Treadmill :marppyenraged: Rips Woman's :marseywomanmoment: Pants Off :ricardo:

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A Canadian nature lover’s attempt to capture wildlife on camera backfired terrifyingly after she inadvertently documented what appeared to be “naked witches eating a carcass” at night right by her house.

Social media posts depicting the alleged deer-crunching coven are currently blowing up online, with viewers speculating the nighttime noshers were conducting some sort of satanic ritual.

“I don’t know what the heck was up with that,” Corinea Stanhope, 36, told Kennedy News of the spine-tingling sight. “It really freaked us out, it’s not something you see every day.”

The Powell River native had reportedly been riding one of her horses when she came across a dead deer in her garden.

While most might’ve turned their nose up at the sight, the mother of three and her grandpa Bob, 76, decided to set up a camera to see if the carcass would attract any critters at night.

“Me and my grandpa put up a trail camera to see if we could see animals and we got a bobcat [on camera], which was pretty cool,” the Canuck described.

Little did she know, that wasn’t the only bloodthirsty beast they would catch on camera. “I came the next day and grandpa said he’d got naked people on the camera and I said ‘no you didn’t … bulls–t’ so he showed me,” Stanhope recalled.

The bone-chilling photos, taken just after sunset, showed two “disheveled”-looking women with long black hair obscuring their faces squatting over the dead deer and appearing to dine on its remains like something out of the 2014 horror flick “The Witch.”

The wicked hungry pair is completely naked except for what looks like loin cloths over their netherregions in the found footage horror film-esque scene.

“It looks like they have wigs on,” described Stanhope. “One looks like she has blonde hair underneath.”

She added, “You can’t really tell from the photos but the hoof was brought right up to her mouth.”

The aghast gal said she wasn’t sure if the so-called witches of beast-wick were “kissing it, smelling or eating it” but was nonetheless sickened by the ritual given the “the amount of bacteria” that was potentially on the “decaying carcass.”

Stanhope said she was especially “creeped” out because the impromptu carrion cuddling session occurred only two minutes from her house.

“I was concerned about them messing with my horses at night,” the medical practitioner said. “The horses always get really spooked and unnerved around that area.”

She added, “I thought they imagined stuff at first so I didn’t think anything of it. Maybe I believe them now.”

hi claire :marseywave:

https://i.rdrama.net/images/16860235093291407.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16860235095997314.webp

lmbo reddit won't do shit bout CP but use a dumb bitches first name ....

That sub is a goldmine

OP is a trainwreck, good writeup here

I've been lurking this sub since I found out I was pregnant. Long story short, IUD baby.. husband pressured to birth baby even when I sobbed for an abortion.. gave in to exterior pressure from family and friends that "I would fall in love once it was here" FRICK NO. And frick every person who blamed hormones for my feelings. Anyways I was 27, had already graduated college, lived abroad a few different times, fresh into my new logistics career and I loved my husband. I was always a generally happy person, bubbly and excited about living every morning.

I lost everything after having a baby.. it started with my body, then my friends, then my autonomy, then my sleep, then my happiness and with that I lost my marriage, my sanity and my will to live.

I never wanted to be a mom. I always thought babies were extremely boring, toddlers were dirty and annoying and I never experienced any type of baby fever. I wake up every morning hearing him cry and all I can do is grit my teeth, here we go again. Endless cycle of crying, feeding, bathing, changing until it's bedtime and I'm to drained to eat anything after eating half a banana the whole day. I used to spend my god darn days smoking weed and tanning my hot body on different costa rican beaches and now I'm a depressed overweight shell of my old self that cries everyday wishing she could crawl back to her old life.

My advice to anybody on the fence or currently pregnant, just don't do it. Stay child less and enjoy your life please.

Making women :ethot: look dumb :marseygigaretard: is a disturbing new podcast trend :taylorlorenzcrying:

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A podcast with hundreds of thousands of subscribers and followers across online platforms is stoking the flames of controversy — by belittling female guests and making them look dumb.


“Whatever,” hosted by Brian Atlas, masquerades as a dating talk show while delving into gender roles, body counts and the legitimacy of the patriarchy.


