Still trying to process the wild conversation I just had with my boyfriend, we have been dating for a month now after I got out from a horrible relationship. This relationship has been far superior for my mental health and he treats me far better in many ways. but today while fooling around while watching a documentary we were talking about how someone married this guy for money and planned to have him killed by an assassin. My boyfriend talked about how this lady never found her husband attractive and it was all a ploy to get money and then he suddenly goes, '' I would never do this to you, I love being with you , even though you are like a 6/10, but I love you, so it doesn't matter''

I was shocked, to me if I am with someone they are endlessly beautiful and attractive to me. I don't rate every inch of them like its a science project, I love them for everything they are, yet for him I am some object that is barely beautiful but I am pleasant to be around for other reasons. I realized this relationship is completely hollow and he will just move on when he tires of me.


Jewish lives matter much more than any other lives

Reported by:

Folks do not approve of this.


In any event, it is obvious that plaintiff and the deceased had not been concerned with the legality of their actions and that plaintiff was merely shedding one husand and annexing another with only token propriety. Her views were well illustrated in one of her answers to the judge; "Well, I am afraid, your Honor, you get my husbands mixed up. I've got so many of them."



Foids Posting L's :marseyl:

It's women reacting to a Vox article ft Roe v. Wade. I don't need context quotes.

:marseyfrozenchosen: drunk :marseywinemom: woman :marseypennycoomer: moment :marseycringe2: :marseywinemom:
TwoX nootices? :marseynoooticer:

Idgaf if the male feminists are white, brown or green with purple dots, this barbaric shit needs to be taken seriously, and the public needs to see the justice system do its job instead of making excuses.

Gang r*pes at this scale have been almost unheard of in central Europe since the Red Army fricked off.

Women make up half of the population and deserve to feel safe.

I follow German news pretty closely and one news segment (maybe it was DW or ZDF) about it said that gang r*pe happens twice a day in Germany. Wtf. I was really shocked about that number. Another known case was a gang r*pe in a park in Berlin. A woman and her partner went for a walk in a park when they got attacked by several young men. They beat the man and r*ped his girlfriend. I hope they won't go free.

In that news report they also said that ca 50% are perpetrated by migrant/refugee men that come from very misogynistic cultures.

"In that news report they also said that ca 50% are perpetrated by migrant/refugee men that come from very misogynistic cultures."

look up cologne germany.

the mayor ordered a media blockout to protect them

did i somehow stumble into some chud subreddit? no it's still twoX :#marseyshook:

"white, brown or green with purple dots,"

? This sounds kinda racist? Every racist experience I've had starts off with "I don't care If you're red, white, blue" etc...

No offense, but maybe change your language?


Bit of a dog whistle, that.

"I don't see color" is another thing that centrists say when they want to cosplay as progressive people, when in reality they just don't acknowledge that they could have benefited from privilege. Indeed they're more than happy to racialize a situation to their own benefit or to play victim.

>did you just commit a heckin microaggresion against some male feminists

:#marseysnoo: :#marseydeterminedgun:

Just more evidence that women aren't perceived as human beings.

Not just women, children. Men will condemn us all to the worst if it means they get short-term gratification.

The male feminists in this case were children as well. That's pretty much why the sentences were so light, because Germany doesn't believe in adult punishments for kids and it believes in rehabilitation.

This will need to change, otherwise we will get right wing extremists ruling Europe.

:#marseywingcuck: :#marseymini:

Muslims, what do you expect?

this was at +8 before it was removed


Give it another 50 years or so, and the average citizen there won't be upset by the verdict. High birthrates change demographics. Refusal to adapt to a nation's moral and cultural standards should be a ban to immigration. Making Europe the Middle East V2 is not going to end well.


Well this was not a convo I was expecting to have with my boyfriend. We have been dating for 2 years now. I'm not going to lie and say I'm skinny with a flat stomach because I'm not. I have a little belly fat, I have thicker thighs. But my weight has not increased since I started dating him. My boyfriend is on the skinnier side, and honestly this never bothered me and I never thought it was necessary bringing it up because I love him. My boyfriend has told me from the beginning that he loves thicker girls and he thought my body was perfect so I didn't really understand when all of a sudden, he brings this up, when I have weighed the exact same since we started dating.

