue how pls assist, make seethe.

Telling Mexicans to Speak English on Mastodon :marseyretardchad:

For context, different websites can connect to the fediverse network - including spanish speaking websites

yes there isn't a lot of seethe but I just think the concept is funny. I have gotten a lot of angry replies doing this lol

sorry for spamming you with reports @nekobit (just kidding im not sorry u deserve it u dirty little kitten :sneedbuddy:)

Which one of you did this? :marseybaited:




New b8

The Ukraine angle works really well (thanks @Joe_Manchin for your hard work).

I figured it's a good time to start cracking down on dangerous misinformation on the sub as well.

@August @Enrico_Motassa @Cdace @Platy @o_o @chiobu @MarseyIsMyWaifu @NoUntakenNames01 discuss

In case you missed it:




This could get /r/theElon on the front page! Please upvote :marseybegging:

also this please https://old.reddit.com/r/Whatcouldgowrong/comments/z16mkr/elon_is_begging_the_people_who_left_to_never_come/

edit (jannies mad):


Magic the Gathering: Seethe Farming Edition

I think this has been posted before but as it draws closer to releasing it is worth repeating.

Wizards of the Coast is celebrating 30 years pf Magic the Gathering by releasing a "30th Edition" set of proxy cards (not tournament legal) in a box of 4 boosters for $999 in about a week. That is right, 60 proxy cards for $999.

This has caused massive seethe due to:

  • Expensive and they can't afford it

  • Printing of cards supposedly "banned" from reprinting

  • Fears WOTC will crash prices of expensive cards

  • WOTC gaslighting by delcaring it is "celebration" of 30 year anniversary

  • Idiots finally realizing WOTC has been stealing their money

Enter MTG Finance Galaxy Brains

This is the sub about "investing" in magic cards where these stooges just buy everything WOTC prints thinking it will go up in value or they can flip for profit.

Literally post after post here is about how this product should fail. There is absolutely no one saying it is sweet or they are excited to buy it.

So if you are in the mood to make people really big mad, post or comment in that sub that you are:

  • Excited to buy this but understand why someone wouldn't be

  • Think it will be a big hit and can't wait to make lots of profit

  • Call it the opportunity of a lifetime if you have some money

  • Say you love the modern frames on old artwork and can't wait to get them!

  • How "Official" proxies are totally different than "fake proxies"

  • How you love the modern frames with retro art

Basically ANY justification to buy this is seen by these nerds as an existential threat to their cardboard hoards.

You can edit comments too, has some bait potential.

Just don't be too racist that's a low hanging fruit

You can gifmaxx and combining Unicode charactersmaxx

Unironic seizure warning:


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/r/theElon progress report: we aren't being r-slurred enough

I've ran the numbers: the sub isn't attracting lolcows because the market is already flooded with dumb Elon fanboys.

There is only one way to stand out: act even more r-slurred.

So yea try to come up with even more outlandish and r-slurred shit. Do NOT try to be subtle.

My attempt:


On the 27th we are all going to go #BlueForElon (pretend to buy twitter blue to support Free Speech and rocket daddy).

Have your reddit account ready

Bait sub idea white people with dreadlocks
Everyone vote kanye!

Dont give em your real rmail or use a burner

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Have you worked for or know Sam Bankman-Fried? We want to hear from you. From a non-work device, contact our reporter at [email protected] or via Signal at 310-614-3752 for extra security

I sat behind Sam in 200 level combinatorics class at MIT and he was mostly a pretty alright guy. One day though he came in looking like he hadn't slept in days and wearing white head to toe. He had a bunch of red paint splashed on his crotch like blood and across the front of his shirt he'd used a sharpie to sloppily write "Rabbis lie, circumcision harms." Everyone looked at him weirdly but for some reason nobody said anything. It wasn't a very assertive crowd.

My post in /r/enoughmuskspam got some people to come over to /r/theelon, and honestly in mainly making this post because I want someone to reportmaxx the guy in the comments.


Just be patient and remember to keep spamming /r/enoughmuskspam, /r/enlightenedcentrism, /r/196 and /r/TRUTHSocialWatch.


@Unbroken delaminate


Some Monday morning trolling on r/theElon, or how I wasted my fricking day.

He just keeps going lmao. All God darn day. Anyway here's the highlights. Full disclosure Elon is a dingus, but is good for dramacoin.

Our antagonist is one /u/SpearOfNeptune. With a room temperature IQ, he seetheposts for 90+ comments about rocket daddy.

Here he calls Henry Kissinger, PBUH, a warhawk and spending 5% (lmao) of his income in donations to Ukraine. Sorry sweaty, Elon gave them Starlink

Splitting from the main thread, he asks for a source on credible people saying Putin won't invade. I provide 3, he resorts to name calling and the hottest may may of 2018 :marseypikachu2:

The thread splits again when he says we can't take Putin at his word when he threatened nukes back in October.

I point out that peace talks would likely end in some territorial concession. Apparently that is not appeasement, but Elon shitposting totally is.

Finally he calls me a transphobic r-slur.

I make a crypost here

Anyway, there's more to it. I can't believe I spent all day on this.

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