The podcast team uses social media to seek women panelists, only to later “roast” them online in snippets


While OnlyFans model Nicolette Nicole admitted that her appearance on the podcast was to bolster her own following


“definitely chosen to create controversy” and make her “look dumb” and “shame” her


On Twitter, “Whatever” often promotes videos from conservative commentator Ben Shapiro and champions disgraced internet personality Andrew Tate.


The podcast’s following has grown amid backlash

“Tell me you despise women without telling me you despise women…and don’t forget the condescension,” one Redditor snarked.


“Is it just me, or do all of those women look INCREDIBLY uncomfortable?” wrote another, in part.


Drew Afualo — who counts 8 million TikTok followers, thanks to her zingy clap backs at misogynistic men


has expressed her displeasure for Atlas’ content.


“What was once a space where people could report and speak on specific topics (with experts) has become an opportunity for someone to project their emotions and opinions that don’t involve them,”


urging viewers to “amplify those who approach the craft ethically and responsibly rather than constantly fueling the ego.”



Although tbh, from this pic this guy is either a closet case or a complete sociopath.

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Depraved white women almost penetrate whale's mouth bussy.

Another angle:

Julie McSorley says she learned an important lesson after she and her friend ended up in a humpback's mouth: "Whales need their space."




Cottriel could see the inside of the whale's mouth coming down on them, but mistook it at the time for its belly. Panicked and confused, she threw up her hand to stop it.

"I'm thinking to myself, 'I'm going to push. Like, I'm going to push a whale out of the way. It was the weirdest thought. I'm thinking, 'I'm dead. I'm dead.' I thought it was going land on me," Cottriel told the local Fox News affiliate.

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From her post history:

she's fat and failed keto, so she's started injecting a diabetes drug to loose weight but is still eating taco bell


she doesn't have a uterus


she whines about weed gummies giving her violent diarrhea


she's upset because Cracker Barrel is closed on Thanksgiving and she is too lazy to bake a pumpkin pie. So both lazy and unable to plan ahead


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  • Penny : y do fakkits mald over foids don't make sense fricking scrotes
  • GROYPERWITHDOWNS : Good post, now show his relationship with his Mother
Gay chud delivers a vicious coup de grace


The op asks a question about living a rad fem existence and foid number one responds:


Can't speak to the racial side since I'm white as these things are currently measured.

Radfems who are that pessimistic about men are generally some degree of separatist.

I don't know any who have actually gone full "move to a commune and don't speak to men at all," but online I've encountered a couple "hire female professionals as much as possible and keep emotional distance from men you can't avoid." If they're straight and single they generally resign themselves to being celibate.

Honestly they're less likely to be the people chanting about men being trash, as they really try to avoid thinking about/interacting with men at all.

Irl I don't know any feminists who even go that far. I'm probably the most pessimistic person I know about gender relations, but I don't think men are "inherently and essentially evil." More like I'm hyper aware of bad dynamics that have bitten me in the past and therefore cautious around men I don't know well.

I haven't dropped my male friends but I'm actively trying to make more female ones. Since I'm bi I have the luxury of only dating women, though of course that comes with its own issues.

I don't know if your question was rhetorical but I hope that helps if you were actually curious.

an errant foid responds:


From rather similar experience, I'd say homophobia and also that it's obviously more difficult to create a family with a same-sex partner than it is with an opposite-sex partner.

It's still worth it in my view. Like I know men are not innately this or that way, but the socialisation weighs heavy. You'll say there's no solid proof but the anecdotal evidence of 30+ years as a woman on this planet is eloquent enough for me. I'm not in the mood to do any emotional labour in that regard. People already bring enough of their miseries into the cocktail shaker that is a relationship regardless of their sex, but I as a woman don't want the added bullshit of a male-female relationship.

and then this gay chad obliterates her:


That’s just the female tendency to hyperfocus on everything that’s bad for them and ignore everything that works in their favor, which is why I’m grateful I was born a gay man and was spared from dealing with this bullshit. The holier than thou attitude, the gender roles for thee and not for me mentality, the burden of performance they place on men in courting and in sex, the weaponization of intimacy, the necessity of constantly perform mind reading in order to appease them, the necessity to let them have the last word or else suffer the consequences while they gaslight you by saying there’s nothing wrong, that they’re not mad and that they’re not treating them any differently.

