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I don't like trannies to the max!




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Most transphobic user as proven by science :marseyking:

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You have reached the profile of AuntyAbortion, rdrama.net's most transphobic user.

I don't like trannies to the max!




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Alpha User Verified Email Little Big Spender Halloween 21 Christmas 21 COOL GUY 1 Year Old 🥰 1st Birthgay Bash Survivor TRAIN 2022


@yikes I know you like to spend your entire life sneeding over Eurochads who point out how shit America is. Looks like you've got a lot of work to do to. Get to it, pussy.

I lost my right to abortions yesterday. My family is struggling to keep afloat, working as hard as we can to prevent ending up homeless and having our child taken away.

I’m not a unique case. I’m an American. I’m sorry we’re not beautifully going into the streets and changing the world, we are sick, we are tired and we are scared for our children.

Unless you can come to us with methods to organize, shaming us for just trying to process what the fuck is happening is a great way to keep us downtrodden.


These woe is me threads don't help anything

That’s what Reddit is known for sensationalizing. Literally the 5% on the far left are 90% of Reddit.


I am not shaming you, but I'm getting kinda tired. I've never been to North America and I genuinely don't plan to go there in the near future. And yet every post here I get told that MY rights were taken away and that the next step is MY enslavement. It's kinda egocentric to universalize your experiences like that.

This. 100% this. Burgers are blind to how shit their country is and the rest of the world just want to party in our utopias without all this Burger wingcuck sneedery bringing us down. Sort it out or STFU.

I disagree, hound away other countries. Constantly bring up your universal healthcare and mandatory vacations, remind us Americans the way we are living isn’t normal and we shouldn’t tolerate it.


As a non American, it is extremely difficult to have sympathy for Americans. It’s like, election after election, ya’ll elect the worst people who go onto make the worst decisions and then complain about how bad you have it. Well no shit!!


I hope all Burger women go on a sex strike and therefore make Burgers extinct.

Also everyone check out @yikes for my nomination of stupidest chud on rdrama.net.

Tyre Sampson died because he was too fat.

Remember Tyre Sampson? The teenage boy who fell to his death from a drop tower ride on Orlando?

Death vid to remind you:


Well, everyone's being super sensitive about it, but the reason he died was because was too fat.

385 lbs. Wayyyy over the limit of the ride. His weight combined with the momentum and the sudden stop broke the restraints.

Don't be fat.

Reported by:

A lot of dramanauts are very interested in neovaginas so I've been following this specimen since he went in for his operation. It's all going well by the sounds of it but he posted this hilarious unintentional L.


Post 1 -- Schizophrenic teenager chops his dick off

Post 2 -- His beard grows back and he struggles with his new life of unending dilation

This post -- an unintentional L. His mangina is wetter than the biofoids he's fingered

So it's now been 8 weeks since the penis was removed:

i must say that i’ve been very pleasantly surprised. i had surgery 6 weeks ago tomorrow and last week i began to explore a little bit with my new vagina. i’ve discovered that i get extremely wet, even more so than some cis girls that i’ve been with, and today i even managed to have an orgasm. i wasn’t expecting this at all and i’m just curious to know why everyone seems to think penile inversion doesn’t result in any lubrication?? i know it’s not guaranteed but i’m here to say that you definitely can get very wet even if you get penile inversion. i’m very very happy with my results so far :)

Somehow only six weeks after the penis was split open, scooped out and inverted, the skin has developed the ability to produce lubrication, in greater quantities than some of the biofoids this freak has fingered.

Has he undergone a medical miracle or is his greasy fetish wound simply more slippery than he's ever managed to make a legacy vagina?

What could be going on? 🚂🚃🚃 logic explains:

The Cowper’s gland and prostate are left intact and functional, so there definitely can be moisture/wetness in response to arousal. It’s basically precum, so I imagine how much you make would depend on how productive you were before the surgery.

hmmm yeah that’s what i was thinking. it’s just that there is a lot of it for me, like literally cis girl amounts, which is nowhere near what i produced before.


So it's precum? The fluid that used to make up semen until they chopped their bollocks off? Just oozing out into their stinky puss cave? Disgusting.

