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[Rant] I don't want a fricking co-founder, am I fricked? [52 points, 55% upvoted, 375 comments]


Someone should invite OP here

I want to take 100% of the risk.

Yet wants VC? Huh?

If you’re taking VC to fricking de-risk you’re not going to make it

The idea is to grow FAST [-76]



Wow you are really bad at this. VCs want someone else to work with you because they can see you as the risk, not your business venture. They want a partner because they don’t trust you to be responsible with their money. After what you’ve posted here, they are so right about you.

“I want to take 100% of the risk”?! You are literally trying to get VC money, they are the ones actually taking the risk! You can’t see this fact and that’s why you can’t get funding. 🤣

Some incredible Redditor pointed out that the word I was looking for is 100% responsibility.

Btw stop being such a bootlicker it’s fricking disgusting brah [-26]

Unfortunately can't share any deets about the business.

But honestly, this is the entire reason behind this rant. I spoke to my father and he literally told me:

"Why are you being honest with these fricks? Just lie to them"


Wise words from a wise man.

Man frick these VCs I might. [-16]


Lol “I’m a solo soldier look at my numbers” this guy is fricking hilarious.

What is your startup and could you at least hire someone so you can say you have a team? Maybe just try to give off the appearance of having a co-founder without actually giving any equity away?

Or you could hire someone for “consulting” + a handshake to “make them a co-founder” after you get funding. The “consulting” would be something like $2,000 and they go to the VC meeting and tell the VC they are your co-founders under such and such legal terms blah blah blah and then once you get the funding oh some parts of the agreement fell through but I am looking for a replacement. Definitely cannot live without a co-founder I promise you I will have one or two even by the time we need to raise again!


Tai Lopez had a better business plan. Jesus Christ, your biggest problem is your shitty attitude. Go to Walmart and see if they're hiring so the world doesn't have to deal with you.




Finding competent founders is extremely important because it shows your ability to inspire someone to join your cause and work as hard as you. Frankly speaking, you need to find people as crazy as you. I didn't, one of my cofounders sucked -- but I made it work and got an exit. Now I have great cofounders. Also, your desire not to share your business is a little strange -- I would be wary of someone who sounds selfish and thinks very highly of himself; I'm not saying you shouldn't but it rubs people the wrong way. You are really funny though!

Solid point, but I have it covered. Matter of fact, I’ve gotten offers from people to join.

Not hard to inspire people when shit is working lol.

And btw, I’m not afraid of people copying my idea or anything stupid like that.

That’s not why I’m not sharing details.

I just want to have this account as a type whatever that comes to my mind account.

My business is linked to my real name. I don’t want this shit to be SEO’d and associated to me. [-4]



I’d want you to have a team and cofounder just because I don’t like the way you sound and come off. Any business tied to only you, I wouldn’t want. Good luck though my friend I wish you the best.

Hahahahahahaha he thinks he cracked the code.

This is how we all sound, we just put on a mask during the meetings.

I get you though brah I need to put together a solid team (without a cofounder) [-24]



They want you to have a cofounder so you won't fail. It's really that simple. Their goal is to make money, you failing too early makes them none. You need a team. You can't run a business without a team. If they fund you and it turns out you're incapable of working with people you would end up a complete dud. A dud they can avoid by requiring that you establish a team.


Hey there let me help you out. the VCs are dropping that line because they have no interest in you and want to look nice. Stop playing bill gates and pipe down. You havent made it yet.



You know nothing of the world I am in. Get the frick off here [-5]


VC here. Responding in like. First of all - we are buttholes in meetings. We shouldn’t be, but we are.

You are never gonna get a proper VC investment with that attitude you stupid frick. You want us to like you, play the game. Get an attitude check and listen to people who have been building businesses longer than you’ve been alive. Never lie to a VC. You will get fricked.

If you can’t impress investors how the the heck are you going to impress customers/clients. How are you gonna impress people to work for you?

Business fail all the darn time because of founders with your attitude. Your company will have a shit culture. Find an incubator and ask for help if you can’t find a co-founder and a team. You can negotiate equity share with them and take control. That is until you get diluted out or fired. Cause you probably will be.

From reading your comments it sounds like you know nothing about being a founder and an entrepreneur. My biggest price of advice. Read a book. Basic as shit but you’ll need it - read Venture Deals.

Even Steve Jobs had co-founders.

Never lie to a VC. You will get fricked.

darn, you really are that guy huh?

You impress customers with product. Not by personality. Maybe if you’re Elon.

99.999% of the products people use every single fricking day they wouldn’t be able to name who the “impressive” founder is.

About impressing people, I think most people agree that a nice healthy paycheck is pretty darn impressive.

