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Ocasio-Cortez Wants Border Patrol Cleansed of SPLC 'Hate Groups'


Parents of children are up in arms that prostitutes are soliciting intercourse work right outside a California elementary school. Some are saying that a law passed by California Democrats has handcuffed law enforcement in cracking down on intercourse workers selling their bodies in broad daylight.

KGO-TV conducted an investigation about prostitutes working outside St. Anthony's elementary school in East Oakland. The San Francisco-based news station captured video of intercourse workers dressed in minimal clothes and stiletto heels walking the streets near the Catholic school to sell their bodies in the middle of the day with students nearby.

KGO-TV reported, "The I-Team captured videos along E. 15th Street outside the school gate on four different dates over the past couple weeks showing young women wearing barely any clothing walking along the school sidewalk, the street corners, or directly across from the school. All of the videos were captured as children were being dropped off or walked into school."

Concerned parent Rosa Vargas told KGO-TV said she sees prostitutes near the Catholic school "every day, during all periods of the day."

Vargas said the intercourse workers solicit intercourse so close to the elementary school that they recently "were blocking the entrance of the parking structure" of the school.

"My daughter asked if I liked what the girl was wearing," Vargas said. "I told her don't turn around, don't look. It's not OK."

Speaking about pimps near the school, Vargas said, "They've followed me a couple times."

Oakland City Councilman Noel Gallo noted that he is receiving complaints about prostitutes every week.

Gallo stated, "I get the call saying, 'Mr. Gallo I can't get into my home because the pimp is blocking my driveway.' It's constant."

Gallo said he has seen up to 20 scantily-clad women walking up and down the street, appearing to engage in prostitution. He revealed that some of the girls are as young as 15 years old.

City officials believe some of the women are victims of human trafficking.

Some believe that recent construction along a busy highway caused the intercourse workers to migrate to residential neighborhoods.

St. Anthony's has requested more police patrols in the area.

However, St. Anthony's pastor Ghebriel Woldai said, "It's not enough. They promised us they will do more presence here."

Woldai said the parish had requested more patrols from the Oakland Police Department for years, but to no avail.

Rodney Pierre-Antoine -- who oversees seven Catholic elementary schools, including St. Anthony's -- said the hands of the police "are somewhat handcuffed."

Pierre-Antoine is referencing Senate Bill 357, known as the Safer Streets for All Act.

SB 357 states:

Existing law prohibits soliciting or engaging in an act of prostitution, as specified. Existing law also prohibits loitering in a public place with the intent to commit prostitution, as defined, or directing, supervising, recruiting, or aiding a person who is loitering with the intent to commit prostitution, or collecting or receiving all or part of the proceeds of an act of prostitution. Under existing law, a violation of any of these provisions is a misdemeanor. This bill would repeal those provisions related to loitering with the intent to commit prostitution and would make other conforming changes.

Fatima Shabazz of DecrimSexWork CA Coalition -- a "coalition of current and former intercourse workers, organizers, and allies" -- said of the bill, "SB 357 repeals a Jim Crow law that criminalized black and trans people in public spaces."

Fatima Shabazz

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) signed SB 357 into law in July, and it went into effect on Jan. 1.

Police officers told KGO-TV that the new law is prohibiting them from rescuing women who they believe are victims of human trafficking.

California State Sen. Scott Wiener -- a Democrat who introduced SB 357 -- defends the bill.

Wiener argued, "It allowed police officers to arrest a person, not based on what they did, but based solely on how a person looks. So an officer could arrest someone because they were wearing tight clothing, high heels, and extra lipstick."

Wiener's office said, "This criminal provision --- arrests for which are based on an officer's subjective perception of whether a person is 'acting like' or 'looks like' they intend to engage in intercourse work --- results in the disproportionate criminalization of trans, black and brown women, and perpetuates violence toward intercourse workers."

Wiener conceded, "That footage is very troubling. We don't want intercourse work and solicitation happening by schools, it's not acceptable for the children and the neighbors."