At 2+ years on HRT my (circumcised) equipment is already notably more moist than it ever was before, hoping that bodes well (surgery is due this fall or winter!)

i think it will!! i got pretty wet pre surgery when i got turned on haha but this is like another level


Wait, what the fuck? This one's intact penis is moist? So it's not precum? It's just oozing out of his penis skin? Disgusting.

Wait I’m 4 weeks hrt. Trans girls get wet before SRS???

Yes. Basically same as cis girls. But compared to cis girls who produce it from Bartholin glands, we produce it from Cowper glands. Pre-hrt I barely got wet. But after hrt settled in and I was on it for a few weeks, I got seriously wet. Even a short 5 minute makeout session can make my panties soaked. It's pretty euphoric ngl. But sometimes it can be a bit awkward. Once, we were waiting with gf for a night bus and we had 15 mins to spare. So we made out since there was really noone around and we were bored. I got wet and during the bus ride, it actually soaked up into my dress and it was visible af😂

This is one of those things that few of us talk about however I match my CIS GF as to how wet our knickers get when we connect.


Comparing vagina and neovaginas discharge! Just girl things!

Bonus AGP 🚂🚃🚃 getting aroused at the pool. Let that slip didn't you you sick pervert.

Dunno about others, but it did for me. I've been on HRT for about a year. Pre-hrt it was a few drops when I was extremely excited. Now even mid excitement and sploosh! One time I had to subtly race to the pool because it was soaking through my bikini. Would have died if embarrassment if I hadn't made it before someone noticed.

The Cowper's gland in AMAB people is essentially the same organ as the one I forget the name of in AFAB people that produces a substantial portion of the lubrication during sex. Apparently HRT can affect it's function significantly. Apparently in most SRS procedures, they try to preserve it and connect it into the neovagina.

Hope you enjoyed this 🚂🚃🚃 biology lesson. Just like they can feed newborn babies through their magic breasts they can produce lubrication through their magic frankenpenis skin.

/u/Adventures_in_dysl is a lolcow I check in on quite regularly.

Here's another thread with some good background:


TLDR: r-slurred mid-thirties 🚂🚃🚃 who claims to be in mensa but makes the most r-slurred posts that never go down well.

Picks from this thread:

A unicorn is like Scottish nationalism. We are that unicorn. Our crown has been in England since the union of crowns and the act of union. We are held back by England because we have so much potential. And the tears we shed are healing, for much like the pain that runs in our blood, we seek to heal the wrongs of the past peacefully. We are Scotland. We are but a unicorn in chains trying to free our true potential.


Utter pish

Wtf is it with ultra nationalists and ultra unionists being fucking mental…..

A more representative democracy for Scotland by the people of Scotland That’s fucking it, that’s as complicated or emotive as it gets in reality

Take tales of unicorns and lions and flags and fuck right off. It’s 2022 wtf have unicorns got to do with fucking anything

Im massively simplifying it for Americans


Real life soyjacks trip Tom Hanks' wife up and he tells them to fuck off

Lol check these autists out.


Edit: After careful frame-by-frame analysis, it appears as if I may have unfairly attributed blame to the soyjak autists. It looks more as though it was the black guy carrying a Wilson for Tom Hank's to sign.

He then plays it cool and tried to pass it off as the autists doing.

This illustrates how white neurodivergent men truly are at the bottom of the oppression pyramid.

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Bardfinn is a retired scientist

For the benefit of you ignorant chuds here, Bardfinn is a retired scientist. A retired computer scientist.

This background is what qualifies him to speak authoritatively on diverse topics such as biology, law, ethics, climate, etc. because a scientist and scientists are trained to do research.

So the next time one of mental midgets has the audacity to smear Bardfinn's credentials or to suggest he's unemployed, I give you 44 citations here that prove he is a retired scientist

I was doing some research on Bardfinn's retirement and came across this hilarious spergout. We find our hero giving details of his golden goose retirement patent, as well as claims of a three-book advance publishing deal.

Bardfinn -90 points 5 years ago

I laughed so hard I've wet my pants. Thank you.

PhantomFuck 66 points 5 years ago

No, you didn't

Bardfinn -10 points 5 years ago

Sure, whatever you say, cynical edgy teenager. I'm sure you — and the hundred or so mental midgets you inspired — know the status of my underwear better than I do.

