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The US subsidizes dairy and beef, when in reality putting that money into subsidizing grains and vegetables is so much more beneficial for people in the long run.

Can you imagine getting 4 heads of fresh lettuce or kale for 1$, it could be so much better.

just plant it????

If you live in somewhere where it only snows a few times a winter, you can grow a lot of varieties IN THE WINTER <- somewhat happy kale

...and if you live in Alaska or Siberia, you plant it in the summer

if you live in Miami or Mexico, then you need to plant it at the coolest time of year and possibly use a shade cloth

:marseydisagree: needing someone to grow your kale is peak bougie thinking, I am very unimpressed with lemmygrad rn. Even if they live in an apartment they should be demanding community garden or just take over an unused space and start adding kale.

:derpwhy: Kale is almost like Radishes it's so easy to grow, literally one of the easiest things to grow. A six year old can be taught to plant, water, and harvest kale.

just look out for these frickers:

My favorite kale is Red Russian kale

less ruffles, less bugs, easier to wash

Now here's a real praxis idea:

you know those stupid parkinglot landscapings? (expecially if you live in North America?)

kale that shit up

Take coffee grounds (nitrogen = huge leaves) and kale seeds and make it all kale. It would grow easily, and it would be an aesthetic improvement.

Kale is one of the most beautiful plants in existence.

explain this, chuds

!nonchuds !historychads


(Lemmy only keeps the removed comment contents in the public modlog for 24 hours)

(note that modlog comments are not in any particular order, except for the order the lemmygrad jannies got around to deleting them, usually after banning someone)

Is panned_cakes arguing with the lemmygrad mod directly here? :marseyworried:

"You moderate a voice chat full of literal kids"

It was removed for "wrecking"... what does that mean?

Panned_cakes is a very active hexbear user, posting frequently, often to [email protected]. A lot of the posts are bardtier intellectualized rants, but a bit more intelligent.

He seems dedicated enough as a reddit type that takes himself seriously, which makes me think he might be onto something :marseyhmm:

anyway he also posted a bunch of :marseylongpost: that lemmygrad mods removed for being "reactionary"

panned_cakes goes on to declare himself a conspiracy theorist, and promote "disinformation free"

[I have become completely distracted from reading the lemmygrad modlog at this point :derpwhy: ]

Yes, Threads supports activity pub :marseymindblown: :marseyfediverse: I didn't know that!

[back to the gulag]

People on lemmygrad (well, mainly Leftcommunist1918) LITERALLY cannot stop talking about man vs bear, and in real time are getting jannied:

If you check the modlog, it's full of people getting really heated about man vs bear, and a bunch of leftist nerdy men being like :purerage: "this is the last straw. I was only ever nice to women, and yet I see their kind choose bear???"


communism: invented in 1840s and 50s before :marseyskellington: ANY radio :marseyshutitdown: existed, completely organically :daydream:

nazis: invented in 1930s after everyone :marseynorm: and their dog were tapped into the RADIO :marseyshutitdown: PROPAGANDA MATRIX :marseyhacker: :roar:


Communists and nazis are all the same
None is communist lemmy. Lemmy is like reddit but federated. It's pretty popular, with the top posts getting above 1k upvotes.

Here are things you can do on Lemmygrad:

1. Look at the latest and greatest communist memes

Wait is North Korea communist too??? :marseymindblown: someone help me out here :marseyconfused2:

2. learn all about praxis

3. learn all about theory

A lot of times communists compare theory and praxis. Theory is when you :marseylongpost2: about communism. Praxis is the communist word for touching grass communistically to further communism. :marseyagree:

lemmygrad has nice sidebar links to stuff that can help you learn about communism:

I turn this theory into the praxis of making sure I am well rested! :marseyreading: :marseylongpost2: :marseysleep:

:marseyindignant: and yes, going to the bar can be good praxis as long as your comrades are there and you are building comradeship in pursuit of true communism

4. read their hillarious public modlog


:purerage: :marseysalat:

:marseyno: :marseymayo:

This is the infinite drama fountain I spoke of, but it has a limitation :marseyaware: It seems to only show the content of a removed comment for 24hrs:

This is why it's an infinite drama fountain and not a drama river

:marseysad: too bad, it would have been funny to keep reading all these :marseyrave: :marseyrave: :marseyrave: :marseyrave:

is this hole wheelchair accessible

I can't find ramp very sad please help

Are snappy loyalists welcome here?