Wiener said police officers who said they were handcuffed by the new law were "dead wrong," and utilizing a "copout." He alleged that the issue has been around longer than the new law.

He advised police to arrest the pimps and johns.

Oakland officials promise to increase police patrols and install new cameras after the eye-opening report was published.

Feminist student societies can exclude transgender women, university students' union chiefs have admitted after "landmark" legal action.

Bristol Students' Union (SU) caused anger by disciplining Women Talk Back (WTB), its own feminist group, for excluding male-born trans women from talks on r*pe and sexual assault.

The society had hosted women-only meetings at the University of Bristol to discuss male violence and argued that the presence of trans women could make attendees fearful of speaking out. However, a student later complained.

Following an investigation, in Feb 2021 Bristol SU demanded that Raquel Rosario Sanchez, its president, stand down before banning her from leadership posts for two years and ordering an "equality, diversity and inclusion" course for the society.

In response, four members of WTB took legal action, arguing in Bristol County Court papers that Bristol SU had "denied them their rights under the Equality Act, discriminated against the claimants, subjected them to detriments, treated them less favourably, harassed and victimised them".

Now, Bristol SU has backed down and admitted that "affiliated clubs and societies may lawfully offer single-sex services and be constituted as single-sex associations" under the Equality Act.

In an out-of-court settlement this month, the students' union confirmed that it "understands that Women Talk Back was seeking to operate in this way" and "WTB could, should they wish to do so, re-apply for affiliation to the Union on that basis".

Bristol SU's statement added: "In doing so, WTB would set out in their constitution the Equality Act 2010 definition of 'women' being 'a female of any age' instead of the byelaws definition."

This marked an about-turn for Bristol SU chiefs, who had initially told the society that their byelaw definition of women, "all who self-define as women", meant they "do not allow a group to restrict their membership to cisgender women" so they could not be single-sex.

On Saturday, WTB hailed the "landmark" outcome for setting a legal precedent for universities across the UK which "make it easier for women like us in academia to breathe".

Ms Rosario Sanchez, who is also a PhD student at the University of Bristol's Centre for Gender and Violence Research, told The Telegraph: "Trans activists in academia thought we would wither away if only they bullied and intimidated us enough. But we refused to cower, disassemble or quit.

"Through our experience, we've inspired the first recognition of single-sex societies as lawful in academia. Our story is about young women using their voice to make positive change that benefits all students, regardless of sex."

'A step forward'

The society, which has 73 registered members and has had hundreds more attend its meetings, crowdfunded £52,000 for its legal action.

Elizabeth McGlone, a solicitor at Didlaw who represented WTB, told The Telegraph: "WTB and BSU reached agreement earlier this month with BSU recognising that WTB was seeking to operate as a single-sex service in accordance within the lawful exceptions under the Equality Act 2010.

"BSU has updated its guidance on affiliation and reaffiliation as a result of this case.

"I consider this is a step forward in respect of the protection of single-sex spaces which, in specific circumstances are lawful under the Equality Act 2010, on the basis they are a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim, such as privacy or prevention of trauma."

Trans activism in campus

It was the latest clash between gender-critical feminists and Left-wing activists on British campuses.

In 2019, Bristol SU backed proposals to ban visiting speakers who are judged to be "Terfs", a term regarded as a slur for trans-exclusionary radical feminists.

Last year, The Telegraph revealed how the women-only Swansea University Feminist Society had been "purged by trans activists" for supporting women's sex-based rights, with its email accounts shut down and members quitting for their safety.

This prompted Toby Young, the founder of the Free Speech Union, to warn that "the gradual erasure of feminist societies in Britain's universities is a national scandal".

France struggles with "le wokeisme"

Content Warning: :marseylongpost:

An interesting but not terribly dramatic piece on how France is dealing with woke bullshit imported from ameriKKKa. If nothing else, it's an excuse for me to post this under-appreciated Marsey:



The proposal was too increase the retirement age from 62 too 64.

