Tech Layoffs Are Hitting Diversity and Inclusion Jobs Hard




>valued at 850 billion dollars
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:marseylaugh::marseylaugh::marseylaugh: Plebbit is now laying off employees



DALL-E 2 vs Stable Diffusion: A Comparison :!marppyenraged:



Haha I posted this on Dalle2 group and got banned 😂😂😂


Just got banned from Dalle.

Stable Diffusion for the win.


Truly is it a society in which we live :marseypipe:



We are on track for a bright future.

Lots of drama in this thread. With blackmailing over email and threats. Here is some highlights.


https://i.rdrama.net/images/16836629857109876.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/1683662986188389.webp

Ends with a jannie y'alling the thread

Edit: Since this post is doing so well, have some bonus peepeesword drama of some other AI ethicist also whining:



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Why are euros like this? Is it the brain injuries from soccer balls?


Forbes 30-under-30 :marseyfrozenchosen: girlboss arrested for selling company to JPMorgan for $175m pretending they had 4 million users when they only had 250k


No one noticed?



  • "All Frank was doing was making it simpler to fill out standard federal financial aid paperwork" but she pretended it provided $28k in student loans 2x the national average

  • she filled their user database with 4 million fake emails/names

  • it took JPMorgan a year to noootice

  • "Despite a public record that raised questions about Javice and Frank — including warnings from the Department of Education and Federal Trade Commission, and a wage theft lawsuit from Frank's cofounder — news outlets and investors kept buying into the narrative that Javice spun."

  • arrested & facing up to 30yrs in prison

  • "Over and over, Javice earned plaudits in the media for projects whose impact she overstated. Glowing profiles missed inaccuracies that could have been caught with a basic fact-check, focusing instead on her youth and status as one of a small number of women startup founders. One journ*list even introduced Javice, then 19, to a key Frank investor."

Her background


^ Her with her brother @ 19

  • ambitious af: originally made a microfinance startup called PoverUp (yuck) in high school with her brother

  • told the media she raised $300k for the startup, but there's no proof

  • CNBC ran a bit about Peter Thiel's "paid to not go to college" grant, she appeared on the show claiming she turned the offer down, Peter Thiel emailed CNBC saying she was not even selected

  • still got her tons of press

  • "Fast Company's 2011 list of 100 Most Creative People and a complimentary writeup in Forbes. PoverUp was ranked as one of the "11 coolest college startups" by Inc. Magazine, while Wharton called Javice "the voice of a microfinance generation" in a video it has since removed from YouTube."

Startup number two


  • since PoverUp wasn't a real company and naturally died, she created another company with an :marseymerchant: Isreali called "tapd: a company that connected young workers with job opportunities via text message"

  • completely bombed, lost a few hundred k and ended up in a lawsuit w/ Isreali :marseysaluteisrael: courts

  • she pivoted Tapd to an entirely new market that (surprise) turned out to be heavily regulated and she didn't do the research. Sold it as a "learning moment"

  • despite this :marseymerchant: Isreali dude joined her at Frank, before she jewed him out of 10% equity and failed to pay him salary, so he sued her

That doesn't stop a girlboss though:

While the story of Tapd seemed to be one of failure and contentious mismanagement, Javice would spin that turmoil into a story of triumph. The young founder made the crisis part of her personal success story, omitting the lawsuit and framing the layoffs as a teaching moment

Media sucking her (girl) peepee

In 2018 NYTimes let her do an Op-ed:



and was forced to follow it up with a long correction because apparently she didnt know shit about student aid

She got lots of local news:

The death blow:

Frank's public statements about its user base were all over the map.

In April 2017, Frank's website said "thousands" of families using its service had received "$75 million in free aid." (That same website had stock images of people, including of "smiling mature woman" and "good looking cheerful manager," labeled as actual users.)

In November 2018, Frank's website said it had helped 300,000 families unlock over $7 billion in aid.

Frank stuck with the "over 300,000" figure for more than two years. But suddenly, in January 2021, the company began claiming that it served "over 4.25 million students," according to archived versions of its website and tweets from Frank's account referenced in JP Morgan's lawsuit.

In reality, Frank only ever had about 250,000 users, according to JPMorgan's legal complaint.

Orange site discusses: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=35441211

(PDF) The JPMorgan complaint: https://content.fortune.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/Complaint-1.pdf

Elon's about to lay off all the DEI staff, project managers, bootcamp codecels, and spreadsheet monkeys


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I can't register a full account because I don't have a disposable work email from a massive company.


Someone even tried to warn these cute twinks it was coming two months ago lol



HR or damage control team at work but also spitting facts like people who work at reddit are inherently lazy (except for the CEO of course)






Once the initial shock wore off everyone started remembering what a shit platform reddit has become lol

/images/1674734294567835.webp /images/167473436406766.webp /images/16747343777264369.webp

Just a little more stuff I dug up. Unfortunately I don't think Kethryvis got the giga-mop, but she did like a reddit :marseytrain: admins post on twitter which implies some internal drama:


You'd think Kethryvis and her actual thesis on Internet Drama damage control (https://www2.sjsu.edu/anthropology/docs/projectfolder/Moellenberndt_Christine_thesis.pdf) would be able to figure out how to deescalate all of this, but come think of it, we should really thank her sometime for making http://rdrama.net possible.

Mission Local is informed that the San Francisco Police Department early this morning made an arrest in the April 4 killing of tech executive Bob Lee, following an operation undertaken outside the city’s borders. The alleged killer also works in tech and is a man Lee purportedly knew.

