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He may be :marseyspecial: but he's got the spirit :marseyawardretard:!


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I removed it lol

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Wtf is cuhh supposed to mean, holy shit I hate ebonics and zoomer lingo so much

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@Aevann can you unpin this? the reddit post went nowhere I don't want to spam boring /r/theElon posts anymore than I already do

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Who is he even talking about? what hall monitors? did he lose his mind??

Yep there's none of that on the internet :marseyclueless:

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crossposting across accounts onto subs that are basically elon rage subs would be a good strategy. Are there any others that would be receptive to out crossposting?

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most big subs have daily elonposts. You just need to have something that fits the sub theme.

check: https://www.reddit.com/search/?q=elon

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Can you people come up with any ideas that don't involve committing federal crimes


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this isn't j4d snapsnap

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Zomg guise 99 whole upboatssss


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