So just too be clear from ages 0-18 they are obviously not making money.

From 18-62 they work. That's 44 years of work.

Then their life expectancy is 82 years. Which means they mooch off the pension fund for the next 20 years.

So just too be clear. The frog wants free shit for a total 18+ 20 = 38 years of his life for having worked at most 44 years of his life.

The Frog also believe this is already too much labor being demanded of him.

How is this a real country with a real anything?

trans lives matter.


During the State of the Union address Tuesday nightPresident Joe Biden could announce that U.S. scientists have found a cure for cancer and, within hours, Fox News pundits would be saying: "Great. Now patriotic cancer doctors will lose their careers to Biden's relentless political ambitions."

Biden and ameriKKKa are both far from perfect, but the president has ample accomplishments to crow about: The unemployment rate fell to 3.4% in January, the lowest it has been since 1969; inflation, while still high, has been easing; and his party performed historically well in the midterm elections.

But in the right-wing media "Land of You-Will-Believe, Because We'll Say It Over and Over and Over Again," Biden is, in no particular order: an illegitimate president; the most radical president ameriKKKa has ever had; dementia-addled and incapable of completing a sentence; a criminal mastermind who has duped the ameriKKKan people and every level of U.S. law enforcement; effectively dead, but controlled, "Weekend at Bernie's"-style, by Vice President Kamala Harris; weak; tyrannical; inept; and devious.

Nothing Biden says in State of the Union address will matter to those who hate him

He could stand before Congress and announce a plan to cut corporate taxes, mandate prayer in schools and name every airport in ameriKKKa after Ronald Reagan and it would do nothing to shake conservatives' conspiratorial construct that every move he makes is a demonic blend of evil and nefariousness.

So my question is: Why bother? Why not go "Dark Brandon" and just trot up to the podium -- or better yet, have someone push him up there in a wheelchair -- for the big speech and give the Fox News/Newsmax/OANN/PatriotBlatherBlog (I might've made that last one up) people what they want?

It would make their lives easier, and the rest of us would probably enjoy it more than the usual State of the Union Pablum.

Here's a draft speech I worked up, free of charge:

A State of the Union address to the Fox News crowd

Mister Speaker, Madam Vice President, and our first lady and second gentleman, members of Congress and the Cabinet, justices of the Supreme Court, ghosts of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin and members of the cannibalistic global cabal that I lead: Good evening. You all look delicious.

On this night, I've come to report to you that the State of the Union is ... WOKE AS (EXPLETIVE)!

That's right, in the past year, we have made great progress on our mission to transform ameriKKKa into a genderless, vegan nation grounded in socialism and a firm belief that there is no god.

In just the past six months, for example, our elite social justice warriors have surreptitiously inserted critical race theory into more than 95% of the nation's Bibles while also transmitting subliminal lessons on gender identity to the iPads and iPhones used by 67% of U.S. children under the age of 10.

At the direction of my supervisors, Barack Obama and George Soros, my administration has taken steps to mandate that every sporting event halftime show feature drag queens – sorry about the Super Bowl gig, Rihanna – and meat will be outlawed by no later than March of this year, along with gas stoves and guns.

As you can see, I’m reading tonight’s speech from a laptop computer. This one belongs to my son, Hunter Biden, and it does, in fact, contain a large file labeled “Biden Crime Family Dirty Dealings.” I’m sure you’d love to get your hands on it, but you can’t, because it’s where I keep my plan to ban Christmas and make religion illegal.

(Pause for a full two minutes, staring blankly into space.)

Where am I? Are my pancakes here yet?

Whoops. Sorry, sometimes I go a little blank for a spell. It's just the ol' dementia acting up. Nothing the blood of a few young conservatives who were victims of "cancel culture" can't fix.

(Take sip from glass of red liquid.)

Anyhoo, next month I'll be dissolving the military because I hate ameriKKKa. Oh, and that Chinese spy balloon that was floating across the country over the weekend? That actually belonged to Bill Gates. He was using it to activate the chips he implanted in everyone via the COVID-19 vaccine.

