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Indisputable Facts
Boyfriend (ftm, 26) is grossed out by my afab dick (enby, 27) [NSFW]

The title honestly needs no editorialization.

So what I’m getting here is your both lesbians but with extra steps? You’ll be aight.


I'm sorry for you but I have absolutely no idea what the hell any of that means

Two women in a lesbian relationship that have drunk the pronoun soup.

little king tries to cancel a problematic work of art, disney adults push back

:marseysalat: emoji Slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them.Prophet! Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites! :marseysalat: emoji

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And a funny me-me on the schizo site that made me laugh as a bonus:



β™» Please consider the environment before printing this comment β™»

finished setting up the new apartment :smoke:

:!marseyprisma: emoji Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma: emoji

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  • of_blood_and_salt: ^trust me, you dou want to buddy, not in this case
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ResetChads discuss the coom problem

OP Titled "Drunk Rant: Don't watch porn."

Gonna be fast.

That shit is frying your brain even if you think your are okay with it (for now), and you somehow are convinced you aren't addicted to it (it may be already affecting you, it is just...you aren't aware of it yet; haven't realized it could be the problem). Possibly one of the most dangerous stuff you can feed your brain with right now.

How long has it been we have porn as accesible and widely available as today? Maybe 15 years or so? That's totally new shit for our brain. The difference between 15 years and now is that, now, we can access porn easily from the palms of our hands. The amount of dopamine stimulu you receive per minute watching that shit is surreal, and funny thing, it ain't free; you may pay a toll if you wish to leave it behind once and for all depending on how dependant your brain is from porn after years of "casually" consuming it.

So my drunk ass advice:

  • Masturbate without porn.
  • Find a partner (it is easier without porn, I can vow for that)
  • Instagram is warming for porn. Delete that shit if it gives you urges.
  • Meditate.
  • Hit the gym.
  • Most importantly, don't be dumb.

As you might imagine, this caused some controversy

3rd reply is the least pathetic coomer

I don't want a partner, I want porn.

One guy admiting the REEEEEEtards are going to hate OP for telling the truth

Deep down we all know he's right and we've always known.

From Gabaghoul582 (lol)

I'm watching porn in another tab as we speak.

Another brave speaker of truth to power

The OP is right but the one and only thing all degenerates of this forum can agree on is porn.

One user makes this a confession thread

Drunk rant aside, this has been a serious personal issue for me.

I stopped watching porn cold-turkey a bit over a month ago, and my libido has completely flatlined. I've had no desire to masturbate or have sex (even when opportunities have been presented to me). I'm not sure if my brain is currently trying to rewire itself, or whether I'm going to be stuck in this dead-libido stage forever. It's seriously scaring me though.

Hormonal levels and physical health are perfectly normal too, so it has to be mental and almost certainly related to porn usage in the past.

Coomer meets coomer :marseywholesome:

Hit the gym.

Lifting increases my hornyness.

Find a partner (it is easier without porn, I can vow for that)

I met someone once because I make content lmao

It takes 41 posts until we get a ban

User Banned (2 week): Antagonizing members; misrepresenting support of sex workers.

For posting this aggregious content

Porn gives you social anxiety, that is a fact, so when you leave it it becomes easier to find a partner.

When the topic of maybe coming out of the goon cave eventually comes up

Moderation sucks. Excess is where life is at.

Someone posted a psychology today article. TRUST THE SCIENCE :marscientist:

Well this seems to be the answer on this topic.

A doomer has entered the thread

"Find a partner, it's eaaier"

Been trying that for 37 years. I'm not good enough, never been good enough and have only had psychos so Chrome browser, Dolly Little and an hours free time is all I got.

2nd wave feminist enters the fray

watching porn reinforces shit views on sex, women and affection, can be addictive as fuck, supports sex trafficking and abuse of minors, but obviously 30~40 year old people on a videogame forum won't stop "supporting sex workers"

...And gets immediately jannied and dogpiled by g*mers

User Banned (1 week): Antagonizing members; misrepresenting support of sex workers.