He basically told me that I need to lose weight and his exact words were “not saying you are fat but you need to lose weight, you are getting out of shape, not sure if you have noticed.” I was just so shocked to hear this. First of all, we haven't been talking much lately because of his hectic work schedule and he told me today that he has a lighter load and this is what he decides to talk to me about?

I told him my weight hasn't changed since we met and he says “honestly, you have belly roles which you didn't have before.” I've always had belly roles, I had belly roles when we first started dating, he kept insisting that I didn't. He's trying to gaslight me about my own body now? What the actual frick.

He said he wants me to do it for my own sake and for me to take care of my health because if I don't now, I'm gonna be lazy and get fatter.

I asked if he's still attracted to me and he claims he is, and that it's not like he was calling me fat, but just letting me know I have more belly roles. Wow. I know what I have to do, I just can't believe this is coming from someone who I have dated for 2 years, someone that I love and cherish. I look exactly the same.. he then kept trying to say “if not for me then do it for you, it's your body”. I recently had lab work done, my cholesterol was phenomenal, I have no risk of diabetes, literally every lab result came back normal. My boyfriend on the other hand wants to talk about health so much, he has literally ended up in the ER every few months for things that were PREVENTABLE, if only he took care of his health. I find it so ironic

I do want to lose weight, I workout consistently, so that's not the issue, I just need to work on the diet. I have periods of motivation where I wanna lose weight, I workout every day and eat healthy and then I tend to lose that motivation, but he's just making it seem like I'm this super obese person who weighs >500 pounds, when I'm just a little overweight.. :marseyxdoubt:

50 years ago, my serious boyfriend said, “You have the most unattractive (body comment) of any woman I know”. That was something to remember for the rest of my life. I could not imagine being beside that jerk for the rest of my life as well.

what a gigachad :#marseyboomer: :#gigachad2:

Wow. Really some people don't know the impacts words can have.


In my experience if a guy starts “picking” at you about your weight, appearance ect and you havent actually changed it's usually because they are feeling guilty about something … they are finding reasons to justify something they did wrong

now this is some high quality cope :#marseycope:

How I Lost My Job | WomensLiberation

Shortened version of the post...

Well 2 weeks ago it was just me (27 but I look a LOT younger) and my female colleague (20). I'd actually finished my shift but we were chatting and having a laugh.

These 3 men come in, all swagger and pomposity, and I get a bad feeling and think “no way I'm leaving her on her own with them” so I make myself a drink and perch at the end of the bar.

They hang around the bar instead of sitting down, I wasn't really listening to them at first but one of them is getting more and more belligerent, says about how “he fricking hates women” how he, and any man could “beat and kill any woman”...I try to keep it lighthearted and diffuse “sure man, but I could beat you, and most men, in any pub quiz” but he's escalating ... starts saying that we should go back to the 1800's when women has no rights, he said “women are subhuman” and “women are inferior to men” that “men built everything”...well, I was literally shaking with rage at this point. Even his mates were trying to shut him up (though, birds of a feather - frick those two pricks too)

I've never experienced such blatant woman hating inceldom - it was raw hatred and misogyny - the kind you know they think, and bleat about on their scrotish forums...not the kind of thing that is said like that in public...well on he goes, belittling, slandering and disrespecting women AT two barmaids (who he'd clearly chosen as targets due to us being younger, smaller females)

He had ordered himself a particularly foul smelling stout (indicative of his particularly pungent personality) It was sat in front of him (basically ASKING me to use it) so I did.

I picked it up, his almost full pint of stout and threw it all over him, his shirt and his pants. I said “you came out of a woman, you miserable bastard, get the frick out of this bar right meow”

I know this sounds like an “everybody clapped” wasn't really, my heart was absolutely hammering in my chest. He said “you'll lose your job for that, you little b-word” and I said “yes, but I can get a new bar job, there's nothing you can do about your repellant personality - enjoy celibacy, peepeehead”

Then there was a scuffle in which Incel McStoutShirt made himself look an even larger cockend, the bosses were called and I was told I wouldn't lose my job by my female boss.

Went into work the next day and worked my whole 5 hour shift before my male boss told me I'd lost the job. I just sadly told him that no woman should have to be called subhuman by a man.

Don't remember anything else, I was pretty upset.

