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"You think you can hurt me… my [email protected] makes millions of dollars in the NFL & thousands think he's an amazing person but he’s a violent monster"

Call the police ❌ make a tiktok ✅

If its Justin Herbert, Austin Ekeler,Najee Harris, Darnel Moony,Mile Williams, Mark Andrews,Amari Cooper, Nick Chubb, or panthers defense please wait

Dammit Deshaun

say it was goff we dont want him

money grab?

I'll tell Big Ben to say sorry

Why won't tell name. Bit SUS

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“Haha, drama culture is so esoteric and deep, an outsider would have to spend months lurking to fit in :marseysmug2:
@carpathianflorist New way to milk paypigs just dropped



In a spiritual crisis the people look out for spiritual leadership

Marsey is being defiled by people pretending to be from consume.dipshit.the.product and we look to Brother @jinglebelljihad and the others of the Islam faith to restore the situation.

How to Drama

A handy guide if you're not sure what Drama is or how to do it.

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:ragemask: in the :coomer: post

Also the main post is funny as shit. Work drama is starting to become my favorite because it fucks with people 100x more and for longer than boring Twitter shit.

:marseypizzashill: KKKonservative (probably) parents in Los Angeles got BTFO-ed by pizza over the vaxx issue :marseyvaxmaxx:

y'all need god to save you

RENT FREE :marseykneel: woke up to 50 notifications lmfao rent free

And no I wasn’t either of these people.

Literally 1984
Why did EdgeShill add me to their enemies list?

Blatant Applephobia from the @EdgeShill, literally shaking and crying right now :marseyscared: :marseysob:

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FOSS project

IPFS & dApp Support

Optional Tor tabs (leak fixed)

Extremely fast

Regularly incorporates patches from UG Chromium

Built-in Ad-blocker partly based on uBO, frequently updated

Regarded as a top tier, secure, privacy browser by credentialed academic researchers

Optional lightweight torrent client for inspecting a torrent before passing it off to your actual client

Best in class protection against fingerprinting via contextually driven randomization algorithms

All the extension and DRM'd media playback support of Chromium

Sync works independently of Google and utilizes blockchain technology

No telemetry by default (even with Rewards on)

Completely optional (opt-in) Rewards program for people who want to get thrown some change for receiving unobtrusive plaintext notification ads via an anonymized recommendation ledger, which is far better than the dominant web-advertising model

The rewards come in the form of BAT, a desirable utility token which can be traded on every major crypto exchange TLDR: If you need a Chromium/Blink-based browser, Brave is far and away the best option. Hands down.


Just something interesting I found