I fully acknowledge male imperfections and accept them, as someone who is attracted to men. Many women, feminists in particular, believe they were spared from the original sin by virtue of their different socialization. They vehemently believe they’re more virtuous and refuse to acknowledge the possibility of there being a dark side to femininity too. And since a huge part of male socialization is about giving in to the whims of women in order for them to shut the frick up or in the hopes that they’ll be more pleasant to them if they do so, society has committed to the goal of reprogramming men to make them more like women.

There are many things that annoy me about guys, but in the end of the day, you always feel like equals. You never really feel like you’re dealing with a fragile being who’s afforded the social protections of a child, but with the mental and legal benefits of adulthood. And you can just call out their bullshit if you want, there’s no social shield protecting them, like you’re attacking all men in the world for calling out the bullshit of one. Dudes rock.

an errant moid is reminded he may or may not have functioning testicles:


This almost made me want to switch to new Reddit just to see if there’s some sort of standing ovation gif I could post.

but the foid is skeptical (he could be a sekrit incel):


for a gay guy you sure seem to have a lot of feelings about what dating women is like.

and the gay chad strikes back in full glory:


So what? Like I’ll be judged by people who treat the words of lesbian women with daddy issues about what men think like gospel. Lol. Tell me about lack of self awareness.

Like anyone needs to actually date a woman to see the “subtleties” of men-women relationships. All you need is the lack of an obscene in-group bias to see the constant nagging and all the dynamics I mentioned above. I mean, straight men see it themselves, it’s just that they treat it with humor, as opposed to creating a whole movement and drain resources to address that (those are all comedy tropes for a reason, after all).

Lucky for you, I guess. You would lose many things you take for granted and live in a much darker world if they decided to pay in the same coin and weaponize every single disparity in relationships, every single interaction where women have the upper hand and decide to give silly names to the things they dislike, like “ovaryacting”, in the same vein feminists have done to demonize men. Or if they decided they’ll no longer perform the gender roles society and women specifically still expect of them, even those who don’t want to be restricted by gender roles themselves.

another moid has his jimmies sufficiently rustled to respond:


Holy shit man, I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s honestly crazy how most straight guys I know share these opinions in private but toe the line outside that context to avoid the inevitable crying meltdown and social scourging.

Turns out that we’re just as tired of women’s shit as women are of men’s shit, we just don’t walk around in public hysterics about it day-to-day.

and as usual, the raving, hysterical foid must have the last word:


you're reading this thread and seeing the women as hysterical? That's fascinating.

@pizzashill would love this

Joy, fun, mystery, risk, flavor, kink — they’re missing

What did the Gray Lady mean by this :#donkeythonk:

I didn't bother to read the link but here it is in case any :marseynerd: feel like doing a book report

Archive Link

Lots of Seething :#soyjakmaga: in the quote tweets

RW Grifter Sneed

More RW Grifter Sneed

Even More RW Grifter Sneed

You guessed it, another serving of RW Grifter Sneed

i’ve been talking to a guy and we went on a couple days but i made it pretty clear that i don’t sleep with people unless i’m in relationship with them, and i think it annoyed him a bit. so now every time i want to meet he just tells me to come over to his house (you know for what reason lol) and last night he openly said that he will see me only if i’m down to sleep with him. i really like him so i might just give it a try but my question is : do you think he will consider a relationship with me if we sleep? like will i be taken seriously and will he catch feelings? or it’s a lost cause ?