Your life must be so much the better for having devoted a small chunk of it to a miniature power trip over a random comment on reddit.

I've always wanted to know — what's it like to face a future of unemployment and homelessness?

Lmao you better believe Bardfinn has pissed himself otherwise you're going to face a future of unemployment and homelessness! Take that, bigots!

There's loads in this thread so go digging for nuggets.

Tries to correct someone's grammar and fails. Pretends to be British to save face.

We don't capitalise after a semicolon in Britain either, brainlet.

GasTsnk87 1 point 5 years ago

You are prime material for /r/iamverysmart.

Bardfinn 1 point 5 years ago

I'm retired at 46 with two degrees, a patent generating royalties, code contributions to the software you're using right this very instant, and a published book under a pen name that just netted me a three-book advance deal. I don't give a shit about your crab bucket mentality or flailing desperation to escape the culture of conformity you so desperately hope delivers for you.

He's 51 now then. Wow. Didn't know about the book deals either. Would love to give them a read.

Hope you enjoy this little slice of history from the Bardfinn archives as much as I have.

My favourite Pride Flag from my favourite 🚂🚃🚃 lolcow

In the spirit of Pride Month, I'd like to share this artwork from a member of the LGBTQIAP who has inspired me time and time again.

He's one of my favourite users and I like to check in on him every so often because he's fucking hilarious.

He is demonstrably r-slurred and failed high school but claims to be a member of Mensa. He 🚂🚃🚃ed out and cut his cock off against his parents wishes.

His father sent his doctor this heartbreaking letter to try to stop the transition but to no avail. (source)

He's posted threads about his his surgery didn't go so well (does it ever?) and how his "clit" is too exposed. Whatever these are came out of it.

Despite the neovag calcified smegma, he claims he's got passing privilege. Although, uhhh, we'll be the judge of that buddy.

And this is his pièce de resistance. A member of Mensa in his thirties produced this. I don't even know how you'd fuck up this bad even in MS Paint.

Please do check out some of his posts


The earlier stuff is better but there's plenty of autism to laugh at.

Especially this mysterious deleted post about what sounds like a past that involved the grooming of a minor:



Need to get this off my chest. I really hate British "people"

For the purposes of this thread English/British are interchangeable. Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Cornish and people from Yorkshire are excluded. They are all good people with culture, humility and manners. The English are not.

I'm on holiday in the Mediterranean at the moment in a very classy hotel. Been here for almost two weeks and it's been lovely.

Until the last two days. The English have a big four-day bank holiday coming up preceded by school holidays, so as my holiday has gone on unfortunately the amount of English "people" around the place has been increasing.

Fuck me I can't articulate how much I despise these culture-free ogres. The men are all overfed Shreks with skinny little legs and massive arms and chests puffed out. The women are all fat slags with trout lips and tramp tattoos.

I've gone from enjoying quiet evening drinks on a patio bar with Germans, Spaniards and Italians to having screaming British brats kicking footballs around and British Shreks all jeering and clapping in unison whenever someone drops a glass or plate. A teenage boy was leaning over his balcony shining a high-powered green laser at people across the courtyard. A child emptied a giant bag of Cheetos (not Cheetos but for Burgers to understand) into the infinity pool as her fat slag of a British mum waddled slowly after her croaking in a disgusting Essex accent "FOR FUCK'S SAKE SHARL!"

Like, how the fuck do these cretins afford to come to a posh hotel and yet be so crass and feral? How can a nationality be so ugly and unrefined while being smug and arrogant at the same time?

Please share why you too hate the British.

And any Bongs reading this, why are you like this?

Robotic doomer post-wall foid spergs out about not wanting kids as if she's even got any eggs left anywsy

Smugsing about how reproducing is a moral choice and the world is just so super bad and doomed that she's made the moral choice not to have kids and by implication the rest of the human race are immoral. That aside, detailed post about how she arrived at this decision is here:


Why the fuck would you post that? The internet isn't a diary and she's not a 13-year-old girl.

Setting up April Fool's pranks for her dogs:


Fucking sad.

Collects children's books but hasn't got any kids:



Ugly and ugly husband.


Glad you're not reproducing.

History of being a fat:


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OldSchoolCool: White Dog Shit

Haven't seen this in a while and it made me think of happy times in the past.

