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You know you've made it as a country when even average thots can become judges. Truly a feminist paradise.

![](/images/16693401994715028.webp) ![](/images/1669340200576009.webp) ![](/images/1669340201904901.webp)

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At least it was just a minor case...

related to a car bombing targeting an army brigade


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Foids are a meme.

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I spend more time with women on any given Tuesday than any unloved, lonely shut-in Chapo poster has in his whole fricking life. I might make jokes about women on /r/drama, but IRL I'm one of the fricking girls and fine with it.

When any of them open up to me about their experiences with harassment or assault, it is never - NEVER. FRICKING. EVER. - about a MAGA bro or a frat boy. It is always at the hands of some sensitive feminist "woke" boy.

The "frat boy male feminist" thing is a myth that dangerous dudes like this are happy to perpetuate, because it takes the heat off of them, i.e. the real threats to the goddarn wimminz.


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