And finally, about impressing VCs, haha you stupid piece of shit don’t act like you’re anything more than a glorified gambler. The majority of the founders that impress you fail and they fail pretty darn hard.

Oh also, don’t compare me to Steve Jobs please, keep that stuff for motivational videos. [-5]



Credit to /h/miners

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Sidenote: this is why if you play league and reach challenger by duo'ing you're still loser and it doesn't count.

Wonder what his company is if he's some loser who makes League of Legends references off the cuff

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proto-dramatard martin shkreli was an avid league player & was in the process of buying a professional team before the commies got to him.

the game trains you for upper management like nothing else - you have to babysit four r-slurs for 40 minutes without telling any of them to kill themselves even once.

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matchmaking is pretty good so if u think ur playing with r-slurs every game its probably because ur r-slurred

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Anyone whose first instinct is to relate the real world to bidja or Harry Potter or the what Iron Man would do in this situation is basically just saying implicitly, 'I have exactly one skill that I'm very good at, and if you give me your ventured VC capital based on this one skill, my lack of all other attributes will eventually give an anxiety attack and I'll neurodivergentally spend it all on skins and honesttogod not even see a problem with my actions.'

I fricking hate bugmanchildren, it's unreal

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Soldier sucks as a Zarya ult combo, you’re thinking of Hanzo.

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I live in San Francisco and am currently looking for a co-founder, and went to a "tech meetup". Well it turns out it was a bunch of dudes jerking themselves and other people off in the steam room and very little discussion about equity. I almost regret taking off my sandals to walk out, but I'm still out 50 bucks and don't have a co-founder for my artisinal dog treat delivery startup.

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There's different co founder meetup services but why would you want to do this? If you are going to get a co founder select someone you want to spend 4 years of your life with arguing over the dumbest shit 17 times a day, and that should be something you pick imo.

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grindr is not a suitable environment to meet a co founder.


I guess I just care about a different kind of dilution.

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neither is startup grind, you may get fricked at both places

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Given what I've heard about the San Francisco tech scene, the only part of this that even mildly surprises me is that the circle-jerk was literal

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I can understand not wanting to invest in solo guys. A VC wants a return and that means growth and expansion which requires more people. You don't want to be stuck with an autist that couldn't even get one mate to join him.

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In actuality VCs want two people they can drive apart and play against each other at every significant decision point, and the weirdest thing is the way people make excuses for it like the VC is doing something reasonable. Im not picking on you here its just incredible reading the replies. A VC is a short sighted scumbag with a bunch of money looking to somehow enrich himself while fricking over your business and from that perspective two founders is a lot easier to manipulate than one.

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Perhaps this is why VCs back so many failures - because the kind of people who give away valuable equity just to socially signal that they're "team players" seem like people who make dumb choices. I'm a team player, but only when doing so leads to more success. If I don't have to share control, why would I? My ideal scenario is one where I control 100% of my company. Anything that moves me farther away from that scenario is a compromise and should only be done when the pros of sharing control with a partner significantly outweigh the cons of going it alone.

And yeah, if I found a very valuable partner for my idea, obviously I'd partner up (though I'd try to make sure I had a controlling share) but hiring somebody just for the sake of VC social signalling or BIPOC diversity points is a r-slurred move, because you might still not get the VC cash no matter how many of their wishlist boxes you check off, and then you've saddled yourself with a living paperweight partner for nothing. What kind of fricking moron calculates those odds and says "Yes, I'll give away half of this idea I think is very valuable on the small chance that perhaps it will make me slightly more likely to impress people who have no obligations towards me whatsoever, and who might just show me to the door two minutes after I walk in the room?" Whomever the people are who are making these sort of risk/reward calculations and coming up with that smoothbrained answer, I sure wouldn't want them to lead any company I had invested in.

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oh shit I love this guy lmbo

If you want to see poors failing at their startups, try /r/startups. Some dumbass in there was complaining that he worked for free for a year and had no money coming from the founders in the near future. lmbo

She's a cunt though. Unironically. ~retarded_masturbator

My dis track: https://vocaroo.com/1ch7DVALybPf


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!germs snappy going for your queen

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"Why are you being honest with these fricks? Just lie to them"

You should always listen to boomers when they give you financial advice

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>"Let's continue this conversation once you have a co-founder!"

This does not make any sense, if the guy already founded the company alone how the frick would he get a co-founder now?

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This guy has a big attitude problem (the whole "solo warrior" thing is pretentious and dumb), but he's not entirely wrong. It's silly to give up any equity unless you know that the other person is bringing something valuable to the table. Shit, it's even dumb to give up equity for VC money unless you absolutely need the money. The more you can do on your own without needing the cash infusion, the better the equity terms you'll be able to get when you finally do need VC money.

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i hate swear nerds

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