:marseyhmmm: :capychad3:

Hwouse Cwompariswon, b-word?

Wooking two jwoin a fricking hwouse, but idk which onye I shwould pick. I would :marseymid: like a fricking list of benyefwits/nyegatives of each hwouse befwore I make a fricking cwommitment.

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:redlight: DEVELOPING :redlight: Jannies are withholding rightoid drama bounty from @landlordmessiah

He's been paid 3000MB but negotiations appear to be breaking down.

Developing thread here:

:marseychad: @LandlordMessiah

Ok where's the remaining 147,000 marseybucks?

Also was that 3000 for this post or the one in AHH. If for AHH, then you owe me 3000 for this one too.

I'm willing to settle at half and put all of this behind us — 75,000 marseybucks.

If paid in the next 1hr I'll settle at 70,000 marseybucks. I know it will take time to get it together for me.

Finally, I'd recommend altering your TOS on the rightoid sneed bounty because some us are neurodivergent enough to create rightoid sneed farms for unlimited marseybucks and I don't wanna drain your resources since you'll have to pay me 3000MB multiple times per day.

:marseyjanny: @CREAMY_DOG_ORGASM

You sold yourself :marseycyanide: short :marseyprincesszeldatotk: and gave them an out by asking for the 3000. You fricked up lol

:#marseylaugh: you reek of desperation in this negotiation

Bonus CP :marseypedo: allegations against LLM

Edit: hey man ik you disagree :marseyyesandnosuperspeed: with my take but blowing :marseygeisha: up my inbox with child :marseyvargfinnselfdefense: porn is actually :marseyakshually: fricked up

!nonchuds Should the jannies pay him?

Hit me with YOUR cracked out rDrama conspiracy theories :marseygossip:


No I don't have any, go ahead guys

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My favorite metadrama theory

My favorite metadrama theory is that there is no, literally not one woman in this godforsaken site.

We are a group of broken, cynical men in our late 20s to 40s, our best days of school and college are long behind us (that is why the constant projection of haha postwall foid), we have grown bitter at our failed hopes and aspiration which btw is entirely because of our own too-ironic-for-our-own-good demeanour and attitude towards life.

But what we desperately need is the validation, the constant validation that we're cool.

So the constant drive towards contrarianism.

A self appointed white man larped as a black woman for a whole year and wasn't sniffed out. He also supposedly took the qualification test for other women and judged whether they were real women or larpers? And all these women who interacted with him couldn't tell whether they were interacting with a guy or a girl?

Think about it for one second. All your "I can tell pass or not", and supposedly all these ultra mega giga terfs of this site who were vetted by Penny couldn't tell whether Penny was larping or not.

We created this delusion there are many women and women who like us, women dramatards who hookup with dramatard men etc as a vicarious validation tool. that we're indeed cool and stuff

Trust me, there's no Ted, Spal and r-slur

It's 3 groomercord men who chatted up a plan "guys do you want to create some surplus drama by pretending one of us is a woman who is bedded by the other two guys and now those two guys are fighting? How funny does that sound"

Normally it wouldn't sound funny at all but like I said "vicarious coolness". We feed that drama because we want it to be true. We want it to be true that women are pleased with our coolness and come to this CIA psyop black site. So we play along.

The ride goes on, spinning a bit faster every time.

!metashit !schizos am I wrong?

Let me tell you this

Make I yan you, /r/Drama na one of di most evil, wicked, and coldhearted online communities wey you fit ever find, and even as person wey support free speech, e dey shock me say Reddit gree make such wicked and hateful hub of bigotry and sadism dey exist. You think [slur]town bad? That subreddit, if you understand wetin dem dey talk with dog-whistles (and many people no even bother with that-- talk wetin you like about Stormfront, at least e ban "n[slur]"), e go show you say Reddit's number one hub for the web's most hardened Nazis, Klansmen, Fascists, and G*mergaters. You go see for the sidebar say e dey encourage members make dem dey dramatic as possible. Na intentional. Dem dey encourage arguments for the comments section. Na intentional. You sabi the Three Minute Hate (e dey from this underrated book 1985, read am, e dey scary how much e dey like our society)? E dey like that, dem wan stir up reactionary rage so dem go continue to dey attack every progressive and minority wey enter the subreddit, normalizing these evil feelings. Dem dey brigade from subreddit to subreddit, get whole cabal of mods wey dey cover hundreds of communities, dey gaslight lived experiences of the oppressed and dey openly dey support Reddit's homegrown white supremacy movement. Dem don kink-shame hundreds of people too, some even... to death. I dey fear say /r/drama fit dey produce an entire army of Dylann Roofs and Elliot Rogers, and I dey highly suggest say make nobody even think of visiting that horrible subreddit, unless you wan fall victim to its corruptive aura.