Maybe a story of a woman losing her job isn't “women's liberation” BUT I'm still proud of what I did, I did it for me, my colleague and the female regular in there. I did it for my mum and HIS mum and every single woman on earth, each of us worth a thousand of that miserable misogynistic streak of shit.

I felt (lol at the buzzword) empowered. My bank account not so much lmao, but I stood up for us all and I'd do it again, any time.

Reported by:
God told me to be a fricking slut

Also wtf is fricking she wearing. I count more than one bra and a fricking tank top rolled over them

I was slut shamed in court and got my children taken away from me

I have no idea where to turn. I am heartbroken.

I will be more honest than maybe I should be. This is in Texas.

I have two children and have been their primary custodial parent since birth. I have been with my current husband for seven years total. He is only the second man I've ever been with.

One day, I asked if he would ever be interested in exploring more. We had transparent conversations, we were open, he wasn't against it but wanted to do it with someone that we trusted.

Over two years we did this six times. Always safely, lways consensually. For posterity pictures and videos were taken.

Fast forward 6 months, we bought one of my children—10 years old—an iPad. She wanted the ability to use a messaging app and so I sync'd my iCloud account to her iPad.

The dad gets them every weekend and so sometimes they take their devices over there. You can see where this is going. What I learned later was that Dad had been trying to get the password to the iPad for years and eventually he figured it out and went through everything.

He found the hidden folder. He found the videos and the pictures.

He filed for emergency full custody.

The court documents state: “I exposed my children to hours of pornogrsphic material, that the material shows that I am doing these things against my will, forced by my husband, and by doing this in the custody of the children, have shown that I am unfit to be a mother.”

We got an attorney, we went to court. The judge (another woman) basically eviscerated me.

She said things like:

“I don't know any self-respecting woman who would do these kinds of things.”

“Has anyone checked the internet to see if these are on her OnlyFans?” (no mention of this was made, she just.. said it)

“I believe in the 1800s they called women like you jezebels.”

At one point my attorney said that I had sat my children down to mansplain what they saw. She said “oh, well what did she tell them?”

I said: “Their step dad knew about it, that it was safe, consensual and I'm sorry they had to see it.”

The judge said: “The fact you think any of this is okay makes this even more concerning to me.”

The dad said I was doing these things while I had custody of the children, and yet my attorney and I put together actual evidence that none of these videos were ever taken while the children were in my custody. The judge said “this isn't a trial so I'm not looking at evidence.”

At one point the judge said to me: “If you tell me your husband forced you to do these things, you can leave here with your children, and we will get you the help that you need.”

I told her that everything that happened I wanted to happen and it was done safely. She said she didn't believe me and told me the children were being given to dad.

My attorney basically had to walk me out of the court room, and I barely remember what happened afterward.

My attorney said in 14 years he had never seen someone judged keyed on their character and not their case so blatantly. He said “you were slut shamed by a puritan.”

This is why I'm posting here. I just don't know if I'm a good mother any more; if I'm ever going to see my children again. If I'm in the wrong maybe that's what I need to hear so I can get better.

Two days later the dad called me, I wish I had been recording, he told me: “I told you I was going to take them from you, didn't I? You never believed me.”

um !foidmoment

she said yes fellas! later losers


Don't shame s*x workers. You can not want to do that work but you don't have to say you find it disgusting... :marseylongpost2: :marseylongpost2: :marseylongpost2:...Don't call s*x work disgusting. If you don't want to do it, then don't.


She finds it disgusting for her.Don't shame women who don't like s*x work for themselves

you interpret my comment to be shaming other women for not engaging in swx work? How on earth was that your takeaway???


Nobody here called s*x workers disgusting but it's entirely appropriate to have the opinion that s*x work is not something a woman would consider doing regardless of what adjectives are used to describe that feeling.

Can you mansplain to me what "I find the work disgusting" is supposed to mean then? "I don't think s*x workers are disgusting just how they live their lives and earn money is disgusting". You don't see the problem with that?

Hi, ex-s*x worker here...:marseylongpost2: :marseylongpost2: :marseylongpost2:

S*x work is real work and all work sucks


Tell them to transition and give it a shot if they think it's so easy (Don't @ me, I'm a trans woman)


“As if you'd be able to afford me.” That's my go-to response.