White dog shit. Anyone else remember this? Glad it's back.

Bluecheck fails to see the significance in young Dramautist's declaration
SRS post-surgery follow-up post: How is this Redditor's new vagina?

This is a follow-up to this post which I made on the day this Redditor, who happens to be schizophrenic but being trans definitely isn't part of that in any way, was going into surgery to have her penis converted into a vagina and associated accessory parts.


Ask anyone and they will tell you how much I believe trans lives matter, and in that spirit I think it's vital we hear trans voices directly, which is why I'm following this young woman's case as she completes her transition and lives happily ever after as a woman.

So how are things going?

Two days post-op

Looks beautiful, the Redditors say, and all the pain is definitely worth it! Finally in the promised land! Transition complete! You're a lady! You made it!

But what's this? Your beard is growing back?

Nooooo! I'm dysphoric! Converting my penis didn't make me a woman!

Redditors give some good advice though. It's perfectly normal for your beard to grow thicker after getting a vagina. It will balance out soon when she resumes the titty skittle regime.

Small setbacks, but as we all know, one of the most important things a woman has to do is dilation. How's the dilation going?

Nooo it's making me depressed! My whole life revolves around dilation!

I mean, I don't want to come across as uncaring here, but you've spent your entire adolescence obsessing over your genitals so you're probably not losing time here. I personally think the process of dilating would have been a gender-affirming one.

Stick with it though, sweaty. It's hard but these hours will be well spent when everything is healed and you have a 3-inch deep vagina big enough to slot a penis in.

It's over for mayos

A small amount of moaning here so far:


Mainly people saying they couldn't give a fuck because the writing is so bad they haven't watched it in years.

Really struggling myself to give a fuck about this since wokewashing is a staple feature of almost all creatively bankrupt productions now, but I'm sure there's some nerds somewhere having a meltdown.

If anyone wants to rant about Project Managers, come and do it here.

I really fucking hate them. I have never met a project manager who I have been impressed with.

I think a project manager should be forced to have some experience in actually doing the work of whatever it is they're managing.

Currently I'm understaffed at work with someone on the sick, someone just left and others on annual leave so it's basically just me and a junior trying to keep the lights on and deliver a few small fixes and features this week.

This situation has been escalated to a high level in the company any everyone should be aware of it.

And yet I'm getting THREE emails everyday from THREE different Project Managers asking for updates on things.

I appreciate your swamped this week AuntyAbortion, but if you could just give us an update on x, y, z that'd be great.

I understand Sean's off this week and you're handling things in his absence. Do you know when we'll have access to review <project Sean was working on and I don't give a fuck about>?

It's as if they're so fucking locked into whatever shitty framework they're using they can't comprehend that pestering the only person doing any work this week for fucking UPDATES is not a productive or helpful thing. Just an endless chorus of





How do project managers think work actually gets done in between giving them updates and attending their meeting where they embarrass themselves with their lack of knowledge?

I had an email at 6pm last night saying:

If you could get that file over to me in the morning, that'd be great.

And then at 7.49am this morning, i.e. no work time had elapsed between emails.

Any luck with that file?

Honestly any project managers here, make yourself known so I can tell you to go and fuck yourselves.

Reported by:

Just received a classified cable via dramaleaks: Merari has been demodded from a bunch of subs and is crying about it

I'm still analysing the contents of the cables, but Merari has been booted off a number of big subs, including /r/tifu, /r/facepalm and /r/fuckthealtright plus loads of others.

What's happened?

I asked my source that question and this was the response:

Bossing people around. Defending mods who should be demodded for pics of minors, defending libertarians like Aimee Challinor and male feminists like Laurelai Bailey / ephraelstern. Just search Laurelai Bailey. They’re famous on Reddit and twitter for being a male feminist, a fed snitch and a trouble maker. Merari had them modded to /r/Contrapoints for 3 years as EphraelStern.

Not sure what the flash point was yet.

Will add more content as I get my team to process the leaks throughout the night.


Mod drama from /r/cats


Mod drama from /r/entitledparents:


(pdf version: https://files.catbox.moe/5m96bf.pdf)

Mod drama from /r/MarchAgainstNazis:


Think the drama is starting to coalesce now. Merari seems to be extremely libertarian adjacent. Merari wanted to protect a libertarian because he was useful strategically for antiwork (Merari doesn't have a job).