The medical condition is menstruation and the treatment is sterilizing herself. TwoX does not agree that a voluntary inability to have children should be a dealbreaker for men:

what the FRICK I've never heard anything like this before. OP this is pretty weird. periods have a huge impact on people's lives, from cramps and anaemia and lethargy and bloating. why would we not want to improve these health issues lol

he's honestly a bit controlling to restrict your healthcare like this :marseyhandmaid:

It sounds like he’s the type that would poke a hole in a condom. RUN :marseywomanmoment:

He sounds like one of those Andrew Tate followers who think women are breedable pets. Anything that can’t breed or act “womanly” isn’t a woman. :marseywomanmoment2:

an actual soyjak with a face pfp chimes in with Exactly. The only red flag is his controlling behavior.

His^ post history is exciting. Speaking of red flags! What’s this?


Quoting from mobile is annoying so here’s a highlights reel of “if he hasn’t realized at age 22 that only a psychopath would ever want to have children, DUMP HIM 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩”







The active subs listed on most of these profiles are truly surprising :marseypikachu2:

A definitely-not-a-train chimes in:

Tell this man to frick off. There are plenty of women and female identified trans/ intersex folks who do not have periods, women who've had their uterus removed for all kinds of reasons (cancer, debilitating PMS), and of course, menopausal women. Are they all 'unnatural' and un-female? It's your body and if you want to get an ablation or even a hysterectomy it's your choice. I don't know if it's possible to love being a woman unless you can separate the suffering that comes with this body from the better parts of the female experience. You don't have to love it all. PMS is a very real and harrowing part of female biology, it takes away half our life for those particularly badly afflicted with it. It's bad design on nature's part, I wish we could have painlessly laid eggs or something instead. I also often fantasise about ripping out my uterus, throwing it on a fire and watching it shrivel away, never to trouble me again.

A pooner writes two phone screen lengths worth of egg-cracking fantasy :marseypooner:


Unrelated, but OP is the legendary braphog with no tits.

Body count isn’t stupid MEN ARE STUPID!

Here’s my view. Men have completely accepted the fact that when incarcerated men often have intercourse with other men. They mostly consider male to male intercourse abominable and disgusting but if the only available human/hole to have intercourse with is another man … then it’s OK! Not only that, but those men aren’t considered gay, they did “what they had to do”!

Yet they find it necessary to judge ALL WOMEN for any intercourse with a man! But don’t you dare judge men or kink shame them! Men only care about “body count” if you’ve had more lovers than them. They want young and inexperienced women who can’t compare them and their sexual performance to another man for fear that they may not be as good!

Ladies do not waste your time worrying about the stupid and irrational things men want from you. FLIP THEIR BULLSHIT THEORIES ON THEM AND SHOW THEM HOW STUPID THEY ARE. WE ARE NOT THEIR SLAVES!!!


Mostly stupid. Add it to the list of words that scream “I’m a moron” along with snowflake, woke, cis-whatever, binary blah blah. It’s all exhausting …


I honestly believe that this whole thing is just a massive tangle of male sexual insecurities.

At its core, this all comes from their fear that they aren’t capable of pleasing a woman in bed and will never be capable of pleasing a woman in bed. And since they’ve already decided they aren’t capable of improving, they’ve shifted their focus to making sure we don’t know any better. In their mind, if we’ve never had good intercourse before, then we won’t realize how bad at intercourse they are and so we will just go along with it.

That’s where the fear of cheating comes from. If we’ve had intercourse with a lot of different partners, it means we probably have had great intercourse at least once. And if we know what that feels like, and can tell they aren’t giving it to us, they fear we will go find it somewhere else.

Getting a little more speculative, I’m pretty sure this all comes back to peepee size. Because the obvious question raised by this insecurity is “well, why don’t you just learn how to get better at sex?” And the only reason I can imagine that they would just completely rule this option out is that they are convinced they have a tiny peepee and someone with a tiny peepee could never satisfy a woman. So they don’t want to even try. They would much rather just attempt to control what we do with our bodies and shame us into settling for their utter lack of effort.

:#marseylongpost: "ur pp small"

scrotes btfo

It's a remnant of an evolutionary instinct. Our monkey brains think that a promiscuous woman is more likely to cheat, putting the male in a situation where he wouldn't know if the offspring he is caring for is truly his.