Happy workers day workers!

haha you're not all lumpenproletariat, right? :marseyworried:

communism will win !

What will be you're job in the communist society, comrades?

communism will win !!!

When will we try this?
JUST A REMINDER TOO THE CUTE TWINKS AT /COMMUNISM :marseypig: :marseypigunamused: :marseypigmad: :marseypighappy: :marseypigcry:

3lb beef roast (pick something on clearance - I prefer lean stuff, but chuck :marseysneed: roast works fine)

true communism :marseycomradehandshake: needs :marseyspecial: strong :marseybeefcake: leaders to help us through these trying times. i am working :marseylifting: on redistributing the wealth, but help me spread :marseymisinformation: it without discrimination for race or classism

send 500 DC to help our fellow workers survive



Xi Focus-Closeup: Glory and dreams rooted in spade

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2024-05-01 13:35:15

BEIJING, May 1 (Xinhua) -- At a volunteer tree-planting activity held last month in Beijing, Chinese President Xi Jinping lifted a spade onto his shoulder and skillfully shoveled the dirt to fill the planting pit alongside local residents.

His mastery of the tool was so effortless that many quickly assumed he was an experienced farmer. A similar photo promptly resurfaced on social media.

The photograph from late 1980s depicts Xi, then the Communist Party of China (CPC) chief of Ningde prefecture in east China's Fujian Province, striding across fields with a hoe on his shoulder, ready to join local laborers.

Xi's admiration for manual work and his close bond with working people can, in part, be attributed to his formative years in Liangjiahe, previously a rugged village on the country's arid Loess Plateau.

When Xi arrived in the village in 1969 he was barely 16. Despite their own hardships, local people generously took care of city youth, including Xi. "They fed me, washed my clothes, and fixed my trousers," Xi recalled.

During his seven-year stay in Liangjiahe, Xi worked alongside the villagers, tending crops, herding sheep and hauling coal. He joined the CPC there and later became the village Party chief, marking the humble beginning of his political career.

Xi recalled his earnest wish at that time was "to make it possible for the villagers to have meat and have it often."

Xi saw introducing the use of biogas as a catalyst for improving the villagers' life. He recalled that the first methane-generating pit posed a significant challenge. Upon completion, it was the province's first methane tank, solving coal and firewood shortage that had long troubled the local people.

Xi arrived in the village as a slightly bewildered teenager and left as a confident young man determined to "do practical work for the people."

For him, happiness comes from work. Glory belongs to all the working people, regardless of their trade.

"Society is created through labor. It does not have distinctions of high or low, noble or humble. Every profession is honorable," Xi once said.

Xi's respect for hard work formed his down-to-earth attitude and hands-on approach to governance. As the top leader, Xi still kept traces of working people. During domestic inspections, he checked the reconstruction of rural houses following floods, walked into fields to sample crops, and felt at ease engaging in discussions with factory workers.

Meeting the press after being elected general secretary of the CPC Central Committee in November 2012, Xi told domestic and foreign journ*lists: "The Chinese people's aspiration for a better life is the goal we must strive for."

Before long, China launched the largest anti-poverty endeavor in human history, aiming to eliminate absolute poverty in a country with a population of 1.4 billion. Xi assumed personal command. He oversaw every major policy move and went to all the country's 14 contiguous areas of extreme poverty. He pledged to achieve the goal "with the force and tenacity as a hammer driving a nail."

In February 2021, China announced that it has resolved the problem of absolute poverty. Close to 100 million people were lifted out of poverty in roughly eight years.

With absolute poverty eradicated in the country, Xi is guiding the nation to strive for its next milestones. China aims to basically realize socialist modernization by 2035 and build a great modern socialist country in all respects by the middle of this century.

Hard work remains crucial in achieving this objective, echoing a frequently quoted line by Xi: "Let's roll up our sleeves and get down to work!"



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