Don't worry, you won't feel a thing as you're being enslaved and forced to work the soy fields.

Hail Satan!


:#!marseyhyperthonk: it actually sounds realistic :#marseygigathonk:

Hey Lebanon how's it go-- HOLY FRICKING SHIT !:marseyscream:

@dont_log_me_out was just randomly checking and holy frick it's so much worse than @dont_log_me_out last remember.

1 USD = 16,350 Lebanese Pound.

Btw this jump happens within a month from 1 USD = 1512 Lebanese pound.

Middle east is getting wrecked yo.

It's so so bad dramabros.



This is looking like some genuine Venezuela level shit.

Right now Ukraine has a higher GDP per capita in 2021 than Lebanon.

When the 2022 numbers come out that number will 100% be far wider.

Lebanon got completely wrecked. There is no recovering from this in one decade @dont_log_me_out am afraid.

Trans lives matter


WASHINGTON (AP) --- When lawmakers gather for President Joe Biden's State of the Union address, the rethuglican side of the aisle will look slightly different than it did a few years ago.

Rather than row after row of white men in suits, the House rethuglican majority increasingly has added Black, latinx and female elected officials to their ranks, an effort toward bolstering GOP diversity that's helping to make the new Congress the most racially and ethnically diverse ever.

It's a slow yet unsteady progress toward creating a Congress more reflective of ameriKKKa. But it also spotlights a still stark gap on the House rethuglican side, where the new majority remains made up mostly of white, male lawmakers, which does not fully capture the changing demographics of the country.

"Diversity matters," said Debbie Walsh, director of the Center for Women and Politics at Rutgers University.

"Every person who serves in office brings with them a set of life experiences that shape their policy priorities, that shape how they see the world," Walsh said. "It's not that the experiences of white men don't matter, but they don't matter --- they shouldn't matter --- more than everybody else."

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is largely responsible for making strides at trying to diversify the rethuglican House. The California leader personally recruited and helped to elect more female candidates and people of color who delivered majority control.

McCarthy and his team worked to diversify their ranks during the 2022 midterm elections with dozens of Black, latinx and Asian ameriKKKan nominees on ballots nationwide, some of whom won office.

Still, compared with the diversity on the Democratic side of the aisle, the rethuglican tally remains slim.

There are four Black rethuglicans in the House --- twice as many as in the last session. That's a record for rethuglicans in the 20th and 21st centuries.

But it's still fewer Black rethuglicans in the House than during Reconstruction, the era that followed the Civil War. As many as seven Black rethuglicans served in the House during the 1875-77 session, according to the U.S. House Historical Office, and the House membership overall was much smaller.

Women are making steady gains in the rethuglican Party in the House, with 33 GOP women in the House, according to the Center for Women in ameriKKKan Politics. That's up from 13 House rethuglican women in 2019.

But there are no Black rethuglican women in the House, compared with 27 Black women on the Democratic side, including some who have been powerful leaders and chairwomen wielding gavels.

rethuglicans count five latinx women and two Asian ameriKKKans, a fraction of those the Democrats have elected, according to the Center for Women and Politics.

While the House freshman class includes seven new rethuglican women, the gains were essentially offset by six rethuglican women leaving, the center said in its analysis of the new Congress.

House rethuglicans have held steady with about a dozen latinx and latinx lawmakers, but overall the proportion of latinx in Congress is less than in the U.S. population.

"This continues a long-running trend toward more racial and ethnic diversity on Capitol Hill: This is the seventh Congress to break the record set by the one before it," said Pew Research Center, including senators in its tally.

But Pew reports a vast divide by party for the racial and ethnic minority members in the new Congress: 80% are Democrats while 20% are rethuglicans. The report said that's similar to the last session of Congress. At that time, 83% of non-white lawmakers were Democrats and 17% were rethuglicans.

Pew said 13 members of Congress identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual, the highest number openly identified in history. Among the 11 openly gay or lesbian members of the House, just one is a rethuglican, Rep. George Santos of New York.