One can argue whether this instinct is relevant in the present or not, but it's a fact that all men have it and are influenced by it. It was only 10000 years ago that we left the caves after all.

In all honesty, despite being aware of this, I would still be put off if I found out my partner had a high body count, especially one night stands. It suggests that she probably doesn't think intercourse between us is particularly special since she has a vast basis to compare to, or has experienced the thrill so many times that she has become accustomed to it. Call it an insecurity or whatever you will, but pretty much all guys think like this. It is what it is.

I hope I was able to give you insight into how the male brain works.

Absolutely not instinctual. This is 100% cultural and driven by social forces like churches. There is no biological concern or imperative about caring for your own child or someone else's. Your male body can't tell the difference, they're the same thing to you. The only reason you care is because society has told you to care, not because of an unavoidable instinct.

>This is 100% cultural and driven by social forces like churches. There is no biological concern or imperative about caring for your own child or someone else's.


this poster seems to be a scrote (since he has lots of gam*ng posts), but still absolutely r-slurred

NO YOU CAN"T JUST DATE SOMEONE WHO WENT ON CUMTOWN :taylorlorenzcrying::zoomertears::blacktears:

Taylor, your silence on drag bans, transphobic laws, homophobic fans, and the grossness of the person you've chosen to associate with have really hurt. While I'm no longer sure that you care about any of that, I do know that you care about sales. Pay attention! Please be better.

New York Post Article

The #SpeakUpNow campaign requests that Swift, 33, give “more than a simple apology”


“Use your platform responsibly and intentionally,” the statement asks. “Advocate for inclusivity, celebrate diversity and promote empathy and understanding.”


The letter acknowledges that while Swift has the freedom to make her “own choices and form relationships,”


[Healy] found himself under fire in February for comments made on the “Adam Friedland Show” about Kanye West and Ice Spice. He also recalled the podcast host walking in on him watching “hardcore” porn on “Ghetto Gaggers,” a site known for videos humiliating and brutalizing women of color.


Various Reddit Sneeding:

Pop Culture Chat: A quick timeline of Joe Alwyn, Matty Healy and Taylor Swift ☕

R/Taylor Swift: Why Taylor Swift Fans Are Disappointed By The Matty Healy Rumors

Faux Moi: Taylor Swift’s team is currently trying to bury the Buzzfeed article about problematic boyfriend Matty Healy by dropping an irrelevant article NOW about something that happened 2 days ago.

Faux Moi: Taylor Swift and Matty Healy Dating Drama Megathread

:marseyfoidretard: Karen malds about being called a Karen :marseymanysuchcases:

Let check in on OPs post history first:

Last weekend I went out to a local wine bar with my friends....Yesterday I saw that she had posted it on her IG, but something was off. I get the filters,

but she had photoshopped me fatter than I actually am and herself thinner and bigger eyes, even skin etc.

... I'm so confused why she photoshopped me to look worse than her...

maybe the friend is :#gigachadqueen: but more likely this foid is just :#marseysnoo:


Anyway back to the thread:

I had a fight about it with my own husband a few days ago. I don't think that if I feel insulted or have an opinion about something, that it automatically makes me a Karen.

curious what "have an opinion" really means :#marseyhmm:

Anyways to the brave comments"

Karen is someone who throws a hissy fit for no real reason. Like getting told something reasonable by an employee and then demanding to see a manager. Or calling the cops because a POC lives down the street.

Ah yes, calling the cops just because a POC lives down the street. Karens always be doing this


It’s now used for any woman who upsets a man…. Including BIPOC women.

Not the heckin' BIPOC womxn!!! :#marseypearlclutch2:

wtf i'd leave him over that

so true sis :#marseynails:

It's all part of a systemic racism and an attempt to fracture white families. (-5)

:#marseyveryworried: uh oh, the Chuds :#chudsmug: have infiltrated TwoX :#soycry:

Women have a certain haircut? Karen.

Middle aged women having fun? Karen.

Women suffering with depression and being overwhelmed? Wine Karen.

Women pointing out that something is dangerous? Karen.

Women who don't like porn? Karen.

