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Friends forever <3 @Dad @tollie @unlucky @Unbroken @chiobu @AdrenochromeJunkie @Stranger @KissingerFanBoyNoCarp


Enemies >:( @Klenvastergan

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Weekly Felon Film Club :marseyjamming:


Friends forever <3 @Dad @tollie @unlucky @Unbroken @chiobu @AdrenochromeJunkie @Stranger @KissingerFanBoyNoCarp


Enemies >:( @Klenvastergan

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🔥 Hanukkah 🔥

Happy Hanukkah kings and queens, I was unable to procure a menorah in time with the damn legal situation on my ass, so I settled for the next best thing halachically, a candle (also cheaper)


Jews of Rdrama, have a great and happy holiday 🕎 ❤️ Chanukah Sameach!

Gentiles, may HaShem grant us mastery over you speedily, amein 🙏

As you all know it's the custom to give :marseycoin: Hanukkah gelt :marseycoin: to a deserving boy or girl

I chose a worthy Israeli friend who's a #TeamArran member and enemy of Der Ewige j-slur, @carpathianflorist (ימח שמו וזכרו)

:!marseyparty: @KissingerFanBoyNoCarp :marseyparty:

I will distribute some Hanukkah gelt every day this week, feel free to click the shiny 'Follow' button at @Arran for a chance at the grand prize... 1000 Dramashekels and a fireflies award 😱

Lots of love, ya boy Arran


:marseyparty: NOT GUILTY :marseyparty:

In a book!


Go out and read, kings! You're brain will thank you :marseyangel:

:marseygasp: :marseygasp: :marseygasp:

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Fun Game: Part Two

You can catch up on the first round and the rules here, where we racked up a BIG 8/9 threads for a total of 12/18 possible points. Let's see how things play out in the second round:


2 points - fish bitch

1 point - weeb meta

1 point - landlet meta

1 point - blog meta

0 points - actual drama :marseyparty:

1 point - jаnnie meta

1 point - more blog meta

1 point - more landlet meta

0.5 points - neither meta nor drama 😔

1 point - dox meta

Total: 9.5 points tonight, but this time with eight and a half threads about random uninteresting meta crap. Do better sweaties 💅🏾

It looks like my early prognostications that 10 would be about par for the course were correct. I calculated thby consulting the Goral HaGra.

@Dramamine is tonight's drama winner! Enjoy your 500 :marseycoin: prize king!

Lots of love, Arran


A fun game

The rules are simple. Go to on any given day, sort by Hot, and see how many of the top 9 or 10 threads have are meta crap. If the OP is @carpathianflorist, it counts double!

Today, for example, we have a score of

1 point - at least it's marseys

1 point - leftoid meta

1 point - jannie meta

1 point - autism meta

0 points - good job, OP! your 1000 :marseycoin: check is in the mail

2 points - fish rеtard

1 point - blog meta

2 points - fish cunt

2 points - fish niggеr

8 of the 9 top threads today give points, for a total score of 12 out of a possible 18. I have no idea if this is a normal score, high, low, or what, but I am looking forward to sending you all a notification every day as we play this together!


Tonight the ghosts, ghouls and goblins come out to hunt and haunt.

Every year there's a few brave souls who go out into the woods today... The spookiest day of the year. Maybe they don't believe in Halloween. Maybe they want to impress a friend, or a date.

They don't all disappear forever. Sometimes we find remains.

Sometimes, we leave them.

Don't forget, if you die on Halloween... you die in real life


How will you die? By fire? A knife? Drowning, perhaps?


Post in this thread and find out... if you dare!

Bwahahaha... :marseynightmare:

When you're an 'expert' on labor and its effects but don't know the BLS literally collects, aggregates and posts salaries for all jobs yearly


Lots of :marseycope: and :marseysneed: in the comments from self hating darkies


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  • MarseyIsMyWaifu: Say what you want about me but don't bring qussy into this
  • Dahl_Fook: ^the user above me autofellates while arrans 9-incher goes into marsey.
  • Intervention: Marsey is at my house sobbing into hot chocolate. Husbando has been beating Marsey.
  • reptilia987: powerusers are so fucking gay jfc
  • DerUberSeether: ^

I did everything for him. I supported his relationship with a fictional cat. I held up pride signs (Marsey is a MALE cat). I restrained myself from vomiting, smiled and hugged him through the tears.


That's it.

No mercy.

#TeamArran is out for your ass. And Marsey's on our side.


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The Specter of Jаnny Abuse

I was browsing my favorite gay dating forum recently when I noticed @Talichad had been agendapostered1. How could this happen? A beloved and well-liked poster CAST OUT INTO THE WOLVES of the agenda theme?

Simple... jаnitors. Not just any jаnitors. REDDIT TIER SHITBAGS


These social activist2 landwhales have caused the downfall of many of our favorite and most enlightening posters over the past few months.

  1. @Talichad - agendapostered

  2. @Soren - agendapostered

  3. @Dahl_Fook - shadowbanned

  4. @Roobix - PERMABANNED. Why? He ratio'ed the hell out of a jаnny. RIP :marseysalutearmy:

There are literally thousands more examples but at some point, to quote some useless commie failure, "the ban of one man is a tragedy, the ban of millions, a statistic."

If you want more examples just go to and cry your eyes out.

Let's move on.

The Perpetrators

@JimieWhales - total r-slur. Literally the unfunniest, jаnniest POS to ever walk the earth. I have never seen a single humorous comment from this weirdo worth upvoting. And I upvote maybe 2/3 of everything I see, I'm a fucking good dude.

@idio3 - an unironic marxist, in 2021. How's that working out for you lmao

@Marco - this dipshit gave me a non-award day ban3 AND removed my post for taking a screenshot. 5'3, white knight, and a FURRY. Can you get more pathetic?