I'm starting to think ResetERA is our sister forum when it comes to alcoholic users

I want to get drunk now, but it's only 1:30 and a Sunday so maybe not wise. Shit... maybe that's the issue here and not porn.

Also I'll pretty much admit I'm a porn "addict", and I long since learned my social problems were never because of the porn.

Their shitposts are less fun then ours, apparently

Well, it happens, but of course not to everyone. With constant porn consumption you have a risk of developing anxiety and social anxiety.

This isn't proof you shit poster.

Paypig pride world wide

Counter argument: watch more porn, and support OnlyFans. Thank you for listening.

More speaking truth to power (OP)

Your drunk and on Era, probs on your phone, ranting about porn your brains already fried man.

OP finally outed as a crypto altrightcel :marseyhitler: getting clocked by many users

This kind of talk usually ends in full-on incel MGTOW lunacy. Quit while you're behind.

anotha one

"Porn bad, hit the gym" is a huge red flag when people are peddling self-help. I feel like those things are always bundled with people whose advice you should not be following.

Jannied in the most ERA appropriate way because SEX WORK IS REAL WORK

We have decided to close this thread.

In the future, let's try to be mindful of our language and how we refer to sex workers and other vulnerable populations when discussing issues of sex and the porn industry.


Prophet Muhammad's fondness for cats is conveyed in his hadith: "Affection for cats is part of faith"

r/Antiwork janitor featured on Fox News Primetime

Until the video goes up, I have this thread that was freshly y'alled. Sorted by controversial for your enjoyment.

Since this site has turned from bussybussybussybussydramabussydramasneedsneed to slotsslotsslotsslotsslotsslotsslotsslots, I had to find my own fucking drama.

Get help you absolute ADDICTS

:marseyno: :marseygambling:

I don’t have social media besides this and Reddit. I’m unvaccinated and I work out maskless at the gym. I’m a NEETmaxxing medically retired veteran living the average redditor’s dream and I do believe vaccines are effective but I figured I’d be fine if I did get it because I’m not fat, old, or immunocompromised. Well I finally got it. I caught the coof. I have a fever of 101-102, body aches, and a very sore throat. It’s like a mild flu so far and a good excuse to maybe get some opiates from my doctor. I might die though, you never know. If I do, do not let me die in vain. Please use a title like β€œlong time moderator of alt right hate subreddit r/CringeAnarchy, hate-adjacent murder-porn subreddit r/watchpeopledie, and creator of notorious bullying and fat shaming sub r/Cringetopia has died of covid after refusing to get vaccinated to own the libs”. Please ping Bardfinn so he can cancel any ongoing FBI investigations.

I have instructed my foid to tell the other Cringetopia moderators if I die. It will be known. Thankfully I won’t because I’m not a fat weakling but just in case I do.

Remember y'all, :marseykween: regardless what :chudsey: alt-right chuds :soyjakmaga: might tell you, sex work :marseynut: is one of the most empowering things you can possibly do and should be supported as much as possible! #GetThatBag

Can we pour one out for this brave patriot standing up against tyrants like Michelle Wu

Least jealous white woman
First time I actually felt bad for a biofoid

Imagine being this badly in denial.


yes hello this is my husband


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You all have serious gambling problems

Slots are literally designed to make you lose money. I get it, when you see someone get the jackpot, you think that you can maybe get it yourself. You can’t; it’s rigged against you and not worth your precious dramacoins. It starts with dramacoin, next thing you know you are in Vegas betting away your life savings. Go outside, touch grass, do something other than let yourself spiral into a gambling addiction that could have real world consequences.

:coomer: :#marseyshooting:

:#marseyjesus: :#marseyimmaculate:

what a blast from the past :marseyboomer:





Trains mad because deadnaming and stuff



organizers realise they fucked up - https://twitter.com/LIFE4DDR/status/1485685740344336388



either grooming or some r-slur decided to virtue signal hard


some of you seem to have forgotten that trans lives matter

big brother (me) is watching

How Kratom ruined my ass and my life

Got y'alled. My account is still up, though!

Clearly this is the end of the education system.