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Could somebody link me to the best evolution experiments and discoveries out there?

I already know about:

and :

I am also open to blackpill and redpill data. As long as it is true I want it.


Comment links and info.

China is ready to deflect asteroids ( by 2030 )

That would put China 8 years behind the capabilities of NASA.

My favorite part is how everybody thinks that Chinese tech is shit meanwhile it is within a 10 year radius of the US.

A frickton of AI stuff out of the blue ( Shit's unironically crazy right now )

OpenAI on its way to human level reasoning:

Neuralink planning to cure blindsight :

Open AI levels of AI ( They are at level 1 about to reach level 2 right now ):

Another article with a different classification of levels of AI:,Table%201,-%3A

AI energy demands keep scaling up very fast:

Chinese self optimizing factory is functional:

Non - tech worker jobs are being lost to AI :

Cool computation concept explaining why cryptography works :

There is a maximum physical compute power limit beyond which the laws of physics won't allow a computational system to get more efficient.

My thoughts:

Humanity figured out super advanced better than all humans narrow AI variant years ago. We don't really need to figure out AGI to advance humanity at unprecedented rates, we could do the same thing by creating a thousand different narrow AIs specializing in different fields. If humanity is really at that point where we can make self optimizing and self improving factories, then there really isn't much else to be done. Technology is already halfway out of human hands. We are the midwives of the future. An expert intelligence AI would be truly advantageous to the species as you would suddenly have all of humanity having access to all the knowledge of the world up to a decade or two with a qualified teacher to teach it well.

Also, if China fails to surpass the US ( Very unlikely ), India will definitely surpass the US, because unlike China, India will have China and South East Asia to fund its markets to surpass the western markets.

As expected, Elon Musk's net worth will cross a trillion USD with neuralink and SpaceX.


The future is here, and it is moving at faster rates than even us nerds can track anymore.


Think about it.

For the prices of a product or specialization to drop you need to keep increasing the supply of those that can produce said produce or service.

As the number of STEM graduates increase across the world it over time would lead to a lowering of, 1) The salary of the average STEM worker to meet basic needs and middle class living and, 2) Cheaper prices for software and hardware as more and more competitors rise up and better production techniques are developed over time.

Imagine the lowering of prices across all STEM products similar to the lowering of prices of TVs or mobiles ( in relation to how much they scale up in computation each year ).

The rise of STEM graduates across the world is the best thing that has happened to improving the global quality of life, taking into account that it is technological developments that lead to lowering prices and increased GDP growth today.

With China acting as a counterweight to the US, the US can no longer rely on the strategy of outsourcing all their labor to the cheapest places possible, but have to actually invent new techniques to improve production to stay competitive against middle income economies in terms of pricing.

The primary downside of the US led world order was that only 3-5 countries would grow well across a generation at a time, with most of the world left nearly stagnant, mostly the non-Western world order.

In a multi-polar world however, every country in the world has so many trading opportunities that GDP can only go up at this point in time.

The rise of China has given South American nation states a second chance at improving their quality of life, without having to become completely dependent on the west.

It has also created a mass market of middle income tech products that are now affordable to most middle income nation states, which previously was a field only filled by Samsung, which alone could not provide affordable technology for the whole world.

In addition, it has created an opportunity for the East to compete in the race to unravel the secrets of the universe and make new strides in terms of physics, biology, chemistry, and technological discoveries in the future.


The Chinese are going to overtake the west, and this is a bad thing only for the west. The rest of the world is going to benefit from a new explosion of lower prices, cheap high quality products, and faster waves of innovation when US patent law isn't holding it all back.

Gladiator (2000) - Maximus Kills Commodus Scene | Movieclips - YouTube

Best part of the movie

@AutoJanny made me say

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7 11 2024

Elon Musk's net worth crosses 260 Billion USD

At current rates, Elon Musk could buy a new twitter every single month.

He is currently rich enough to buy an African nation if they were willing to sell.

His net worth is increasing by 2 billion USD per day right now.

This guy is 100% dying as a trillionaire.

US economy doubles in another 25 years with Elon leading it.

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Last generation the US was coasting off of Moore's law and the Internet.

The Internet bubble burst in the 90's but the top companies still scaled up consistently that were involved with the internet.