Women who stand up for themselves or others? Karen.

Women who hold firm when they have an opinion that differs from men? Karen.

Woman gets upset when she's being bullied and harassed by men? Karen.

I would say "now men are gaslighting women by calling them Karen," but let's be real, that's been going on all along.

:#taylorlorenzcrying: stop GASLIGHTING women by critizing them :#soyjaktantrum:

The terms started with the woman who was waking her dog in a park can came upon a black male who was bird watching. She called the cops after harassing him and tried to force him out of them part just because she didnt like the look of it (he even videoed the encounter). She was even abusing her own dog, yanking him around and throwing a tantrum.


She did that because she was a white Canadian and white Canadians are 100 times more racist that your average white ameriKKKan. White Canadians are just really good at virtue signaling and being closet racists. ameriKKKans who dont know better mistake Canadian passive aggressive pomposity as "friendliness".

:#marseyshesright: :#marseyrake:

Original pics:

https://i.rdrama.net/images/1685122409366372.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16851224094546673.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16851224095354738.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16851224096184478.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16851224097006087.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16851224097951784.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16851224098872983.webp

Reddit profile: /u/qosmoe

Her new sub is /r/FemReckoning. It has over a thousand members in 13 hours. I’ve joined and so should you. Don’t worry, it’s not trans-exclusionary or chudly in any way. /r/FemReckoning’s description mansplains:


:marseyblm: :marseytrans2:

Anyway, back to the reason /r/FemReckoning was founded:

Apparently yesterday there was a big thread in which people excused a m*n for not cleaning his gf’s pod, and these were men. I can’t find the thread and I searched clean and checked all of them in the past week on TwoX.

Based on OP’s post herstory, I think it was this thread though, “To The Woman Who Dumped Her Lazy g*mer Boyfriend… YOU MADE THE RIGHT CALL”. Now here’s where things get confusing. OP has a handful of comments in the thread, almost all of them are fighting with some triple digit karma account called /u/bomberbil who was heavily downvoted and jannied by the TwoX mods. All of the other thousands of comments are you-go-gurling, like dumping some loser you let nut inside you for months is an achievement and not something to be ashamed of in the first place :marseypussyhat:

Bomberbil’s argument seems to hinge on the same theoreticals used by the FemReckoning woman, which is to say that if someone isn’t cleaning, it’s probably because they have health issues. She goes on about this in her FemReckoning post at length, to the point that she mansplains some women can’t clean because they’re allergic to mold :marseydarkxd:

Select highlights from the FR announcement thread:

In the jannie pin -

Dear men: please read rule 4 and the FAQ, whatever you're planning to comment in this thread probably breaks rule 4. :marseyjanny2:

Just asking cuz I'm on mobile. Is rule 4 "RELEVANCE"

Thank you

Why is it so hard to find the rules on mobile when most people use it? 🙃 reddit makes no sense sometimes

I will say your comment is irrelevant to the discussion topic. Also I'm using a third party app so it's less clear because I don't usually need to look at the rules. [-78]

https://i.rdrama.net/images/16836374658132298.webp :marseychefkiss:

Further down in the jannie-pinned comment I have no idea what happened, but I assume the scrotes got uppity because it’s just [removed], [removed], [removed] :( is there an unddit replacement yet?

I regret typing so much already bc there’s tons of nuked comment chains at the bottom of the thread but they’re completely unrecoverable :marseyseethe:

Regardless, /r/FemReckoning. Approval for year-old non-troll accounts with good faith post history only. Dust off those accounts ladies.

Requirements for posting:


no drama yet but lmfao




Reported by:
Reported by:

Not super noteworthy in itself; everyone on TwoX is super fat or a man, but I clicked her profile and

Well she says she’s 29 there

But then a month ago she has this thread:


Where she admits she’s 31 and I just thought that was very fun :star:

Anyway she also has some foot issue from severe obesity


/r/TaylorSwift is her second most active sub so there’s an L for rDrama. And the #1 sub of this person who has sworn off dating forever is… /r/dating.


