I'm super, thanks for asking! but gay

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The breaker of πŸš‚s


I :marseylove: these dramanauts in no particular order: @chiobu, @Dramamine, @Wizdumb, @Lysis10, @elfbinn, @christmaspathianflorist, @Aevann, @SaveUsUncleTed, @Suprememe, @janniejihad, @Intervention, @TheOverSeether

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I'm super, thanks for asking! but gay

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The breaker of πŸš‚s


I :marseylove: these dramanauts in no particular order: @chiobu, @Dramamine, @Wizdumb, @Lysis10, @elfbinn, @christmaspathianflorist, @Aevann, @SaveUsUncleTed, @Suprememe, @janniejihad, @Intervention, @TheOverSeether

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  • Need4Sneed: A lot of bussy supremacy going on ITT. Yikes 😳

This is a strictly bussy screen name thread to discuss secret bussy things.


People posting without bussy in their screen name will get banned for 1 million years (I'm assuming, I'm not holding a gun to any janny's head).

Addendum: If we've all seen your bussy (and I think we all know who we are talking about), you may post here as an honorary bussy. Please do not abuse this privilege.

A big shout out to j-slurs for deleting the non-bussy filth. You da real MVPs

Non-bussies should upvote this to give us minorities more exposure. Not voting is violence, bigots.

Libs of Tik Tok swallows child :marseytrain: bait hook, line, and stinker :marseybaited:

It never even began for rightoids. I'm sure there is "this might not be real, but it really is happening" cope in the thread

~~Are upvotes not working for anyone else?~~ Our Egyptian King fixed it :marseylove: :marseypharaoh:

No one was upvoting my posts and found that odd. I checked and it doesn't look like anyone is getting dramacoins.


Also, maybe I get some type of reward badge for calling attention to this dramacoin malfeasance please maybe?


Braphog redditors in shambles. Probably.

:marseybooba: :marseychonker:

Boomer hoggers reliving their hogging days in the comment section.

:marseyboomer: :chad:

Some poster: This is called trauma bonding

OP: Yes



Apparently he shot himself. I'd link right to SA, but it's a pain in the ass to navigate without an account

I don't know if this would be good or bad for dramacoin, but it will prob bust some bussies


I don't care that this article is from October, it's news to me and he's such a terminal r-slur that I think this will be hilarious

This post is probably for boomers and older because who cares about what a zoomer fetus from the past has to say about the current state of rdrama.

A lot of what we're seeing in this story goes to the heart of the white rage monster thing we're seeing at school boards over "critical race theory" and the general blowback against racial justice initiatives.


I'm guessing this will be taped and shown as Dave's new special

Malding Marsey

I hope this works


~~Malding Marsey~~ Invisible Man Marsey. Happy Halloween!

Can someone please help me make my Marsey show up? I worked hard to get that malding just right ?maxwidth=9999

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In one of these pictures they are deep in the throws of drug addiction and an eating disorder, in the other they are living their best life. You tell me which is which.

Many such quotes


"The user is banned from this guild."

I'm assuming this is some kind of mistake because I haven't tried to login for weeks and I am hilarious and easy-going. What gives jannies?

I was tricked into following carp and all I got were these lousy notifications

Derailed train keeps going and going and going

Everyone in there is in so much denial about how they are basically being medically diagnosed as insufferable assholes. "I don't know why everyone I encounter keeps saying how people with BPD are difficult and terrible." Gee, I don't know. It's a true mystery.

Bonus crazy whose doctor didn't want to deal with the fallout of diagnosing her with BPD, so just called it CPTSD

My proposal is that there should be some type of BPD registry like we have for libertarians and male feminists.

I found the perfect onesies for your gay and trans babies. 100% wholesome

More here

Trans rights are human rights

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I have news. Someone went to the courthouse in Dallas and got all of the divorce papers and I received them in the post. Someone spent a lot of money to do that. I am figuring out how best to get the paper copies online. I don't know whether it's cheaper to buy a scanner or take them to be scanned. It might be more cost effective to just buy a scanner.

Yes...I've read them. His wife alleges years of abuse of her and the kids. She wanted sole custody and for him to agree to not take drugs or drink for sufficient hours before visitation and wanted that visitation supervised by others. She did not get that. There seems to be many attempts to get him to pay child maintenance. There are even arrest warrants, because Steven could not be arsed to come to court at all...but they seem to get canceled. One of the appearances has a note on the bottom that Steven is to present evidence of progress in getting Social Security Disability. I'm not sure if the papers say that Texas is entirely going to fail to pursue child maintenance from Steven, in the end or if it is simply a continuance of events.

My professional opinion: lol

lmao I know this is one of you, but I want this to be his wife so badly

EDIT: link to bardfinn's divorce docs

I don't know if someone did a heckin' racism or derailed a train, but they are mighty mad