Any man telling you that you should do porn/prostitution is being loud about the fact that he wants to have sexual access to you. They think they've found a sly way of telling you to your face that they're imagining you naked.

Another good one is “Sorry to hear you failed out of your dream career. Not everyone can be good in bed.”

:#marseywomanmoment2: :brainletchair#:



Firstly, being "beautiful" is not enough or necessary to be in porn industry. You also need to lack dignity and be a woman without principles which, perhaps, are values you don't align with and that's totally fine. Life moves on.

Secondly, if i were you, i'd revise the type of men I hang out with. For some reason you seem to pick the ones that aren't capable enough to put you on a right path.

OP doesn't need any man to "set her on the right path," she needs prospective pimps to stop harassing her. Including her "boyfriend."

I never implied she needs a man to set her on the right path...However keyed on the post, OP seems to be a weed magnet hence my suggestion that if she's into mens, there are others out there that can uplift or have better suggestions

Have you not read the comments of the other women here? This is NOT an uncommon thing for women to hear. It's not on her to read men's minds, it's on men not to say shit like this.

This sub is hopeless. Tell me how exactly you plan to change what others think or say?

Change happens on a personal level, if OP keeps hanging with frickboys, that's what she gets, no offence.

Worthless because your zero-value contribution was treated as a contribution with zero value?

You wanted the sub to add value to your comment?

Let's be clear, you just wrote a string of incoherent rants and you think they are ever so wise, but you are just poorly mansplaining basic concepts in a way that suggests that you are making stuff up as you go along. Then you felt 🤏 because nobody appreciated your rants.

Misogyny is everywhere. "Frickboys" are everywhere. Neither are the fault/responsibility of the OP. It's not for her to dodge buttholes, it's up to buttholes to do better.

Exactly why this sub exists. Some just accepted that as a reality and live in a perpetual existence agony, while blaming everyone but themselves. We make our own reality


Men think s*x workers enjoy their work. Men think women enjoy being assaulted by men.


I'm so sorry. I've experienced this myself. This is why I'm actually against s*x work, because if s*x is a job then sexual harassment becomes a job offer.

This is also how women are trafficked, I've had men try to get close to me so that they can better "introduce" me to s*x work. THIS IS HOW PIMPS WORK.

I've been told that I should make an Onlyfans around twenty times by men I barely know I hate it. It should not be socially acceptable to tell a woman to make porn that's sexual harassment.


Wow, tell them "if I was an attractive man like you, I'd make money with gay porn", see how they like it!


Fact: There are enough old gays, who'd crave a young gay. Many old gays make good money too.

This is the worst advice I've ever seen on this sub

if I was an attractive man like you

NEVER compliment a man.

:#marseychonkerfoid: :marseyeggless#: :marseyfeminist#:

Today I saw yet another post by the likes of "Women are triggered we'll soon have s*x robots, ha ha!" and it's like... We're not?

The thing about AI is that it doesn't disagree (unless you tell it to in which case, is it really disagreeing?). It doesn't have hard stances, boundaries, things that annoy you or find anything annoying about you. No personal problems, no rough patches, no changes or disagreements. It's essentially a piece of clay you can mold to your liking

And while it sounds perfect on the surface, most of the things above are a part of everyday life. They're obvious consequences of being a sentient being. If a man says "I'd rather have an AI s*x robot" it essentially means that they never wanted to be with a human to begin with. They want a shell they can control and dress up to their liking, something obviously harmful when tried on a real person

So if I heard a man say that, I'd actively encourage him to get the robot and never try to pursue a relationship with a real woman because nobody deserves to be with someone who'd prefer for you to be an object

Why do men think we'd be upset over losing a change to be with someone like that?

I'm totally fine with AI s*x robots. It will weed out all the men I don't want to date.

"How does it feel to lose to a voice in a box? >:)"

"You're losing to my marsey who shits in a box. :("

The bar is so fricking low.

:#marseyclapping: you won the imaginary argument

Until the AI starts rejecting them too.

I wonder if we'll see AI-ncels, people who are too repulsive even for AI, but can't work out why no AI wants to generate responses to their prompts.


My only concern is that when the inevitable takeover by the robots happens it will just make the AI-bots even angrier because you know that the same dudes that want a sexbot are the same guys who call Siri all sorts of foul names.

This is why I always explicitly thank Siri and ChatGPT. I figure maybe if somebody shows them some humanity they won't think we're all bad.