Similarly this generation is running on AI and Huang's law, which declares that GPU capabilities will triple every 2 years. Which is 1.5 times faster than Moore's law.

We are definitely in an AI bubble, the good news however is that it just means that out of the 1000 companies that are advertising themselves as AI focused companies, 900 will probably fail, 90 will get acquisitioned by the top 10 and the top 10 will come out consistently growing further in the years and decades ahead. Just like what happened with the internet bubble.

The good news with Huang's law is that hardware scaling, AI development, and GPU scaling have formed a sort of loop where improvements in one lead to improvements in the other two which loops back to improvements in another one leading to improvements in two so on and so forth.

With the US leading in space launches as a viable business, improvement in robotics, AI/GPUs/ Electronic hardware looped together and consistently scaling up, and the slow scaling up of the US consumer product industry, we can expect the US to keep growing at a rate between 2-2.5% year on year for the next few decades.

Chinese GPUs being 10 years behind US GPUs means they are 243 times weaker than US GPUs, which means Chinese GPUs and semiconductors only have a market in the middle income and developing economies, similar to Samsung phones having a market primarily in the middle income world.

Unless the Chinese figure out fusion energy, the Chinese economy is going to stagnate and decline long before the US economy.

AI in the US will probably double in scale every two years. It just won't scale up at the rate that Chatgpt did in the starting years. Expect AI to keep scaling up at a rate where you don't feel like AI is replacing jobs but AI is indeed replacing jobs.

The next stage of AI development isn't scaling up the amount of data, but improving AI data filtering capabilities, then scaling up those more compressed models to the maximum level, then fine tuning that and maximizing it again, and doing this repeatedly in a loop. ( Personal opinion, based on how people managed to make something as functional as ChatGPT2/3 with far fewer parameters, logically you should then be able to scale up that new more efficient model for even better results then again improve efficiency down the line ).

Huang's law should last for 2 generations, taking into account how long Moore's law lasted for.

The primary challenge for the US:

It has reached a point where only the US can afford its own products when it comes to the top tier medical, technological, robotic equipment that it makes. The US is thus divided into two markets, one internal where only Americans can afford American products, and one external where Americans try to use their superior tech know how to out compete middle income nation states in producing the same products but cheaper through new techniques of production ( Examples - vertical farms, synthetic food alternatives, lab grown meat, etc ).


The US is growing at a scale that is separating the US from the rest of the world permanently. I do not know the repercussions of this for the world.


Me neither. But that's probably because someone made it up over a decade ago, cited random :marseycitrusshrug: sources, and no one ever noticed

The oldest unsolved math problem is only 281 years old :marseysuit:

It is the Goldbach conjecture (1742), which states that any even number larger than 2 can be represented as the sum of two prime numbers.

Today, this problem has been partially solved for numbers up to 4 x 10 to the power 18 but still remains unsolved.

Maybe one of you dramanauts is neurodivergent enough to solve it and bring humanity one step ahead of the bozos that used to exist in the 18th century?

I find it kind of cool that the oldest unsolved problem is less than 300 years old, and not like a thousand years old or some other crazy number like that. It shows that humanity has actually advanced enough to solve every single technical problem from the past millennia over time, and that we are today in a league of our own.

Additional fun fact:

In 2016 some math nerds ( Maryna Viazovska ) figured out how to pack a sphere in 8 dimensions. I have no idea what that means but good for mathematical progress I suppose.

I wonder how long it will be before the oldest unsolved problem for humans will be in the 19th century.

In any case, I feel like we should all feel humbled by the fact that across billions of humans nobody could solve a math problem over the course of 281 years.

We aren't perfect, and we have yet a long way to grow. Human intelligence will continue to increase by 2 points every decade, which means a new tier of smarter humans every 75 years.

Once we hit the great stagnation, we will reach double our capacity every 75 years, the EU has already hit that point, we are all just catching up to it.

AI development is going to slow down

ChatGPT went all in on increasing the amount of data to work with to boost the AI capabilities, but just like all other tech sectors, it seems pretty clear that we find diminishing returns with each doubling in the amount of data.

Currently we have reached that point where only trillion dollar companies are capable of building better and better AI fast.