The Senate shows strides, too, with 25 women this session, including nine rethuglican female senators, matching the record set in 2020, according the Center for Women and Politics.

Among the 100 senators, there is one Black rethuglican, Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, and two Black Democrats, Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey and Sen. Raphael Warnock of Georgia.

There are no Black women elected to the Senate.

There are six latinx or latinx senators, including two rethuglicans; and there are two Asian ameriKKKan senators, both Democrats.

One new rethuglican, Sen. Markwayne Mullin of Oklahoma, "a member of the Cherokee nation, is the first ameriKKKan Indian to serve in the Senate in almost two decades," the Pew Report said.

"I wouldn't call it strides," said Rashad Robinson, president of the Color of Change, a racial justice organization.

"We have complicated problems in this country that require solutions that come from a range of perspectives and that require us to think seriously about how we move forward," he said.

Sweet merciful McGillicutty, what the frick. Do straggots actually go for this?



Instagram model, Mary Magdalene, is really into plastic surgery. She’s reportedly spent more than $100,000 on her habit. The toll on her health might be even greater.

The 30-year-old has almost died multiple times during her procedures. She also suffers from severe back pain from her outrageously enhanced breasts.

Mary revealed a few days ago that one of her 38J breast implants had exploded. It left her with one enormous breast next to a much smaller, no longer surgically enhanced, boob. The new look has her calling herself the “Uniboob Queen.”

She announced in a video that featured her uniboob look, “Basically, my breast implant popped – again.”

More in the article.

Will Bard outsmart ChatGPT?

Probably just technical r-slur stuff, but I choose to believe this is some advanced swindle and all their money is gone

Reported by:
:!marseysoypoint:Doomsday Clock is Now 90 Seconds To Midnight!!!:marseysoypoint:

does anyone take this shit seriously? it's so stupid

  1. higher now than during the cold war? really?

  2. what does it even mean that we are "90 seconds away from disaster" anyways, shit don't make any sense

  • Scientists at Auburn University injected alligator DNA into farm-raised catfish.

  • The scientists found that the fish were more resistant to disease and less likely to reproduce.

  • They hope the new and less disease-prone catfish will one day be sold for human consumption.

Life finds a way: Geneticists have created disease-resistant catfish using alligator DNA --- and they may one day become a part of our diet.

A group of scientists at Auburn University published a paper in January detailing their efforts to genetically modify catfish with the cathelicidin gene of an alligator.

Cathelicidin, found in the intestines, is an antimicrobial peptide responsible for helping organisms fight diseases.

The gene, which was added using CRISPR, heightened disease resistance among the catfish in comparison to wild catfish. Researchers noted that the survival rates of the catfish were "two- and five-fold higher" in an interview with MIT Technology Review.

Because researchers added the cathelicidin to a gene for a reproductive hormone, it also reduced the catfish's ability to reproduce, which they said was important to prevent genetic contamination of the hybrid fish with wild catfish.

The authors noted some uncertainties in using CRISPR technology --- primarily used and studied in mammals--- on fish. The paper has not yet been peer-reviewed.

However, researchers hope that the alligator and catfish gene-editing can be used in tandem with other catfish breeding techniques to help farmers with their catfish yields.

In 2021, an estimated 307 million pounds of live catfish were produced in the US, primarily in the south. Catfish make up over 50% of US demand for farm-raised fish.

The process of farming them is resource-intensive. Diseases spread among catfish due to lack of space on the farms where they're raised. Around 45% of catfish fingerlings die as a result of infectious diseases. Fish in general are also becoming less resistant to antibiotics.

Although consumers may be uncomfortable with the idea of their catfish sharing DNA with an alligator, Rex Dunham and Baofeng Su, two of the lead researchers of the study, told MTR that the hybrid meat would be perfectly safe.

"I would eat it in a heartbeat," Dunham told MTR.

Desperate Philadelphia Recruiting Lifeguards Who Can't Swim


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