Each and every man under my command owes me 100 Jannie scalps

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Each and every man under my command owes me 100 Jannie scalps

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The new seth rogen “christmas” movie trailer attracted some interesting comments

Read the comments. Also the trailer looks like the shittiest most joyless movie of the decade

The Elf always tells you he is hated, but he will never tell you why.

6 million presents? There's no way Santa could've delivered THAT many presents. That's just impossible.

Kinda curious how only the toy shops on the East Side, the ones that weren't inspected by the US, were said to have dangerous working conditions. In fact, it was found that none of the toy shops in the West of the North Pole that the US investigated were any different from the toy shops in the US. Only the toy shops investigated by the Bolshevi-elf were found to have dangerous working conditions. Even then- I can't imagine that twice times three million elves could get hurt working with wooden hammers.

For the longest time I could never figure out why people disliked elves. Now I can't figure out why it took me so long to dislike them too.

Yikes, sweaty. Let’s unpack this
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Wake up babe, new conspiracy theory just dropped

Uncle Tom wants YOU to combat jansphobia from brigading chuds in one of our bait subs


What did they mean by this?

I thought he was white supremast

Reminder that Kylie Rittenhouse is a white supremacist

I don't understand how this sign he made is overlooked

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Why aren't you pissing your pants dramanauts?

It intimidates the foids, people give you a wide berth, you don't have to worry about finding a bathroom. #freestylepeeing


How to epically troll your friends and family


The best comic I've seen this year


Kylie starts crying

He was describing what he didthat night and as he got to the part about rosenbaum he fucking lost it.

Baldwin might've killed two birds with one bullet
PSA for all autists here

Checkout the comments some of the most pathetic shit ever

Damn, it would be easier to keep eye contact if these tears weren't in the way.

I have received more visual affection from Women in just two minutes of this video, then I have ever received in all my nineteen years roaming this earth. I truly am quite pathetic. :(


Don't ask me why youtube recommended this to me

How will little kings ever recover?
[2013 DRAMA] sdf asdf asdfasdf asdfasdf asdfasdf asd fsdgfsdgf asdf asdf asdf
kumar gay lol
What did he mean by this?
Ok metard
Rightoid doubles down

btw why is the trial still underway? I thought western countries had functioning judicial systems?

Stop trainposting and go outside

Touch grass

Twink enthusiasts "under investigation"

The mayor cum principal (how does that even work) of some town in bumfuck nowhere is being harassed for homosexuality. All for receiving some innocent lapdances from his students. There is nothing inherently sexual about lap dances and if you think there is maybe you are the pervert. Even if they were, "I believe in the radical notion that little girls are complicated people. There are no fairy tales and no princess here. Little girls are trans, queer, kinky, devious, kind, mean, beautiful, ugly, tremendous and peculiar."

These are the pictures he posted himself btw

[OLD] How will TERFS react if they're told they cause trains? Read on

BPD foids mad they're blamed for trains lol.

I'm always wary of psychology "research" on women. So many psychologists see women as default mentally ill and they walk in with the prejudice that a child's troubles MUST be the mother's fault. Not the fault of a shaming, macho father. Not the fault of a whack job religious society. Nope. Mom. Only mom.

t’s aggravating that they lump depression in with borderline. They are nothing alike, and it really muddles the results imo.

I suffered some pretty bad post partum depression after my second, and so mucb of the literature was focused on how my children would he affected by my depression. Yes, I get my role as a mother was vital to their well being but nothing fear of messing up your kids to battle depression, right?

Well, you’re only a woman. Your well-being is not important, just your ability to provide care for men and children.

Reported by:

Southwest Airlines discriminates against brave womxn

No link the forums have been y'alled. This is based on a real story by a real train right? I remember reading something like this way before the raid.