It's rdharmover


Seeing the amount of r-slurs that blindly repost what their circlejerk is posting :marseycomplain: is actually :marseyakshually: fricking :marseytom: hilarious and a way to cause a further divide within politics. Literally :marseyme: all you need to do is generate photos using ai, repost videos from the telegram channels exposing misinformation, photoshop, or literally :marseyme: just make up a story :marseyslime: about how your friend :marseychinchilla2: was brutally killed :marseyklennyrip: during combat. Sandtards will eat it up instantly. If you need help finding people who'll take the bait, like the following posts and any qrts/comments that share art.

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The CREAMY_DOG_ORGASM Rdrama :marseysignup: browsing experience





:marseyslurpfast: :marseyslurp: :marseyslurpfast: :marseyslurp: :marseyslurp:

:marseyslurpfast: :marseyslurpfast: :marseyslurpfast: :marseyslurpfast: :marseyslurpfast:

:marseyslurp: :marseyslurp::marseyslurpfast: :marseyslurp: :marseyslurpfast:

:marseyslurpfast: :marseyslurpfast: :marseyslurpfast: :marseyslurp: :marseyslurpfast:

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  • ruby : this thread is full of schizos. Avoid

I just can't help it. I scroll through troll accounts and negative tweets on twitter. I do the same with youtube finding yet another terrible controversy/commentary/troll channel every time I get a video recommended on a channel I actually like. I seethe at the shit that certain redditors say. I have a problem and this problem has left me depressed misantrophic and rather distrustful/left me with unwarranted hatred of the human race. I currently pulled multiple all nighters doing that consuming negative info because I just have to feed my urges. Am I like the only one who deals with this shit or am I like stupid for even enabling this behavior? I've seen this reddit before and any help helps. If it helps I do use my ISP to pause my internet on devices but I feel like I don't believe in myself.

!metashit !dramatards !pings !friendsofsnappy


I knew you would accuse me of projecting because thats all you can do. But my post history and your post history are both easily accessible, pathetic worm. Everyone who cares to look can see youre a porn obsessed, extremely online, spiteful little incel. You think you are unique for pooping on :!marseytrain:s or me on this website? Far from it. But few have the stink of failure that emanates from your posts. Even though @me is online all day too, at least she(?) will put together coherent posts to try to prove a point, show moments of human warmth to others, and so on. You stand alone in not only being extremely online and hateful to cope, but also in being thoughtless, insecure of yourself, and devoid of any higher political ideals. The lowest of the low. You will congratulate yourself because i wrote a sincere long post (something you are incapable of), but at the end of the day you have to live with your pitiful self and i will remind you every time i see you that you will never have s*x or purpose in this life unless you change your ways. See you soon!


Idk if you've seen the thread, but @LotionInTheBasket seems forgetful, experiencing brain fog, and struggling to recognise bait. Can we get him some help?


I wouldn't want him to get a ton of notifications for no reason, so please don't put "spal" in random comments

Microsoft Copilot says we're funnier than Reddit

Note how she casually drops links to KiwiFarms and the Sharty wiki. Pour one out for when Microsoft neuters her.


You may only join !wincels if you have a positive casino winnings goombling score exceeding 1000. If your score goes negative you will be kicked for being a LOSER

Use !wincels when you need to contact winners for something :marseyw:

!goomblers !pinggrouplovers !incels

Tales of Chudposting :marseyreading:

Here's to the last 3 weeks of chud or nonchud metadrama stemming from one lawlz comment :marseycheers:

!effortposters !kino !grillers and @A

Nobody mentioned but rdrama :marseyhammerpizza: has been mentioned and has its own soyjak :marseyshitforbrains: wiki page. BTW i didnt :marseyfingerwords: read the page yet

further mention -

Rdrama :marseylovedrama: mentioned in the sharty :marseycigar: wiki (thanks to ya boi and validLs (PBUH))

we're mentioned in the paragraph under :marseyhole: goongate goes public

Why we were mentioned:

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The Unblockable award :marseytouchgrass: is complete dogshit now

I spent weeks :marseysoonretarded: begging :marseyinshallah: other users for their dramacoin :marseycoin: and I was able to save up 20,000 dramacoin :marseycoin: to buy the unblockable award. Since then, @A has introduced muting and recently has even implemented a rule that anybody who is unblockable also isn't able to block :marseyerasure: others.

The Unblockable award :marseybadgejew: isn't a feature. It's an AWARD. I spent 20,000 dramacoin :marseycoin: on this shit. It shouldn't be "fair and balanced" because that's the privilege of BUYING AN AWARD.


Anyone who bought Unblockable before :marseyskellington: the muting "feature" should :marseynorm: recieve 10,000 dramacoin :marseycoin: reparations.

also pinging !jannies should :marseynorm: be free also pin this shit fricking :marseytom: subhuman jannies :marseyjannyprotest:

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Keep yourself safe




Poster of the Day should get mod powers for 24 hours

just an idea

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