Defending Aimee Challinor allegedly:


That's all the good stuff from what I've been sent. Time for bed here, but I'll try to put this all into a concise narrative under three sentences long so all the r-slurs here can make sense of it.

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Trans women are women. Trans lives matter. And gender-affirming surgery should be free.

Congratulations too /u/gee891 on getting her bottom surgery!

Trans lives matter and surgery like this will allow /u/gee891 too live a long and happy life, free of the distress of having penis!

Gender dysphoria is not a mental illness and surgeons performing SRS are not taking advantage of vulnerable people, they're providing a life-saving service.


Manlet Crisis Thread

I am a manlet. I am 5' 8".

But I've always lived life thinking this doesn't matter. I was blessed with above average strength as a teenager, benching 200lbs as a 15-year-old and representing the county at shot putt and javelin events and sometimes winning, so even though I was shorter than a lot of my friends, I was stronger than them and this allowed me to grow up without the typical manlet crisis of confidence.

However all of this has just come crashing down when I opened a glass door just now onto another, much smaller, manlet who I didn't even see.

He must have been 5'0" and he apologised to me, even though I just opened a door on his face. I judged him. I couldn't help it. He was small and hard to notice and just looked ridiculous. If I tried to fight him, he would be seriously hurt.

I chuckled, but then it hit me. That is exactly how everyone 6'4" and above sees me.

There's no point in being fit or strong or talented or a great boss or literally anything, because people just open glass doors in your face because they literally can't see you and when they do, they laugh at how small and weak you look.

This realisation has spoiled what's been quite a positive and successful few weeks for me and I'd be glad of any kind and uplifting words my dramatic friends could offer.

Maybe you are manlet as well? Let's reach out and talk.

Reported by:

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Picture of the most sexually alluring country in the world

Take a look at this you stinky Burger cute twinks and put all history, politics and petty rivalry aside and tell me this isn't the most aestheticially pleasing island on the entire planet?

It's simply perfection and I think the worldwide success of the nations of Great Britain and Ireland is testament to this being the world's best country.

You've got your Welsh, your Scottish, your Irish all come from this sexy pairing of little islands. OK, the English as well but we've all got our shame.

Post your country and I'll tell you if it's better looking than Great Britain and Ireland. Hint: it won't be.

A Groomer's Story in Four Parts

I've been following the story of this libertarian groomer LGBTQIA++ advocate since he first started getting attention in 🚂🚃🚃 Reddits for fighting for Gender-neutral toilets in Middlesbrough (UK) back in 2019.

Part 1:

Councillor David Smith implores Middlesbrough Council to make all its facilities gender neutral. Two months into his term he gets straight to work on the priorities of the people of Middlesbrough.


On Tuesday June 18, I am meeting Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston and one of the issues I will be bringing up is one that I included in my local election campaign - gender neutral toilets.

Through my time interacting with local transgender and non-binary people, I've seen first hand the difficulties faced by these individuals when accessing public toilets and changing rooms.

"I understand, clearly, there will be some concerns from some councillors and members of the public but the risk does not increase once public toilets become gender neutral.

"In fact, if anyone has any intention in committing a crime at present, they will do so.

"This is about creating a much more safer environment for transgender and non binary people."

Part 2:

Gender-neutral toilets implemented in Middlesbrough


Part 3:

Middlesbrough councillor accused of nine child sex offences resigns from Conservative party.

Oh no! The new prominence of our LGBTQIA++ hero has brought some malicious accusations to his door!


“The allegations made against my character are nothing more than damaging lies and moving forward, I will seek to prove this is the case in a court of law.”

Part 4:

After many, many delays to his trial due to COVID, then backlogs, finally he gets his chance to clear his name. And, uhhhhh, well

Ex-Middlesbrough councillor guilty of child sex offences


A story about a trains child: Two interpretations

In this we have a YouTuber who, over the course of his YouTube career seems to have pivoted away from shitposting into "more serious" videos about -- what else of course -- gender and mental health.

Now a big soybearded 40-year-old cishet white dude, he's taken the only road available to him and has declared himself non-binary and transed his son.