>you said thank you so i'm not going to kill you



I remember reading an article by a dude whose job it was to repair hyper realistic s*x dolls.

His business was booming on account of all the men who regularly beat the shit out of their doll.

I tend to think about that when this subject comes up.

Even with an emotionless, opinionless, physically ideal lump of obedient plastic, their projected self loathing means she provoked him to hit her.

sorry sweatie, but you are in fact kinkshaming

>Impact play is a human sexual practice in which one person is struck (usually repeatedly) by another person for the gratification of either or both parties which may or may not be sexual in nature. It is considered a form of BDSM.

:#marseykink: :#marseydomesticabuse:

It's projection.

They're bitter because we're already replacing them.

Dogs, pew pews, a home security system and a call to 911 provides us protection.

Having the ability to work provides us means of living.

Toys actually satisfy us, stay hard while inside us for more than 4 seconds, is sanitary and doesn't lie about it's size.

Friends, family and therapy provide us a sense of community and emotional support.

These maIes cannot find a way to replace a wife (doing the work of a therapist, seggs worker, babysitter, home chef, secretary and maid) and they're mad.

>They're bitter because we're already replacing them.


:#marseyxd: :#whitewomenfuckdogscoomer:

Many :marseynooticeglow: the fact that this is basically just a "no males allowed" sign and how the vast majority of :marseytransattentionseeker: "enbies" are women.

this one hit a soft spot

!foidmoment qrts and replies seething

husband stunned by his wife's wedding dress :marseywholesome:


A Texas mom was booted from her s*x education role after the school district she served discovered she was a convicted prostitute — who was still advertising herself as an escort.

Ashley Ketcherside, 38, had been busted twice for her side hustle before serving on a council that recommends “appropriate grade levels and methods for human sexuality instruction” for a school district in Godley, a city 30 miles south of Fort Worth.

“We had no idea what was going on in her personal life. She was always very friendly and personable,” Godley ISD School Board trustee Kayla Lain told Fox 4 News.

Ketcherside advertised scantily clad images of herself online as “true girl next door” Lola Brea while working for the School Health Advisory Councils, a panel required by state law that recommends to school boards a wide range of health education protocols for students, including “appropriate grade levels and curriculum for instruction regarding […] s*x trafficking.”

The heavily involved parent also led a “local cheerleading group” and volunteered on multiple district panels, including the Family and Community Engagement Committee, Parent Teacher Organization and Godley Athletic Booster Club despite only moving into the Godley ISD this academic year.

She has since been canned from all her roles.

Parents finally caught on to Ketcherside's raunchy gig after becoming suspicious of the multiple businesses she claimed to own, but could never provide information about.

We don't know what kind of clients she comes into contact with or who she works for,” said Lain.

The Godley ISD confirmed to Fox 4 that it had removed Ketcherside from her various positions even though it had conducted a background check before appointing her.

A spokesperson claimed Ketcherside had not been officially appointed to the Student Health Advisory Committee despite video showing her actively participating in meetings and the Godley ISD website > listing her as a member, labeling the fact a “mistake.”

“Obviously, the district would not knowingly allow anyone to work in a staff position or to volunteer with certain criminal convictions in their background,” the district said.

Ketcherside did not immediately respond to The Post's request for comment.

She was busted by some other lady who worked at "Families Engaged for Effective Education (:marseychonkerfoid:)" after she decided to google this complete stranger's email :surejan: named Lain who looked her up on LexisNexus

I looked for her in meeting minutes to see what her contributions were but she doesn't show up anywhere, wayback hasen't archived the page, and the meeting minutes are boring as heck as funny as it would be for her to be defending :ethot: tooth and nail


Just as recovering addicts make the best substance abuse counselors, she is a perfect match for her job. Prostitution is a misdemeanor. They should let her stay.


So, if I'm understanding the comment section, this lady should always hold herself to a lower threshold because none of the posters want her to better herself? What she should do is find a corporate job where none of these questions would ever be asked? She put herself in the public eye for all to see who she is now. I'd bet some of you have things in your past that you sure don't want broadcasted on to the masses. Some folks are just ruthless, I suppose.


She can s*x educate me anytime!


I'll let whomever cast the first stone!

dirty old man :marseymanysuchcases:

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