General AI even now can regurgitate the best answers, but it hasn't shown the capacity to create something truly new, that comes with the randomness that emerges from biological evolution.

General AI is limited by the total knowledge of humanity being fed into it, beyond which it cannot grow no matter what. It is the world's smartest answering machine.

Will AI be able to replace humanity? No.

Will AI be able to make robotic equivalents to human labor? Yes.

Today, the most advanced AI in the world is Gemini by google.

It is taking the efforts of the 4th most valued company in the world to keep developing and upgrading AI further.

The current AI boom was a random discovery and it will slow down as fast as it rose up.

General AI will very likely peak at being 2-3 times smarter than the smartest human, then go no further.

This is because it cannot create anything new, it can only pattern match all the data that already exists out there.

Until and unless we give AI the ability to "mutate" like human DNA does, it will reach an upper limit and stagnate at that point.


AI won't take over the world. It will be another tool to help humans create more things faster, and finish up all the current backlog of research projects.

Shocking news: The ITER fusion reactor is delayed again

A project that costs tens of billions of dollars and takes decades to build and the work is divided up among several different countries. Maybe they'll finish it by 2100.

Scale of the microverse video with a guy shrinking every half a minute

Looks fun and educational. Enjoy.

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Elon Musk's net worth crosses 250 billion :marseyelonmusk:

I personally think to celebrate he should open up a new company in the tech sector. One new company for every 50 billion USD.

Currently he has his fingers in robotics, AI, vehicles, spaceships, brain interfaces, social media.

I am willing to bet he is going to cross 300 billion USD by the end of the year.

Maybe multinational corporations and tech billionaires will be able to ensure the US GDP keeps growing at 2% and above every year till the end of the century.

Nobody is better at the profit motive than MNC's, and the US has the highest number of them.

Almost all the top US companies are showing higher growth in their net worth than the GDP growth rate of the US. They are practically carrying the US economy now.

The techno doomers were right. Nation states will no longer be the leading player in the future, as they are not efficient enough entities to guarantee continual growth. It will be mega corporations leading the global world order.


The US is going to rule the world. Elon is going to rule the US. He has 12 kids. He will probably keep pumping them out until the day he dies.

The total cost of the ISS has been estimated to be 150 billion USD. Elon Musk is rich enough to build another ISS at the original price and still be one of the richest men in the world.

By the look of things he is also getting ready to start fighting other billionaires for their share of the pie.

We already know he has a rivalry with Jeff Bezos.

Do you guys think Elon will be able to beat down both Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg before he dies?

I am betting on yes. Elon Musk is going to take down at least one of two billionaires before he goes I am certain of it.

Economic corpo wars up ahead. Choo Choo.

With global population declining how are we going to sustain a colony on Mars?

It's going to take a decade to set up a lunar research base right now.

Safely assume another 20 years to set up a Mars base.

The US has a below replacement fertility rate so you are going to have to send more and more people to replace the population on Mars.

With the world population declining increase in Mars population will be due to decrease in the population of Earth.

This whole system only makes sense if the most advanced society in the world is on Mars ( Only the smartest people went to Mars ), and the poorest regions of the world are emptying out as their people move up the ladder with the most backward regions on Earth being taken back by nature.

None of this works until and unless nation states reach a point where they are again up to replacement fertility levels.

Developed economies do not have above replacement fertility rates.

They are not in a position to send their populations to colonize another planet. It's not a tech issue, it's a manpower issue.

Even South America is below replacement.

Oceania will be below replacement by the end of the decade, and only Africa is going to be above replacement levels.

African IQ on average is too low to send Africans to run a space colony.

In conclusion:

We could build a Mars colony, but we couldn't fill it.

Global IQ growth rates have been slowing down in recent decades.

Global IQ growth is down all the way to 1.8 per decade in the 1986-2020 period.

BRICS nations showed the greatest gains in IQ over time in recent decades, at 2.9 IQ points per decade.

Developed nation states are still growing at an average of 2 IQ points per decade.

The poorest nation states are showing the slowest gains in IQ, even slower than developed economies.

The poorest nation states are getting ever further left behind. It might actually be impossible to recover them if the current trends continue. Sub Saharan Africa might actually be unsalvageable.