Seriously, read some of this horrifying shit:

Jonathan spoke of how Edie had told him of "sleepless nights" after seeing a video about puberty.

She [his male child] told him "I don't want to grow facial hair", and asked him: "I'm going to have babies when I grow up, right? I'm going to be a mummy?"

"As a parent, I don't know how to answer that question because it's really sad to see a child just questioning it all," Jonathan said.

I mean, I guess the answer is you just lie to your child and tell him, no sweaty, you can be a girl and have babies and titties and no beard and live life on easy mode just like mommy!

"And then you get cisgendered people who have no experience to say that's wrong."

Damn right I have no experience in confusing and grooming my son into believing he will be a mother one day. Can still tell a fucked up groomer-abuser when I see one though.

So that's my interpretation. I wonder what the 🚂🚃🚃s of /r/transgenderUK think of it?

Proof the media can post decent and positive stuff when they want to!

The bit where she says about wanting to be a ‘mummy’ and have ‘babies’ has broken me💔

The part about being a mother really broke me, I transitioned relatively young and the fact Ill never have my own children still is very raw.

As expected, it's all super wholesome. A few concerns about using the trans child to support their YouTube career, but no concerns about two trans identities just suddenly popping up and leading to YouTube success.

So once again we see how it never happens but when it does happy it's super wholesome, despite two trains above expressing the deep distress that sterilising themselves at a young age brought on.

This child needs therapy, but unfortunately trains are campaigning to ban it. Grooming your toddler into believing he's a girl because he doesn't want a beard is super wholesome. But trying to rollback that childhood dysfunction is heckin hate crime.

Every time I try to be less transphobic, trains somehow make me even more so.

Edit: found a very sensible and insightful take from a train forum. Apparently this guy is the exploitative influencer type I suspected:


lmao look how Obese Rachel McKinnon is now. Comedy :marseychonker:

And like lmao at his aerodynamic helmet 😂 as if that's a limiting factor in performance here Rhys and not the extra 75lbs you're packing.

Fat fucking bastard.

The Family Sex Show | Norfolk & Norwich Festival

Chomos hosting a child grooming show to cheers of soy parents.

A fun and silly performance about the painfully AWKWARD subject of sex, exploring names and functions, boundaries, consent, pleasure, queerness, sex, gender and relationships. Using real life bodies, personal stories, songs and movement, The Family Sex Show puts the good stuff at the forefront of conversation and imagines a future where there is no shame; but a celebration of difference, equality and liberation.

ThisEgg invites you to bring your parents, bring your children, friends, lovers and bring your whole self. Made in consultation with the School of Sexuality Education, this is a show for everyone.

:#marsoyhype: :#soyjak: :#soyjakfront: :#soyjackwow:

Age guidance: 5+. A family show, for children and adults alike.

Content warning: This show contains nudity. It explores themes around gender, sexuality, bodies, pleasure, relationships and boundaries.

Work story: This is what discrimination looks like

Been running an advert for a senior developer position for a few weeks now and it's something we've been struggling to recruit for because the specific market were in is seeing insane demand at the minute and people are getting snapped up all over the place on ever-increasing contracts. So we're getting pretty desperate to recruit.

The listing ended last night so today I sat down to sift through the applicants and find a handful to invite to interview.

As I'm going through I realise I'm getting a sinking feeling whenever I realise someone is either:

  1. A woman
  2. Indian
  3. Too old.

So even though I'm in desperate need of developers, I'm consciously scouring their applications for reasons not to invite them to interviews. Stuff like "Hmmmm well they haven't filled in much detail there, I'll score them down" or "We're looking for someone who can really take a lead on projects here and they don't really demonstrate they're able to do that."

Then someone who's clearly around my age, doesn't mention anything about kids, or husbands, or any university of Tehran or Punjabistan or whatever I'll see something like" Delivered multiple .NET Core MVC projects" and be like "Yeah, yeah this guy fits the bill."

Then at the end, I check my scores and none of the women or Indians have made it through.

Hopefully this makes you aware of your own unconscious biases. I always thought I wasn't a racist or sexist, but if I'm unconsciously sifting them out at the application stage perhaps am I racist or am I proactively avoiding problematic workers further down the line?

Let me know in the comments.