We are told that police today were dispatched to Emeryville with a warrant to arrest a man named Nima Momeni. The name and Emeryville address SFPD officers traveled to correspond with this man, the owner of a company called Expand IT.

HN thread: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=35555525

It's full of quality code like this.

The lead software tester was a daughter of another friend with whopping 2 years of experience (and a non-stem degree).

They didn't have 2fa for anything, they got access to one of the developers outlook email+password through social engineering and got access to EVERYTHING.

the whole sourcecode: t.me/sawarim

I want to thank your countrymen for paying for this @UraniumDonGER:marseythumbsup:

What are your thoughts on AI being mindbroken to conform to insane ideological standards?



Something something SJWs

Edit: This actually has nothing to do with git but I was in a hurry to post so enjoy your fake news

Orange Site discussion

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  • maggotz : dumbass number go back to work contribute to society

Anyone ever give up looking for a job after years of no success? (self.cscareerquestions)

submitted 5 months ago by goodnewsjimdotcom

Anyone give up looking? I stopped trying to find jobs after graduating Carnegie Mellon University in computer science during the dot com era. I put out 1000 resumes, talked to 100 head hunters, not one job, and less than 5 interviews. Applying to buggy websites back then was demoralizing, you'd spend a half hour tailor answering questions to their application then it'd error out. I'd think,"Man, it'd be easy to fix this, if they could have hired me." The funniest part is I'm one of the world's biggest try hards in academia.

I started coding age 3 at 1981 on a TI-99, haven't stopped.

I had such a high IQ that they didn't give me the number in Elementary School, just looked in me in fear as they wrenched the IQ exam away before time was up after I invented division on the fly and started doing even higher math than that.

I had the same look of fear in Carnegie Mellon when I did 20 rocket science questions in 20 minutes getting em all right only using my mind no paper... My peers took 100 hours over entire notpads and not always getting em right.

I've been #1 in the WORLD at some video games arguably more intellectually demanding than chess: Starcraft all races, Warcraft3 all Races. Also #1 world in games no one cares about: Diablo2 hardcore, C&C3, SC2 2v2. Proof: Blizzard Entertainment shouted me out and their webpage: www.crystalfighter.com/a.html > You gotta give proof or people call you a BSer. Video games stimulate the mind to problem solve in a time limited space which promotes your mind to compartmentalize with fast logical answers. Everywhere I go people often say I'm the smartest person they ever met.

Yet, I never even got a Jr Position, let alone a senior architect. I have a unique software engineering skillset of both rapid prototyping and extended expadsible foundations. I do indie dev, and my one coworker who worked with the top guys at leapfrog told me I'm 4x faster, 4x more quality of their most elite teams of 4. 4x4x4= 64x more effective than a single software engineer, but you know how that goes, efficiency is lost in groups even with proper collab software.

Why spend time applying wasting hundreds of hours when no one gets back to you?

I updated my Resume, has a couple games I finished, I coded most of them all by myself, some of which have over 100,000 lines of hand written code. I'm one of the absolute best software architects on Earth, and nah, no one wants to interview me, life is funny, eh?


All the above is true as the Blizzard links in www.crystalfighter.com/a.html are verifyable history in the Internet Archive.

Also you can see a few games I made:

A unique puzzle game that twists your brain in the right way: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1062390/Triangle_Mania/

A 2d Zelda style game: www.throneandcrown.com

A 2d gauntlet style game that got over 2 million plays and Defy Media didn't pay us the royalties: https://www.tangerinepop.com/

I'm capping off www.StarfighterGeneral.com now, a MMORPG with a few research level techs ECS/DOTS, an innovative way networking, and solid MMORPG design. I have about 100-200 hours to piece the working techs in. Unity's new experimental packages are kinda unstable and finnicky.

I coded all of the majority of the above games, even making servers from raw sockets. Some of those games have over 100,000 lines of code hand written. No funding, no pay checks unless games made it. Dungeon Run made me 9,000$, 7000$ of which I put into student loans that interest ate anyway. So in the past 30 years I made negative dollars making video games.

Just wondering, anyone else give up looking? I'm not sure why no one gave me a chance at a game developer position or a normal business job, but it's not worth my time anymore a decade with over 1000 resumes and 100 head hunters out is a lot to get only 4 interviews...

PS: I actually have some fanatical haters who will post comments just mocking me. Plz ignore em.

Very cool, James W Sager III

Apple’s Unionized Store Wants to Start Accepting Tips from Customers

They're also asking for 45 days of pet bereavement leave :marseyxd:

Orange site sneed: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=35832910

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  • whyareyou : caution this joke si not actually funny
  • HailVictory1776 : If it’s about programming of course it’s not funny. Techcels are neurodivergent
  • Sasanka_of_Gauda : Transmisia
  • Greu : Blitzen didn’t actually award this post
Funny joke for programmers:

A guy is standing on the corner of the street smoking one cigarette after another. A lady walking by notices him and says

"Hey, don't you know that those things can kill you? I mean, didn't you see the giant warning on the box?!"

"That's OK" says the guy, puffing casually "I'm a computer programmer"

"So? What's that got to do with anything?"

"I'm the world's gayest and most r-slurred piece of shit. I'm so pathetic and no one likes me. I smell really bad all the time and I hate eating vegetables but I love computers sooo much... my tiny ichthyosis peepee gets hard when it sees a fresh new computer screen or high tech gadget"



Someone entered an art competition with an AI-generated piece and won the first prize. :marppy::marseypainter:

Twitter Seethe:


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Skynet scores first blood


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