@Landlord_Messiah - a lot like the last guy4, he gets drunk before flights and buys prostitutes. Imagine SPENDING MONEY to get some poverty-tier gonnorhea infested gussy :marseylaugh:

@Q - I saw them sperg out and take down a very good post a few weeks back. Do better, sweaty 💅🏿

@The_Homocracy - this lispy, Miami queеr doesn't do much but I felt like humiliating him anyway (homos like that sort of thing)

Most of the rest are shit but I can't be arsed analyzing them all, I have a life and even went outside today5.

The Good Ones

You might be thinking AJAB6 and it's completely understandable. But there are a few, if not good, then tolerable ones. Man is imperfect, but these guys come close.

@Aevann - only bans actual banworthy stuff. The rarest jаnny 💕

@MasterLawlz - made me laugh a few times, funny guy. Funny face too. Ugly people make the best comedians

@Dad - very got-it-together kind of guy, and a fellow Jew. Had to give him a shoutout :marseymerchant:

@QuadNarca - fights transphobia and racism :3

Cope, Seethe and Dilate

As a convict, I don't wait around before taking action. So I brought my concerns directly to these stinky fucks.


I actually couldn't get up the energy to fuck with this dumbo, it wouldn't even entertain me. She still managed to sneed about me :marseyfacepalm:

The Resistance

What can we do about the horde of evil jаnnies, commies and other assorted untermenschen plaguing this site?

Days ago I met with my #TeamArran Lieutenants to consider a course of action regarding to the most egregious of the jаnnies. We decided to convene the dogs of war :marseytrans:

As a wise warlord I also sought outside allies... This poster is one of the most hard-hitting and powerful on the entire site. An excellent battle partner.

Do not worry, lads. We are much, much more than them (except in weight), and we've got humor, intelligence and HaShem on our side!



  1. A reduction in the damn number of jаnnies. They're too many, they do too much, and worst of all - THEY'RE UNFUNNY AND ANTIDRAMATIC. In the words of some random groomer,

  2. @Aevann, @carpathianflorist, and the other "good" jаnnies listed above can stay. The rest, prepare your collective bussies and trussies :marseymad:

  3. Switch the top 5 most annoying jаnnies out for the latest 5 users on the banned/blocked/muted list. Do this every month, it'll be funny as shit.

  4. These suggestions are necessary to provide equity and social inclusion in the r/drama community.


In conclusion, you bigoted, anti-trans, racist, mayo, fat, big head looking ass jаnny straggots done fucked up and the opps are coming.

My non-jаnny brothers and sisters, unite! We have nothing to lose but our chains, nothing to gain but DRAMA! For MARSEY!!! FOR SCOTLAND!!!! FOR DIXIE!!!!! HOORAAAAAAAA

:marseypride: :marseyjapenese: :mlm: :marseyobey: :marseypride: :marseyjapenese: :mlm: :marseyobey: :marseypride: :marseyjapenese: :mlm: :marseyobey: :marseypride: :marseyjapenese: :mlm: :marseyobey: :marseypride: :marseyjapenese: :mlm: :marseyobey: :marseypride: :marseyjapenese: :mlm: :marseyobey:


  1. Solely for being Muslim.

  2. Ever notice how social justice types never actually interact with society, only their Skinnerian online hugboxes?

  3. More mod abuse.

  4. 🤏

  5. Granted, it was to my backyard. Most of you kings know why.

  6. Either "All Jаnnies are Bastards" or "Assigned Jаnny at Birth"

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It's true: I gave of my hardly earned dramacoin to this poor soul and beggar. Why would I do such a selfless thing, you ask? Simple.

"For the poor shall never cease out of the land: therefore I command thee, saying, Thou shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to thy needy, in thy land." - Torah


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  • Gigavaccinator: Unrelated but can everyone check the moderation log 🤣🤣🤣

Beloved Dramatards,

@Soren has paid me 700 :marseycoin: - plus interest - to draw him 7 fine Marseys.

I hope you gentlemen, women and enbies enjoy these skilled and tasteful artworks :marseypainter:

Without further ado, let me present:

Marsey and Marcus

Marsey with a Pupper

Piscivorous Marsey

Fish-Shaped Popsicle Marsey

Urban Youth Marsey

Hydrated Marsey

And, my personal favorite and Rdrama 2021 Halloween Contest submission in the category of Cutest Costume,

Redditor Marsey

Wow! Hope you guys had as much fun looking as I did drawing them!

Kindest regards to all, Arran


His gender identity


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Marsey and boyfriend Marcus confirmed their relationship with some paparazzi-captured PDA.

The r/drama model and influencer, 18, and the Cincinnati Bengals running back, 24, were photographed in New Orleans over the weekend staring dreamily at each other as they walked through a dramaposter's garden.


Playfully meowing at Marcus, a beaming Marsey gave him a swipe before adoringly laying beside and nuzzling him.

It’s the first time the new couple has been photographed packing on the PDA.


Page Six confirmed last week that the two had begun dating after sparking romance rumors by attending the “Texas Bounty Hunters” premiere party at Six Flags Magic Mountain together.

The Marsey Jam singer has known Marcus — the co-founder of the music label Thugz n Killaz — for years, and the pair started out as friends, sources previously told us.


Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, who also attended the “Texas Bounty Hunters” premiere, described the couple to E! News as “really cute, but not too overly touchy.”

“The two of them together felt comfortable and newish, and it seemed like he also knew a lot of people there,” she shared with the outlet. “It just felt like comfortable, cuddly, new young love.”


It appears they’ve let go of the “not too overly touchy” description, as they barely let go of each other during their latest outing. Meow!

Is this what happens when you lose an empire?