Global economic growth rate, global population growth, global IQ gains, and global innovation are all slowing down decade on decade. Humanity is moving towards a peak beyond which it cannot grow. The poorest nation states are getting ever further left behind.

The East Asians are currently the smartest people on the planet. Their demographics are collapsing however. The only way ahead might be to mix the genetics of East Asians with the Americans to create the next level of superior humans.

Assuming a lifespan of 80 years for the average person, globally, your grandkid will be 14.4 IQ points smarter than you, or one deviation smarter than you.


We can expect the world to become scary smart compared to the present every century.

We can also expect global GDP to keep doubling every century after the Chinese and US economic stagnation event hits.

The world will continue to slow down, there is no way around it.

( Exception possibility - genetic alteration of all newborns in the future )

Manta - RoboGames 2023 Champion - Are RC robot fights the coolest thing ever? :marseyantiwork:


Proof scientific progress is slowing down

Key points:

1. Research productivity levels are down compared to the 70's

2. Number of disruptive discoveries is decreasing over time

3. Most new research seems to be more about studying already discovered knowledge rather than making new discoveries


Global innovation peak is behind us, the world and new inventions are only going to keep slowing down over time. We are moving ever further from the golden era. We are going to keep moving from one revolutionary innovation in a decade to one in 1.5 decades to one in 2 decades and so on and so forth.

Second part of the conclusion:

This slowdown in innovation should apply to the US as well. Which means that over time the US GDP growth rate will also slow down decade by decade irrespective of what it does in the future. Which means we are reaching the limits of American innovation and the future is either going to be a near stagnant system with the US on top, or a new emergent system that replaces the US ( Most likely candidate is East Asia with its 10 points higher IQ )


Just go to the technology subreddit and you would be lucky to find one article about actual machines and hardware out of the top 20 or 30 posts there on any given day.

The only cool hardware side things that are happening are SpaceX starship and the humanoid robots that have begun to be added to factories.

Software side is just not as exciting because you can make things faster or more colorful with it, but you aren't really creating any new capabilities.

Wow my game runs smoother without the battery heating up vs wow we now have ships that can take us back to the moon.

Even AI is beginning to hit this snag as developing more and more powerful AI requires higher and higher hardware and energy requirements to be fulfilled to store and process all that data. This has limited AI development to the top companies in the world who already have access to billions of dollars to fund the AI projects, thus keeping everybody else out.

The last few innovative technologies I know of were:

1. Self driving cars

2. Drones

3. robot dogs

4. Roombas

5. Humanoid factory robots

6. Spaceships.

7. VR

8. Air fryers

That's it. All technologies that take decades to mature and become commonly available product.

On the software side on the other hand we are doubling or tripling something every year or two, but by the end of the day it is just a further iteration of what was already there. Nothing truly novel is coming out of it.

The world has slowed down in terms of offering new things.

We have less physical things than ever before meanwhile software keeps going up. It feels pointless.

No new generation of trains. No new jets. No new cities. No new world record breaking infrastructure. Just more software. software. software.

We have enough software. We have enough services. Give actual product now.

Compared to software upgrades, hardware is moving at a snail's pace. It is what is holding the world back, the fact that all the money has gone into making digital pixels work more efficiently over making an actually innovative new product.

It took 30-40 years for the US military to replace its rifle. That's how slow the hardware side is currently, and it feels like it's only getting slower over time.

Everybody went all in on big data, and now nothing is left for the new product side of things.

We have had the same tallest sky scraper in the world for 14 years now. Nobody has built anything taller in 14 years. That's embarrassingly slow.

On the other hand you currently have two models of the iphone releasing every year. It's ridiculous.

Look at this crap. Every project takes like a decade on average. To notice any major difference in your city you would have to be there for a decade at least. Meanwhile you get 20 different iphones in that same time span. It's ridiculous how little advancement we have made in speeding up physical projects.

Physically the world is moving too slow. In terms of human intelligence growth, the world is moving too slow. Only software is moving at the speed of light now.

The world isn't even going to feel different until 2035 now. Global geopolitical events are moving faster than hardware evolution right now. That's how slow the shitshow is.

GTA VI took 12 years to release after GTA V. The numbers don't make any sense anymore. We are stuck at the top and the only fruit lying around anymore is at the highest branches.

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