She’s also on about something with a Tay-JK Rowling conspiracy that I can’t be bothered to research


Reported by:

It doesn’t take long for the ladies to begin essayposting about :marseygaslighting: -


"she said they wanted to protect my fragile mental state:marseyschizotwitch:

"He told me I was being dramatic" and "he was 'protecting' me" :marseywheredrama:

"His whole family thinks I'm crazy" :marseymeds:

I find these phrases and the bold words in particular very telling of your husband and his family's view of mental health. I don't like how close to gaslighting this is coming across; it may even be gaslighting, actually. It's like they don't think you're a functioning adult or something, and need to be treated as a fragile child. :marseywitchtriggered:

I too have anxiety, among other mental health disorders, so I know what it's like to have people think you're not capable. It's painful to realize that those who are supposed to love and care about you have decided you're too messed up to handle drama. :marseycutattention:

I don't know what your plans are of course, but I would absolutely have a serious conversation with my husband ASAP. That he's willing to lie this easily over something this big and then try to gaslight you into thinking they were doing it for your best interest is messed up. They were not. They didn't want to deal with how you would respond because they're uncomfortable dealing with someone like you and can't be bothered to learn how to actually help you in difficult times - you know, what husbands and family should be doing for one another. I would insist he get better education on your diagnoses and attend couples counseling as well. This is the kind of behavior that only worsens when not addressed, and you deserve to be in a safe, healthy, loving environment. :marseyeggless:

These terms have also historically been linked to women and used to strip them of autonomy, not only of their own bodies, but all decisions effecting them. :marseypussyhat:

Weakness and fragility in women was linked medically to both their mental and physical health, and was viewed as something inherent to girls and women. Women and girls were for instance recommended to not do physical activity, such as walk stairs during their periods. :marseyyass:

Women were also diagnosed with hysteria, while men were not. Hysteria literally comes from the greek word for uterus. Women and their emotions or lack thereof were controlled and conditioned this way. :marsey300:

These attitudes OPs husband and his family have towards OP are rooted in misogyny. It is infantilizing of the highest degree. :marseyflagkazakhstan:

It goes on for awhile like that :marseylongpost2:

/u/snatchpanda says it’s time for a divorce and there’s absolutely nothing that will fix things:

It won’t go anywhere. It’s not worth having that conversation. OP, I went through something similar in my own relationship.

He has already made a decision. If anything, it will just confirm to him that he was correct in hiding it because he predicted correctly that you would start “acting crazy” if you found out. Any subsequent reaction will just be used against you and he’s already started a smear campaign with his family so that they believe you’re unstable.

No level of bargaining, negotiation or reasoning will convince him that you’re worth seeing as an equal, no matter how correct you are. Best thing to do here is disconnect. Go silent. Start making an exit strategy


Some assorted 1k+ upvoted circlejilling about how your husband’s stroke isn’t “the diagnosis”, your anxiety is “the diagnosis” and he needs to be respectful of it :marseyxd:

Additional divorce highlight reel:

  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

  • 4 with bonus conspiracy theory!

  • 5

  • 6 with OP response

  • 7

  • 8

Reminder to never get involved with a woman who even knows what Reddit is.

And now we move on to Controversial, which the j-slurs have been hard at work mopping. Unddit seems fricky and won’t load comments for me? So here are links to, at least, the resultant discussions :marseytroublemaker:


This one ⬆️ goes on for quite awhile. My favorite part is “Don't feed the trolls, you've got like 99% of people agreeing with you, you're not crazy.

The lone voice of reason is also one of the most controversial comments in the thread:

Dishonesty in a relationship is not okay. But your husband had a major situation happen to him and you are making it about you :marseychonkernoticeme: Both are serious issues and are problematic. You should look into couples therapy.

Controversial sort was a lot less interesting than I thought it would be. OP edited her post to call out all the haters calling her crazy, but I couldn’t find a single one of those.

Also of note is the fact that OP is fricking enormous and has a narwhal tattoo :marseysoypoint:


& lol.

https://i.rdrama.net/images/16817348042871537.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16817348050004554.webp

That’s all for now, happy Monday rDrama!


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